What to do if your Tesla runs out of juice

  • Published on Dec 28, 2017
  • I purposely run my car down to zero to show you what happens and what you have to do to recover. The best solution is to charge up before you run out.
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  • jimbo dingo
    jimbo dingo Day ago

    The car should have solar cells built in, so it charges when outside.
    Also the electric motors should be charging the batteries when being towed and even every time you're braking (dynamic braking), as used on electric trains.
    Elons' expert engineers must know this. Why have these obvious methods of topping up charge and extending range, been omitted from the cars' design ??
    The only reason I can think of is, so you have to pay to use the charging network.

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  Day ago

      Solar cells are too weak to be worth it. And the electric motors can already charge the car when being towed. But once the car shuts down, it's not possible anymore.

  • Paul Dennen
    Paul Dennen 2 days ago

    Why you do all this in the worst weather..lol

  • Sergio Rius
    Sergio Rius 2 days ago

    You must take into account that "strap" is not allowed in most countries. I got surprised when you recommended it. I thought you weren't American 😏
    Also, "flat towing" is prohibited in Europe.

  • Occupational
    Occupational 2 days ago

    I wonder if it'd be feasible to put a form of emergency passive charging, like a solar panel on the roof, or maybe a port to hook up a generator or even allow for jumper cables for assist with gasoline cars.

  • Steven Mills
    Steven Mills 4 days ago

    God bless you guys very needed video

  • Ashley Haadt
    Ashley Haadt 6 days ago

    You could tow it to Tromsö and use regenerative braking to recharge. When the battery gets too low to use energy to heat itself it has to charge slowly until it warms up. You did it in the dark, in the snow and in the cold; you guys are troopers, people in California would faint if they had to walk across the parking lot to a Starbucks so they could cry on Facebook . Didn't seem too bad though, Tesla owners take heart. Good vid guys.

  • fodolo craigo
    fodolo craigo 10 days ago

    can someone save me 17 minutes and just tell me what happened?

    • fodolo craigo
      fodolo craigo 9 days ago

      @Bjørn Nyland should I buy a Tesla or accord?

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  10 days ago

      It's an educational video. If you don't have an EV then this video is not for you.

  • Moh_Mar Master
    Moh_Mar Master 12 days ago

    Not bad Tesla car

  • Moh_Mar Master
    Moh_Mar Master 12 days ago

    I preposed to a system the Tesla car in running time car will charging their battery.........

  • Thomas Adonis
    Thomas Adonis 13 days ago

    keep a small honda generator in trunk and "boom", instant backup charging.

  • Blitz
    Blitz 14 days ago

    Er du norsk?

  • Marki show
    Marki show 19 days ago +4

    Imagine driving your tesla in the middle of nowhere and your tesla just turns off by a gas station.

    What a time to be alive

  • Rishard Louverture
    Rishard Louverture 19 days ago


  • Alexander N
    Alexander N 21 day ago +1

    Not a clever idea to do that at 1am in winter with 0 degrees and snow

  • hithered7
    hithered7 22 days ago

    You drained your tesla battery to 0..
    You really don’t care about that car do you?

  • Akira
    Akira 24 days ago

    with all the videos that I have seen you are the first to show that the main dash screen runs on a separate 12 volt battery. people cannot appreciate how important this is so they never mention it. the only thing keeping this car alive is that small 12 volt battery, without it you could not even tow this vehicle or even charge it. think about it. good video.

  • Jazz
    Jazz 25 days ago

    Tesla owner wit android

  • marvelv212
    marvelv212 25 days ago

    You don't get power steering without electricity?

  • Pooper Trooper
    Pooper Trooper 27 days ago

    its 6 am and im watching an asian swedish man trying to open a hole in the front of a tesla...

  • telraj
    telraj Month ago +1


  • EU Bike Dude
    EU Bike Dude Month ago

    Model 3 manual says to only tow a max of 10m (i.e. on to a flatbed) or to use wheel dollies (but then you have to have a jack) is the X the same?

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  Month ago

      Model 3 uses permanent magnet motor. Model S/X from before 2019 uses induction motor(s) only.

