Who Is The STRONGEST Pokemon In Each Region?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2018
  • Pokemon has been around for a very long time now, and within that time, we have been blessed with 7 regions and hopefully a new one very soon in Pokemon Generation 8. Taking a look back at all of the different regions though, which are the strongest in each one? With that being said, today's video takes a look at answering the question of who is the strongest Pokemon in each region.
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Comments • 562

    RYANSHA PRINT 15 days ago +1

    Mega charizard x ,mega raquaza,and mega blaizken

  • Challenge Master
    Challenge Master 24 days ago

    I love this Channel 2 Reasons
    1 He makes amazing videos
    2 he thinks Blaziken is the best starter I love Blaziken so so so much

  • Richie Lavariere
    Richie Lavariere Month ago

    8:15 - No way! Krookodile!!

  • Richie Lavariere
    Richie Lavariere Month ago

    6:43 - No. Weavile or Empoleon is the best of Gen. 4.

  • Richie Lavariere
    Richie Lavariere Month ago

    6:17 - Mega Blaziken with Hone Claws and Baton Pass.

  • Richie Lavariere
    Richie Lavariere Month ago

    1:49 - Yeah, Mega Alakazam is frail in Physical Defense, but it gets Barrier at lvl. 1.

  • Primella
    Primella Month ago

    gen 1-dragonite[in my opinion multiscale is broken plus it doesnt need mega]
    gen 2-i agree tyranitar since not too many strong mons
    gen 3-either metagross,blazikien and salmence if your talking nonmega i say metagross but with mega?obviosely blazikien
    gen 4-garchomp at least without mega
    gen 5-hydregon before gen 6 but excadrill or volcarno after
    gen 6-greninja?far from the strongest its strong but honestly aegislash the strongest by far
    gen 7- tapu lele[in my opinion]

  • Екубов Едгор

    Replace 5th region with hydrogion

  • lokman -selenger
    lokman -selenger 2 months ago

    this is not a lecture of pokemon

  • Facundo Brenis
    Facundo Brenis 2 months ago

    Gen 1: Alakazam-Mega
    Gen 2: Tyranitar
    Gen 3: Blaziken-Mega (Uber)
    Gen 4: Lucario-Mega (Uber)
    Gen 5: Volcarona
    Gen 6: Greninja-Ash
    Gen 7: Mimikyu

  • Kaiden Gaming Tv
    Kaiden Gaming Tv 2 months ago

    Slaking is stronger than mega blaziken at 670 stats for slaking

  • lorenzo lim
    lorenzo lim 2 months ago

    alakazam is so underrated

  • Farhaan Fakih
    Farhaan Fakih 2 months ago

    I think in gen 3 you should do mega mence and gen 6 aegislash

    BIG HEAD HAMMER 2 months ago

    bro @HDvee remake video

  • Naruto Uzumaki And Natsu

    Kanto: Mewtwo jhoto: lugia
    Hoenn: Rayquaza
    Sinnoh: Arceues
    Unova: Zekrom
    Kalos: Yveltal

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei 2 months ago

    I just realized alakazam is the psi Pokémon in other words the “pressure per square inch” Pokémon

    I’m just as confused as you friend

  • david helms
    david helms 2 months ago

    "Mega lucario is the best gen 4 pokemon" Mega Gallade: "Hold my beer"

  • Big Pink
    Big Pink 3 months ago

    Chansey, umbreon, mega sableye, tangrowth, amoonguss, mega diancie, toxapex

  • Connor Chan
    Connor Chan 3 months ago

    In their respective generations:
    Kalos:Mega Diancie
    as of today:
    Johto:Scizor(arguably ttar)
    Unova:Landorus Therian

  • Sebastian Miranda
    Sebastian Miranda 3 months ago

    You think Conkeldurr is stronger than Volcarona and Contrary Serperior despite the fact he's in a lower tier? You also think Mega Alakazam beats out Mega Kanga and Mega Gengar?

