UNBELIEVABLE When I'm ALL IN w ACES!!! MUST SEE!! Poker Vlog Ep 114

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Comments • 80

  • Arthur Weibel
    Arthur Weibel Day ago

    big tip to the cashier!!!!

  • Marvin Carrillo
    Marvin Carrillo Day ago

    your subtle humor is what i live for

  • Stephen Ho
    Stephen Ho 3 days ago

    5:00 what kind of luck is this

  • Triple E
    Triple E 5 days ago

    Would you not win with a straight flush when you folded the 34 of spades

  • AndrewPandaWorld
    AndrewPandaWorld 5 days ago +1

    *I'm ALL-IN !!! **tvclip.biz/video/tAGwgBwuRfA/video.html*

  • Davin Muhammad Poetra

    hoki parah ni orang anj

  • Jon Petz
    Jon Petz 7 days ago

    Must be nice to always hit the flop with a pocket pair.

  • billyb48624
    billyb48624 8 days ago

    thought you couldn't have cameras in casinos

  • tekn BA
    tekn BA 9 days ago

    You sound like a Gracie brother.

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 10 days ago

    .....june of 1946...........

  • gd2812
    gd2812 12 days ago

    u get cards n u win no rocket science

  • Armourer Reloading
    Armourer Reloading 20 days ago

    How does the tipping work in America? Do you guys tip the dealer every hand? Or just if you win big? Did you tip the cashier??

  • shadow Morris
    shadow Morris 21 day ago

    This is in my recommendation list

  • Treestock
    Treestock 21 day ago

    i spatt my shit out when u said pocket jiggedies xD

  • Zeyu Dong
    Zeyu Dong 21 day ago

    After 3 mins I closed video, why ? I ain't never get those set for three straight rounds

  • lukebriones 12
    lukebriones 12 22 days ago

    I actually live near this casino and every time I pass it, my dad and I usually make a joke about the volcano by it calling it a flaming pile of poop.

  • Ben Trujillo
    Ben Trujillo 22 days ago

    Your a Douche bag bro, a dollar tip? Lame

  • Kilosky Red
    Kilosky Red 22 days ago

    Nice SETSSION Bro.

  • dg4lifeRS
    dg4lifeRS 22 days ago

    did you just drink Cornona?

  • jerry riyan
    jerry riyan 22 days ago

    What is "T" stands for
    I don't know because I'm new

  • Jason Rivera
    Jason Rivera 23 days ago

    Who else is watching this not understanding a single thing he’s talking about but still finds it interesting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€

  • Jeffrey K
    Jeffrey K 23 days ago

    You got the free desert 🀣

  • Scott James
    Scott James 24 days ago

    Wait you bet ace high to get a missed draw to fold? As in, a worse hand?

  • Scott James
    Scott James 24 days ago

    Limp calling k10oUTG then check raising a gutter and jamming turn gutter and gets there river lol guess it's not only online

  • Kung Fu Movie Junkie
    Kung Fu Movie Junkie 24 days ago

    I enjoyed the show.. Just wondering.. What kind of casino allow someone to sit at a table with a camera recording table action?

  • Michael Dinger
    Michael Dinger 26 days ago

    Wow a whole dollar

  • Summerschill
    Summerschill 26 days ago

    Lol this guy really only tipped a dollar to the cashier?? Ok

    CLYDE JOHNSON 26 days ago

    What is your thought process through out the hand? Example: 1 I look for what? 2 then I look for? and so on?

  • Rob S
    Rob S 28 days ago

    I love how u go from hand to hand quickly one of the best poker vlogs I’ve seen yet!!!

  • Squid Six-Nine
    Squid Six-Nine 29 days ago

    You know your desperate when you put β€œmust see” in the title of a video.

  • Jed Rinon
    Jed Rinon 29 days ago

    wtf is this hands hahaha

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates Month ago +1

    My dude gets pockets on every hand like duuuude

  • Mike Hoefer
    Mike Hoefer Month ago

    $1 tip?

  • passdasalt
    passdasalt Month ago

    Now show us a session making mistake after mistake.

  • Stephen Roselius
    Stephen Roselius Month ago

    Great vid Brad. I'm the guy who picked off your bluff at 10:00 index! I had 88 and basically put you on what you had, a missed draw. But I also got lucky.

  • Douglas Norrie
    Douglas Norrie Month ago

    Easy fucking game getting hands like that.

  • Ricardo romero
    Ricardo romero Month ago

    HE won $1210 and only tipped a dollar the cage lol

  • AbsoluteNut1
    AbsoluteNut1 Month ago

    Great fold on the 4/3 clubs.

  • Jesse Mejia
    Jesse Mejia Month ago

    Did he really just tip $1 WOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Aditya Putra Armansyah


  • Michael Stennett
    Michael Stennett Month ago

    The lingo is stifling. Just stfu and talk like a normal person.