  • ProbablyAGamer
    ProbablyAGamer Month ago

    Towing a car by rope is illegal in the UK now though xD

  • Rmadi 74
    Rmadi 74 Month ago +1

    How here this 9:43

  • Sahib Sandhu
    Sahib Sandhu Month ago +1

    It charges at 2 kw because if it were to put full charge to a shot dead battery it would litterly murder the battrey

  • Kenivia
    Kenivia Month ago

    1 degree celcius - getting sweaty now

  • 786otto
    786otto Month ago

    There should be a cable that can charge one car from another.

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez Month ago

    can you keep a a Honda gas inverter generator in the frunk as a emergency power sources and charge the car that way? 2000 watt output.

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  Month ago

      2 kW is a joke. At the end of the video I was on a "slow" AC charging station giving me only 16.5 kW. Then I moved to the "fast" charger with 50 kW. Ideally I want to go to a 120 kW supercharger. That's why 2 kW is a joke.

  • Akhil Sehgal
    Akhil Sehgal Month ago

    That happpend. To. Us

  • Matt Humphries
    Matt Humphries Month ago

    At their prices and little charging points. Ireland is no place for electric cars.

  • Alicetronics-Jaycar's Platinum Stockist for Central Australia

    Did you try towing in drive (not tow mode) and charge with regen? we have towed 10km and get 50km range...BYW

  • Neal Peters
    Neal Peters Month ago

    Why would you damage a $25,000+ battery by discharging it all the way down to make a video? I'm sure this wasn't good for the capacity & overall health of the pack.

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  Month ago

      +Neal Peters It didn't take damage. Google for "bricking protection".

  • Chris Newman
    Chris Newman Month ago

    A future suggestion. Peer to peer car charging would handy for times like these

  • Joe WRX
    Joe WRX Month ago +1

    Thanks this was very very helpful!,!,!,!,!,!,🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇨🇦

  • wolfpacrule
    wolfpacrule Month ago

    desperate for clicks

  • LeqitPlayzHD
    LeqitPlayzHD Month ago

    Wait are you german? You said "Links" xD

  • Blocky BFB
    Blocky BFB 2 months ago

    When your 12-Volt and Main Battery dies, Your car is DEAD FOREVER.

  • Dan Burcea
    Dan Burcea 2 months ago

    What to do if your Tesla runs out of juice? The answer was make sure you have another friend with a Tesla car to help you! A Tesla helps a Tesla

  • 전주영
    전주영 2 months ago


  • Lulache Mihai
    Lulache Mihai 2 months ago +1

    Tesla really needs to make the regenerative breaking active while towed (or is it a stupid ideea ? dont know🤔)

  • Novel University
    Novel University 2 months ago

    Chemical reaction is sluggish in cold weather, and this may account for the slow charging rate you observed. Nice vid by the way… I'm sure many didn't know power steering dies out when running on empty. So girls, pay attention, have your man present when this happens. :-)

  • Roma K
    Roma K 2 months ago

    Some say he never made it out that parking lot

  • Lolu lou
    Lolu lou 2 months ago

    God, when will I be able to afford a car like this.

  • Aren Jay
    Aren Jay 2 months ago

    Could you use an inverter and the 12 volt battery with a ground by pass to get an extra 1 kWh?

  • BurninSven1
    BurninSven1 2 months ago

    Get yourself an electric Tuk tuk from China instead, you get about 35 of them for the same price. Put a diesel parkingheater in it and you can drive them in Norway too. But if you buy only 25 you still got money for a truck to haul them and a road crew to swap them as they run out of juice.

  • Ken Dibble
    Ken Dibble 2 months ago

    Bjorn, if you didn’t initiate tow mode, would it charge a little by regen?
    Wondering if this is another emergency option (on good surface)?

  • famstoren
    famstoren 2 months ago +4

    "The car is in a kind of limp mode"

  • socalusc
    socalusc 2 months ago

    4km per Hour?? I am sticking with a hybrid

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  2 months ago

      +socalusc Supercharger is 1600 km per hour.

