Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Movie Review

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Captain Jack Sparrow is back!....but is it too little too late? Here's my review of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales"!
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  • Emad Amoo
    Emad Amoo 12 days ago

    dude, you should talk about that bride for the wedding .

  • DaRandomPerson
    DaRandomPerson 12 days ago

    I thought it was the shittest out of all 5 of them, by far. I thought it was boring, out-dated, it felt like a budget straight-to-DVD movie (granted, some of the CGI was spot on and looked awesome), but it felt like an alternate universe. It lost it's charm, some of the character development (Will Turner) was out-of character and felt forced. There were some great moments, but overall it just lacked everything, and I feel like it ruined the PotC franchise a bit.

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony 20 days ago

    I like it not my fav worlds end is my fav

  • Zoro p
    Zoro p 23 days ago +1

    I loved it. Thats dat bitch

  • T G
    T G 23 days ago

    *New "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie comes out*
    Me: *Looks up Jeremy's review*
    Jeremy: "It's not as good as the first one"
    Me: "Okay, thanks!"

  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster Month ago

    This movie sucked

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel Month ago

    This movie was "dogshit" in my opinion. They ignored all the important lore and failed at portraying jack sparrow among many other sins. I just pretend like the 4th and 5th pirates movie don't exist and it's just the first three great movies.

  • Vic Boss
    Vic Boss 2 months ago

    Pirates 1: Great
    Pirates 2: Great
    Pirates 3: Very good
    Pirates 4: Boring
    Pirates 5: Good

  • Jonah Henrickson
    Jonah Henrickson 3 months ago

    1st: Awesome
    2nd: Awesome
    3rd: Awesome
    4th: Meh
    5th: UUUUUGGGGHHH!!!
    6th: 🤞🏻

  • Ares Donachelo
    Ares Donachelo 3 months ago

    So no review channels is gonna talk about Barbosa died and also the dad n' daughter thing?

  • vik saggu
    vik saggu 3 months ago

    You are saying Guillotine correctly Jeremy

  • Kunisake The Artist
    Kunisake The Artist 3 months ago

    I thought it was good

  • Phil Morley
    Phil Morley 4 months ago

    I like all 5 but i agree johnny depp wasn't like he is in the 1st he was the man

  • Stefan Dakovski
    Stefan Dakovski 4 months ago

    At World's End was the best, followed by 'Curse of the Black Pearl'. This movie was also quite good, except for some bits, but I really liked it. Better than 'Stranger Tides' for sure, but then again, I have to rewatch this lol.

  • sanderflop
    sanderflop 4 months ago

    They was certainly a good movie hiding somewhere in this film, but it fails to escape its lacklustre script the very bland male lead Henry Turner.

  • Ajay On cars
    Ajay On cars 4 months ago +2

    Mr ranking would be

  • Vergil
    Vergil 4 months ago

    i barely watched the half of it too mutch talking and too many new caracters

  • JoshDammit
    JoshDammit 5 months ago

    i feel lie the only one who loves the original 3 equally like i grew up watching them so i just fucking love all 3. 4 and 5 are shit tho fr

