Owner Refuses To Take Criticism & Bursts Into Tears | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • El Guapo Ben
    El Guapo Ben 2 days ago


  • hook blieght
    hook blieght 2 days ago

    no matter how wrong she is , its still heartbreaking to watch a woman cry.
    i know i know im part of the problem , but

  • Joey S
    Joey S 3 days ago

    4:18 sounds like RackaRacka Ronald McDonald

  • Snowme
    Snowme 3 days ago

    She should’ve never left the mushroom kingdom

  • Der kleine General
    Der kleine General 4 days ago


    DEADLOK69 4 days ago

    If that would have been Taffer, he would just walk away from Sally. She is just a coward.

  • - TBL Productions -
    - TBL Productions - 5 days ago

    I want blah do that blah blah blah gibberish Italiano salami can't take it no more gibberish blah blah blah

  • Brandon Myers
    Brandon Myers 6 days ago

    Who the hell would marry that? And please dont say Nino...😊

    • DEADLOK69
      DEADLOK69 4 days ago

      Or "Sour Gravy" Sal who has the worst Sausage Gravy

  • Duckspy
    Duckspy 6 days ago

    i could see it as soon as i saw her, fuck i hate grace

  • Dorothy Freeman
    Dorothy Freeman 7 days ago

    Gods sake kick her in the tits

  • vickey ram
    vickey ram 8 days ago


  • cuziebro pakitara
    cuziebro pakitara 9 days ago

    Poor laydie

  • Overt Blowfish
    Overt Blowfish 9 days ago

    She went from English to slurring real quick

  • Derpy Doggo
    Derpy Doggo 10 days ago

    Grace acts a lot like my mom, which seriously concerns me

  • Nason
    Nason 10 days ago


  • Cowboy Western
    Cowboy Western 14 days ago

    She's such a fucking Drama Queen... omg .. leave her ... run for the fucking hills

  • Shaketita Bates
    Shaketita Bates 16 days ago

    It's all a lie but you're yelling and crying now 😂 you're too old to be acting like that. Elder drama queen. Ridiculous

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 17 days ago

    What a Crybaby

  • Timur Bloomfield
    Timur Bloomfield 18 days ago

    Ur non American crying accent is annoying. SHUT UP

  • Eric Rivera
    Eric Rivera 19 days ago +2

    She needs to be heavily medicated.

  • Wolfgirl233 !
    Wolfgirl233 ! 20 days ago

    She cry s like my 5 brothers when I tell them they can’t watch or eat that when moms not home

  • Lucio'o'z
    Lucio'o'z 22 days ago

    Wow Mario’s brother fking scks

  • TillyPopps
    TillyPopps 23 days ago

    Jeez how old is she..

  • α чσung lσnєr
    α чσung lσnєr 23 days ago

    Grace: **Crying** I don wanna bi herr anymorr i wantoleaf icant tak dis anymoee itsalergaldjsbababajsoHUfkkai I cAnt TaKE iT aNYmOaRRr!

  • trickshotmonkey
    trickshotmonkey 24 days ago

    Grace needs anal

  • AyeYerMa
    AyeYerMa 25 days ago

    I can't stand her. Not only does she have the worst resting bitch face I've ever seen but she acts like a spoiled child

  • MIke Elshire
    MIke Elshire 26 days ago

    Holy shit... Grace sounds like my mother in law... can't take criticism for squat and will pull the same stunt and Grace did.

  • girl gamer
    girl gamer 29 days ago

    She is literally me. I can’t take it when people are mean I just burst into tears

  • Tricia W
    Tricia W Month ago

    Can someone please bitch slap the screaming banshee !!!

  • Christian Blanchard

    Pure carazy.

  • Alvin Huynh
    Alvin Huynh Month ago +2

    4:18 when your favourite spongebob episode ends

  • Jose Lemus
    Jose Lemus Month ago

    When im 8inches deep + balls in my white girlfriend "I cant take anymore"

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon Month ago

    She cries like Jim Carrey in his comedy movies lol

  • Jack Schreck
    Jack Schreck Month ago

    I hate asshole owners who have temper tantrums

  • Black Toy
    Black Toy Month ago

    And the Oscar goes to...