  • Zach IceInMyVeins
    Zach IceInMyVeins Month ago

    His starting hands are crazy

    KILL FLOYD Month ago +2

    With those hands
    I could win too... lucky and it's nice!
    Good and creative player??? I don't think so...

  • Geoff Weissenberger
    Geoff Weissenberger Month ago +1

    you won $1210 and ONLY gave her a DOLLAR at the cage!? YOURE A POS!

  • Nick Robb
    Nick Robb Month ago

    This dude flops like a fish out of water

  • Parker Kip
    Parker Kip Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Brad seems "slow" compared to Neeme which I have no doubt helps Brad make more money?

  • Matthew Spear
    Matthew Spear Month ago +1

    @16:34 you tip $1 after that win? Bad Karma is coming you buddy.

  • just incredible
    just incredible Month ago +1

    Really tip a dollar???? Should've threw that 10 her way also. Karma helps on the table

  • Jordan Blem
    Jordan Blem Month ago

    7:00 so what happened here? Tie?

  • Nickilas Rodak
    Nickilas Rodak Month ago

    dude i guarantee the guys right beside you can see your cards (pocket Js)

  • Superman 68
    Superman 68 Month ago

    great playing, discussion of the hands. Good move on the last hand, I would have gone over confident . . .

  • Kevin Charles
    Kevin Charles Month ago

    (I'm new here sorry for sounding stupid) but is poker your main source of income? Only source?

  • Rustum Noor
    Rustum Noor Month ago +3

    "His a Sea Hawks Fan, I guess they just let anyone in the building" I lol'd

    DPTAZZZ Month ago

    still waiting for da "Splaining LooCEEEEEE" of why so many table changes...
    6th table of the night ?? wow... u just hop over to one, put in a "table change" chip, or do u seek out particular tables/players ??
    EnQuiring minds wanna know ! !

    DPTAZZZ Month ago

    note to self " typically want to value bet the river about twice as often as you are bluffing"...
    ok ok.. good to know..............

    these are the tips i live for.... :-D

  • Santa Poker 88
    Santa Poker 88 Month ago

    what a great poker play indonesia must see this

  • David Gerard Luttrell

    how do you get good at flopping sets?

  • Boze De Wolf
    Boze De Wolf Month ago +1

    You tipped whole FULL one dollar bill !!!
    You really are making it rain money aren't you, you big dog?

  • Miguel Delgado
    Miguel Delgado Month ago

    Great Poker VLOG Brad!!!

  • VerilySaid
    VerilySaid Month ago

    So many sets

  • Jun Anthony Bello
    Jun Anthony Bello Month ago


  • blska53
    blska53 Month ago

    NEVER ENDING flopped sets. Must be nice.

  • DiegoB
    DiegoB Month ago

    "Jacks" - 😞
    "Jiggities" - πŸ˜ƒ

  • Dave Kelly
    Dave Kelly Month ago +1

    And tipped a DOLLAR????? High Roller!!!!

  • Larry Boles
    Larry Boles Month ago

    Life is great in Cali? Well if you don't mind human waste on the sidewalks of your major cites, and all the illegals.

  • steve perry
    steve perry Month ago

    i don't play much anymore but fun watching. like i was there playing along along side ya. thnx. me the kibitzer.

  • Sherman Choo
    Sherman Choo Month ago

    7:21 ALL IN w ACES

  • V Herboh
    V Herboh Month ago

    What does β€œflop the nuts” mean?

  • Matthew N
    Matthew N Month ago +1

    I've been following your blog for awhile now i love it. And you're a good guy but i just gotta throw this one in there. You won almost 2K and tipped the cage $1? lol cmon my man you're better than that.

  • thima show
    thima show Month ago +1

    1 dollar tip you are so petty dude

  • Ace bluenote
    Ace bluenote Month ago +1

    Only a buck tip for the cashier?

  • Peter Jeranek
    Peter Jeranek Month ago

    Brad you beast host a meetup in AC!

  • L Grace
    L Grace Month ago +1

    what you're here for

  • Mario Spencer
    Mario Spencer Month ago +1

    "...He's also a Seahawks fan, I guess they just let anyone in the building." 🀣🀣🀣☠

  • Aaron Collins
    Aaron Collins Month ago

    Would you ever do a dealer's choice cash game?

  • Mhmd Krimi
    Mhmd Krimi Month ago


  • Amun-Ra
    Amun-Ra Month ago

    all theses other fckers ''KING KING KING" ha too bad xd

  • FSHN' Kng
    FSHN' Kng Month ago

    " one way ticket to paying town via boat" , lol. That's priceless

  • Honest Truth
    Honest Truth Month ago +1


  • Mingi
    Mingi Month ago +1

    This man is getting pockets dealt and i get trash cards