Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Cardi B's Grammys look involved a direct message on Instagram, one trip to Paris, and a lot of practice tiptoeing and dancing.

    Directors: Max Bartick, Beatrice Pegard
    Producer: Dayna Carney
    Production Manager: Jen Santos
    Editor: Daniel Poler
    Titles: Michel Sayegh
    Color Company 3
    Archive Footage Courtesy of the House of Mugler
    Filmed on Location at Dream Hollywood Hotel
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    Behind Cardi B’s Showstopping Grammys Looks | Vogue
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  • Dental Man 24
    Dental Man 24 Day ago

    I thought the outfits were original but I guess someone else wore all of them....literally

  • sheeneasheen
    sheeneasheen Day ago

    I don’t like the red carpet look everything else was cute sorry she’s not couture but they tried.

  • Esther Odufuwa
    Esther Odufuwa Day ago

    She looks like a candle stick but I love u cardi

  • Nalissah LeGrand
    Nalissah LeGrand 2 days ago

    "...Like a wet condom"

  • Nichole 800
    Nichole 800 2 days ago

    She’s stunning!

  • Nicole Fernandez
    Nicole Fernandez 3 days ago +8

    A Philosopher once said
    "The cape that came right off, like a wet condom."

  • rebecca dahm
    rebecca dahm 4 days ago

    i'm pretty confident that the only god they all thank is satan and just satan and not god the one i know.

  • walter harris
    walter harris 4 days ago +1

    Simply gorgeous 💯

  • Aaron Whitehead
    Aaron Whitehead 5 days ago

    I love cardi. But the stylist seems like a hack.

  • Ma. Crhistina Arcilla

    Like a wet what? 😂😅

  • Ebizzill
    Ebizzill 5 days ago

    lol. poisoning folks. gon ahead girl. i see you ouchea in these streets.

  • Momo Time
    Momo Time 5 days ago

    Im not gonna lie but I be changing to much in the morning

  • Nae Nation
    Nae Nation 5 days ago +1

    Cardi b should make a TVclip channel hannel

  • Iris Marie
    Iris Marie 5 days ago

    the jacket slips off like a wet condom lmao

  • silky milky
    silky milky 6 days ago

    Cardi so funny i love her

  • Milalalalala Gonzalez

    Well She’s so gorgeous

  • Shayla Le
    Shayla Le 6 days ago

    3:34 that dress low key looks at long tin Noodel stick glued on a dress

  • Savage.19 GH
    Savage.19 GH 6 days ago

    But the prayer though love it

  • Savage.19 GH
    Savage.19 GH 6 days ago

    She sound like filipino 🤣

  • Savage.19 GH
    Savage.19 GH 6 days ago

    She sound like filipino 🤣

  • grimmreaper arts
    grimmreaper arts 6 days ago

    Cardi does not sound crazy but still love cardi and speak does not change it at all

  • Lolo Swagg
    Lolo Swagg 7 days ago

    Do u guys know were can I find this jacket (vinyl) pleeeease help me

  • Shamia pinder
    Shamia pinder 7 days ago

    Seriously 3 outfits a night

  • Jannatul Mawua
    Jannatul Mawua 7 days ago +1

    She's so different without makeup

  • Ratmini Ratmini
    Ratmini Ratmini 7 days ago


  • Custom Lioness
    Custom Lioness 7 days ago +1

    She is so pretty with or without make up!!

  • LisaEdiztStuff UwU
    LisaEdiztStuff UwU 7 days ago +3

    The cape fell of like a condiment. Dont wanna get demonitized

  • AstroCanceled Bean
    AstroCanceled Bean 7 days ago +3

    *like a wet condom*
    She went there 😂😂😂

  • Robin Tuscano
    Robin Tuscano 8 days ago

    #love cardi b

  • Lily Love
    Lily Love 8 days ago

    Bro im mad bc cardi never wore the hat for her performance of money

  • Ice The Animator
    Ice The Animator 8 days ago

    "the sleevws just f a l l s off like a w e t c o n d o m"

  • Lina akther
    Lina akther 8 days ago

    4:07. u don't know how much money it is not how heavy.