    POWER GLIDE 6 months ago

    Potc at worlds end was better than the first imo

  • gamerguy19981
    gamerguy19981 6 months ago

    I had a few issues with this movie.
    1- Jack Sparrow was really really washed up (more so then the character is supposed to be). At his worst Jack Sparrow was always the smartest person in the room (and definitely the strangest) but there was methods to his madness. (the escape at the beginning of Stranger Tides is a perfect example). Jack Sparrow also has the guts to duel an immortal being on top of a ship, but in this I don't think he ever even drew a sword.
    2- The plot holes and retcons. For example Barbosa says that the Black Pearl was captured in a bottle 5 years ago, wait so does that mean that Jack Sparrow was hunting for the Fountain of Youth for at least 12 years between the third and fourth films? Because there's no way that Will's son is younger then 17 in this movie. Also the Black Pearl is supposed to be the faster then any other ship, even more so then The Flying Dutchman, a ship that was enchanted/ created by the goddess of the sea. Yet literally a minute after we are told this, a plain Navy ship catches up with them instantly. (Plus we never find out what happened to the entire fleet Gibbs stole) And the biggest one... the Compass. Not only is it clearly stated in "Dead Man's Chest" we learn he got it from Calypso in human form. But in this he got it from a dead captain. And apparently if you give the compass away you set these ghost pirates free, well wait a second, what about when Jack gave the compass to Will, or Elizabeth, or even Gibbs? Why did those not count?
    3- Will. Why is he so afraid of the Dutchman crew? He's the CAPTAIN they should be worried about HIM. And since he was doing the job of ferrying souls, shouldn't he have been normal looking? Plus I wanted a fight between ghost pirates and Dutchman pirates.

  • dick dick
    dick dick 7 months ago

    Why is no one talking about the end credit scene? It was pretty cool

  • Adrian Murphy
    Adrian Murphy 8 months ago

    Second best POTC film

  • This Guys Toupee
    This Guys Toupee 8 months ago

    The title of this movie is an Easter egg for the first movie.

  • CT 0872
    CT 0872 8 months ago



  • Frans Snyman
    Frans Snyman 8 months ago

    In my opinion each movie was worse then then the previous.
    I loved the 1st one, I thought the 2nd one was a worthy sequel, the 3rd one was a mess but there are plenty of jokes that landed and Davy Jones and Calypso' relationship was well done.
    I have not yet seen the 4th and 5th ones yet but from what I've seen and heard I'm more then confident in the validity of my first statement.
    P.S I'm saying the 4th one sucks and the 5th one sucks ass.

  • KRZ 1994
    KRZ 1994 8 months ago

    1. Dead Man's Chest
    2. At World's End
    3. Curse of the Black Pearl
    4. On Stranger Tides (I actually think it's very underrated)
    5. Dead Men Tell No Tales
    I have soft spot for all those movies but I do think they should stop making those.

  • gabriel ferreira
    gabriel ferreira 9 months ago

    jeremy pirates of the carabbean this is one good movie not as good as the first but really good

  • HaitianS3nsati0n
    HaitianS3nsati0n 9 months ago

    No, Whitebeard is the greatest pirate ever.

  • Tom Shenton
    Tom Shenton 10 months ago

    I love every single one except for stranger tides

  • Sol Smillie
    Sol Smillie 10 months ago

    I loved this movie

  • Maximus1Decimus
    Maximus1Decimus 10 months ago

    Best scenes were the opening and the ending. XD!

  • Joels_Creed141
    Joels_Creed141 11 months ago

    Best to worst:
    1. Curse of the black pearl
    2. Dead man’s chest
    3. At world’s end
    4. On stranger tides
    5. Dead men tell no tales
    See the pattern here

  • Alex Thomas
    Alex Thomas 11 months ago

    Very good film

  • Dan Albanese
    Dan Albanese Year ago

    I liked it

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak Year ago

    That witch actor look so much like Nicole Kidman. I was amazed by that. How she act n move like her too.

  • Lauren Harkin
    Lauren Harkin Year ago +1

    I absolutely enjoyed it, dont get me wrong but i was waiting for the bad ass moment where he does something amazing ('im captain jack sparrow' moment) like you mentioned. But apart from that the one thing that really bothered me, was when he sailed off at the end... WHERE WAS HIS HAT?? I need to know, I need answers 😂

  • Nate DS
    Nate DS Year ago

    So pirates 1-4 had one huge bonus. Jack sparow. Hes a great character and hes fun to watch like the joker and V. This movie doesnt even have that. There is next to nothing good about this movie.

