What Happens In One Lifetime?

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • A lot can happen during your trips around the sun!
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Comments • 2 617

  • Berat Bayrakçı
    Berat Bayrakçı 3 days ago

    Bu başlık niye türkçe la ?

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 14 days ago

    Did he just say 2 trillion?!

  • kaan isik
    kaan isik 14 days ago

    im i the only one who blinked like 200 times at 2:40

  • ʙᴀɴᴅɪᴛᴏ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ

    i dont cry that much
    is that bad

  • SLime myHouse
    SLime myHouse 29 days ago

    one thing that happens once in your life time is when you come out of uranus

  • It’s Real Estate Baby
    It’s Real Estate Baby 29 days ago +1


  • Josh Lasky
    Josh Lasky Month ago

    This channel loves us redheads lol

  • COD Boss
    COD Boss Month ago +1

    0:38 damn people cry alot of times

  • Luka Jakob
    Luka Jakob Month ago

    Another fact...
    In life you meet 60k people..13% of all are animals

  • Talha Rahman
    Talha Rahman 2 months ago

    One life time happens in one life time

  • CreamTheCat5
    CreamTheCat5 2 months ago

    0:10 billion* . If it was trillion it would be like 71400 years

  • øverjoyed aj
    øverjoyed aj 2 months ago

    only 5 hours?

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer 2 months ago

    1:06-Is just too hard to wait 1-2 years??

  • Maestrul Gamer
    Maestrul Gamer 2 months ago

    0:40-I don't make even 1000 steps per day!!!

  • GGPolice has a fucked up life

    I sleep 14 hours a week and i have school I go to sleep at 5am and wake up at 7am

  • JT Videos
    JT Videos 3 months ago

    Life in a nutshell -
    Step 1 - born
    Step two - grow up
    Step three - go to school
    Step four - grow more
    Step five - get a job
    Step six - work
    Step seven - sleep
    Step eight - work
    Step nine - reapeate steps (Six, Seven, Eight)
    Step ten - die

  • Lib :P
    Lib :P 3 months ago

    How the hell do you cry .7 times?

  • MackA Wack
    MackA Wack 3 months ago

    *Are you really working , or are you looking at memes ?*

  • DarW
    DarW 3 months ago

    Death happens once in a lifetime

  • FaZeFazbear X
    FaZeFazbear X 3 months ago

    lifetime=017392027194739184849183829927393 memes watched

  • Allan Li
    Allan Li 3 months ago +1

    You get Born once.

  • Dramamine
    Dramamine 3 months ago

    i don't believe that the average man cries once a month

  • dickbutt b
    dickbutt b 3 months ago

    I use my phone like 17 hours every 24 hours.

  • iikatie
    iikatie 3 months ago

    I’m scared to die....:(

  • Battle Royales and Roller Coasters

    I spend my life thinking about death

  • Master Dan
    Master Dan 3 months ago

    It's 2 BILLION 478 MILLION 700 THOUSAND seconds. Just wanted to let you know.

  • Jplayalot
    Jplayalot 3 months ago

    Flag is wrong

  • Nightmare Angel
    Nightmare Angel 3 months ago +1

    I said trilion seconds intead of bilion
    Edit:trillion seconds is
    50mil years

    • Jack Wilson
      Jack Wilson 14 days ago

      1 trillion seconds is 30,000 years.

  • Natan Ahmedov
    Natan Ahmedov 3 months ago +1

    I've wasted 0.00000806793 of my life on this video...

  • Defaulty
    Defaulty 3 months ago

    geez humans have been turned into animals having multiple sexual partners..

  • goo gi
    goo gi 3 months ago

    Who cries that much, im pretty sure i cry like twice a year

  • Darcy M-W
    Darcy M-W 3 months ago +1

    Bish wat, you can’t SUBSCRIBE TO NETFLIX! It’s called signing up

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo 3 months ago +1

    Jokes on you!

  • Otto Zorn
    Otto Zorn 3 months ago

    2:50 I have never had the flu

  • Livvy Sweets
    Livvy Sweets 3 months ago

    Birth and death

  • Tea sis Watch out
    Tea sis Watch out 3 months ago

    Did anyone see that the United States flag was backwards in the beginning or just me *:(*

  • Youconix
    Youconix 3 months ago

    Lol I'm at 7 partners and I'm 15. Definitely gonna have more than 8

  • Bonnie the Bunny
    Bonnie the Bunny 3 months ago

    I spend a hell of a lot of time outside though

  • Liam Delaney
    Liam Delaney 4 months ago

    you inspired me to do my speech about this

  • PikaGelly
    PikaGelly 4 months ago

    Thanks for making me feel guilty about how lazy I am 😆

  • GeneralSPatton Games
    GeneralSPatton Games 4 months ago

    The U.S. Flag at the beginning is backwards F.Y.I.

  • zsombor channel
    zsombor channel 4 months ago

    Currently i have not had the flu ever

  • Ufc Prodigy
    Ufc Prodigy 4 months ago

    This guy said 515$ spent on alcohol per year I knwo people that spend a hella lot more than that

  • John77
    John77 4 months ago

    I hate you for making me think about blinking

  • Flash6539
    Flash6539 4 months ago

    Fortnite streams!!

  • _Mtthew_
    _Mtthew_ 4 months ago +1

    28,000 days? Really makes you think doesn’t it. Sometimes when I think of life and people that i love dying i really do wonder, what then?