  • Nashius Maximus
    Nashius Maximus Month ago

    Luigi and Grace are actually cousins...

  • SmilingIpad
    SmilingIpad Month ago +1

    Tsk Tsk.

  • Big AL
    Big AL Month ago

    nothing that a slap across the face from her mama wouldn't fix

  • Tony Dunne
    Tony Dunne Month ago

    Grace is a stupid spoilt little cunt

  • Snezhana Winterborn

    I want to slap Grace.

  • Achal Rajyaguru
    Achal Rajyaguru Month ago

    Nino would care about them

  • Cobb Knobbler
    Cobb Knobbler Month ago

    There is no grace in Grace. Let's get that straight.

  • Chouun Shiryu
    Chouun Shiryu Month ago

    We need more expert chefs to check on mediocre restraurants every month

  • Darkest of Realms
    Darkest of Realms Month ago


  • Shiverwar
    Shiverwar Month ago

    That's what she gets for being stubborn and stupid.

  • Urban Fisho
    Urban Fisho Month ago +1

    OMG BLOODY PSYCHO! I have seen this before. It's common in CHINA! It's called ANORGASMIC HYSTERIA!

  • Penny Proud
    Penny Proud Month ago

    There all targeting her at the same time. Nothing positive zero. I would be like her and don't want to hear it.

  • P G
    P G Month ago

    She’s such a child ugh!

  • Lilz.MonkeyBoy
    Lilz.MonkeyBoy Month ago

    She said they were liars but she was proving that they were right 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • dasboot27
    dasboot27 Month ago

    What a loud mouth.

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez Month ago

    Ramsay: What's the matter?
    Her: Nothing
    Women I swear

  • Butt Head
    Butt Head Month ago

    I cant understand shit what she saying lol

  • Pleh
    Pleh Month ago

    Is Gordon's shirt inside out?

  • Toni Leaf
    Toni Leaf Month ago

    Geez! I've heard of someone being a baby, but this is ridiculous!

  • mike honcho
    mike honcho Month ago

    What a tard.

  • Kirill Zagata
    Kirill Zagata Month ago

    Somebody needs to fix her eye brows

  • Soldier_66
    Soldier_66 Month ago

    What a giant..... baby....

  • 612BC the prophet
    612BC the prophet 2 months ago

    anybody else think she sound like that voice from that montage with spongebob

  • Joycon Boi Z
    Joycon Boi Z 2 months ago

    She is in a badghetti mood because somebody touched A HER SPAGHETT!

  • Get_Drifty
    Get_Drifty 2 months ago

    "She starts screaming at the first bit of criticism"
    *Starts screaming* "THEYRE ALL LIARS"

  • Nizama
    Nizama 2 months ago

    God, what a wimp. Taking criticism should be business 101, woman.

  • deondre harris
    deondre harris 2 months ago

    I would of slapped the shit out that bitch u come fake crying on this should u gonna get suplexed

  • Aaron Marshall Hanna
    Aaron Marshall Hanna 2 months ago

    That was hilarious. She was SOOOOOOOOOO fucking FUNNY. employees I HATE THIS JOB THERES A BAD VIBE.. grace. NANI😤😡🤬😡

  • Mrdreamleaf
    Mrdreamleaf 2 months ago

    "She can't take criticism"
    "They're liars! I can't take it anymore"
    Lol. Oh the irony

  • Abu Khalwa
    Abu Khalwa 2 months ago

    kapitan kill jack sparrow

  • Trey Kincaid
    Trey Kincaid 2 months ago

    Bitch be crazy

  • yash budwal
    yash budwal 2 months ago

    Maturity really has nothing to do with age

  • Dragon Wolf
    Dragon Wolf 2 months ago

    "She doesn't take any criticism at all."
    "She yells a lot"
    "They're liars!"
    Proceeds to start yelling, saying that she doesn't want to listen anymore, and not take criticism

