• Published on Jan 15, 2018
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    Top 8 India mega cities in 2050
    At this moment, only one third of population of India is living in cities. Over the next few decades, 500 million Indians are going to move to the big cities of India.
    The result is that Indias cities are going to grow, and grow and grow even more. These mega-cities of India will not only be crucial to the economic development of India, they will be of huge economic importance to the entire world and they will support Indias position as the new leading superpower.
    In the long run, cities are the engines of growth and wealth. Cities have been the birthplace of knowledge and inventions for thousands of years. Throughout history, big cities have been the root and the symbol of power and strength. Every superpower in the world owes its dominant position to its largest cities.
    Based upon a large range of indicators, The Global Cities Institute
    composed a list of the 50 largest and most powerful cities in the world in 2050. 8 of these cities are in India.
    In 2050, no other country in the world has more mega-cities than India. So here they are, the top 8 mega-cities of India in 2050...
    Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. The surprise is in the end of the video. Then it reveals if Cities like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai are going to be the largest cities in the world.
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  • Black pink
    Black pink Day ago

    chennai is the only one city in india is suitable for car manufacturing.japan also select chennai as for their automoblie.not pune

  • Lalit Kumar
    Lalit Kumar Day ago

    It's not Hyderabad
    It's Gurgaon

  • Sultan the saviour He is the boss

    From Kolkata

  • Emma Kang
    Emma Kang Day ago

    I think India is all about the higher population that's makes it as a growing city but not in economy.

    • Emma Kang
      Emma Kang Day ago

      Oh it the employment of people increasing? How about Indians working abroad do they have contribution with the economy of India?

      THE EUROPEAN  Day ago

      The population of India grows at 1,1% per year, the economy around 7,5% per year. Last quarter was even higher.

  • Prank Fun
    Prank Fun 2 days ago +1

    Proud to be Indian {Chennai} 🤜🤛💪🏼

    • Emma Kang
      Emma Kang Day ago +1

      Tell me more about chennai.

  • Futurist Roy
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    Only 8? We need to make all of them

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    Chennai da

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    I'm Indian living in Europe. Can we meet ?

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    Playboy Tripura 2 days ago +1

    did u (THE EUROPEAN) finally felt sorry for what your ancestors did? if yes, than give us(India) that what they have stolen from us

    • Playboy Tripura
      Playboy Tripura 2 days ago +1

      Good to know that ,I've changed my thinking of Europeans

      THE EUROPEAN  2 days ago

      No worries, I am not hurt. I just want to point out an important fact; I am European, but that doesn't mean my ancestors have looted another country. I come from very humble and relatively poor families who have never had the benefit of colonial treasure hunting. Those benefits went to a small group of people. And some of their families have enjoyed the stolen wealth for many generations afterwards. I am not not part of such a family.

    • Playboy Tripura
      Playboy Tripura 2 days ago

      sorry if i have hurt u

    • Playboy Tripura
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      THE EUROPEAN oh that means that i was not saying u that

      THE EUROPEAN  2 days ago

      My ancestors were poor fishermen who risked their lives in the cold waters of north-western Europe. My grand-parents were tailors who fled from the nazi's. My father started his career by cleaning up chemical waste from illegal dump sites. Is there any particular thing they stole from you?

  • mahipal mahi
    mahipal mahi 2 days ago

    Hyderabad will no 1💪💪💪

  • Lepeng ZHOU
    Lepeng ZHOU 2 days ago

    Will India be the next China? If will, I want to travel there meanwhile looking for business opportunities

  • adarsh tiwari
    adarsh tiwari 3 days ago

    Never ever

  • saldoczaidi
    saldoczaidi 3 days ago

    I am an Indian for generations past. As a child I could see the meadows with grazing animals by the Banks of a clean flowing river: Jamna, yes, Darya Ganj, Delhi. It is a sewer now.
    This is BS. We have real problems with our country and her people. Just because one Billionaire builds the most expensive dwelling does not mean that India is rich. More than 65% of our population lives at below the poverty line with no clean water. What is the use of such extravagance where more than 40% of the population is treated like subhuman: Dalit, Muslims and Christians, yes ... a lot of them are treated like that. I am all right Jack, I am a Syed. Had I been born in a Shudder family, I would have been an untouchable, in the lowest sense. India has the Boyare / Baron and Serfs. Our ordinary people are wretched, poor, illiterate and disease ridden. I don't know WTF these people are applauding? In 1947, we lost half of the country due to a megalomaniac who was so high and mighty that he did not have arsehole to shit from. My country is ruled by the most corrupt, lowlife, miscreants politicians, government servants and businessmen. Self sufficient Villages have been destroyed.

  • Nongthang Yumkhaibam
    Nongthang Yumkhaibam 3 days ago +1

    Manipur will be the 1

  • Mosarof Hossain
    Mosarof Hossain 3 days ago

    Nice video , 10 mega cities of India . I wil die when it it will happen . But next people of the word will show the devolved cities of India . Thank you .

