Who Is The STRONGEST Pokemon In Each Region?


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  • Derek Abbott
    Derek Abbott 7 hours ago

    I would’ve chosen snorlax, ttar, salamence, garchomp, hydreigon, greninja, and incineroar. Close seconds for me are mega venusaur, mega charizard y, metagross, swampert, blaziken, lucario, togekiss, haxorus, volcarona, and kommo-o respectively

  • DaSaiyanTV
    DaSaiyanTV Day ago

    1. Mega Gengar
    2. Mega Scizor
    3. Mega Blaziken
    4. Mega Lucario
    5. Conkeldur
    6. Ash-Greninja
    7. Kommo-O

  • Jonathan Plays
    Jonathan Plays 2 days ago

    Tyranitar can learn flamethrower by tm wow....

  • Teddiursarings
    Teddiursarings 3 days ago

    30 seconds in .... “merger Alikizum”
    Me; time to watch something else

  • Austin Westfall
    Austin Westfall 5 days ago

    Can you really say anything in Sinnoh is better than Chomp? Outside of Legendaries.

  • Brendan
    Brendan 6 days ago

    I do agree with the comments saying don't include Mega Evolve Pokemon in a region that doesn't have that feature yet.
    As for the comparison, is this base on stat total and moves that the pokemon can learn? Because I think when we talk about something like STRONGEST pokemon in each region there are so many things to consider like ofcourse the stat total, moves, weakness and resistance, is this pokemon commonly used in competitive battles (VGC or SMOGON), and many more but what I'm trying to say is that we should be more specific about the title of the video, because getting just the STRONGEST pokemon for each region without legendaries/mythicals would be very hard without many evidence.

  • Brutal Berserk
    Brutal Berserk 8 days ago

    This guy has good countdowns but I can’t stand his voice

  • Chrissy Ko
    Chrissy Ko 8 days ago

    I thought Garchomp would be for Gen 4. Unless Lucario can learn a Special Ice type move, Garchomp might be able to tank a Physical Ice type move. (Though I admit it's dependent on how high the attacker's physical attack stat is) Garchomp, ofc, gets STAB Earthquake so if Garchomp is faster than Lucario, Lucario is easily taken out. And let's be real, Garchomp is usually faster than most Ice types so it's not like Ice types in Gen 4 are huge threats to Garchomp.

  • TheMintyToaster
    TheMintyToaster 9 days ago +1

    Wow... It's just DISGUSTING!

  • thejoester
    thejoester 10 days ago

    Blaziken is my favorite Pokémon!!!!!!!

  • Bearz Gaming
    Bearz Gaming 12 days ago

    I Love Ash Grininja and all

  • Polar Wind300
    Polar Wind300 12 days ago

    This video made me annoyed

  • MEGA Infernape
    MEGA Infernape 12 days ago

    this is just best megas

  • Worm On a String
    Worm On a String 15 days ago

    ..... megas

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 16 days ago +1

    This Was A Very Good Video

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 16 days ago +1

    My Fav Pokémon Is From Gen 6

  • Siddharth Raju
    Siddharth Raju 18 days ago

    haxorus is way better than conceldur
    its attack and speed are way better and its defenses are only slightly worse

  • RedEyesTops
    RedEyesTops 19 days ago

    Did you just say "toin coss" again? Honestly, I wouldn't have included mega's for older regions, it seems a little cheap

  • criticallyashamed2
    criticallyashamed2 19 days ago

    I never really thought about trace much because despite seeing it proc it never really affected me. I thought it just revealed the ability, not copied the ability. 15 years and still learning!

  • Dark
    Dark 20 days ago

    Why does greninja get 110 Stat boost? Wtf that's stupid

  • Anthony Alverio
    Anthony Alverio 22 days ago

    Sooooo Mega are fair game? Okay. 1. Mega Alakazam(I say that's debatable)
    2. Tyrantitar(I actual agree with that it versatile as shit with great stats and I argue its better than its mega because since you need a mega stone to mega evolve it loses some versatility)
    3. Mega Blaziken(Who else is going to win that?)
    4. Mega Lucario(Again its obvious Garchomp maybe powerful but it doesnt hold a candle to Mega Lucario)
    5. Conkeldurr(I disagree because I think Volcarona is much much better than Conkeldurr in the current meta)
    6. Greninja(Really? Ageislash is banned while Greninja isn't. not even Ash Greninja is banned)
    7. Toxapex(Sooo Ultra Beast don't count? I mean if they were allowed I would disagree, but hey it makes sense)

  • Richard Rahl
    Richard Rahl 24 days ago

    now do a non mega form list

  • Chris H
    Chris H 24 days ago

    Gen 5 had volcarona and you put the dumb brick swinger as best? Quiver dance, fiery dance, and hurricane just from level up.
    Also, everyone in competitive says the reason to get toxapex is regenerator because it's defenses are insane, and so is its defensive typing. Topped with a dozen ways to recover, merciless (while by no means bad) is left by the wayside.

