working a day at my first job (McDonalds)

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
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    I've had a lot of dreams... but none bigger than returning back to one of my first jobs - McDonald's! Well watch as my dreams come true, as McDonald's graciously allowed me to join my old branch working the Drive-Thru, taking orders, making sandwiches and so much more! This was honestly one of my favorite memories of home, and this day brought it ALL BACK! Like this video & Comment below with YOUR first job :)
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Comments • 6 778

  • breanna eddy
    breanna eddy Day ago

    9:15 if i call it a “rag” i get fucking ATTACKED we have to call it a towel

  • breanna eddy
    breanna eddy Day ago

    dude i work at mcdonald’s and it’s actually so much fun when you’re not busy i’ve just made friends with almost everyone

  • Zerin Ahmed
    Zerin Ahmed Day ago

    He speaks like a girl

  • FaZe_Ronny Pro
    FaZe_Ronny Pro 2 days ago

    My Dad used to work there

  • Joshua Baker
    Joshua Baker 2 days ago

    I work at McDonalds and let me tell you I loove it

  • It’s Jane
    It’s Jane 3 days ago

    I was 12 seconds in the video and i already love u SUBSCRIBE‼️♥️

  • Nicks Planet
    Nicks Planet 4 days ago

    Hi my name is nikolas is this a kid friendly my sister wants to know? P.S. PLEASE ANSWER

  • Mike Stories
    Mike Stories 5 days ago

    Xavier looks like he wants to die

  • Sarah Crabbe
    Sarah Crabbe 5 days ago

    It's fine for a first job when your a kid or whatever. But lets get real folks...Anyone who works at mcdonalds in there mid 20s onwards has seriously fucked up there life....Personally when I see someone in there late 20s working at mcdonalds I just feel there a complete wrongun and ultimately, a bit of a fuck up.

  • Miguel Guzman
    Miguel Guzman 6 days ago

    Only if this positive and fun energy was the same in the store I work at...

  • Gamergirl200
    Gamergirl200 6 days ago

    Doesn’t decade mean 💯 years

  • Zhang Bao
    Zhang Bao 8 days ago

    Wow these 2 person is so funny and fun to work with

  • Honest Le
    Honest Le 9 days ago +1

    They’re so cute together!

  • edenfaithh
    edenfaithh 9 days ago

    i have a job interview at mcdonalds next week lmao fUN

  • Reid Zach
    Reid Zach 9 days ago

    my first job was at gaston gazzete , and I am not going back

  • Coleman Rose
    Coleman Rose 10 days ago

    He is right on some points been with mcdonalds a little over a year and a half im a crew trainer in my experience so far has had alot of perks since i took it upon myself to learn the entire job unfortunatly i work with alot of kids and all they do is text the managment at my store are mostly burned out and dont care and are unprofessional as far as keepimg the standard that mcdonalds sets futher more tomorrow my one year review will be 4 months late and i told my gm that if he doesnt do something about it i was gonna put in y two weeks notice and walk away well he responded with a 50 cent raise so in return i opened and closed today the whole thing with this company is ifbyou dont speak up.and tell your gm hey i need compensated for the work your doing there not going to know that theres even a problem and your just another punch on.the time clock

  • Zak the PENGUIN
    Zak the PENGUIN 10 days ago

    Hes a cute twink i would want to meet him

  • Laura Shaughnessy
    Laura Shaughnessy 10 days ago +1

    Tyler and Kayla need to come and work at burger king with me we would have too much fun lol

  • Emily Clarke
    Emily Clarke 11 days ago


  • Boombox34djh
    Boombox34djh 11 days ago +1

    McDonald’s was my first job

  • Pc1010
    Pc1010 11 days ago

    I would so work in the drive thru.