  • Katy Gabriel Nunez
    Katy Gabriel Nunez 8 days ago

    Me criyin

  • Yo!
    Yo! 8 days ago

    I will never understand female fashion 😑

  • mamis regia
    mamis regia 9 days ago

    It must be nice to get all those ppl sucking up to her just so she can use them outfits 😂😂 bc after she's not having nun at having it all is a good thing uh 😍😎😎👍

  • Saba De
    Saba De 10 days ago

    shes such a hood trash

  • Ariel :/
    Ariel :/ 11 days ago +3

    *comes to see if everyone going to talk about cardi being cancelled*

    • Ariel :/
      Ariel :/ 5 days ago

      Obéy Ariana Yh I know

    • Obéy Ariana
      Obéy Ariana 6 days ago

      Ariel :/ cuz she’s not💀💀

  • Rav in
    Rav in 11 days ago

    I love card I she is waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than Nicki Minaj

  • Maryori Perfit
    Maryori Perfit 11 days ago


  • Anju Tamang
    Anju Tamang 11 days ago

    Cardi B is very cute....

  • ririna chan
    ririna chan 12 days ago

    6:50 where are cardi's long nails hiding

  • Vedna Buchony
    Vedna Buchony 12 days ago

    Cardi b is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Leo Lacayanga
    Leo Lacayanga 12 days ago +1

    Low key Jacket ASMR by QUEEN CARDI B

  • Adrian Olteanu
    Adrian Olteanu 13 days ago +1

    How did she ever become a role model?

  • xoxojessiexoxotix
    xoxojessiexoxotix 13 days ago +1

    This made me feel so worthless and poor

  • billy hoplita
    billy hoplita 13 days ago +1

    How you go Toilet with that??????????????

  • Princess Sparkel Star
    Princess Sparkel Star 13 days ago +2

    I love how she is confident to step infront of the camera with her bare, make-up free face ❤

  • Nancyp
    Nancyp 13 days ago

    how can you not love cardi? ypu're probably insane

    • ACupOfWater
      ACupOfWater 7 days ago

      *cough* drug and robbing men *cough*

  • Kasandra Pizaña
    Kasandra Pizaña 14 days ago

    Body Goals 100% 😍💓

  • Allie Guajardo
    Allie Guajardo 14 days ago

    Love you Carbi b

  • Tanesha Clarke
    Tanesha Clarke 14 days ago

    Nice they had a prayer🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time 14 days ago


  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith 14 days ago

    Love you Cardi B

  • Krystal Velazquez
    Krystal Velazquez 14 days ago

    I love the dress

  • Krystal Velazquez
    Krystal Velazquez 14 days ago

    Who saw this video and already saw the dress on her Instagram

  • Laura Hunter
    Laura Hunter 14 days ago

    Ah yes the "talent" of today. Here for 24hrs & then gone. Who is Cardi B??

  • Bullard Bellamy
    Bullard Bellamy 14 days ago +1

    Look at all those jews fixing up their puppet

  • Nishalini
    Nishalini 14 days ago +1

    God..... Cardis beautiful

  • Stephany Gonzalez
    Stephany Gonzalez 14 days ago +1

    She's gorgeous 😍

  • Rose Solmiano
    Rose Solmiano 14 days ago

    I dont know why they like showing their buttcracks so muchh??

  • bethanny plays
    bethanny plays 14 days ago

    OMG hiii

  • sowxn gfrd
    sowxn gfrd 14 days ago


  • shayshay 39
    shayshay 39 14 days ago +1

    In the begging did u see tht girl booty

  • Ron&Jessica Jordan
    Ron&Jessica Jordan 15 days ago +3

    Cardi looked Gorgeous in every outfit ❤

  • Joey’s super cool food review Yeah

    Her jacket is bomb

  • m23 Kardashian
    m23 Kardashian 15 days ago

    I live in Paris

  • Humble Muslima
    Humble Muslima 15 days ago

    The prayer was nice. I hope it was their Lord as in our Creator and not the one down under.