  • ShadowMsh
    ShadowMsh 25 days ago

    in my opinion the list would look like this:
    Kanto - Dragonite (Alakazam is good but as it has a terribly low defense stat which makes it likely to be beaten easily, while Dragonite, even though may deal lesser damage, has way more balanced stats)
    Johto - Tyranitar
    Hoenn - Salamence / Mega Blaziken (if we take Mega Evos into account); Shedinja also deserves a honourable mention for being the weakest Pokemon ever with the best ability in existence
    Sinnoh - Garchomp / Mega Garchomp (I like Lucario a lot but this Pokemon is way more devastating)
    Unova - Zoroark (weak defenses but nice speed and attacking stats; also very cool ability)/ Volcarona/ Hydreigon
    Kalos - Ash Greninja
    Alola - it's a bit tough one... probably Wishiwashi in school form (it could have very well been it's evolution, lolz)

  • nafslee
    nafslee 26 days ago

    It's just disgusting... how good they are, I mean.

  • The Gamer Doge
    The Gamer Doge 26 days ago

    Hydreigon is likely the best Unova pokemon

  • fire boy
    fire boy 27 days ago

    Mega magimarp is the best

  • mepphy99
    mepphy99 27 days ago

    Ahahahah Blaziken best Gen 3 Pokemon
    Also Toxapex is not even that good there are better Pokemon in Gen1

  • Chowski
    Chowski 27 days ago

    I hate how your title says strongest, thumbnail says best, and you say “it’s just your own opinion”... like holy fuck man. Make up your mind and stop making click bait garbage

  • metsfanal
    metsfanal 27 days ago

    Nice power creep they've been working on... What a shame

  • 1000Shade
    1000Shade 28 days ago

    Imagine someone making a team of these

  • I Showed him my dick and called him a fag

    Mewtwo broke gen 1 and he isnt the strongest gen 1 pokemon?

  • awesomei118 !
    awesomei118 ! 28 days ago

    Aegislash I think is better

  • Aleida Barahona
    Aleida Barahona Month ago

    wheres mega charizard X

  • Cyan YT
    Cyan YT Month ago

    >best of each generation
    >only posts pokemon that are awesome because of Gen VI mechanics.
    Well, I'm not wrong...

  • Usagi Warrior of the Rabbit

    More like Alakazam, tyranitar, blazekin, garchomp, ferrothorn, aegislash, toxapex.

  • Usagi Warrior of the Rabbit

    Volcarona, ferrothorn, and jellicent are all better than conkeldurr.... also pretty sure aegislash is a little better than greninja.

  • The Great PapyRalph

    My opinion about the strongest pokemon of each region (without mega's, ub's, legendaries, mythical pokemon and alolan forms)
    Kanto: snorlax
    Johto: scizor
    Hoenn: blaziken
    Sinnoh: garchomp
    Unova: excadrill
    Kalos: aegislash
    Alola: mimikyu

  • Turkish Youtuber
    Turkish Youtuber Month ago

    .... and no mega rayquaza?

  • Sean Gere
    Sean Gere Month ago

    I'm sorry but I don't remember ever having, seeing or being able to get any Mega evolved pokemon in any gen before gen 6 so you shouldn't be using mega evolution in anything before gen 6 and even then it shouldn't be used anyway. Just like how you are not using legendary pokemon, mega pokemon shouldn't be used either.

  • Elesa Brooks
    Elesa Brooks Month ago

    Psychic is weak to Bug. Do you ever pay attention to anything?

  • Elesa Brooks
    Elesa Brooks Month ago

    You should state no Ubers or Legendaries if that's how you're gonna do things.

  • The Pokemon Gamer
    The Pokemon Gamer Month ago

    How is Alakazam the best?

  • TheMike0088
    TheMike0088 Month ago

    you do know that a life orb alakazam basically has the same damage output without giving up your mega slot though, right? thats the main reason why almost no one uses m-alakazam competitively.