  • Dxov1
    Dxov1 Year ago

    My opinion on this movie is mixed it had good scenes but felt kinda empty
    Best to worse (my list)
    Curse of the black pearl
    Dead mans chest
    On stranger tides
    At world worlds end
    Dead man tells no tales

  • Top Assassin
    Top Assassin Year ago

    They could have had salazar's ship fight the Dutchman

  • Kickex
    Kickex Year ago

    Terrible.... just terrible.

  • Tanner Clark
    Tanner Clark Year ago

    At least daveher jones is back

  • Reflectedpower
    Reflectedpower Year ago

    I just got around to watching the movie now.
    I feel like this movie started waaaay too slow. It took nearly half-way through the movie for them to get out to sea. The majority of all the interesting scenes take place in the last thirty minutes.

  • The Russianator
    The Russianator Year ago


  • Major Thomas00
    Major Thomas00 Year ago

    For me I’m not sure how I would place mine in order if which ones I loved the most. I liked that they got the pearl back ( as the Black Pearl is my favorite pirate ship) I did like being able to see a lot of old characters. And I enjoyed some of the comedy to the film.But I have to say I was a little disappointed. Jack not fully being Jack made me upset. And the action was alright I guess. As there was not a lot of interesting sword play which I thought was great in the first three films. And there was no real ship combat ( besides the flash back. But that was minimal). And I’m a little tired of the whole undead stuff. As none of the enemies can ever die without the curse lifted of the magic weapon. With all the characters being back( somewhat) it felt like it was there for the fans which I was happy about but it just didn’t help. I guess there’s more that I wanted to see them do. But the two new characters were more just annoying to me. Also I felt that there were plot holes in the film. Like how jack got the compass. And the Pearl is nearly outran by a ship that is much heavier which I thought wasn’t supposed to happen. As a pirates of the Caribbean fan I did like this more then pirates 4 but I didn’t find as good as the first three.

  • Aussie Bogan
    Aussie Bogan Year ago

    Number 2, 1 then 3.. first 3 movies were interesting with alot else going on besides the main goal and jack.. and davy jones was the coolest villian.. hes love story with callipso was also well done.. number 4 and 5 were not great.. still enjoyed them all tho.. if theres a 6 the writers and gonna have to remember what we loved from the first 3.. drink up me jolly ho hoes ✌

  • Jahmilla Vanilla
    Jahmilla Vanilla Year ago

    The first two Pirates of the Caribbean were the best

  • Kees Hoogenboom
    Kees Hoogenboom Year ago +1

    Holy crap so many tasteless idiots here in the comments. This movie was absolutely horrible. Boring plotline, ridiculous luck from many characters for the sake of humor, very plane acting from the two new lovers. At so many points in the film it was just too bizar to be fun to watch. For example when all the guards were shooting at Jack while he was laying down. Okay maybe they were all very bad shots. But then he just stood up and stands still for about a minute in front of all of them. That's honestly just stupid. I stopped watching after the shark scene where that women just stupidly ran away screaming GHOSTS. I even found the CGI pretty sloppy and rushed. The only good thing about this movie is Jack Sparrow's character which at times was still funny and some pretty creative action scenes. My rating: 3/10

  • Sammy Sawicki
    Sammy Sawicki Year ago

    Would have been sick to see the Dutchman destroy Salazar when he was chasing Will's kid

  • Sammy Sawicki
    Sammy Sawicki Year ago +1

    First three were AWESOMETACULAR the fourth was decent but this last one is just a bad way to end the pirates saga

  • Lil Forbes
    Lil Forbes Year ago

    your corny and cringey i rolled my eyes at the beginning

  • SpiritLover1555
    SpiritLover1555 Year ago

    my ranking order
    (1) dead mans chest
    (2) the curse of the black pearl
    (3) At worlds end
    (4) on strangers tides
    (100000000000) dead men tell no lies....
    look! it lacked depth, the character were good (except the lead female....) she was boring and not interesting. basically a shit upper class copy of Elizabeth swan...Jack wasn't himself.. in fact it was like watching the mad hatter. villain was good! Other characters were great! story again needed just more depth. Mostly CGI, so not much effort went into this one, as it did with the older films.
    it was like a cheesy, low budget remake.... I'm sorry but that's my opinion..