  • alexandra juistinga
    alexandra juistinga 11 days ago

    Cool thats they let him work for a day .this was zo much fun to watch

  • Liam paul
    Liam paul 11 days ago

    I work at McDonald’s

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 12 days ago

    Gay Brah 5:00

  • CashMoneyKay Tv
    CashMoneyKay Tv 12 days ago

    His laugh 😂😂😂

  • Mini Mix Lime
    Mini Mix Lime 13 days ago

    If I don't get a job at Nintendo I'm getting a job there if I don't get I job at McDonald's I'll work for my DAD

  • Isha Sav
    Isha Sav 13 days ago +2

    I can’t work at a restaurant cause I would be snacking on all the fries 🍟

  • Zack Hayden
    Zack Hayden 13 days ago

    Tyler's laugh makes my day😂😂

  • Romeo
    Romeo 15 days ago

    Its fun when your rich but a every day job you'll see😂🤣

  • Sweagulle
    Sweagulle 15 days ago

    Tyler's entire mood throughout this video is my mood when I work but it's just in my head lol. None of my coworkers are my age so they don't understand my internet references

  • J4M13
    J4M13 16 days ago

    McDonald's don't give you the best pay but they make you part of the family

  • Dami
    Dami 17 days ago

    4:39 i used to do that when i worked in McDonalds hahaha xdxd Old times :)

  • sara slays
    sara slays 17 days ago


  • Janice the gamer
    Janice the gamer 17 days ago

    Kayla the trainer is honestly the highlight of this video

  • Prateik Akarsh Amirapu
    Prateik Akarsh Amirapu 19 days ago +1

    Is he gay I doubt it he behaves like that

  • Go little club Go
    Go little club Go 19 days ago

    You gay shit

  • Brittney Murray
    Brittney Murray 19 days ago

    Honestly working at McDonald’s I have met some of the most amazing people ever, I love my coworkers.

  • furonwarrior
    furonwarrior 20 days ago

    It’s just that easy. lol

  • Conner West
    Conner West 20 days ago

    Who else has been to that exact McDonald’s lol. I’m not kidding

  • Michael Phillips Aehlauna Cunningham

    “If you clean, you clean” I love telling that to people. 😂

  • Elaine Hernandez
    Elaine Hernandez 22 days ago

    After a decade of not working in McDonald's you come back and still slay even though you don't remember nothing.

  • Adam Finch
    Adam Finch 22 days ago

    tim hortons :(

  • Kevin Rogers
    Kevin Rogers 24 days ago

    Im to shy to talk to people rhats why i watched this

  • Ivan Sanchez
    Ivan Sanchez 26 days ago

    Why are you gay

  • Sergio Altamirano
    Sergio Altamirano 27 days ago

    I work at a McDonald’s and my favorites area is making the sandwiches

  • Life With Emely
    Life With Emely 27 days ago

    My First Job Was school

  • 6ix9ine supporter
    6ix9ine supporter 27 days ago

    this guy is gay

  • Kayn Gray
    Kayn Gray Month ago

    I don't like McDonald's

  • Trump Bump
    Trump Bump Month ago

    I’m starting on lettuce right now, pretty soon moving to fryers, then it’s assistant manager! That’s when the big bucks will start rolling in!

  • Nabhy Gamingz
    Nabhy Gamingz Month ago

    I love to work get some money real money

  • Tony D Arteaga
    Tony D Arteaga Month ago

    Is Tyler Oakley G@Y

  • Burak K
    Burak K Month ago

    amk ipnesi

  • Solicety Nesquik
    Solicety Nesquik Month ago

    I like your laugh

  • SweetStrawberry
    SweetStrawberry Month ago

    Oml your McDonald’s layout is the same as mine XD

  • Marsha Campbell Cross

    You are gay as fuck

    KID EAZY Month ago

    10$ says this guys a bottom lmao

    • KID EAZY
      KID EAZY Month ago

      i dont got no problem with gay people but still lol

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin Month ago +1

    His laugh is my favourite thing about him

  • Søren Jeppesen
    Søren Jeppesen Month ago

    that girl was GREAT !!! Please go do something good for her !!!

