My Race/Ethnicity? DNA Results

  • Published on Mar 19, 2017
  • its $100 for regular DNA testing and $200 to include health checks too. DNA testing 23 and me website :
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  • Jay Maserian
    Jay Maserian 11 hours ago

    You look creole. And your mix sounds a lot like creole. If you have family from around Louisiana, that is likely where your mix is coming from. There are many Creole people who are mainly african/european mix but with small amounts of native Caribbean, Arawak, Taino; Choctaw, Chitimacha, Seminole, or another native tribe from the U.S.

  • 고구마
    고구마 Day ago

    Its funny how you're more pale than my mom and she is less african than you. Genetics are so cool.

  • Kristine Prempeh

    You got so much lighter. Omg compared to your older videos.

  • Sarah Ama
    Sarah Ama 2 days ago

    Ya mom looks like cardi b

  • Ora Johnson
    Ora Johnson 2 days ago

    Love ya honey. Been watching you for years. Thank you.

  • no doubter
    no doubter 3 days ago

    you look like a albano negro

  • Alex Ramirez
    Alex Ramirez 3 days ago

    She does have African features on her face.

  • Leilah Scudder
    Leilah Scudder 4 days ago

    I can relate because people at school always ask me
    "Wait so you're Asian right?"
    Yes but I am half Asian half Hispanic. But there is this kid that is being racist it is very annoying and kinda sad actually...

  • preciousloreen
    preciousloreen 5 days ago

    Whenever someone asks me what I am I say that I'm of slave decent. That usually gets people to stop asking

  • анонимный пе

    Maybe if you didn't straighten your hair it wouldn't be so hard to figure out what race you are

  • Jim Rr
    Jim Rr 6 days ago

    What ever the mix, the result is BEAUTIFUL.

  • J T
    J T 6 days ago

    Okay.. But you look like a white person.

  • The Truth
    The Truth 6 days ago

    No wonder people think you're white, you wear a fuck ton of makeup to make you look whiter, you look a lot more like a light skinned black person at 1:45

  • Jose vasquez
    Jose vasquez 6 days ago

    She is a cute girl.

  • Johann Lindstrom
    Johann Lindstrom 7 days ago

    Luv your Ebonic's accent

  • Jayla Katherine
    Jayla Katherine 7 days ago

    Is yo Daddy a Mason?! HAAAYYY!!! Mine too lol

  • Lionel Lynn Kim
    Lionel Lynn Kim 7 days ago

    "What are you??"wow!!!It cracks me up, lol.

  • Ashley El
    Ashley El 9 days ago

    ahh Awesome Results!! ! I took one of these tests as well and posted it on my channel if you want to check it out! :)

  • Aleksandra саша өмір

    Love it babe! I get that too. Super annoying. By the way the quality of your video is great! Did you edit it or was it just a good video cam?

  • Sonnyra GdC
    Sonnyra GdC 10 days ago

    Id like to take this cause I'm mixed AF and so are my parents and so on my grandparents

  • Nini Prom
    Nini Prom 10 days ago

    West African👌🏽 ❤️🌹🇬🇲

  • Bojana Pavlovic
    Bojana Pavlovic 11 days ago

    Your cat did her own video,love it;) love your channel in general, cooking, your style, it is so entertaining! I have lived in Far East for a long time, can find some similarities whit what you're talking about. And, especially when you talk about how you've changed in Korea. Thanks for sharing (and inspire and entertain us:))!

  • Rhoo Nzeh
    Rhoo Nzeh 12 days ago

    I'm really disappointed with the lot of people who throw questions at others about their ethnicity, as though the answer would give them something of great financial gain. All thru this video, all i thought about was how beautiful Megan looks, with all the mix of different ethnicities. Why can't people see beauty and sweetness in mixed race people???? Have people become so wickedly blinded by bigotry and jealousy???

  • Jane Dove
    Jane Dove 13 days ago

    The Asian may be from your Native American ancestors; because of the whole Bering land bridge thing.... Native Americans tend to have some Eastern and Western Asian DNA as well as Pacifican.

  • Miraculous: Around The World

    So, if someone asked you what your race is, would you say that you're African because you're 65% or white because you look like it? Im just curious...'

    JEON SEAGULL 14 days ago +1

    Welp I’m half Filipino and half Italian so like yea :/ people thought I was my dads wife since we don’t look alike... wtf no thank you

  • kyrah g
    kyrah g 14 days ago

    We seriously have the same results from 23andme. Wow.

