Jacques Pépin Chicken Jardinière Recipe

  • Published on Aug 2, 2016
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    Jacques Pépin Cooks Chicken Jardinière
    For more about Sur La Table, visit www.surlatable.com
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Comments • 92

  • Maria Callous
    Maria Callous 17 hours ago


  • Hot80s
    Hot80s 2 days ago

    Love JP.

  • Pat Williams
    Pat Williams 6 days ago

    it is so easy to love people who love food

  • James Ziemba
    James Ziemba 7 days ago

    Tony Bourdain once said: “If Jacques Pepin shows you how to roast a chicken THAT’S how you roast a chicken.”

  • TheSPT
    TheSPT 9 days ago

    One quote that caught me (and a reason I especially love Mr. Pepin) -- "It's good to follow the recipe...At least once...So that you know what it tastes like. And after that you should make it your own." He gets that recipes aren't always static. And that everyone like slight variations. He loves the craft and loves us. The Bob Ross of cooking shows.

  • London2362
    London2362 10 days ago

    He is an artist, and a genius in the culinary world (he turned down being head chef for the Kennedy White House.) He makes everything seem easy. Virtually flawless technique. (P.S. he also holds a masters degree from Columbia University.)

  • suziequzie
    suziequzie 16 days ago

    Chicken Skin Cracklings. I'm gonna do that next time I make chicken.

  • Vanda Bellini
    Vanda Bellini 21 day ago +2

    Jacques I will going to try this delicious dish ! Thanks

  • Particular Individual
    Particular Individual 25 days ago

    Mise en place on point!

  • CT2507
    CT2507 27 days ago

    this is similar to the chicken i make in the steam-cooker.
    i use orange juice instead of wine though and some chili. the orange juice and the chili that gets infused into the tender chicken is amazing!
    lovely video! :)

  • Jay Matane
    Jay Matane Month ago

    Thank you for a beautiful video

  • Lucy Cepeda
    Lucy Cepeda Month ago +1

    I absolutely love this man. His mother would be proud of all of his accomplishments!!

  • MrHestichs
    MrHestichs Month ago

    This is like all the classic french flavours combined in one!

  • Emmanuel Pousse
    Emmanuel Pousse Month ago +1

    I've watched many videos of Jacques Pépin in the last year or so, and this one has instantly become one of my favorites. Mr Pépin, you are a delight to watch; thank you for the genuine way your share your authantic passion for cooking. You do it with such class, with so much contagious pleasure, and with a like-no-other smile, kindness and marvelous "candeur"; we are very found of you indeed :)
    May you cook -and drink wine! - for many more years to come :)
    Un grand bonjour d'un français depuis son Afrique du Sud d'adoption. Bien cordialement

  • Christina Lopez
    Christina Lopez 2 months ago +1

    I must admit I have a problem with these food videos I can watch them all day which in turn; I will eat all day it's just a lovely thing on the weekend. Jacques wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful

  • Walter De wit
    Walter De wit 2 months ago

    My mother would be proud of me . . . That is so sweet.

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 2 months ago +1

    He is the master. Now I want to run out and duplicate what he just taught me.

  • njuham
    njuham 2 months ago +2

    A true master. Taught me how to cook a perfect omelette (two ways, classic French and country version).

  • Phil Proulx
    Phil Proulx 2 months ago +1

    This looks amazing! I appreciate the fact that he is sharing this recipe with the world. I can't wait to try it.

  • Brian Balcom
    Brian Balcom 2 months ago +1

    I love this man. The background music sounds majestic.

  • Aggemam Manden
    Aggemam Manden 2 months ago

    simple rustic food at it's best!

  • 65elcamino283
    65elcamino283 3 months ago

    That looks soo good!

  • Ines Cho
    Ines Cho 3 months ago +1

    Beautiful! My cup of tea!

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden 3 months ago

    What a legend. In every way possible.

  • René Chénier
    René Chénier 3 months ago

    Bravo Jacques. Je cuisine cette recette actuellement. Montréal.

  • Cristian
    Cristian 4 months ago

    Rarely I came across a master of his craft like this gentleman.

  • jack conway
    jack conway 5 months ago

    Love this guy! Beautiful video!

  • Gabe Weymouth
    Gabe Weymouth 5 months ago

    I love this guy.

  • Chris Caudle
    Chris Caudle 5 months ago

    Jacques Pepin is the Bob Ross of cooking.

  • Charles Breen
    Charles Breen 5 months ago

    Give me Jacques over all other chefs. He is a national treasure!

  • Froggy Groggy
    Froggy Groggy 6 months ago

    Very hearty. Nice

  • rightmarker1
    rightmarker1 6 months ago

    What a really nice man. A great chef and teacher. Respect -

  • Beautiful World
    Beautiful World 6 months ago

    My goodness! It's like I spent 6 minutes in Heaven.