    Omg...critics.... none of them seem to know what a good movie these days
    I'd give the film a 5/5 especially if you're a fan of the franchise

  • Neon Neo
    Neon Neo Year ago

    I love The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy more than the Star Wars/Indiana Jones trilogy.
    So, the fourth and Fifth films are as offensive to me as the prequels or Indy 4.
    I genuinely believe that the Pirates trilogy is one of the most beautifully executed big budgeted stories of all time.
    All of it is shot beautifully, all the costumes feel unique and genuine. The mythology is deep and well fleshed out where it’s needed and the characters are absolutely iconic, not just Sparrow himself.
    I feel like the Pirates trilogy went places most franchises dare not to go. They don’t copy the first one or try to replicate it, they move past it and continue to add on it. Dead Man’s Chest is my personal favourite, it’s wonderfully exciting yet so dark. At one moment we’re watching Jack Sparrow escape comically from a cannibal tribe, and the next we’re watching Will’s father wiping his own son to save him from even more pain. Dead Man’s Chest went into territory that was never expected, it wasn’t just spooky skeletons being the dark element anymore, it was real conflict that ended usually in gruesome acts. Bootstrap Bill believes he watches his son die just after meeting him, Jack Sparrow completing his arc of this movie, sacrifices himself for his crew. Something we’d never believe he’d do based of his previous actions.
    Also, Davy Jones is incredible, the CGI work is perfect, I never catch myself thinking it looks strange. Bill Nighy’s performance is so imposing yet somehow entertaining in a fun way, even as he orders to slits his prisoners throats.
    The Worlds End, is beyond epic. It doesn’t take a step back, it doesn’t hear the negativity over the direction of Dead Mans Chest (possibly because they were shot back to back) and decide to step back, it goes where it was always going. The mythology goes crazy, the second film essentially lays the groundwork for that to happen and in my opinion the mad mythology of Calypso and the Locker works so well. I love that the world gets fully established in the film as a world where living Skelton pirates is just a little part of the world.There’s much bigger supernatural threats happening, a God even causes a maelstrom in the final sequence just for revenge on both sides of the war. Becket is also greatly underrated, for someone like him to feel like a real threat when there’s also a God and Davy Jones as a threat, is a great achievement.
    Jack Sparrow manages to feel like someone who exists in our world, he never becomes a simple version of what the first version introduced, he’s not just quippy dialogue and loopy, he’s still as rich as a character as he was in the first, in the second he’s developed the most as he changes from being constantly afraid of losing his upper hand to the point of running away from all fights he knows he can’t win. To sacrificing himself for his friends knowing full well he may never return from the Locker. In the third we get added depth, we get hints at his backstory with the pearl, making a choice against Becket to save slaves “people aren’t cargo mate”, implying he’s in fact never truly been all about his own gain, and Johnny Depps acting during the scene were Will is stabbed brings his character full circle, in the first he wouldn’t have given a shit if will was stabbed, but now he is physically shocked and gives up immortal life for him to live with Elizabeth.
    Elizabeth’s and Wills arc I love also, Elizabeth’s goes from a rich spoilt girl to queen of the Pirates and it feels natural for her to go to that level. In the first we see her attraction to the idea of pirates, in the second we see her want to become truly a pirate herself, even being attracted to Jack as he represents the ultimate Pirate and by the third she ignores the people that fight against her, even Will, as she stands above the rest and gives a speech to fight when no other pirate will. She reaches her goal naturally in compelling and understandable ways from her set up in the first. Will also goes from being a somewhat simple character as in he’s the ideal hero who just wants to save the girl, to a man who wants desperately to save his father. So desperately he shuts out Elizabeth, thinking he can only have one, either his father or Elizabeth. He goes down some dark paths in the films progression. At the end he becomes the new Captain of the Flying Dutchman, binding himself to his father finally, however he realised he loves Elizabeth just as much as his father and Marrys her in an incredible ship battle sequence. Now they can only see each other every ten years, they pay the price for their choices but also are rewarded for their loyalty to each other amongst the chaos.
    So for the fourth and fifth films to be films about nothing with pretty much no character, and then to add the absolute cartoon Jack Sparrow becomes, it spits on the previous films. Deciding to cave into pressure to be simple and fun, only it becomes annoyingly plain and Boring, with no action sequences that are nearly as original as the first three or even just fun. I really wished people would give The Pirates Trilogy another look, it goes the direction Star Wars wanted to but never did, slightly caving in when it came to Return of the Jedi to a more simple fun movie. Not that I don’t like Return of the Jedi, it’s overall a good film and manages to conclude that trilogy really well but did it take any risks in my opinion, not necessarily, it sorta took a step back from the territory explore in Empire. I love Star Wars, I love Indiana Jones, I just also believe Pirates deserve a place in that league. For me, the Pirates trilogy took risks that paid of massively, being so unique and fun, whilst adding so much character to make it more than just a set of fun movies.