  • ItzDalene
    ItzDalene 15 days ago

    Im kadazan(A culture in Sabah..) But like... The kadazan pupils ancestors are chinese so.. eh- And yes I am (ofc)asian.. well.. Eurasian.. (I have a lot of ethnicity-) I have a german/dutch/chinese/filipino/kadazan dad and a chinese/portuguese/kadazan mom... Yeh.. So like Im actually mixed. Im called the international girl because of my ethnicity and everyone is very confused about it ; w ;

  • I'm Shook-ith
    I'm Shook-ith 15 days ago

    These white people ad a black child and figured out one of them where black

  • ajsuflena
    ajsuflena 15 days ago

    us black people come in all sorts of colours

  • BTS is Lejindary
    BTS is Lejindary 17 days ago

    i am completly german i think for sure xD

  • Will Chu
    Will Chu 19 days ago

    So Just to put it into perspective DON CHEADLE has more european ancestry than her! FACTS! So can y'all stop harassing this poor girl about her race? It seems that only afro descended people are the only ones that are harassed about shit like this. ITS ANNOYING!

  • Álvaro de Bazán
    Álvaro de Bazán 19 days ago

    You're just a mulatto woman with a lot of plastic surgery, make-up, artificial hair and a fake Korean weeb personality. See ya, Latoya.

  • Nattie bubbles
    Nattie bubbles 20 days ago

    You definitely look like you have some Asian in you’re features. You have a awesome personality by the way!

  • Mini Sugar
    Mini Sugar 20 days ago

    I would love to do this test, cause Estonian race in mixed af. We were considered as Asians until the beginning of 20th century but since Estonia is in Europe we are kind of mixed with Germans and Russians and so on. A lot of people think that I have Jewish blood (I have really dark hair, eyes which isn’t really a thing here) so that would be interesting too hah. Also Megan I’m obsessed with ur channel lately!!!

  • Stefaka
    Stefaka 21 day ago

    your dad looks like a pimp

  • chocolate ADAM546463GF4D3HDS43H

    when i first saw your video i thought to my self mmmmm she sound like black female American, the confidence they have she has it but i thought maybe she was trying to be like them but naaaaaaaa you high % black so now that answers all the question i had. is amazing what the black race can produce.

  • Michelle Angelica
    Michelle Angelica 23 days ago

    The Asian region you pointed is Indonesia

  • TabasscoProductions
    TabasscoProductions 25 days ago

    the native americans are from asia at first

  • 國際可愛, 麗雪。

    totally relate, i'm chinese-french but i live in hawaii. everyone just assumes i'm mexican, filipino, white-black mix (¿?) because i "look the part". it's so annoying.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 28 days ago

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing

  • Army&Monbebe
    Army&Monbebe 28 days ago

    0:45 lmaooooo girl your dad is so cute "you was too white" XD

  • Local Booga
    Local Booga Month ago

    girls should be judged by their apperance and not DNA...just my 2 cent

  • Sonata Shinome
    Sonata Shinome Month ago

    West African!!! yay ^^
    I haven't watched your video for a long time, I guess I'm back on track now c:

  • Fluffyy Muffinn
    Fluffyy Muffinn Month ago

    *Cough* Koreaboo *Cough*

  • Itz Krystine
    Itz Krystine Month ago +4

    I’m an Australian Asian since I’m Vietnamese and Chinese but I’m born From Australia, my dad is from Liaoning China and my Mom is from Saigon Vietnam and then my siblings are from Australia as well!

    • Nattie bubbles
      Nattie bubbles 20 days ago

      Midnight Garnet I’m from Australia as well! To us everyone is just Australian. Also, Australia is technically an Asian country anyway 😃

  • Jay Thompson
    Jay Thompson Month ago

    01:39...booty shot

  • Mixed Wolf
    Mixed Wolf Month ago

    She look black

  • nguyễn như
    nguyễn như Month ago

    When I first looked at her, I think she mixed

  • Jhonny Caicedo
    Jhonny Caicedo Month ago

    where the hell is the black in you??? you hide it really well 60% African it just don't show. you are very pretty though you look like an anime character with those big eyes and pretty face. but what happened with the African in you, how can it say 60% but you showed none, mmmm intriguing...

  • San Francisco
    San Francisco Month ago

    You're annoying.

  • NewGardner
    NewGardner Month ago

    Your hair, skin and face shape on this vid look asian but, eyes and nose is african. You look more melanated in the pic with your mom. Maybe no makeup. Good vid...nice cat.

