The Economist looks ahead to showdowns in 2020

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • If you thought 2019 was a roller coaster, just wait. The Economist is out with its annual look ahead, and if its predictions are right, 2020 could be quite a year. Daniel Franklin, an editor of the Economist's special issue, joined CBSN to discuss.

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    MYK HYN 15 days ago +1

    the economist cover 2020 secrets

  • El Okim
    El Okim 17 days ago

    crony capitalism not sustainable capitalism, everything is fixed

  • El Okim
    El Okim 17 days ago

    no such thing as sustainable capitalism it already very close to complete tyranny

  • Joe Shields from Boston
    Joe Shields from Boston 22 days ago +4


  • Doug Prishpreed
    Doug Prishpreed 24 days ago +1

    NWO will be destroyed

  • Hanna Jun
    Hanna Jun 27 days ago +1

    Trump (reelection), BR Exit, Tokyo (earthquake) , climate, Mars (possibly Christian's rapture), recession, visions, AI, Biodiversity, War, etc. You can find these words.

    • Liam Robinson
      Liam Robinson Day ago

      @Hanna Jun I am familiar with those cards. Have you ever heard of the Nankai Trough (Nankai Megathrust Earthquakes)? The trough is made up of 3 earthquakes that occur every 200 years or so - Tokai, Tonankai, and Nankai. One of those earthquakes (Tokai) hasn't ruptured since 1854 - that one occurs every 150 years on average (so it is 16 years overdue). The Nankai Trough earthquakes are interlocked. So if Tokai Ruptures, so will Tonankai & Nankai - combined disasters. This would create a Great Earthquake that measures up to 9.0 on the Richter scale. It would wipe out 40% of Japan's GDP within a day, and the remaining 60% would continue to decrease throughout the year due to the damage to the supply chains. It would cost the Japanese economy 2 trillion USD. The last time the earthquakes ruptured at the same time was in 1707. It is important to note that Mount Fuji erupted 49 days later due to increased seismic activity.

      Interestingly, slow slip events have been detected for the first time in the Nankai Trough very recently. Is it a coincidence that this is 7 months before the Olympics?
      Although the combined disasters card doesn't go too much into detail about the event, there's a possibility that the Japanese archipelago will sink as a result. Did you know Netflix is releasing a series this year called "Japan Sinks 2020"? The description is very explicit: "Days after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, an ordinary family is put to the test as massive earthquakes throw the Japanese archipelago into total mayhem." Predictive programming at its finest.
      Here's a simulation that shows the Nankai Trough rupturing:

    • Hanna Jun
      Hanna Jun Day ago

      @Liam Robinson hi Liam, for some reason, I don't get a comment notification from TVclip so I just saw your question. Do you know the illuminati cards which predicted already happened and will happen events? It was published in 1994 predicting 911(2001), Trump presidency (2016), feminist movement, fake meat, etc? It also predicted Japan (Tokyo) earthquake in the card. Rumors say there will be a catastrophic event that will cancel the Tokyo Olympics so I'm not sure if the earthquake will happen in July this year. But this stuff is real. Freemasons run the world according to their scripts.
      One more interesting fact I'd like to share : Google 'ID2020 Alliance vaccinations.' You will understand what's up with free vaccinations and WHY government wants to make it mandatory to all. Look for the title 'ID2020 Alliance will combine vaccinations and implantable ID.

      SNIPERWOLF 20 days ago +2

      U missed XI, and RUSSIA in the last

    • Liam Robinson
      Liam Robinson 25 days ago +1

      Out of curiosity, how do you know about the earthquake that will occur in Japan during the Olympics?

  • zenubi
    zenubi Month ago +20

    The Economis its run by the rothchild. This is their agenda.

    • MYK HYN
      MYK HYN 15 days ago

      the economist cover 2020 secrets

  • kyaw Naqshbandi Mujaddadi win


  • Joe
    Joe Month ago +7

    Why is the video blocked in Australia?

    • AXI Media
      AXI Media 20 days ago

      @Robert Hertz They block FFDP and have censorship issues too dont exclude others and act like your county is the only one to not have sheep

    • Robert Hertz
      Robert Hertz Month ago +3

      They are smarter then USA

  • American G.D.A.
    American G.D.A. Month ago +2

    CBS Overnight News!
    You ran a Sequoia news clip on Monday the 9th of December at approx.
    3:25 A.M.!
    Yea, You Ran That same Story a while ago!
    So what makes it news worthy enough to have to run it twice?
    Have you Run out Of Actual News?

  • Robert Hertz
    Robert Hertz Month ago +1

    What if all nation's. Are. B.S. ing it OTHER? Say it ain't SO.

  • Dennis G
    Dennis G Month ago

    Coming up with more NON binding pledges from places like China??? Totally a waste of time and effort.

  • Dio EL
    Dio EL Month ago +4

    Strongest Economy + Lowest Unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics + Lowest Number of Family in Food Stamps + Highest Median Household Income + Record Breaking Highs of Stock Market = Peace, Love, and Prosperity for Everybody. GOD BLESS USA

    • zenubi
      zenubi Month ago +1

      Well someone drank the koolaid

    • Robert Hertz
      Robert Hertz Month ago +3

      If it seems too good to be TRUE. It could BE. Enjoy TODAY. Tomorrow will be HERE soon.

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl Month ago +9

    Who owns and controls 'The Economist'?
    Don't believe anything this guy is saying.

    • Ray Johnson
      Ray Johnson 19 days ago

      Richard Ralph Roehl the rothschild family

  • 🧕🏽₲ɾɑղԵ𓃹

    If mainstream music is this bad in the 2010s, idk if I can take the '20s.

  • danz beard
    danz beard Month ago +4

    quite curious to see how it all pans out

  • gta5thglife
    gta5thglife Month ago +4

    Trump 2020

  • wayves
    wayves Month ago +1

    *If This Is Grey You’re Cursed!*

    *¡’m šùßb¡ñgg tò èvêrÿòñê thàt šùßš wíth ñòt¡š tò mè*