  • Terry D
    Terry D Year ago

    yesss...1st part jack always my best...

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk Year ago

    I didn't mind this one better then the fourth I liked the Orlando and Kira cameo but I do agree the steams running out on this. If there's going to be a 6th I think the director that did the first 3 should come back cause the first 3 are the best in the series

  • Savage Dawgs Highlights

    Now I’m gonna have to go listen to some Lonely Island! Thanks Jeremy!

  • Wolvy
    Wolvy Year ago +1

    1. On Stranger Tides
    2. Dead Man’s Chest
    3. Curse Of The Black Pearl
    4. Dead Men Tell No Tales
    5. At World’s End

  • Joseph Reitz, Composer

    The third movie had some good witty Jack scenes. Like the scene where Jack escapes the endeavor by tying a rope around a canon and through the rope over a mast so when it shoots and falls backwards it pulls Jack up similarly to how he escaped the soldiers in the first movie BUT at the same time the cannon he fired destroys the main mast therefore making so the Endeavor can't sail.

  • Mr. Narsai
    Mr. Narsai Year ago

    1. At Worlds End
    2. Dead Men Tell no Tales
    3. Curse of the Black Pearl
    4. Dead Mans Chest
    5. At Stranger Tides

  • Logan27T
    Logan27T Year ago

    Agreed. I was pretty bored through most of it and I feel like they didn’t do Jack justice with the script or storyline.

  • SignifyTerra
    SignifyTerra Year ago

    na na na, this was Barbosa's movie. this was the end of the pirate movies....hopefully. BUT this is all about Barbosa. LOVED IT.

  • Lucy Dyamond
    Lucy Dyamond Year ago

    Jack Sparrow did an A+ Mad Hatter impression. Perhaps a crossover in the near future?

  • Tavo Lemus
    Tavo Lemus Year ago

    Might watch this baked

  • somemysteriousguy

    just watched the movie and i found it to be kinda similar to the Force Awakens.
    SPOILERS if you haven't seen the movie.

    - both introduces a new generation of characters
    - both have old ones returning
    - one of the old fan favorite character dies(Han solo and Barbossa)
    - both movies have the plot of the main character trying to find one of the old characters
    - both involves a map
    - The new characters meet some of the old characters on an island at the end
    - both movies have a female character who aren't sure where they come from and are nobodys at first

  • Brendon Dobbs
    Brendon Dobbs Year ago

    It felt like they replaced fun with boredom

  • Kingofgames2k
    Kingofgames2k Year ago

    I actually really liked this movie, way better than the fourth for sure

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis Year ago

    Dead Mans Chest
    Curse of the Black Pearl
    At World's End
    On Stranger Tides
    Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • Brian Ellis
    Brian Ellis Year ago

    Dead mans chest!