  • Lavinia Pop
    Lavinia Pop 15 days ago

    My name is Lavinia too💖

  • Litzy Villegas
    Litzy Villegas 15 days ago

    Cardi b is so pretty

  • Emma Marie
    Emma Marie 15 days ago

    When i saw that dress at the Grammy's I dropped my pizza slice.

  • James
    James 16 days ago

    Cardi, Would LOVE a collaboration with Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus

  • GouLaL Crazier
    GouLaL Crazier 16 days ago

    Its rather scary

  • ieshias cousin
    ieshias cousin 16 days ago

    Fan: CARDI!!! CARDI WAIT!!! cardi: wha you want???!!! Me:😂😂

    ŦHΣ ƟŦᗛƘỰ 16 days ago

    “Like a wet condom”

  • Matilda Belle
    Matilda Belle 16 days ago

    Three outfits for the whole night
    Me One outfit for the whole week

  • lucy lucky
    lucy lucky 16 days ago

    She is kinda actual ugs like i thought she would be more pretty

    • lucy lucky
      lucy lucky 16 days ago

      Like without makeup on she is

  • Erine Santiago
    Erine Santiago 16 days ago +1

    I like Cardi more without make up

  • ItsFani
    ItsFani 16 days ago

    Hay es cuando la almeja cobra vida xdd i lov Cardi ❤️

  • Angelique Williams
    Angelique Williams 17 days ago

    Niece cardi b

  • Sarah
    Sarah 17 days ago +1

    when trash meets class

  • Harveen Dulai
    Harveen Dulai 17 days ago +1

    0:44 uhm gross

  • Samantha valles
    Samantha valles 18 days ago

    This made me realize how lazy and bad I am when it comes to fashion im-😂

  • Arianna James
    Arianna James 18 days ago

    Oh my God Carly I love you🦋🦋🦋

  • Cris Tomboy
    Cris Tomboy 18 days ago

    Is it just me that I think that 👑 Cardi B 💎 fits in every perfect looking makeup💄

  • you and me jj
    you and me jj 18 days ago +1

    Cardi b I'm a fan of yours

  • 00000 Blanck
    00000 Blanck 18 days ago


  • Feather rose _
    Feather rose _ 18 days ago

    I love fashion

  • Juana Gutierrez
    Juana Gutierrez 18 days ago

    hi card b

  • Jroc Avakin world
    Jroc Avakin world 19 days ago

    (Like a wet condom)

  • Chloe Skelton
    Chloe Skelton 20 days ago

    i wish i could meet you in real life

  • Chloe Skelton
    Chloe Skelton 20 days ago

    i loooooooove you cardi b

  • Alaina M Garcia
    Alaina M Garcia 20 days ago

    I mean 0:43

  • Alaina M Garcia
    Alaina M Garcia 20 days ago

    I allmost left to watch another video after 43 seconds

  • Fatima Ebrahim
    Fatima Ebrahim 20 days ago

    Um cardio u should cut ur nails their hella long

  • Caitlin Bailey
    Caitlin Bailey 20 days ago

    Shes to street trash for this

  • Awesome life with Ximena 1

    0:43 bruhhh

  • Richard Guiseppi
    Richard Guiseppi 20 days ago

    Hope nobody got drugged during this! How are they going to get the fish smell out of those garments

  • strangers things lover

    Cardi b. Is soooooo sweet

  • Isabella WIllmarth
    Isabella WIllmarth 21 day ago +2

    Can you do Billie eilish🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • m7md _-_
      m7md _-_ 19 days ago

      Isabella WIllmarth she dosent even dress nice .. i love her tho

  • Kaysha Stephenson
    Kaysha Stephenson 21 day ago

    Cardi B's accent is too much 😍🤤🤤