  • Samar Dahab
    Samar Dahab Month ago

    It's so funny that every African American thinks they're more Native than they are.

  • king last
    king last Month ago

    I know the struggle!!!

  • justin honest guy
    justin honest guy Month ago

    this girl is put into korea to destroy korean ppl with feminism and multiculturalism

  • Sushi Is My Style
    Sushi Is My Style Month ago

    I can totally see native american in you and ur mother, my cousins are 1/8 cherokee. I guess native american traits are dominant even if the percent is low

  • jordan84
    jordan84 Month ago

    You have a very Asianish look to you, but yes, tell people you are American. We are all mixed up over here.

  • msb358
    msb358 Month ago

    I'll tell you who you are ........... you're a beautiful woman! Enjoy your life and ignore the idiots!

  • Gear5 ZYF
    Gear5 ZYF Month ago

    u r the most white black ppl i ever saw.

  • renan miguelote
    renan miguelote Month ago

    You are probably arab West africa has arabs those dna test results are crazy...

  • zeldatransformed
    zeldatransformed Month ago

    Sorry bruh, ur white

  • Coco the Basset Hound

    You are beautiful.

  • Aisha Williams
    Aisha Williams Month ago

    Yours looks almost like mine!!! Lol

  • Cristine M.
    Cristine M. Month ago

    Interesting 🤔🤔🤔 How do I do this? Lol. People always ask me if I'm half but I'm pretty sure both my parents are Filipino. Though in the Philippines there's always those great grandparents who are chinese, spanish, japanese, american or one of each lol

  • Flower Power
    Flower Power Month ago

    You look black to me trying to look asian.

  • Leonesse Williams
    Leonesse Williams Month ago

    Wow you’re really light for being 65% black. It’s funny how genotypes can really be random into presenting your lighter skin phenotype. I’m only 45% African and I’m darker than you.

  • Daphneamy360
    Daphneamy360 Month ago

    I see Asain ,spanish ,Indian,African

  • kimmysenpai
    kimmysenpai Month ago +1

    Um.... you realize 32% European is an unusually high amount for someone not mixed right? HE NOT UR DAD HUN

    • Myisha
      Myisha 24 days ago +2

      That is not true. Usually mixed people have about 50% European in there mix. My daughters DNA results shows that she 62% European (I am black and her dad is white). Black Americans generally have about 25% of European because of Slavery.

    • I'm just stopping by
      I'm just stopping by Month ago +1

      Not for us African Americans or other African Diasporas. On average we have about 20% white ancestry

  • Kat G
    Kat G Month ago

    You got beautiful brown eyes. Seriously, wow.

  • SummerMarieStar
    SummerMarieStar Month ago

    You know actually I thought you were some sort of Spanish like Puerto Rican so it's pretty cool to see that you aren't what I expected at all!

  • Izza Gen
    Izza Gen Month ago

    Goodness girl i super feel you!!! 😂😂😂

  • Lee Blunt
    Lee Blunt Month ago

    Hello from England your very beautiful megan love to date you fancy my gmail address?

  • Les Classes de Chant de Marie

    Hello Sis.... WestAfricanTeam ;-)

  • Moo! Duck Medveda
    Moo! Duck Medveda Month ago +1

    65% African and you are look too white)
    Does it mean that you are black inside?)

  • supremercommonder
    supremercommonder Month ago

    north africa is mostly arab middle east

  • brianna harty
    brianna harty Month ago

    Honestly, if you look white, people are gonna say your only white. My mother is from Puerto Rico, but my dad is mad Irish so I look super light skinned. People don't believe I'm Hispanic till I start breaking out in Spanish.

  • Marc E
    Marc E Month ago

    i still find it hard to believe you have more african ancestry than I do. Dna crazier than a mug

  • Marc E
    Marc E Month ago

    I'll be honest, I would have done the same thing too if I were yo daddy too. lmao

  • Bryan Black
    Bryan Black Month ago

    ur dad in pic

  • BigBrotherWii
    BigBrotherWii Month ago

    I just have to are just utterly adorable. And you know? We are so hung up on social constructs, we often forget that we are a beautiful species of Homo sapien.
    Anyway, Megan...good luck in your endeavors and let the good times roll.

  • Danni Hjøllund Karjaälainen

    No need a DNA test. I'm black and end of the story 😊You're black and I'm happy for you

  • Sofia Gonzalez
    Sofia Gonzalez Month ago

    America is a continent not a country

  • Toyin Olivia Jibowu

    Both of your parents are dark but you are white. Interesting, it must be in the past you had white blood on both sides.

