working a day at my first job (McDonalds)

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
  • watch my latest video where I TRANSFORM myself into Post Malone:
    I've had a lot of dreams... but none bigger than returning back to one of my first jobs - McDonald's! Well watch as my dreams come true, as McDonald's graciously allowed me to join my old branch working the Drive-Thru, taking orders, making sandwiches and so much more! This was honestly one of my favorite memories of home, and this day brought it ALL BACK! Like this video & Comment below with YOUR first job :)
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  • EyeX9
    EyeX9 5 hours ago

    As of now, this is his last video with over 1 million views
    He hasn't gotten 1 million in over a year

    *surprised pikachu*

  • Yasmine Perez-Calderon

    I have an interview at McDonald’s tomorrow, this is making me hopeful that I’ll have a great trainer if I get hired.

  • Farkasinszky Ádám
    Farkasinszky Ádám 12 hours ago

    worh all due rispect and none of racism or offense or anything.
    is he gay?

  • kendall mcmahon
    kendall mcmahon 3 days ago

    love yo vids

  • IMAlimabean
    IMAlimabean 4 days ago

    Welcome to the gay retard section of the learning channel zoo

  • Humitoo Juancho
    Humitoo Juancho 4 days ago

    I’m 16 and I will start working during this summer. I start on this Wednesday. I will giving peoples their order from the window. Nervous asf it’s my first job 😁

  • Frederick Green
    Frederick Green 4 days ago

    Dude could you act Andy less like a man the whole not acting like a man thing is really disturbing you are male act like one

  • Nathan Matenaer
    Nathan Matenaer 5 days ago

    Were you on amazing race?

  • Lyra Jane Gabriel
    Lyra Jane Gabriel 5 days ago +4

    I'm kinda nervous working at McDonald's because MY ENGLISH IS NOT GOOD.😓

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 6 days ago

    The black girl's smile kinda' creeps me out a bit but I'm sure she's nice.

    Typical video, they only want you to see the "good" side of working at Mcdonalds but don't want to expose the real truth on why this corporation alone loses more people for various reasons.

  • Joana Pleitez
    Joana Pleitez 6 days ago

    I have a interview for a job because they need workers and now I’m actually happy to go

  • phatolive
    phatolive 7 days ago

    I work at Mcdonalds... why am I watching this

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 8 days ago

    Super gay

  • Haemchi
    Haemchi 8 days ago

    This gives me so much anxiety. Working is such a big step for me because my social anxiety is SO BAD.

  • Nathan Tompson
    Nathan Tompson 9 days ago

    Why do gay men sound like black women?

  • dangyeol hoe
    dangyeol hoe 10 days ago

    try working in mcdonalds in Philippines... super stressful lmao

  • Allison S
    Allison S 11 days ago +2

    6:24 Tyler: “ He was so hot!”

  • M.A. Enriquez
    M.A. Enriquez 11 days ago

    C’mon....there are state laws and regulations to working around food. No one from off the street can just work at in food service - you needed to pass the current food sanitation course, etc. Even handing out drinks - not touching any foods...I had to train and take the food safety test at Costco. Your McDonald’s could be in violation according to state health laws by letting you come and work right off the street like this.
    Now, I also worked in fast food and regular restaurants, as well as in kitchens in nursing homes, so I know what I am talking about. Fun video but how realistic? Working over the hot stoves, and cleaning the fry never ever fun.
    You are very entertaining though. Wish you well

  • simplylouiec 14
    simplylouiec 14 12 days ago

    Why didn’t they make him do girll🤔🤬

  • Burnett Productions
    Burnett Productions 12 days ago

    Fucking fagget

  • Adrienne Reimer
    Adrienne Reimer 13 days ago +3

    They make it seem so fun and non stressful😂 also the fact that he already knows how to work everything when in reality it can be so confusing lol

  • Dick Pickles
    Dick Pickles 14 days ago

    I work at McDonald and this is great😂

  • Sam B. Revelation
    Sam B. Revelation 14 days ago

    Why this nigga talk like a girl damn!

  • Ben Hers
    Ben Hers 15 days ago

    Are you gay?

  • Jake King
    Jake King 16 days ago

    did she actually say “do you have what it takes” to work at McDonalads😂eeeeeee😂

  • Tomlycan
    Tomlycan 20 days ago

    Working my favorite job T-shirt:

  • chloe
    chloe 20 days ago

    I wish I had a trainer like her when I worked at mcdonalds my first day they just threw me on basically everything and expected me to know what I was doing

  • Keeley Wade
    Keeley Wade 21 day ago

    This dude Tyler is the 2nd Tyler, the creator

  • Coaster Boy
    Coaster Boy 21 day ago +1

    *hEy SiStErS*

  • Infinite Turtle
    Infinite Turtle 22 days ago +1

    As you can see they don’t show the meat part

  • I & S Production’s
    I & S Production’s 23 days ago +60

    Me:that will be $9.37
    Person: gives me a 20 dollar bill
    Me: scared to death
    Also me: doesn’t know that hard math
    Person: umm
    Me:I owe you 70 dollars