  • Bundela Kshatriya king of bundelkhAnd bundela

    लखनऊ, कानपुर, आगरा, प्रयागराज वाराणसी, मेरठ, नोएडा, गोरखपुर भी तब तक बहुत आगे पहुच चुके होंगे 2050 में

  • deepak sharma
    deepak sharma 3 days ago

    Top 8 cities of India in 2050:
    Just tried to save your time:D

  • Madelyn Canuto
    Madelyn Canuto 4 days ago

    As Filipinos I think it:

  • Posbo Bangalore
    Posbo Bangalore 4 days ago

    No one tell 35 yrs forward. But one thing for sure is that someone the cities listed here will become unlivable. Bangalore and Delhi are on the edge already.

  • nikhil sharma
    nikhil sharma 4 days ago

    mumbai is great city

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    Amaravati😍😍 Andhra Pradesh

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    I love Mumbai

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    In 2018 atleast pune has been selected for #1 city for living
    Which is preety impressive

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    Mai navi mumbai rehta oh i love my all state and city
    Mujhe grab hai ke mai bharatiya oh 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Akshay Shanthu
    Akshay Shanthu 5 days ago

    Bangalore is best city in India

      THE EUROPEAN  5 days ago

      I am told Bangalore is very modern and dynamic.

  • Abdulrahaman Patwegar

    Wrong wrong wrong isme world's most dynamic city Bangalore ko 5th rakh hai what a jok

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    Love your video and my country India

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    Super information about India sir thank's so much. Ur voice very nice introduce.. Jai hindh Jai karnatka..

  • Hemanta Reang News Updated

    Yeh pune ke under tripura ki ujjayan palace kahase agayi.

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  • Jayendrakumar DT
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    No need to wait till 2050. It will change max 2030.....

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point 6 days ago

    Good country chosen to get views and likes.

      THE EUROPEAN  5 days ago

      Not really. I am making English video's about India. Only 10% of Indians speak English. And I am bringing a positive message, that won't get you too much views either. If I wanted to have billions of views, I would have made videos about computer games for American 9 year olds.

  • gowtham shetty
    gowtham shetty 7 days ago

    Bangalore will lead the list... With massive IT expansion

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    Goa panaji

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    Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    Very nice video,,,

  • Shesh L
    Shesh L 8 days ago +1

    Sad state of affair. At this rate, none of the Indian cities will be livable. No basic amenities, no infrastructure, full of pollution and filth and only addition is population. All cities are facing acute water crisis, how it will sustain such growth in next 30 yrs or so? I don't want a city with 4 Cr population. Rather I would love to have a moderate city with good infrastructure and basic amenities that will provide better living condition and healthy atmosphere.

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    First watch present situation

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    Hello i from India ☺

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    I think the concept of Rule(Scale) Cities should also be introduced

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    And what about bihar😂😂😂

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    my pune.

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    Mumbai is was and will be the best ever

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    I am from Kolkata but I love Mumbai and bangalore

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    You forgot Jaipur tourism attraction

    RESHMA C N 10 days ago

    Bangalore is one of the major city in India

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    My uncle live in pune

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    vadodra kha pe hai

  • sharfi shaikhi
    sharfi shaikhi 11 days ago

    Me from Hyderabad ,but now in USA ,but 2050 shall I will not be alive so it's a waste to look so long

  • ವಿಜಯ್ ರಣತುಂಗ ತಿಲಕರತ್ನೆ

    ನಮ್ಮ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು ನಮ್ಮ ಹೆಮ್ಮೆ
    Namma Bengaluru namma hemme

  • Ankit Mondal
    Ankit Mondal 11 days ago

    I'm from kolkata, and I'm really very impressed by your video.

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  • Political & Sports News NAMO NAMO

    There can be other cities like Baroda, Surat, indore .....

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  • Saptarshi Sanyal
    Saptarshi Sanyal 11 days ago

    It's very scary the govt should immediately apply some law to control poulation

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    Very nice Awesome.. Aamchi Mumbai Rocks

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    love for Kolkata

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    Ur pronouncetion is very bad.

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    ... Chennai will come to 2nd place...Why becas,now tamilnadu getting second state by economically.. After 30 yrs its developed by 10 times .... Compare to other states.... Chennai is heart of automobile and medical..... No chance to replace this place by other cities..... Chennai than da masssuuuu.... pongadaaa....daiii

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    Wake those pathetic kickin' stinky horse manure smellin motherfu***** empty coconut shells up with your amazing videos embracing with facts & factualities!!
    GBS. Respect from Punjab, Jalandhar INDIA🇮🇳🙏. Jai hind

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    Proud to be an Indian citizen

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    Are u from FUTURE

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    react on all 46 metro cities of India

    FACTS VERSE 14 days ago

    I was born in Delhi and lived in Bangalore! Bangalore is just too amazing and the fun fact is most of my family friends were I.T people, not my dad 😅😁

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    junnu junnu 14 days ago

    If the list is of 10 cities then Noida,Gurgaon cities will be 9 and 10 numbers

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    De urbanization is also needed very much

  • balaji ramdass
    balaji ramdass 14 days ago

    Next 2050 inn order of 1newdelhi 2 Mumbai 3 Chennai 4 Kolkata 5 Hyderabad 6 Bengaluru 7 coimbatore 8 aheamdabad

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    1.delhi ,2.mumbai, 3.kolkata ,4.chennai, 5.bangalore ,6.hydrabad ,7.pune this is correct order

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    World first intigrated city n first intigrated metropolice of world.

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