  • kmeccat
    kmeccat 2 months ago

    A very expensive driveable laptop. Maybe I'll start to CONSIDER these when
    1) the price comes down
    2) runs further on a charge
    3) charge stations are as common and easy to find as gas stations
    4) charging is as quick as fueling with gas.

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  2 months ago

      +kmeccat It's already here with Model 3:
      1) Model 3 costs less than a BMW 3 series
      2) Model 3 has almost 600 km of range
      3) Superchargers are everywhere and easy to locate in the car's map.

  • Jey em
    Jey em 2 months ago +1

    It would be great if that thing has solar panels,to make it even more eco friendly

  • Asif Iqbal
    Asif Iqbal 2 months ago

    Why did you pick cold and snowy night to shoot this video lol . Good info none the less

  • Mr Kpoppers18
    Mr Kpoppers18 2 months ago

    Prepare the powerbank

  • Money Green
    Money Green 2 months ago

    When life gives u 🍋...
    Make juice from it...

  • Jonathan Terranova
    Jonathan Terranova 2 months ago

    MAYBE! We could start tesla tow app. Thanks for the tow blog. Cool :)

  • Fery Umar
    Fery Umar 2 months ago

    sounds better than Nokia battery empty sound

  • Ceres Lauron
    Ceres Lauron 2 months ago

    Wow i should a buy tesla for sure

  • tricky tricky
    tricky tricky 2 months ago

    Since the car's motor is mechanically connected to the wheels at all times, and does not have a true 'neutral' gear. In short, towing electric cars) can result in serious damage to your car. if you tow you can say goodby to your warranties , and by the way the steering is electric and will feel like a 15 ton truck with flat tyres .

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  2 months ago

      +tricky tricky This doesn't apply for Tesla Model S/X since they use induction motors.

  • Blocky BFB
    Blocky BFB 2 months ago

    rEsT In pEaCe mOdEl X aIr sUsPeNsIoN

  • Johan Jacobs
    Johan Jacobs 2 months ago

    the problem I had is that my Tesla came up with the shutting down message at 25 miles and stopped altogether at 23 miles

  • The Abused Trashcan
    The Abused Trashcan 2 months ago

    9:42 is that a fart?

  • Fat Dinosaur
    Fat Dinosaur 2 months ago +1

    There should be a big solar panel at the roof, and when someone laughed about it, it will release its demonic unique powerful majestic luxury expensive gucci jake paul dangerous turret

  • Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy 2 months ago

    Also not such a smart idea owning one in a cold climate. You will never get 100% recharge and the battery output will be less efficient.

    • Bjørn Nyland
      Bjørn Nyland  2 months ago

      That is very incorrect. Watch my other videos in my channel.

  • Devo Dar
    Devo Dar 2 months ago

    Okay, back to the Hellcat videos...

  • Don Tech
    Don Tech 2 months ago

    Good Video

  • matt fast
    matt fast 2 months ago

    Why can’t you get some free charge by rubbing your feet on the carpet lol

    UMESH DESAI 2 months ago +2

    *says something* adds ‘yeah’

    Nice video tho... Ty for info

  • 66tas95
    66tas95 2 months ago

    Ran out of fuel in my petrol car. Went to the nearest petrol station and came back with a can of fuel, poured it in and I'm home already.

  • Allen Loser
    Allen Loser 2 months ago

    Carry a Honda generator and a Jerry can of gasoline in the frunk and you have a Tesla hybrid.
    Three gallons of gasoline is equivalent to 108 kWh.

    • Allen Loser
      Allen Loser 2 months ago

      @scubapro12z You are wrong. There were none along I-70 and I-68 from Hagerstown to Cumberland MD and on to Oakland MD at the time that I was appraising.
      One has since been added in La Vale MD. That does not change that stopping to use it would have prevented my from completing my work for the day.
      Let me know when the density of Tesla-branded refueling facilities gets to a point at which they are as ubiquitous as diesel fuel pumps and can refuel at a rate in excess of 14,000 kilowatts without incurring incremental and cumulative damage to the fuel tank.
      It is your business if your transportation needs are sufficiently limited as to fit within the limited capabilities of a Tesla at providing unlimited mobility and you are willing to pay more to get less. I will not.

