Owner Refuses To Take Criticism & Bursts Into Tears | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • some guy
    some guy 2 hours ago

    grace sounds like a triggers feminist

  • xWaazes
    xWaazes 2 hours ago

    Gordon Is like doctor Phil but for restaurant staff

  • Cowboy Western38
    Cowboy Western38 17 hours ago

    She's like a 5yr old ...MY GOD GET RIDE OF HER

  • Roman Minárik
    Roman Minárik Day ago

    What a b*tch

  • Khris Khristie
    Khris Khristie 2 days ago

    Grace needs some therapy, I mean that in a nice way.

  • tia poonia
    tia poonia 3 days ago

    Love how grace hates this and starts crying like she’s the victim.

  • Jim Rowe
    Jim Rowe 3 days ago

    Grace has the worst hair ever

  • Isak Eik
    Isak Eik 5 days ago

    Lady probably demon possessed.

  • Marina Tebbenham
    Marina Tebbenham 5 days ago

    I actually feel sorry for this lady.

  • Zak
    Zak 7 days ago

    luigi needs to leave and go his play his game with his brother mario

  • MegaRoo
    MegaRoo 8 days ago +1

    Employees: "Grace yells too much"
    Grace: "Liars, they're all liars".......immediately starts yelling.

  • Imtiyaaz Ahmed
    Imtiyaaz Ahmed 8 days ago

    Crying just because of criticism smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 10 days ago

    3:50- "I feela so bad." Holy shit, she's gotta be doing that on purpose, come on!

  • Sin Sanity
    Sin Sanity 10 days ago

    1:30- Holy shit! It's Eric Stoltz from "Mask"!! 😆

  • Deryl Lovecraft
    Deryl Lovecraft 10 days ago

    Luigi’s? How cliche sounding is that!

  • Lunker Junkies TV
    Lunker Junkies TV 11 days ago

    Grace has to be a liberal!!

  • Will Wallwork
    Will Wallwork 12 days ago

    They’re liars, I don’t yell.

  • flap jack
    flap jack 12 days ago

    Damn this bitch ugly

  • lvnjden4ever
    lvnjden4ever 12 days ago +1

    I don’t understand why these people invite him over if they can’t take it. Are they so delusional that they think he’s going to say everything is wonderful...do they not watch any of his shows?

  • VC1
    VC1 12 days ago

    She's knows the staff are right and throws an emotional tantrum to gain sympathy rather to listen to Ramsay. Immature with slight narcissistic tendencies. get rid.

  • Lieutenant Dan
    Lieutenant Dan 13 days ago

    Chef Mike would never act like that...

  • Anastasia Busacco
    Anastasia Busacco 14 days ago

    Who let that poor girl go on TV with those eyebrows

  • Nicolle E.
    Nicolle E. 15 days ago

    where can i find the full episode of this eh?

  • bReedify
    bReedify 16 days ago

    Unreal. How do you go your entire life without hearing the truth one single time?

  • bigi12
    bigi12 16 days ago

    2:18 peep the smiths shirt

  • I love Cuco A lot
    I love Cuco A lot 16 days ago

    The whole she was talking I was like “hUh”

  • Karik khnum the son of darkness

    Shits hilarious when Ramsay holds a mirror up to them and they dont like what they see

  • mattadugga
    mattadugga 17 days ago

    She has the emotional maturity of a 10 year old.

  • MisterDutch93
    MisterDutch93 17 days ago

    Luigi should’ve stayed with Daisy.

  • Stevie Wonder
    Stevie Wonder 17 days ago

    Was that english?

  • aleka paco
    aleka paco 17 days ago

    someone needs a psychiatric intervention!

  • fuck youtube
    fuck youtube 20 days ago

    Grace has such fragile ego this is white man behaviour

  • Vida Allen
    Vida Allen 20 days ago

    i CaN't TaKe AnYmOre
    I cAn't tAkE aNyMoReEeEeEeEe

  • Shanely Shane
    Shanely Shane 21 day ago

    I got an impeach trump ad lmao fucking left funded cucks

  • Gregg Strydom
    Gregg Strydom 21 day ago

    0:56 Jesus Christ what is that

  • FlatfaceTV
    FlatfaceTV 21 day ago

    What a sook.

  • SocialAssasin
    SocialAssasin 21 day ago

    Good God. Imagine waking up to that every morning. That face and voice are just the worst. Not only does he have to love with it but work all day and night also!

  • Lee Boon Huang
    Lee Boon Huang 22 days ago

    lol. you can't beat Amy in unable to take criticism She would have stormed out and start arguing non-stop..

  • SHINee Velvet
    SHINee Velvet 23 days ago

    bro what episode is this

  • hollowpointkid
    hollowpointkid 24 days ago

    1:34 “quality”

  • Rekiah Hinton
    Rekiah Hinton 24 days ago

    She sounds like a wild Pokemon.

  • Emil Sielemann
    Emil Sielemann 27 days ago

    This kitchen nightmare clips are fucking juicy

    STRVNDXD 27 days ago


  • trShrsS
    trShrsS 28 days ago


  • Slime is Dead
    Slime is Dead Month ago

    Boo hoo hoo jeez woman grow up

  • oson hui
    oson hui Month ago


  • Chris Neufeld
    Chris Neufeld Month ago

    After that huge argument, you would think a moment such as this was needed. This was supposed to be a wake-up call for this restaurant’s owners.

  • Jada Nicole
    Jada Nicole Month ago

    I love how she’s saying her yelling is all a lie AS she’s screaming 😂

    LOODSS Month ago

    Just die bitch

  • Anemone
    Anemone Month ago

    That dumb bitch must be mentally ill

  • my penis is unbelievably small, but

    i canta take a it anymore!!