    • Sebastian Miranda
      Sebastian Miranda 3 months ago

      Disliked the video just due to the fact you don't even stay consistent with the fact you are rating these Pokemon purely on smogon tiers

  • Johnathan Carr
    Johnathan Carr 3 months ago

    With or without mega Blaziken is still my favorite Pokémon

  • Femi Alex Williams
    Femi Alex Williams 4 months ago


  • Glazgog Prime
    Glazgog Prime 4 months ago

    Im sick of megas! If you can't be good without a mega form then you're not that good!

  • TheSaur
    TheSaur 4 months ago

    Why is Conkeldurr on this list man?

  • Chiefin
    Chiefin 4 months ago

    You're using mega evolutions for gens that don't even have mega evolutions lol

  • Angela Bennett
    Angela Bennett 4 months ago

    No legends (floods with megas) sad day

  • Nikhil Narikodan
    Nikhil Narikodan 4 months ago

    mega Gengar is strongest in region 1

  • Garden of Essentials
    Garden of Essentials 5 months ago

    I use my toxapex with infestation and a toxic along with scald and this thing can WRECK

  • simiabraz Frensh infernape

    my opinion
    gen 1 venusaur
    gen 2 tayrantar
    gen 3 metagross
    GEN 4 infernape but outclassed by garshomp
    gen 5 heidragon volcarona
    gen 6 greninja
    gen 7 don't know all the same

  • Chief Uchiha
    Chief Uchiha 5 months ago

    Blaziken Uber. You 4got that doesn't need mega

  • stubblefieldJR
    stubblefieldJR 5 months ago

    I hate when this nigga adds megas...

  • ashwin ajit
    ashwin ajit 6 months ago

    Seriously? Why conkeldurr? Why not Ferrothorn, Volcarona, Excadrill, or Serperior?

  • Dmac 34
    Dmac 34 6 months ago

    Taking souls to the shadow realm. 😆😆😆😆😆

  • Muhammad Zain
    Muhammad Zain 6 months ago

    Its the same as me just take out 5 and7

  • pokemon bros
    pokemon bros 6 months ago

    Where is charizard

    • Chief Uchiha
      Chief Uchiha 5 months ago

      It's terrible needs its mega stone to be op

  • Unity Prime
    Unity Prime 6 months ago

    Should have been called best Pokemon from each region for the competitive scene.
    The video would have been good if you went over the regions without looking at them out of that region and game

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown

    Counting megas was stupid .
    If we were to go back and play those gets they don't have megas!!

  • papa sodipops
    papa sodipops 6 months ago

    Great video!

  • Silent Lightning
    Silent Lightning 6 months ago

    But mega alakazam is a gen 6 pokemon mega evolutions is a generation 6 thing and shouldn't be counted until generation 6

  • Sreenath S
    Sreenath S 6 months ago

    I think Volcarona is the best in gen5.

  • Bilal Zahid
    Bilal Zahid 7 months ago

    Are you trying to say mega Alakazam is better that mega Mewtwo? Are you all right mate?

  • DogOnExtendingLead
    DogOnExtendingLead 7 months ago

    Ageislash is uber so clearly the best Pokemon in kalso fuck greninja. Also I hate garchomp with a passion but even I will admit it is defo the strongest Pokemon from D&P

  • Christian Albuerne
    Christian Albuerne 7 months ago

    Should’ve put Hydreigon for gen 5 tbh

  • Dood Bro
    Dood Bro 7 months ago

    “Megger” Alakazam

  • Qoo Buyer
    Qoo Buyer 7 months ago

    MEGA RAYQUZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😁😕😕😕😡😡😡😡😡😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😤😤😤😬😤😬😤😤😬😤😬😤😬😤😬😤😤😬😤😬😤😬😤😤😬😤😬😤😬😤😑😑😑😑😑😴😴😴😴😴

  • Chatom Longcha
    Chatom Longcha 7 months ago

    Re-edit, "Best Pokemon in each generation*"

  • Josh DeRose
    Josh DeRose 7 months ago

    Kanto: Charizard
    Johto: Scizor
    Hoenn: Absol
    Sinnoh: Lucario
    Unova: Krookodile
    Kalos: Noivern
    Alola: Vikavolt