  • Darth Nihilus
    Darth Nihilus Month ago

    How you can be less african if your dad is an african descendant lol

  • Robyn Mancell
    Robyn Mancell Month ago

    I texted 65% African and skin color means nothing. I'm darker than both my parents and I tested them both and Ancestry DNA matched them right to me. BTW I love your video

  • Matthew Davis
    Matthew Davis Month ago

    I would fuck her

  • Omen Dragon
    Omen Dragon Month ago

    interesting personality. reminds me of my sister

  • Giovanna Benitez
    Giovanna Benitez Month ago

    You know they own your DNA now and can sell it for profit to 3rd parties. There is an article in Scientific American.

  • Forty-four44
    Forty-four44 Month ago

    As the saying goes, "phenotype is not genotype." Your African component is a few percentage points above mine (which I never would have guessed), but you are lighter skinned and more "Caucasoid" in appearance than I am. My appearance (except for my hair which is brown and very curly) is more like that of a Native American with slightly slanted eyes and high cheekbones and golden beige skin. "Native American" doesn't really come up in my DNA results either but that's because these DNA companies don't reveal the fact that comparison DNA/marker genes are required from full bloods, and that there are few to no full bloods left of the original east coast tribes (mostly of those left and identifying as Indians are actually of mixed racial heritages ). If there are full bloods left few are coming forward to give sample of their DNA for comparison purposes. Most of the NA comparison genes that are available to DNA companies actually stem from tribes originating in the west & south west, and in Mexico etc. Only very few descendants of enslaved Africans here in the US will have ancestry going back into the history of the West and Southwestern states.

  • Tabitha Christianson

    I FEEL YOU MEGAN!! No one can ever figure out what I am, most people think I'm Hispanic or White but I'm Korean and White.

  • Josef Venport
    Josef Venport Month ago

    0 percent ghetto rat

  • SecretName 0505
    SecretName 0505 Month ago

    i actually thought that she was asian and now im really confused

  • Nana efua Neffie
    Nana efua Neffie Month ago

    West Africa here we claiming u for Ghana lol

  • icic5
    icic5 Month ago

    You are more Native American those tests are designed to cover up Native American ancestry for ugly reasons. And there are so many variables at play that are impossible to measure . BEFORE YOU BASH THIS COMMENT OR TRY AND DEBATE HERE ARE MORE PRODUCTIVE OPTIONS: 1. Do some deep research 2. Tell someone you love them 3. Go outside. Basically if you come at me with anything other than compassion and understanding I will not respond b/c I don't have tolerance for negativity. Be well and have a glorious beautiful day!!!!

  • Stefanie Thibodeaux

    I absolutely love watching you. I am so enamored by your accent. A little American and a little Korean. I love hearing you throw in your Korean words for something we have a while phrase for State side. But watching your DNA test results only showed me one're a Woman of the World. That's pretty amazing. Thank you for the video's and I will be watching for more!

  • Acacius
    Acacius Month ago

    Hold up. I am darker then you and I am from Africa. And I am les black then you? WTF I am 52% Subsaharan African. WTF. WHHHYYYYYYYYYY. Wanna change my 52% for you 65%. But then again I am as dark or as Queen B. So I win the who is darker contest lol. But Thanks for sharing your video gorgeous.

  • goku
    goku Month ago

    why is native american and asian grouped together?

    • simet mena
      simet mena Month ago

      Because that's where Natives originated, silly.

  • M D
    M D Month ago +3

    the only reason people are confused is because YOU TRY AND BE ASIAN. your bleached white skin, asian contact lens & makeup style; straight brows and liner. fake hair etc.if you were your natural self no one would question your race. sorry thatsjust facts

    • SeizeTheMoment1000
      SeizeTheMoment1000 Month ago

      M D , Well, at least you're being honest with how you feel.

    • hen tan
      hen tan Month ago +2

      5GreenTea lol, don't bother explaining to them. People will choose whatever narrative fits their warped ideas.

    • 5GreenTea
      5GreenTea Month ago

      M D are you a troll or did you pay absolutely no attention to her baby picture in the video?

  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio Month ago

    You have doll eyes and skin

  • Winter Summer or
    Winter Summer or Month ago

    Omg i didnt know u could do ur own dna test this easily!! I think imma do this myself! Thx gurlll ❤️😘