  • CaliforniaLove
    CaliforniaLove 6 months ago

    Jacques' quiet passion and complete lack of any pretentiousness is just an absolute treasure. I love learning from him.

  • Matt Appleton
    Matt Appleton 6 months ago

    The charm of this dude is awesome

  • Jonny Rubber
    Jonny Rubber 7 months ago

    I am hypnotised by everything he says and does !

  • A Tang
    A Tang 7 months ago

    "I feel that if Jacques Pepin shows you how to make an omelet, the matter is pretty much settled. That's God talking". - Anthony Bourdain

  • Gr8 Gazooo
    Gr8 Gazooo 7 months ago +1

    Two things I love about this- video: 1.) Jacques Pépin 2.) That Dutch oven with the rooster handle 😲

  • fhhfgj
    fhhfgj 7 months ago

    I'm proud of you Jacques

  • anonamemiss
    anonamemiss 7 months ago

    I love Jacques Pepin!

  • Andre Botha
    Andre Botha 7 months ago

    That was so pleasant to watch

  • James Ziemba
    James Ziemba 7 months ago

    I remember Tony Bourdain saying: “if Jacques Pepin tells you how to roast a chicken, THAT’S how you roast a chicken.” I wish Tony were still with us.

  • Aaron Aldrich
    Aaron Aldrich 7 months ago

    This man is a Chef's Chef...

  • Heriberto Mendoza
    Heriberto Mendoza 7 months ago

    Jacques, She Is Definitely Proud of You..You are Incredible Chef!

  • James Jacocks
    James Jacocks 7 months ago

    Jacques is not only one of the warmest and most delightful presenters but he is among the most skilled and experienced chefs. He is loved by an immense audience, some of whom hardly cook themselves. We understand that he is a phenomenum.

  • Clifford Bodine
    Clifford Bodine 8 months ago

    No one does it like Jacques.

  • Christian Canter
    Christian Canter Year ago +133

    I think we're very fortunate to still have Jacques around. His incredible story and and influence on the culinary world aside, he has also been a great example of what it means to have class and sincerity. I wish I could meet him someday.

  • Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ Year ago +13

    The music's a little creepy...

  • Joseph Santiago
    Joseph Santiago Year ago +4

    Thank you Chef!!!

  • Laura Weiss
    Laura Weiss Year ago +41

    I truly love this man. He reminds me of my father, who loved to cook. Jacques' recipes are simple yet so elegant. Thanks, Sur la Table, for presenting.

  • taco bell
    taco bell 2 years ago +3

    I made this and I burned my house down...... then I woke up

  • Nicolas Pancorvo
    Nicolas Pancorvo 2 years ago +183


  • Victoria Milson
    Victoria Milson 2 years ago +3

    I love all of your show I think I have watched all of them is there any more please let me know big fan

  • stndrds79
    stndrds79 2 years ago +2

    Poor man has gotten so old ..

  • Elia Magyar
    Elia Magyar 2 years ago +22

    This video felt great.

  • Giggles
    Giggles 2 years ago +36

    I'm sure she was very, very proud of you, Monsieur Pépin. This dish looks fabulous. She must have been a wonderful cook.

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone 2 years ago +3

    A glass of wine yesss

  • YackBackatcha
    YackBackatcha 2 years ago +12

    God bless you! The world is proud of you!

  • jujube_jewelry
    jujube_jewelry 2 years ago +64

    How lucky we are to have the incomparable Jacques Pepin make these videos! Your mother would be very proud, Chef!

  • TheDefeatest
    TheDefeatest 2 years ago +45

    Im sure she would Jacques.

  • Ben Spiegel
    Ben Spiegel 2 years ago +24

    omfg i've been watching him on twitch the past few months. he looks so old in this video it makes me sad

    • stndrds79
      stndrds79 2 years ago +4

      mooseonskates yea I know that's what I thought too !

    • L4D2Ellis
      L4D2Ellis 2 years ago +18

      Well he is 80 years old and will be 81 this December.

  • Ronald Swafford
    Ronald Swafford 2 years ago +31

    classy guy

  • Diane Milligan
    Diane Milligan 2 years ago +12

    I have a similar recipe, and my husband loves it. He is allergic to green peas, so I serve them for myself on the side.

  • Rafael
    Rafael 2 years ago +162

    (...) and now we can have a glass of wine (...). I love this man

  • Christy Nelson
    Christy Nelson 2 years ago +360

    I could listen to him talk about food all day. His mother would be proud, he is just so lovely.

  • Pannonica
    Pannonica 2 years ago +15

    Ok, I think this just became my favorite Jacques Pepin video. I have my own version of such a dish, but I'll be making this one exactly and very soon. Mainly though, it's wonderful to find any new time to spend in the kitchen with this guy. He is simply the best. Always great to discover something fresh, as I've watched about every minute of every other available material featuring him. Thanks, Sur La Table, for another great posting, and thank you Jacques!