  • Will Hemingway
    Will Hemingway Month ago

    Come on, Aegislash is the one of the very few regular Pokémon in Uber’s, while Greninja sits in OU now due to its frailty. But we have our opinions. Also there are plenty of game defining gen 5 non legendaries, such as Haxorus. Once more, you can’t mention Toxapex at all without regenerator, it walls half the meta game, it’s not supposed to do damage. Good list though :)

  • ImFromTheMeta T
    ImFromTheMeta T Month ago

    Mega evolution came out in gen 6? Time goes slowly

  • Georg Bergsten
    Georg Bergsten Month ago

    Garchomp is the strongest Pokémon ever imo

  • Alice Wolf Girl
    Alice Wolf Girl Month ago

    How is conkeldurr better than volcarona or hydreigon or Bisharp

  • Reposed Rain
    Reposed Rain Month ago +1

    Conkeldurr and not excadrill in my opinion Excadrill is a way better pokemon with sand rush and the great typing of ground steel there is a reason he was banned

  • The Arisen
    The Arisen Month ago

    How about a no mega evolution and against only others of it's region.

  • Kolby Johns
    Kolby Johns Month ago

    Mega Tyranitar is BEAST with Payback, which has 100 power if it goes after it's opponent

  • Sixtynine
    Sixtynine Month ago

    I can already tell from the way he explains the best pokemon in each region that he doesn't play competitive format (smogon) nor vgc format.

  • PuncherOfAbs
    PuncherOfAbs Month ago

    are there any pokemon polls and comparisons not based on the competitive seen. and just off of weather or not the fans just plan like the pokemon. i'm pretty sure at least have of the pokemon fandom in not into the competitive seen. and with this the poke you tube bloggers would not get so much back lash on there opinion. I've heard one to many poke blogger complain about opinion back lash these days. i think the competitive seen based opinion over looks the fact that some fans just like the pokemon for other reasons.

  • Timothy De La Cruz
    Timothy De La Cruz Month ago

    Ratata for all

  • D G
    D G Month ago

    False advertising from title ._.

  • leaf blades96
    leaf blades96 Month ago +2

    R u serious conceldur OMG its trash compaired hydragon,reshram,zekrom,kerum,terakion,serperior,scrafty,electros like honestly mega blazeken isnt gen 3 its gen 6 cuz it was created in gen 6 same with every mega u have on this list so its basicaly a best pokemon in gen 5 and 6 wtf bro ur a fucking idiot

    • leaf blades96
      leaf blades96 Month ago


    • Tom Foolery
      Tom Foolery Month ago

      Don't forget: Volcarona, Ferrothorn, Excadrill. Or if we can include legendary pokemon: Landorus, Kyurem-White.

  • leaf blades96
    leaf blades96 Month ago +1

    See u can say mega u bitch

  • leaf blades96
    leaf blades96 Month ago +1

    T-tar isnt a good specail attacker

  • leaf blades96
    leaf blades96 Month ago +1

    Mega lucario isnt gen 4 its gen 6

  • leaf blades96
    leaf blades96 Month ago +1

    Ik u can say mega not megr so fucking stop u pathetic peice of shit and get ur facts right

  • adithya ganesh
    adithya ganesh Month ago

    Was at toxipax ??? There are more better pokemon in alola

  • adithya ganesh
    adithya ganesh Month ago

    What about zoroak???

  • Cole Magdefrau
    Cole Magdefrau Month ago

    I understand all the choices except for Conkelduur, I mean it’s so easy to KO. one Mon with psychic and it’s finished..

  • kof2002kof
    kof2002kof Month ago


  • The shocking LUXRAY

    I think in gen 5 zoroark

  • awesome guy 40
    awesome guy 40 Month ago

    I think mega gengar is better than mega alakazam.

  • Matthew Doty
    Matthew Doty Month ago

    I would put shuckle in gen 5 due to his hidden ability and the shell smash toxic setup

  • Dennis Engelen
    Dennis Engelen Month ago +1

    Could you please stop including a part of the answers in the image of the vid please? It ruins it for some part.

  • Luka Godec
    Luka Godec Month ago

    No Garchomp?

  • Bookish Gamer
    Bookish Gamer Month ago

    Mega evolution doesn't count for gen 1,2,4 and 5 because in those regions mega evolution doesn't even exist. (e.g.mega alakazam=Kalos region)

  • Connor Bear
    Connor Bear Month ago

    Mega Gengar is the best.

  • Aiden Dabichan
    Aiden Dabichan Month ago

    I disagree with Gen 4. Garchomp's Mega is one of the most O.P. Mega Evolutions of all time.