  • InspireInk
    InspireInk Year ago

    Honestly I loved it, I hope they make 1 more

  • Xavier.
    Xavier. Year ago

    ive heard that this is the last POTC movie and ive gotta say sad to see one of disneys early movie universes come to an end been watching since a kid it was a nice sendoff to jack sparrow

  • Illya Popov
    Illya Popov Year ago

    The movie wasn't as great as I wanted it to be.

  • Adrian #8
    Adrian #8 Year ago

    The order imo 1,3,2,5,4

  • Rock TheElement
    Rock TheElement Year ago

    I have to agree with everything you said, except for other movies not being as good as the first one. I think the second one is as good if not even better. Davy Jones was a fascinating character that also carried the third movie.
    For me Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 8.5/10
    Dead Man's Chest 9/10
    At World's End 7.5/10
    On Stranger Tides 4/10
    Dead Men Tell No Tales 5.5/10

  • Damian Alejandro
    Damian Alejandro Year ago

    fucking piece of shit! how can anyone enjoy the failed jokes and general behavior of sparrow, he is extremely cartoony and anoying. the only thing i liked was carina and the witch

  • Nhy Tarhalys
    Nhy Tarhalys Year ago

    My conclussion, the movie is much better than the fourth one, but Captain Sparrow is worst. he use to be the soul of the saga but he litterally did nothing great in this movie. He just have two memorable scenes in the entire movie, when Henry threatens him and he point a gun to henry totally cold and badass, and the second is the young jack flashback, along with Salazar's narration. The saga seriously need a new director. A talented one would be ok.

  • Harry Fowler
    Harry Fowler Year ago

    I think all the films are at least worth buying on blu Ray except stranger tides. It was terrible

  • Harry Fowler
    Harry Fowler Year ago

    I think this movie was at least worth buying on blu Ray even though it was really long winded

  • Enrico Sarmiento
    Enrico Sarmiento Year ago

    My ranks
    Curse of the Black Pearl
    Dead Men Tell No Tales - At World's End - Dead Men Tell No Tales
    On Stranger Tides

  • Enrico Sarmiento
    Enrico Sarmiento Year ago

    I don't think not one pirates sequel was convoluted and boring. I like the sequels as much as the first one.

  • BloodRider 14
    BloodRider 14 Year ago +1

    1. The first one
    2. The second one
    3. Dead men
    4. At world's end
    5. On stranger tides

  • shavingculture
    shavingculture Year ago

    Best pirate of the Caribbean movie from all of them don’t listen to this clown the movie was great 👍 9\10 I’m really picky with the movies I’m the type of person that doesn’t sit to watch any movie this movie was great it keep me. Entertain

  • Daniel Guzman
    Daniel Guzman Year ago

    He had good arguments but I still really liked the movie

  • Burgershot
    Burgershot Year ago

    Seriously why do you cut after EVERY sentence, it's very annoying

  • Casterisk
    Casterisk Year ago

    First 3 were great, 4th one kinda' dipped, but this one? *_G A R B A G E_*

  • Merlin Brière
    Merlin Brière Year ago

    jeremy jahns about Guillotine. you're saying it right, and cause of an elongated stay in french ground I should know. so good on you.
    plus obviously, thanks for the always enjoyable video

  • Crystal K
    Crystal K Year ago

    I got annoyed that the girl jumps into the sea wearing a corset and was able to swim to shore. In the first movie Elizabeth nearly drowned wearing the same corset which was a major plot point. It just bothers me that they contradicted their own movie

  • Jack Scott
    Jack Scott Year ago

    I'm with Jeremy here. The visuals in the movie were good, Javier Bardem does a great job, but there were a lot of plot moments that were really unnecessary. It also had a rather goofy tone, as opposed to the seriousness of Verbinski's style of the films. My ranking:
    1 - The Curse of the Black Pearl
    2 - At World's End
    3 - Dead Man's Chest
    4 - On Stranger Tides
    5 - Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • James Tuma
    James Tuma Year ago