  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson Month ago

    If she wanted to leave she could have gone the other way around the table

  • F
    F Month ago +1

    "She cant take criticism"
    "Liars! They are all Liars! I dont want to listen to this or be here anymore. I wanna quit!"

  • Sophia Vera
    Sophia Vera Month ago

    *your crush doesn't like u
    me: I don't wanna hear this anymore

  • CeCe Vlogs
    CeCe Vlogs Month ago

    *I can’t take this anymore*
    That’s what she said😏

  • CeCe Vlogs
    CeCe Vlogs Month ago

    Grace stfu

  • Melany Meyer
    Melany Meyer Month ago

    Oh god, that voice of hers. I’ve heard screaming children that had less of a pitch than her.

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up Month ago

    That's fuckin scary to me..idk if anyone understands but it is

  • Steven Ricke
    Steven Ricke Month ago

    that server's Smiths shirt is dope.

  • Benjamin TG
    Benjamin TG Month ago

    She's a human being, some of the comments here naive and pathetic.

  • Norm Rayos
    Norm Rayos Month ago

    Dammit, this was NOT a good video to watch with headphones in. Someone get her a white coat and a padded cell please! My eardrums thank you.

  • RTSchofield
    RTSchofield Month ago

    What I'm like after 1 minute at work.

  • HannahRose Holland
    HannahRose Holland Month ago

    Oh shit

  • Iman Jimbah
    Iman Jimbah Month ago

    “ThEy TaLkA NicEA iN fRonTA YoU”

  • Anne Marie Carson
    Anne Marie Carson Month ago

    That broke my heart when she was crying:(

    • Anna Driver
      Anna Driver 2 days ago

      She just trying to turn herself into the victim. Of course, her employees are going to be nice because like they said they are scare of losing their jobs and be yelled at.

  • JohnCenaGaming
    JohnCenaGaming Month ago

    That one crybaby kid in your class

  • Jamesy Gray
    Jamesy Gray Month ago

    Id love to see her bursting into tears like this with my cock shoved up her italian ass balls deep.

    • Jamesy Gray
      Jamesy Gray Month ago

      And me laughing my head off moaning with pleasure.

  • Mahnoor Imtiaz
    Mahnoor Imtiaz Month ago

    Me when school starts again

  • Marshal Squid
    Marshal Squid Month ago

    "Luigi's wife"

  • kharnak crux
    kharnak crux Month ago

    behold, the Borderline personality. the one that most therapists will refuse to go near, because they are unteachable. Very tedious, very exhausting.

  • Kaz-Waz Fortnite Videos

    4:16 when you’re mom says no to you getting the battle bass RIP

    • Martyr
      Martyr Month ago

      oh yeah yeah

  • SDD525
    SDD525 Month ago

    He shoulda clocked her one. Couldn't be my family. I better not try that bullshit.

  • Not a laporte
    Not a laporte Month ago

    4:15 I can't take it anymore, I CANT TAKE IB ANYMOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!

  • chad christopher
    chad christopher Month ago

    Grace needs a therapist

  • Dilly Dally
    Dilly Dally Month ago

    Bunch of mobsters. Criticize the food and sleep wit da fishes, capiche?

  • Cai-Corosin Ross
    Cai-Corosin Ross Month ago +1

    *Says she yells too much*
    *She begins to yell liars*

  • sergeagafonov
    sergeagafonov Month ago

    “I can’t take it anymore”
    My ex used to scream the same thing every time I was in her back door........cooking. 🙄😄

  • I.D.K.
    I.D.K. Month ago

    Help. I need captions for what she was saying while in her tantrum.

  • John Gibbons
    John Gibbons Month ago +1

    January 2019?

  • Nowey Denise
    Nowey Denise Month ago

    It's hard to hear but taking criticism is healthy

  • SpeedPunch X
    SpeedPunch X Month ago

    What a baby

  • Chilly Willy
    Chilly Willy Month ago

    But moooooomm!!

  • grey wolf reacts
    grey wolf reacts Month ago

    Man i would kill this dumb bitch and her fake crying ass . Stupid hoe .

  • Soft LockSmith
    Soft LockSmith Month ago

    The most genius way to flame somebody

  • Nellie Price
    Nellie Price Month ago

    She is the WORST

  • Glenn Eloriaga
    Glenn Eloriaga Month ago +1

    Why does she sound like Mario ESPECIALLY when she cries

  • Jessie Rogers
    Jessie Rogers Month ago

    It's too much hysterical Italian for me

  • Michael Taggart
    Michael Taggart Month ago

    She's yeeting for a beating

  • excelerater
    excelerater 2 months ago

    cant take the heat get out of the kitchen

  • Debojyoti Bhattacharya
    Debojyoti Bhattacharya 2 months ago

    then drop it if you can't take it, idiot

  • Felicia Tan Ying En
    Felicia Tan Ying En 2 months ago

    Psychotic Crazy Woman. She should be in therapy and learn to take criticism more.

  • singlemusicislife18
    singlemusicislife18 2 months ago

    Her crying made me happy.

  • jeep girl
    jeep girl 2 months ago

    What a cry baby. Grow up ....

  • Dr Shrekyll Beans
    Dr Shrekyll Beans 2 months ago

    Such tremendous autism.

  • SeanP7195
    SeanP7195 2 months ago

    His face says it all. I married poorly

  • Ethan Lonie
    Ethan Lonie 2 months ago


  • Ethan Lonie
    Ethan Lonie 2 months ago

    This is all a lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos?

    Nino should be in this restaurant

  • Memes On Console _
    Memes On Console _ 2 months ago

    Mario what did you do with my spaghetti tacos

  • El Guapo Ben
    El Guapo Ben 2 months ago