  • Sarah Crown
    Sarah Crown 4 months ago

    I cry everyday sooo

  • HypE Fenix
    HypE Fenix 4 months ago


  • Happy Sully
    Happy Sully 4 months ago


  • Sally Walker
    Sally Walker 4 months ago

    I cry everyday
    Everyday i get 10000 steps

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 4 months ago

    Lol I'm sure I cry way more than that. I already cry at least 5 days per month

  • Georgie Porgie
    Georgie Porgie 4 months ago

    You have your eyes closed for 10% of the day.
    me - _aggressively blinks_

  • xPlicitRaven
    xPlicitRaven 4 months ago +1

    Is it just me or did he said trillion instead of billion?

  • James James
    James James 4 months ago

    What is wrong with me

  • Levi The Gamer
    Levi The Gamer 4 months ago

    1:31 why is an old man thinking about twerk though ;-;

  • Spi
    Spi 4 months ago

    Wrong. I cry every single day.

  • RAPM racing
    RAPM racing 4 months ago

    Feminist: *TRIGGERED*

  • CloutPump
    CloutPump 4 months ago

    You said the global life expectancy is 74.1 years but you wrote 71.4 years

  • Morris
    Morris 4 months ago

    Every date ever only happens once, in all entirety of existence, except if we reset all callenders.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 months ago

    想 许 在

  • Nesha Nichelle
    Nesha Nichelle 4 months ago

    interesting 😱

  • ApricotPit
    ApricotPit 4 months ago

    0:10 seconds into the video, you said 2 trillion seconds but it's only 2 billion and you wrote 2 billion.

  • Emily Fry
    Emily Fry 4 months ago

    i cry a lot then

  • Complete Randomness
    Complete Randomness 4 months ago

    You forgot the billions’ zeros in the seconds

  • Trollbro 3003.141592653589793238462643383

    I spend 500 hours on Netflix every month cause I have to pay to use it

  • The kinz tube Sister
    The kinz tube Sister 4 months ago

    No more Netflix. More outside time. Even though I spend s ton of time outside already.

  • Bridget E.
    Bridget E. 4 months ago

    You get the flu twice every decade?? Buddy I get the flu 10 times every decade

  • Mediocre Youtuber
    Mediocre Youtuber 4 months ago +1

    0:10 actually 2.5 billion seconds not 2.5 trillion seconds

  • prodigy_ 12
    prodigy_ 12 4 months ago

    And in your lifetime you would waste your time 3 minutes and 33 second and I wasted 2 minuteswasting this comment

  • Marcus Mitchell
    Marcus Mitchell 4 months ago

    But not everyobe is american. I get from 100 to 32,000 steps a day with an averqge of roughly 8,000. Please tqke fugures from other countries aswell.

  • ANONYMOUS boii
    ANONYMOUS boii 4 months ago

    Yeeeeee Im depressed...

  • ChristofferLou
    ChristofferLou 4 months ago

    Yeah sure if i am going to cry so much

  • UmbreonicDragon
    UmbreonicDragon 4 months ago

    Title: “What happens once in a lifetime?”
    Me: Death

  • Abdu Komilov
    Abdu Komilov 4 months ago

    "Baby Boomer" sounds so pedophily

  • JaXe Astral
    JaXe Astral 4 months ago

    I average around 12,000 steps a day lmao

  • GwAm
    GwAm 4 months ago

    Literally nothing

  • Illuminati Steve
    Illuminati Steve 5 months ago

    The seconds is wrong

  • plaxddie
    plaxddie 5 months ago

    0:32 lol

  • FB21NK
    FB21NK 5 months ago +1

    My friend lost his virginity at 15 and I did at 16 so yeah..

  • nakkisoppa 666
    nakkisoppa 666 5 months ago

    1:06 Glenn Quagmire😂😂😂

  • Rancord123
    Rancord123 5 months ago

    Nice video Asap

  • Levi Saville
    Levi Saville 5 months ago

    You die once in a lifetime

  • Knotzer3233
    Knotzer3233 5 months ago

    How do you .7 cry dude

  • adrianisawesome1234
    adrianisawesome1234 5 months ago

    How do women cry 2.7 times per month? How?

  • SPBear z
    SPBear z 5 months ago


  • xd bliZardz
    xd bliZardz 5 months ago

    1,000000,00000, Spurms

  • The Most Powerful Being In The World

    "2.7 cries per month"
    Since when was crying able to have a decimal?

  • Gavin Woodbury
    Gavin Woodbury 5 months ago

    1:26 Twerk
    That’s all men think about now

  • George Dow
    George Dow 5 months ago

    0:13 there should be 3 more zeroes in front of the 2

  • Cychon
    Cychon 5 months ago

    0:32 lol

  • JustIn Town
    JustIn Town 5 months ago

    Solar eclipse

  • 7 subs Challenge.
    7 subs Challenge. 5 months ago

    A crappy music video getting over 5 billion views

  • Dennis Xu
    Dennis Xu 5 months ago

    Wtf my class mate lost her v card when she was 13...

  • Juaquin Aguilera
    Juaquin Aguilera 5 months ago

    Hmmm you made me feel useless now 😂

  • Leila F
    Leila F 5 months ago

    How many videos have they not said 'sperm' oh wait

  • Alucard
    Alucard 5 months ago

    Im guess im nothing like the average person cuz I dont match with hardly any of the statistics in this video

  • Deathlizard
    Deathlizard 5 months ago

    I would sleep a whole day if i could.

  • Nagella Jean-Baptiste
    Nagella Jean-Baptiste 5 months ago

    That's funny by that age 16-17 you see more 20 kids pop up. No condom comes to mind at all. I rather look at memes and else than talking to someone not worth talking to.

  • Last - 102904
    Last - 102904 5 months ago

    28 689 days feels kinda small

  • Hugh Hickey
    Hugh Hickey 5 months ago