Unboxing My Border Patrol Ford Raptor's Massive Mystery Box Full of Parts

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
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  • Chris D'oulmeth
    Chris D'oulmeth 2 hours ago

    Wizard has a kershaw leek, nice.

  • Dylan Gutierrez
    Dylan Gutierrez 5 hours ago

    659 mexicans disliked this vid

  • Neo the One
    Neo the One 18 hours ago

    Theres probably a short between the battery positive cable/feed into the fuse box and the door open switch.

  • BMW Fan
    BMW Fan Day ago

    You should buy your own tow truck so when you need it you will have it.

  • Tj Berry
    Tj Berry Day ago

    Who else actually thinks it is cool that the electronics turn on when door opens and car only turns off when u shut the door🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂

  • Bobby Bravo
    Bobby Bravo 2 days ago

    Hoovie, unless the number curtently on the side of the truck is sentimental or meand something for you. The first number should be a 2.

  • Adrian Teply
    Adrian Teply 4 days ago

    4:50 best moment in the video.. haha

    SCOTTY BEHM 4 days ago +1

    The wizard ban BMWs from his shop because of Hoovie.

  • Josh M
    Josh M 4 days ago

    That is one hell of a gift pack!

  • Keith Mann
    Keith Mann 5 days ago

    The Mercedes has a current draw. Take off the neg cable, and put a test light between battery and the cable. If it glows, you have a drain.

  • Jack Greeson
    Jack Greeson 8 days ago

    If you don’t mind me asking.. how much are all of your cars worth?

    • Jack Greeson
      Jack Greeson 7 days ago

      axdrxw Seems close I want his job😂

    • LuigiBS
      LuigiBS 7 days ago

      I've thought about that too..its got to be somewhere between $500K and a million... some of the values of those cars probably aren't that great but some (Lambo/new Jeep/Rolls) are up there...

  • Supradrew™
    Supradrew™ 8 days ago

    The Power if Christ compels you!

  • Anwar Syahman Mohd Shukri

    This guy living my dream

  • Om Patel
    Om Patel 10 days ago

    Crucify the benz

  • OMG Cool
    OMG Cool 10 days ago +1

    It's a shame they sent you those parts for the Raptor. I'm sure you feel obligated to use them even though it's just going to ruin the "restoration" of an already fully-functional and nice truck. Now it'll have way too many useless lights, it'll be missing the robust OEM wheels, and it'll sit too high. Personally, I think the cargo management is the only thing worthwhile. Otherwise I'd leave her exactly as she is. The Raptor is already a badass truck from the factory.. I've yet to see anyone "customize" one to actually make it nicer. Most end up looking like bro trucks.

    • LuigiBS
      LuigiBS 7 days ago

      I would have told the company i don't want them or sold them on craigslist. The truck is butt ugly now. Looks 1000x better stock. I guess he didn't learn anything from Leno..the king of keeping stuff stock.

  • Josh S
    Josh S 10 days ago

    I like your channel - but a border patrol truck? With all the kit and caboodle a right-wing fascist would want? Don’t get it at all. You don’t seem like a fascist but WTF?

  • psimac
    psimac 11 days ago


  • davids myname
    davids myname 12 days ago

    GIVE ME $500 TO FIX YOU CAR 10:59
    Now it's Healed

  • MrFelix
    MrFelix 12 days ago

    I bet after the exorcist the car would start right up and be normal again.

  • klatoo14
    klatoo14 12 days ago

    About died at “two at a time.”

  • Seth Perkins
    Seth Perkins 12 days ago

    i have those same shoes

  • Wesley Carroll
    Wesley Carroll 13 days ago


  • LeafFanRyeGuy
    LeafFanRyeGuy 13 days ago

    Thoughts and prayers for the Mercedes, I subbed.

  • Itsmiguell
    Itsmiguell 14 days ago

    I know I'm late but... Got my fix of the wizard for the day, I'm good to go.
    LOL that whaaaaaat!!! Should become a new meme...

  • rick morty
    rick morty 14 days ago

    Wiiizard is cool

  • Peter Konrad Konneker
    Peter Konrad Konneker 14 days ago

    The typhoooon!

  • connor freeman
    connor freeman 14 days ago

    Tyler, I've watched you for like 3 years, but I have to give you some feedback, border patrol and ICE are organizations who's actions the primary prosecutor from the Nuremberg trials described/ the Geneva convention defines as crimes against humanity/genocide, I'd be happy to discuss more, bottomline however, this is in poor taste.