  • ErRor 404
    ErRor 404 7 months ago

    In GEN 1 Kanto Alakazam was the strongest pokemon, because there was ,,Special,, stat that was replaced with Special attack and Special Defense.
    In GEN 3 Kanto strongest pokemon Dragonite/Snorlax

  • iCakePlayZz
    iCakePlayZz 7 months ago

    Uhhh wheres garchomp

  • Marvel Ranked
    Marvel Ranked 7 months ago

    Kanto region golden ho oh

  • The King
    The King 7 months ago +1

    Aegislash is better than greninja

  • J
    J 7 months ago


  • Rekha Swain
    Rekha Swain 7 months ago

    surperior (snivy's last stage)is the best gen 5 pokemon

  • Francisco Soveral
    Francisco Soveral 7 months ago

    gen 5 can be gigalith

  • HyakuyaFutaba
    HyakuyaFutaba 7 months ago

    There should be a part 2 of this video without mega evolutions

  • Alex Biersner
    Alex Biersner 7 months ago

    Is he pronouncing Conkeldurr wrong or is it just me

  • Altoids Galore
    Altoids Galore 8 months ago +1

    Gen 5 best IS garchomp

  • Tiger Puppet
    Tiger Puppet 8 months ago

    Garchomp > Mega lucario!
    Aegislash > Greninja
    Aegislash < Ash - Greninja

  • mike kennedy
    mike kennedy 8 months ago

    When starter Pokémon are the best ones in the game (blaziken, graninja) that’s a pretty weak gen..

  • King Curtis
    King Curtis 8 months ago

    Why megas? I cant get mega lucario in gen 4 haha

  • Neeraj Joshi
    Neeraj Joshi 8 months ago

    Regular garchomp over regular lucario.

  • Neeraj Joshi
    Neeraj Joshi 8 months ago

    I would have hydreigon over conkeldurr.

  • ditructive lil
    ditructive lil 8 months ago

    Garchomp tho

  • Miriam Tsionov
    Miriam Tsionov 8 months ago

    Hm I'm surprised garchomp didnt get on the list. I wish those mega evolutions weren't a part of this because they came along way later.

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 8 months ago

    pyukumuku is superior

  • N MacAdam
    N MacAdam 8 months ago

    If you put toxapex in the video, why no skarmory? He's a fantastic Pokémon and one of the best in ou!

  • Rlbbit Gt
    Rlbbit Gt 8 months ago

    I am 500th comment

  • Nathaniel Corazza
    Nathaniel Corazza 8 months ago

    You should have left out megas entirely. Should have been a no brainer or the entire list is megas. Yes, we get it, mega pokemon are strong....

  • Aryan Anaspure
    Aryan Anaspure 8 months ago +1


    • Big Pink
      Big Pink 3 months ago

      Yea right lmfao. U obviously don't play pokemon. The fact that u think toxapex is trash is hilarious af.

    • Zombarakh
      Zombarakh 7 months ago

      overratedaz hewl.

  • Aryan Anaspure
    Aryan Anaspure 8 months ago


  • Glover
    Glover 8 months ago

    Video is way too long, and you repeat yourself way to much.

  • This cat on drug is gonna cut your Mustache

    In a nutshell: Mega evo pokémon

  • MrMonsterHunter 808
    MrMonsterHunter 808 8 months ago

    Speed boost Scolipede????

  • TurtleClown
    TurtleClown 8 months ago

    Gen 6 i think that aegislash is a lot better

  • TurtleClown
    TurtleClown 8 months ago

    Gen 5 serperior contrary is the biggest monster of gen 5

  • TurtleClown
    TurtleClown 8 months ago

    Gen 1 i agree but there are a lot stronger pokemon still like mega starters and gengar
    Gen 2 i dissagree umbreon is better mega herracross and a lot more of them
    Gen 3 swampert better
    Gen 4 i dont agree at all drifblim,garchomp... Are so much better

    REAL CHRONIC 8 months ago

    Gen 5 should be zoroark positively

  • Aryama Chatterjee
    Aryama Chatterjee 8 months ago

    No garchomp?

