Homemade Hoverbike

  • Published on Apr 28, 2016
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    What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES.

    #Unlearn what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the amount of time i've spent on this and the fact this is my first EVER attempt at making anything that leaves the ground this is well and truly a job well done, it's easy to overlook the true scale of what takes to make something like this work at all.
    Thanks to Ford for the sponsorship and the Unlearn campaign which has turned my mad idea into a reality and shown that trying new things can lead to amazing results. You can see more unlearning here unlearn.ford.co.uk/
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  • Dhamaal Dewasi
    Dhamaal Dewasi Hour ago


  • Dhamaal Dewasi
    Dhamaal Dewasi Hour ago


  • Pinky Rathor
    Pinky Rathor 2 hours ago

    Who come here form
    'You have been warned'

  • rocket queen
    rocket queen 2 hours ago

    Llike Szalinsky from ,,Honey I shrunk the kids"

  • Truth & Fiction
    Truth & Fiction 3 hours ago

    Congrats mate, nice job for a novice

  • zeba tarannum
    zeba tarannum 4 hours ago

    Who is watching in 2019

  • Er.Mandeep Dadhwal
    Er.Mandeep Dadhwal 5 hours ago

    Dude !! U need to take off that tie if u dont wish to feature in the 10 most famous fails !! Kudos for the efforts

  • White Demon
    White Demon 6 hours ago

    Is that true......!!!!! Can't believe my eyes....

  • simran kaur
    simran kaur 7 hours ago

    Awesome God bless you

  • Waluigikid2019
    Waluigikid2019 7 hours ago

    This man is a super hero

  • Windel Pelayo
    Windel Pelayo 7 hours ago

    2:39 I see somehow like a cable, Can't distinguish is that a flare or cable hahah

  • Flee Tyrrany
    Flee Tyrrany 8 hours ago

    You need fans in front and rear for forward and reverse momentum. Make them adjustble direction with an accessable lever to adjust. Then you are on your way. And a more powerful motor with higher rpm would give higher lift. But not too high lol...

  • Michael King
    Michael King 8 hours ago

    What could go wrong

  • _TrueFaith_
    _TrueFaith_ 9 hours ago +1

    The blades can well take ur manhood 🍌 away

  • 1-in-Billion
    1-in-Billion 9 hours ago

    Carbon fibre frame and you ll fly high

  • k. o w o
    k. o w o 9 hours ago

    I swear to god if theres an ai uprising this guy is gonna be responsible for 90% of the deaths

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen 10 hours ago

    Take that to a Walmart i'm sure they'll let you drive that around the store

  • macgmusic
    macgmusic 13 hours ago

    2:46 i see a cable holding you up nice editing you would only catch that if you were one of the best

  • radio brain
    radio brain 14 hours ago

    toe chopper. forget that.

  • Farooq Hussain
    Farooq Hussain 14 hours ago

    It look very danger even can’t stand properly no balance no proper control need some more efforts to make it controllable... but good invention

  • Gunnar Hegg
    Gunnar Hegg 15 hours ago

    What happens when ur hands slip and go into those whirling blades?

  • Jeetu RJ
    Jeetu RJ 17 hours ago


  • Girraj Singh
    Girraj Singh 18 hours ago


  • kshitiz kumar
    kshitiz kumar 18 hours ago

    Showed this to my bicycle
    Still a bicycle bcz video has no engineering qualification

  • Art of war and peace
    Art of war and peace 19 hours ago

    Start with a hard around your blade assembly. Once the issue with my legs being severed are solved ye may replace the single axial acceleration system with a much more stable tri axial as even the third fan may push. I recommend the triangle, two in front.
    As a consumer, if it's wrapped up pretty, I'll be sure to calculate what percentage of my annual gain in revenue I need in order to purchase. Remember the Beanie babies, sold millions of what we're no doubt pennies on the dollar. I'll give 12,500$ for one with cruise and altitude control.

  • Sir meows a Lot
    Sir meows a Lot 21 hour ago +1

    Am I watching Star Wars?

  • nick man
    nick man 21 hour ago

    If you make big fans so you can make a high fly.👊

  • Manish verma
    Manish verma 21 hour ago

    Fabulous bro😈😈😈😈but try more up flying in the sky😬😬😬

  • Poonam Pandey
    Poonam Pandey 22 hours ago +2

    Next: Homemade rockets for elon musk

  • save me please
    save me please Day ago

    I think to do but i can't

  • Husain Raza
    Husain Raza Day ago

    Hats off to u bro ! This is really cool and incredible...!

  • Sunil Deshpande
    Sunil Deshpande Day ago

    I first saw you in you have been warned
    I am glad to see you again

  • Marshel 47
    Marshel 47 Day ago

    Fly it over water

  • shiva kashyap
    shiva kashyap Day ago +1

    If watched final destination series, then you what Will happen next

  • Dnyaneshwar Dahake

    Wow very amazing
    But it is aerodynamically not much stable

  • iopo yu
    iopo yu Day ago

    U r lucky that that project didn't kill u

  • Brian Hartwig
    Brian Hartwig Day ago

    You can get lots of money from making this

  • shumli khan
    shumli khan Day ago

    It cannot hovered too much. A sure death. Stop using this kind of helicopter

  • shumli khan
    shumli khan Day ago

    Too dangerous

  • Gudlaguba Gaming

    It doesn't balance, add two fan engines all side equal and place seat in center

  • Pratik Shinde
    Pratik Shinde Day ago

    You will again get the you have been warned award

  • Md.anzar Alam
    Md.anzar Alam Day ago


  • Ur dad Is gay
    Ur dad Is gay Day ago

    A worthy opponent for the Florida man

  • Aman Singh
    Aman Singh Day ago

    Very very impressed with the way science is going and I am very hopeful that earth will be saved for sure one day all over environmental problems will be over and then there will be pure progress

  • Mohd Noor Jaafar

    It will cut your feet

  • TheRajeevDev
    TheRajeevDev Day ago

    Its risky those blade cn chop ur body. Safe 1st pls

  • Tyler ward Vlogs

    I swear to god this guy from the future

  • Rajesh Gowda.Y.R.

    Seat is missing.🤭🤭😁🤫🤫🤪🤪👀👁👍👌

  • ScotteiiBoii
    ScotteiiBoii Day ago

    What if you put a supercharger on the mothers?

  • Ryan Kumar
    Ryan Kumar Day ago

    may be i can use it to chase away mosquitoes in my backyard.

  • siva datta
    siva datta Day ago


  • farish Saik
    farish Saik Day ago

    What a brain.

  • Rahulrahul Rajakrajak
    Rahulrahul Rajakrajak 2 days ago +1

    You have been worn

  • Abhinav Nimmaka
    Abhinav Nimmaka 2 days ago

    It was awesome

  • Surajit Ghosh
    Surajit Ghosh 2 days ago

    Go ahead and fly higher....

  • Vijay Saradhi
    Vijay Saradhi 2 days ago

    I want one bike please

  • Deenadhayalan Munusamy

    What type of material are you use in this project and where is the battery, that type of motor are you use in the project.
    We are doing a project it will help up for our project. Can you help me please

  • roy channel
    roy channel 2 days ago

    Very dangers

  • sumit bhaumik
    sumit bhaumik 2 days ago

    Not a bike ..grass cutter mechine

  • maunil desai
    maunil desai 2 days ago

    jabro la