  • frank for
    frank for 15 days ago

    please take that bar off the front bumper

  • waffle ninja
    waffle ninja 15 days ago

    What do you do with evil washer fluid? Poor it down the drain of course!

  • will Cotter
    will Cotter 15 days ago

    lol, the wizard may be right!

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans 15 days ago

    I had a CompuStar alarm and remote start system installed on a Blazer with a manual transmission and that is how the system knew the transmission was left in neutral. It would stay running until you closed the door and as long as you didn't open the door again you could remote start it. I had the Blazer with the remote system for 18 years and never had a problem with it. It was a very quality product.

  • Neil Perry
    Neil Perry 16 days ago

    Looks like you've got a grounding issue and a short within the door area

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez 16 days ago

    The Wizard, staring in The Exorcist Part V. 😂😂😂

  • 555jaybo
    555jaybo 16 days ago

    Been following your channel for a good long time now, but come on.... you refer to your mechanic as the wizard? Seriously! grow up man

  • Wayne Edwards
    Wayne Edwards 17 days ago


  • Mathias T.W.P
    Mathias T.W.P 17 days ago

    Hoovies Doggo

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 18 days ago

    I like you sir. You appear to be a logical conservative.

  • Gary Heberlein
    Gary Heberlein 18 days ago +1

    I love how he stops before we know if the demon wagon started

  • mike kotarba
    mike kotarba 18 days ago

    thank you

  • Hristo Stanoev
    Hristo Stanoev 18 days ago

    10:35 take a look at the guy in the back , the expression is priceless :D

  • Aaron
    Aaron 18 days ago

    Wizard rolls an 18, the demon is removed.

  • Craig Under C
    Craig Under C 18 days ago

    "Dumbest channel", you mean Most Entertaining!!😊

  • rascal
    rascal 19 days ago

    Haunted car from grandma

  • josh pankevitch
    josh pankevitch 19 days ago

    Curious if the benz problem started after installing the aftermarket head unit.. My guess is they might of used the power from the interior lights and acc power to power the head unit leaving the car running after key is removed..which I think would keep power to the vehicle after turned off and running until the interior lighting completes its circuit with the door closed..

  • Attila TheHUN
    Attila TheHUN 19 days ago

    The Wizards humor is so cringy...I love it.

  • Attila TheHUN
    Attila TheHUN 19 days ago

    That Mercedes sounds so good.

  • Scotty Lvely
    Scotty Lvely 19 days ago

    Flag is backward

  • Destroyer of Evil
    Destroyer of Evil 19 days ago

    This one was extra hoovie

  • Alex E46
    Alex E46 19 days ago

    for the mercedes check your ground terminals it happened to my bmw just saying might help, it turned out my starter was draining my battery too so just check up on those components

  • cozysouth
    cozysouth 19 days ago


  • Thomas Sorensen
    Thomas Sorensen 19 days ago

    That's so funny

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 19 days ago

    Mercedes has a bad ground somewhere. The door jamb light switch is a on/off switch for the ground for the Dome Lights/Etc..
    Under Proper conditions, on most most cars:
    Door Closed: Ground connection broken
    Door Open: Light Switch Circuit Grounded/Completed

  • Pussy Monster
    Pussy Monster 19 days ago +1

    That’s so the top can close without waiting in the car. $1000 option

  • Ab Yz
    Ab Yz 19 days ago

    i don’t know anything about cars (though i’m learning some along the way), and this is my favorite youtube channel. 😊

  • Oshy
    Oshy 19 days ago

    At the beginning I thought this was a stradman video

  • Pat B
    Pat B 19 days ago

    The wiring for the door light is tapped into the ignition wiring somewhere.

  • Ganu Manel
    Ganu Manel 20 days ago

    Good job Tyler, now everyone knows where you live.

  • Joe Hasselt
    Joe Hasselt 20 days ago

    My dad's 1970 Mercedes 280SL does the same thing except only with the passenger door. I have no clue what it is and it's been killing me.

  • michael baka
    michael baka 20 days ago +3

    DUDE!!! I'm LOVING your dog!!! Frank is the CUTEST dog I've seen in a while, and seems to be a sweetie, to boot! Feature him on some future vids, please!?!!?

  • Al Romero
    Al Romero 20 days ago

    Great videos but I wish you would get to the point of the video.