  • Lord Helix
    Lord Helix Month ago

    The strongest pokemon in each region is
    Gen 1-Tauros, insane stab in hyper beam, great special, no fighting type to oppose it, and no checks
    Gen 2- Snorlax, rest talk or curse lax, no real way to stop it except to phase with steelix and skarmory
    Gen 3- Metagross, a hard hitter and a pseudo legendary basically saying THAT ITS AMAZING, Salamance has that 4x weakness to ice however comes close to being as good as Metagross
    Gen 4- Garchomp, Sand Veil made it banned to uber, the second ever normal pokemon to be in uber behind wobuffet, and most fights came down to two Garchomp and a miss, no real checks
    Gen 5- Keldeo, has a wide move pool and outclasses many other fighting types and can sweep with calm mind
    Gen 6- Hawlucha, and insane attack and speed stat with unburden can easily lead to a sweep with a sword dance
    Gen 7- Tapi Koko, one of the first gen 7 pokemon known and has a great move pool, can run mixed and with hawlucha with electric seed can destroy everything
    Honorable mentions,Smeargle, tyranitar, zapdos, and a mega in ou Mega Lopunny

  • Mansherry HimeSama
    Mansherry HimeSama Month ago +1

    Volcarona is the best Gen 5 pokemon to me :/

  • The Ark Builder
    The Ark Builder Month ago

    Clefable is better than mega zam imo

  • Tu patrón
    Tu patrón Month ago

    I'm glad to know that there're pokémon that aren't megas and they're so strong. Like Conkeldurr not the best design in my opinion, but strong competitively.

    • Tom Foolery
      Tom Foolery Month ago

      I'm sad to say that Conkeldurr is kinda trash to be honest. If you want non Mega/legendary Pokémon then Blaziken, Garchomp, Excadrill, Greninja, Aegislash, are probably better picks.

  • Ganesh shetty
    Ganesh shetty Month ago

    you were correct in gen 6

  • Kathy Niebylski
    Kathy Niebylski Month ago

    What about the best Pokémon not including: Legendaries, starters AND MEGAS

    I'm including mega because it doesn't exist before X and Y, it's not fair for all the Pokémon that are awesome without any megas

  • neetu yadav
    neetu yadav Month ago

    Mega raquaza vs ultra necrozma? Who is stronger

  • JerBear123
    JerBear123 Month ago

    Uh, aegislash?

  • infinitecypher88
    infinitecypher88 Month ago

    Umm, mega Kangaskhan is the strongest gen 1 Pokemon if you're using Megas. Without a doubt stronger than Mega Alakazam

  • # lakewood20
    # lakewood20 Month ago

    Mega rayquaza must be a close 3rd place in hoenn then

  • Gotta Catch Em All
    Gotta Catch Em All Month ago

    Garchomp is better than mega lucario

  • dwight ewart
    dwight ewart Month ago

    For the alola region

  • dwight ewart
    dwight ewart Month ago

    Toxapex in one of the weekest ones it is between the starters

  • King Bing
    King Bing Month ago

    Mega garchomp?

  • Mariesa Rodriguez
    Mariesa Rodriguez Month ago

    I think thw best gen 7 poke is mimikyu cause mimikyu has that amazing ability to set up a free swords dance or if you dont have the tm yet just get hone claws on it and just use shadow sneak to pretty much sweep

  • Goran Yugi Dubravic

    I never liked Timburr and its evolutions b/c they resemble clowns, and clowns are creepy

  • Negro Soup
    Negro Soup Month ago +1

    Excadrill is definitely better than Conkeldurr

  • Sceptile TheHedgehog

    For Gen 1 Gengar His in Uber

  • AtomicZero
    AtomicZero Month ago

    Megger Alakozam? You mean Mega Alakazam? Oh ok.

  • DM
    DM Month ago

    Megas shouldn't be included either...

  • daniel bibriesca
    daniel bibriesca Month ago

    Do you even battle bro? Lmfao gen 5 lackluster of competitive pokes? Thats where you lost me, you're full of shit 😂😂

  • Robert the Infernape
    Robert the Infernape Month ago +1

    Haxorus is the best in the Unova region

  • MasterChamp1 THE best
    MasterChamp1 THE best Month ago +1

    Best Pokémon in unova is haxorus

  • Matt W
    Matt W Month ago +1

    Glad to see my favorite Pokemon as your pick for best in the Johto region! I remember the first time I saw a Tyranitar during the champion rematch in Fire Red back in 2004...definitely a WOW moment! Such a cool looking Pokemon (right up there with Milotic and Rayquaza!). I'm less impressed with its Mega appearance, though...I wish it didn't have the middle and lower sets of wing-like objects. They look gaudy to me. Still, can't argue with those stats!

  • Dakter Wakz/ThePKMaster

    For Lucario it is flawed because
    It is 4x weak to a Mega Charizard Y

  • Dakter Wakz/ThePKMaster

    For Kanto in my opinion
    Mega Charizard X is the strongest

  • Naughty Ducky
    Naughty Ducky Month ago

    Greninja is so predictable and frail I'm surprised it's still OU tbh

    • Tom Foolery
      Tom Foolery Month ago

      It's Protean ability might make it a little too strong for lower tiers.

  • Dashiki Deshawn
    Dashiki Deshawn Month ago

    Swampert is far better than blaziken.lol