  • Lynn Archer
    Lynn Archer Month ago

    That's so cool! I kinda want to work at McDonald's now! CHEESEBURGERS!!!🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

  • frosty killer
    frosty killer Month ago

    your gay

  • Kobe Claybrook
    Kobe Claybrook Month ago +10

    It's almost like you called them before hand and asked

  • Trey Delano
    Trey Delano Month ago

    How much did you pay them to let you do that

  • Mariel Moreno
    Mariel Moreno Month ago

    4:50 mind ya bissnuss

  • Valeria THE puppy
    Valeria THE puppy Month ago +1

    Two tea to room two lol

  • Gamingwithjaden XD
    Gamingwithjaden XD Month ago

    Why is he so gay

  • Julie Leon
    Julie Leon Month ago

    Kayla was so cute and funny and nice too !

  • Emily Brett
    Emily Brett Month ago

    That's actually me at work😁

  • IT Sundae
    IT Sundae Month ago

    white privilege in action lmao, if id show up they would say "get the fk outa here befor i call the feds"

  • Damari Barnes
    Damari Barnes Month ago

    He gay ????

  • Cheyenne Hayden
    Cheyenne Hayden Month ago

    As someone who currently works at McDonald's, I feel this on an emotional level

  • SoutherlyLion 32
    SoutherlyLion 32 Month ago

    My mom says that u want to do good at school because u don't want to work at macdolds. BUT it my favourite place to go to and kfc

  • Denver Wright
    Denver Wright Month ago


  • Jason Beyer
    Jason Beyer Month ago

    Gay is bad 👎

  • Brandon Ray
    Brandon Ray Month ago

    Omg I'm old as fuck and working at McDonalds lol

  • Robert price
    Robert price Month ago


  • A. C.
    A. C. Month ago

    Casually says that the guy is so hot 😂

  • Gabriel Kirton
    Gabriel Kirton Month ago

    I kind of feel like u are gay tyler

  • ash S
    ash S Month ago


  • Mia Allinson
    Mia Allinson Month ago

    My brothers first job was at McDonald's

  • koil rooberts
    koil rooberts Month ago

    Omg Kayla!!!!!!! Is an icon.

  • atlantics
    atlantics Month ago


  • Tuna - Gaming
    Tuna - Gaming Month ago

    I am only 13 years old and i got a job at our own resturnat i got to do every thing its the best now i cant work cause i have a broken left hand thanks for reading this.

  • ChristmasLed
    ChristmasLed Month ago

    What car is that? It looks like a kia sorento cause i have a kia sorentp

  • Jerome Youssef
    Jerome Youssef Month ago +1

    I was a fan when he did a colabe whif niggahiga

  • ender Gamer
    ender Gamer Month ago

    I wanne work at Mcdonalds but a am 9

  • ender Gamer
    ender Gamer Month ago

    So you are working at Mcdonalds

    ASMRDOGGOS Month ago

    fast food jobs fucking suck sis

  • sarah george
    sarah george Month ago

    Best freeze-frame ev = 8:07

  • Noah and Kenzie Forever

    “What’s the tea?” “O_o what’s the what..??” Omg

  • Joshua McDilda
    Joshua McDilda Month ago

    My currant Job am still working up to the present the Nursing Home as a Dietary aide if there's time lean there's time to clean there always things to in a Job Business

  • Nevaeh Borza
    Nevaeh Borza Month ago

    Why didn't he make a big Mac?

  • Elizabeth Warren
    Elizabeth Warren Month ago

    At 6:21 the trainer gurl sounds like she said "have a gay one" and I D I E D

  • Amber Bowles
    Amber Bowles Month ago

    My first job and still is my job now is mc Donald’s

  • Sage Subliminals
    Sage Subliminals Month ago

    It’s been a hot minute Tyler

  • mark schroeder
    mark schroeder Month ago

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  • Risky Da Gobbling Turkey

    Pause at 5:34

  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer Month ago

    Who is eating McDonald's while watching this

  • AngelCakes1144Rblx
    AngelCakes1144Rblx Month ago


  • Riley W
    Riley W Month ago

    No one talks about the “POS” part lol