  • Paige Huse
    Paige Huse 2 months ago

    She sounds like beaker 😂😂

  • Iman Ahmed Kirmani
    Iman Ahmed Kirmani 2 months ago

    *Gordon Ramsey:Restraunt therapist*

  • T D
    T D 2 months ago

    What weak pathetic grown adults

  • YBN Cordae
    YBN Cordae 2 months ago

    *Sees a back to school commercial*
    Me: 4:15

  • Vanessa McCann
    Vanessa McCann 2 months ago

    Grace: alsgehznaozbsnekasisb I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE
    Ramsey: Grace, Grace
    Grace: No NOOOO DuEuDgBbSkWlLsNwBjKuDhEb

  • Bell
    Bell 2 months ago

    not to be rude or anything but @ 3:36 - 3:45 her accent killed me

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 2 months ago

    This is genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen

  • Sean Macguire
    Sean Macguire 2 months ago

    How pathetic

  • snentz
    snentz 2 months ago

    The mum needs help. I feel sorry for her because ppl think she's just wild and loud but she actually needs professional medical help.

  • Narutoisdabest :p
    Narutoisdabest :p 2 months ago

    4:15 when I get extra homework

  • FamilyGuy770
    FamilyGuy770 2 months ago

    Clearly, this woman grew up in a household where she was given everything and constantly told that she was special... How else would an old ass woman like this? She was practically having a hissy fit!

  • PR Stimulating
    PR Stimulating 2 months ago


    *nods no*

  • FallaciousScotsman
    FallaciousScotsman 2 months ago

    I donta wanna touch mah spaghet.

  • Humungus Humungus
    Humungus Humungus 2 months ago

    Reminds me of my youth, working in a New Jersey diner, owned by Greeks .

  • JamieRichardsXD
    JamieRichardsXD 2 months ago

    Little poo poo in cacka pants 😂

  • big guy
    big guy 2 months ago

    someone call ICE

  • Chicktopuss 5000
    Chicktopuss 5000 2 months ago

    i see so many snowflakes on this show. so many people that dish out fire like its july, but cant handle room temperture
    i love it

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy 2 months ago

    Thanks for your emotional outburst. Youre on the intro reel now. Stop crying. Have a donut

  • S SN QN
    S SN QN 2 months ago

    crazy lady logic

  • 1210Nique
    1210Nique 2 months ago

    She basically proved everything they said about her

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith 2 months ago

    Anybody see that girl eyebrows 😭

  • Luke Haave
    Luke Haave 2 months ago

    She sounded like she had a spasm while crying
    Give me more tears.

  • CatHoodieGirl 411
    CatHoodieGirl 411 2 months ago +1

    Man, for as much as Gordon Yells and flips out over stuff, he's surprisingly patient when it comes to other people having a mental breakdown and psychotic fits for a change. 😮

  • Amy Campbell
    Amy Campbell 2 months ago

    I really don't like her as a person..

  • Jabez Micheal Raja
    Jabez Micheal Raja 2 months ago

    4:14 crybaby/demonic manifestation.

  • Nazz Gull
    Nazz Gull 2 months ago

    She sounds exactly like Pingu's mother 🐧

  • Kristians Krauja
    Kristians Krauja 2 months ago

    All jokes aside, imagine being married to that crazy bitch?

  • Slow 4.6
    Slow 4.6 2 months ago

    Whiny old bitch

  • Danger Dash
    Danger Dash 2 months ago

    Kitchen Nightmares: SJW edition.

  • THE _ VOID
    THE _ VOID 2 months ago

    Classic Alert

  • Million Dollar Man
    Million Dollar Man 2 months ago

    Giving Luigi a bad name. Shameful. Should be called Wario's.

  • Harry Callahan
    Harry Callahan 2 months ago

    She must be a democrat.