    • cancur
      cancur 3 days ago

      Dduboki Yoo you just would hit exact 20 and it does all the math for you

    • tom111
      tom111 6 days ago

      Omg same

    • I & S Production’s
      I & S Production’s 8 days ago

      Dduboki Yoo that’s tough I can’t even do 1+1 with that pressure 😂

    • Dduboki Yoo
      Dduboki Yoo 9 days ago +2

      I & S Production’s when I worked at Target as a cashier... we had our cash register but... people sometimes give me cents AFTER I INPUTTED EVERYTHING INTO THE CASH REGISTER... and they be getting mad when I can’t math that fast when they threw me off my register game 😂

  • Blake Tewhau
    Blake Tewhau 23 days ago

    Lol just lol

  • Kiantlol
    Kiantlol 23 days ago

    I think I speak for everyone when I say the laugh is the best but, you all know which part. Or the I’m a good Christian women part

  • j.g gaming
    j.g gaming 23 days ago

    Your gay period.

  • Qualin Hunter
    Qualin Hunter 24 days ago

    Tyler and Kayla could be besties #FriendGoals ❤ I love them together

  • Noha Rashani
    Noha Rashani 24 days ago

    Let’s go see how much people give you 👍🏻

  • Camila Ceja
    Camila Ceja 24 days ago +5

    Omg I haven’t watched U IN A LONG TIME!!!!!!

  • Voice Acting Stories
    Voice Acting Stories 25 days ago

    I’m thinking of going to work at McDonald’s so this helps!

  • Basical YT
    Basical YT 26 days ago

    Are you gay

  • Nathan Cave
    Nathan Cave 26 days ago

    “What’s the tea” *training girl*”HEHEHEHEHEH”

  • RGkong
    RGkong 26 days ago +1

    Welcome to another episode of *’Why Is This On My Recommended’*

  • It’s Charlie!
    It’s Charlie! 26 days ago

    Does anyone think that Tyler laughs like Joey Gracefa or is it just me XD

  • so rry
    so rry 27 days ago


  • Sofia Karjala
    Sofia Karjala 27 days ago

    I think this is one of the things you want to do as a kid, but when you actually go you regret it.

  • Denise Mcmichael
    Denise Mcmichael 27 days ago


  • Guppyriella
    Guppyriella 28 days ago

    that was my first job too I hated it XD

  • Ana Avalos
    Ana Avalos Month ago

    I think I saw you one time

  • Frank Haggi
    Frank Haggi Month ago

    Bet won't like

  • Hello I am a Human
    Hello I am a Human Month ago

    Back in the day I hear my parents say it everyday!!!

  • Alannah Molloy
    Alannah Molloy Month ago +2

    Omg i just realised smthing tyler and the odd1out both think that everyone should have to work at a reatail job

  • willie billie
    willie billie Month ago

    you are such a soyboy feminine faggot asshole

    • Jessey Boe
      Jessey Boe 28 days ago

      willie billie yet...he is still happy and you're white and miserable

  • Jake Fisher
    Jake Fisher Month ago +2

    BTEC James Charles

  • bill gajewki
    bill gajewki Month ago

    like is he `gay

  • MarioPlushLand100
    MarioPlushLand100 Month ago

    i like mcdonalds i like tyler oakley and this was made on my birthday


  • Diego Menjivar
    Diego Menjivar Month ago

    Is this dude gay ? Like he called the guy hot 😂😂😂

  • Gian Makulit
    Gian Makulit Month ago


  • robert mahaney
    robert mahaney Month ago

    my first job was going down on another guy for $20.00

  • PaybackMafia
    PaybackMafia Month ago +1

    Ok I'm a 15 year old boy and I'm gonna start working when I move to Ohio USA. Any recommendations to what kind of Job would suite me? And also when you're working the register does it tell you how much change you have to return for people who are a bit slow? I'm not slow at it it would just make the job wayyyyy easier. xD

  • tal s
    tal s Month ago

    lol I go to school with the hot guy in the drive through his name is Trever !!!!!

  • e.cranee
    e.cranee Month ago

    Watching this as I start working in McDonald's within the next week and the anxiety is fucking killing me.

  • Cassius Saldana
    Cassius Saldana Month ago

    Are you gay? Do you like Jame Charles? HEY SISTERS! Fucking weirdo.

  • The Minecraft Bros
    The Minecraft Bros Month ago

    Me after i die

  • BaconMeme124
    BaconMeme124 Month ago

    7:36 i love that voice crack

  • Anna
    Anna Month ago

    I’ve just finished my third shift at Mcdonald’s and I’m already thinking of leaving. I watched this video before starting and I’ve just come back to watch it again because I wanted to experience it actually having worked there. I don’t think this job is for me.
    If you’re outgoing and can make friends quickly then you’ll love it but I’m just such an awkward person and none of my coworkers have spoken to me except for my trainer and even then it’s only been about work. Not even any small talk or anything.
    I have to work 7 hour shifts with no friends and that feeling of being alone whilst they all talk and gossip is the worst feeling ever. You can also sense their frustration with you when you get in their way, if you’re just stood there because you genuinely don’t know what to do etc.
    I can see how it has the possibility to be fun though and I think it entirely depends on the people you work with. I think I’ll see my training through and then maybe quit if I’m still not feeling it.