  • dranzerbeast0308
    dranzerbeast0308 8 months ago

    the only thing I would change is putting haxorus for the unova one

  • Nightcore Evolution
    Nightcore Evolution 8 months ago +1

    Please videio upload in hindi

  • Joeri Zoontjes
    Joeri Zoontjes 8 months ago

    I like the list but I think when you don't count mega's the list is very different.

  • MrRyanAndre
    MrRyanAndre 8 months ago

    My list
    Kanto: Rattata, can one shot mewtwo
    Johto: Sentret, can take both Lugia and Ho-oh at the same time
    Hoenn: Skitty rekt rayquazza in two turns
    Sinnoh: Bidoof, literal god
    Unova: My will to live.
    Kalos: Scatterbug. One shots Arceus
    Alohla: Tupac. Self explanatory.

  • Joshua Coombs
    Joshua Coombs 9 months ago

    since when can u catch mega alkazam on pokemon blue n red !!!! ????

  • Cat Mage
    Cat Mage 9 months ago

    Conkeldurr, really? Volcarona is where it’s at.

  • Kody Caldwell
    Kody Caldwell 9 months ago

    HDvee has real hard on for mega pokemon. We all know that if you tooke them away this would just be a video about sudo-legendary. This guy's channel would be much better [in my opinion] if he would just narrow the search down. No legendary, mega, or sudo.

  • Sam v
    Sam v 9 months ago +1

    Lucario is a legendary

  • 真島
    真島 9 months ago

    mega garchomp >>> mega lucario

  • JeffOsas21
    JeffOsas21 9 months ago

    Megas included, heres my list-
    Gen1- Mega Kangaskhan
    Gen2- Mega Tyranitar
    Gen3- Mega Blaziken
    Gen4- Garchomp
    Gen6- Aegislash
    Gen7- Vikavolt
    If you disagree, feel free to reply ,😊😉

  • oyeahkoolaidyeah
    oyeahkoolaidyeah 9 months ago

    no snorlax or hydreigon r.i.p

  • Cinniman Piplup
    Cinniman Piplup 9 months ago

    I'm just hoping you said that you weren't going to do legendary Pokemon at the beginning of the video, because Im surprised Mewtwo wasn't there. Do one without legends, myths, or megas.

  • AcTiv Tategami99
    AcTiv Tategami99 9 months ago

    I think gen 1 should be slowbro

  • Aizen
    Aizen 9 months ago

    Sorry, I don’t usually post negative comments, but this list is pretty bad.
    These are how it should be.
    1. Mega Gengar (shadow tag) nuff said
    2. Same as yours or mega scizor
    3. Mega Blaziken? Are you serious? The strongest non legendary Pokemon by far is mega-Salamance (in all regions).
    4. Same as yours.
    5. Volcarona or ferro (this is a bit more versatile and less one dimensional)
    6. Same as yours or aegislash
    7. Same as yours

  • Wren
    Wren 9 months ago

    Did..... did you just put Conkeldur over FUCKING VOLCARONA?!?

  • Jack Getman
    Jack Getman 9 months ago

    Ferrothorn is the best gen 5 pkmn

  • Jordy Rodriguez
    Jordy Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Wouldnt mega rayquaza be best in hoeen

    • Zombarakh
      Zombarakh 7 months ago

      Nah, primal kyogre or groudon in my opinion are better than mega ray.

  • Mega Keldeo
    Mega Keldeo 9 months ago

    Umm gen 5 should be haxorous

  • Kimberly Brant
    Kimberly Brant 10 months ago +1

    I love blastoioes

  • 009 Dreamscape
    009 Dreamscape 10 months ago

    Kalos best mon should have been aegislash

  • Edward Arroyo
    Edward Arroyo 10 months ago

    Horrible video!! All Megas??? We all knew that

  • Claire Frehner
    Claire Frehner 10 months ago +1

    I stopped taking this video seriously when he left Gengar/Mega Gengar off the list from best gen 1

    • Sean
      Sean 9 months ago

      Claire Frehner I never take his lists seriously, they're usually bad