    I loved the movie for the villain, The guy who plays Captain Salazar is a bad ass actor, he made the movie for me. He made the British army look like a joke lol

  • Robin XD
    Robin XD Year ago

    Great movie, however it had a different feel from the first 3 movies. It had some pretty random and just cringy scenes. Plus the movie was a bit more gory and violent, showing chopped heads and lots of blood. I also wish the movie could last a little longer to show more of Salazar. The worst thing it didn't have was JACK SPARROW. He didn't really act as he did in the previous movies. I loved the movie anyway because of the amount of old characters it had.

  • Dream
    Dream Year ago

    fuck off

  • MissFlow
    MissFlow Year ago

    The pirate genre in cinema has always been fascinating for me.
    I have always been a huge fan of the ride these movies were based on. I loved Cutthroat Island, Treasure Island Treasure planet, the Goonies, etc. What I do notice, though, is how romanticized the theme of pirates has become!
    Disney is highly guilty of that, just by how they portray pirates in their ride :) As if they are 'jolly good rogers' that just want to have fun and sing all day.
    While in reality. I dare to say that pirates might have been one of mankinds biggest plagues.
    Real pirates were murderers, rapists, thieves, respectless outcasts and spreaded diseases where ever they went (like infections, STD's, tropical diseases, you DONT even wanna know). They were a real pain!
    Not really the best rolemodel for kids, come to think of itXDXDXDXD
    But honestly, I don't care. I LOVE the pirate genre. I loved the first movie of POTC, loved the ride and dressed like a pirate in my childhood like 100+ times. So....yeah.

  • D'Angelo Dunbar
    D'Angelo Dunbar Year ago

    Agree 100% with this review. They focused too much on the comedic side of things, loosing the fun but clever side of Jack sparrow and giving us a washed up drunk pirate. It could have been a great movie all around but there was just too much going on at one once with no clear balance to the story. Love the Pirates franchise but as a fan, didn't like how they ended it.

  • Spent Lizard
    Spent Lizard Year ago

    I defend On Stranger Tides when others give it flak, but I cannot defend this. As a die-hard POTC fan, this movie hurt me.

  • M
    M Year ago

    Meh the movie sucks. Acting was great, and the effects were pretty good too, but the story was just half assed. The story just seemed really basic to all the other movies. Also seemed like they focused too much on the comedy and left all the good old seriouse dark tone out. That’s the same with jack, made him into a comedian clown and left out his clever and wittiness. I only saw him fight like once with a sword. I’d give it one star cuz it seemed half assed. Hopefully Disney realizes how much they fucked up and make the next movies like the old movies again

  • Ethan Gengler
    Ethan Gengler Year ago

    Come on guys! Pirates movies involve typical wasted pirates like Jack, stop judging on how drunk Jack is. In the end, he is Jack Sparrow. This is a great movie in my opinion. The cameo of Elizabeth was perfect timing also. Jack may have not been everyone's favorite, but he sure does know how to get out of stuff even when he is very wasted. In my opinion, this is a very good film.

  • Beats By Shadow
    Beats By Shadow Year ago

    I thought this movie was terrible.

  • .
    . Year ago

    3, 1, 2, 5, 4 best to worst imo

  • Matymus The Awesomous

    ok so i just watched it for the second time officially. i still laughed at the guillotine scene. a lot of the movie was like, "are they really doing this?" some of the movie was "yes this!" and then the last tiny bits of the movie was like "OH CMON WHY!?" lol yeah i can understand why people need to be drunk for this one. Still, better than P3 and P4. just saying.

  • chabandou
    chabandou Year ago

    The missing thing was Captain jack being smart as always, they never gave him a smart dialogue as it's his thing, other than that it was great, way better than On stranger tides.

  • George Botha
    George Botha Year ago

    Here in South Africa the movie was called Salazars Revenge for some reason.