    • Jessey Boe
      Jessey Boe 28 days ago

      Anna bby I honestly think that's every job. You're here for the MULA. Not to make "friends" If you have nothing to say then dont. it's OK 😊 just remember this whenever you get another job

    • Anna
      Anna Month ago

      Update that literally nobody asked for: just quit not long after writing this comment 😂 lasted 3 days.

  • JulieG Vlogs
    JulieG Vlogs Month ago +1

    Tyler needs to try chick ful a

    • Community Fics
      Community Fics 14 days ago

      ew, no supporting homophobes in this house hunty

  • Crystal Bender
    Crystal Bender Month ago

    Drive with your

  • Koshin WinterBlossom
    Koshin WinterBlossom Month ago +1

    My first job is zaxbeys and I still work there c:

    • robert mahaney
      robert mahaney Month ago

      my first job was going down on another guy for $20,00 .

  • luis esparza
    luis esparza Month ago

    It means something else hahaha

  • frisk and chara
    frisk and chara Month ago

    Hey this my first video I have seen of you and I loved it and ur hair and the way you talk reminded me of Joey gracaffa (sry if I spelled that wrong)I can't wait to see move of your videos keep it up!!

  • Nishan Shazad
    Nishan Shazad Month ago

    i love mcdonelds i wish i had tried mcdonelds huh i never ever tried mcdoneld

  • TrixSir
    TrixSir Month ago +1

    Gay niggas be like:

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi Month ago +1

    Were you on the amazing race??

  • Riley Beare VLOG
    Riley Beare VLOG Month ago

    I wanna work at McDonald’s when i grow up

    pARADOXX Month ago

    I am from India, can i know what is the Eligibility criteria to work in America's McDonald's

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams Month ago

    He’s so smiley and nice

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams Month ago

    He’s so joyful 😃

  • Daniela Gaytan
    Daniela Gaytan Month ago

    That girls laugh at 5:15 I was dead 💀😂😂

  • Brea Gehret
    Brea Gehret Month ago

    Make a big big slime video..

  • AK Media
    AK Media Month ago +1

    If he wasn’t so camp I would watch this guy

  • Jedy Pie
    Jedy Pie Month ago

    R u gay

  • Watermarqkiki
    Watermarqkiki Month ago +14

    Pause at 5:15 XDDDDD Her face thoooooo

  • gacha gamer
    gacha gamer Month ago

    Your gay XD cool

    JUANITA GOMEZ Month ago

    Omg I wanna work at McDonald’s again

  • Noura crazy Life
    Noura crazy Life Month ago

    are you a gay

  • sami candy love
    sami candy love Month ago +1

    not to be men but... WUER GUY

  • XPak0tiE
    XPak0tiE Month ago +2

    My first shift is in a few hours, I'm so nervous but it's gonna be great!

    • XPak0tiE
      XPak0tiE Month ago

      @Lily Bretherton New Zealand

    • Lily Bretherton
      Lily Bretherton Month ago +1

      XPak0tiE yeah I’m front area so I serve the customers and stuff, u in Australia?

    • XPak0tiE
      XPak0tiE Month ago

      @Lily Bretherton Just got off 40 mins ago, I did batch cooking, it was really easy, staff are cool as and the breaks go quick as ay, haha but ill probably stick with it for awhile, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would have

    • Lily Bretherton
      Lily Bretherton Month ago +1

      XPak0tiE tell me how it went!

  • Pusheen The cat
    Pusheen The cat Month ago

    I love that he likes What he’s doing

  • Ekweneke Hutcheson
    Ekweneke Hutcheson Month ago +2

    Going to school was my first job

    • robert mahaney
      robert mahaney Month ago

      my first job was going down on another guy for $20.00 .

  • Ryan Fennell
    Ryan Fennell Month ago

    who even likes mcdonalds

  • Soda Alyse
    Soda Alyse Month ago

    McDonald’s is where I work now.

  • TypicalGoogleUser
    TypicalGoogleUser Month ago +1

    I forgot this guy even exists.....

  • crazy Logan
    crazy Logan Month ago

    gay guy

  • Hull Fc
    Hull Fc Month ago +1


  • Aashna Khambholja
    Aashna Khambholja Month ago

    camera angle is perrrrfect

  • punk demers
    punk demers Month ago

    Your gay

  • Lacie's World
    Lacie's World Month ago

    I love my McDonald's

  • josefina montanez
    josefina montanez Month ago

    i love this guy soooooo much he is very funny lol 😝🙃🙃🤣🤣😝 my name is kacy olmedo i live in Santa bárbara California were do you live Tyler

  • hannah Oneill
    hannah Oneill Month ago

    I replayed 5:14 - 5:15 so many time 😂 the woman

  • The Neiman Channel
    The Neiman Channel Month ago

    TAR 31

  • Matthew Graham
    Matthew Graham Month ago