    • scubapro12z
      scubapro12z 2 months ago

      @Allen Loser im certain they were there and you just didnt see them. They are not at every highway exit with a big sign. You can look up the map of them if you care too. Bashing the capabilitthg of the vehicle doesnt make sense because thats not what I want from it. When it comes to performance, comfort of ride, tech interface, nothing is as "capable" as a tesla. I dont want it for offroading, I want it for my commuter car in southern california

    • Allen Loser
      Allen Loser 2 months ago

      @scubapro12z Why pay more for a less capable vehicle and then incur the additional expense of renting a more capable vehicle?
      I have had occasions during my prior years as a real estate appraiser when I drove over 300 miles in a single day without passing a Tesla-branded refueling facility other than the one in my home town of Hagerstown MD. Stopping to refuel a Tesla would have prevented my from completing my work for the day which had to be completed in daylight.

      MapQuest reports a distance of 332 miles from San Diego CA to Las Vegas NV. I could make it without refueling along the way as long as I start with more than 1/2 tank of fuel. Driving gently, I would likely make a round trip on a single tank of fuel, if starting from full. Thinking ahead is unneeded.

    • scubapro12z
      scubapro12z 2 months ago

      @Allen Loser i drove it home to san diego from vegas and only charged once, and coulda made it on 1 charge. And superchargers are everywhere, seriously, not hard to find if youre in civilization. Now If I go visit my friend in alaska or montana? Ill get a rental jeep or truck. My daily commute tho? Tesla is legit

    • Allen Loser
      Allen Loser 2 months ago

      @scubapro12z I told you how to make your Tesla into a hybrid.
      A necessity to plan ahead is one reason I won't buy any BEV. I can go anywhere there are passable roads, at any time, with little or no advance planning, stop when I want to stop for a rest stop or for food, secure in the knowledge that I'll find diesel fuel for sale somewhere in the next 500 miles *AND* not void my warranty by driving on a dirt or gravel road in my fifteen year old VW diesel.

  • Mr Awesome Shark
    Mr Awesome Shark 2 months ago +1


  • Max Cependa
    Max Cependa 2 months ago

    You die

  • Travis Stratton
    Travis Stratton 2 months ago

    It would be neat if towing recharged the battery with a light regen on the wheels.

  • Adeeb Howdhar
    Adeeb Howdhar 2 months ago

    Jeg har ikke en Tesla. Jeg er 15. Men fortsatt ser jeg på nesten alle videoene dine😂😂

  • Prowler Cam
    Prowler Cam 2 months ago

    Glad you practiced what to do before you made us watch you fumble around.

  • 4,200 subs ez
    4,200 subs ez 2 months ago +16

    Why am I watching this I’m to poor to afford one elp

    • Jdmoose 25
      Jdmoose 25 17 days ago

      Fakey_RL it cost about 50,000

    • R G
      R G Month ago

      @4,200 subs ez
      Part of that is Tesla never requires any fuel, and pretty much zero maintenance. No oil, brakes last 200k+ thanks to regen braking. all thats needed in 5 years are wiper blades, washer fluid and maybe a set of tires.

    • 4,200 subs ez
      4,200 subs ez Month ago

      R G wow

    • The_Player_0ne
      The_Player_0ne 2 months ago

      R G I have 18000$ subventions from the government for an electric car so it’s an obvious choice

    • R G
      R G 2 months ago

      I read a report the other day that did a 5 year cost comparison with a Model3, Honda civic and Toyota Camry. Taking everything into account... vehicle cost, fuel/charging, service, insur, etc...the Tesla was $3000 cheaper over the
      5 years. Based on $3.00 per gallon gas and .10 /kilhr elec., same down pay and interest rate. So if you can afford the Civic or Camry you can afford the Tesla.

  • SovanDai
    SovanDai 3 months ago +4

    Can wait to buy second hand in 2030

  • Dino
    Dino 3 months ago +42

    Ledgend has it he's still there to this very day charging his car.

  • 66tas95
    66tas95 3 months ago +1

    Next time I am having trouble with getting to sleep I shall put this video on

  • Kenneth VanYableth
    Kenneth VanYableth 3 months ago

    Nice video man! Really Helpfull!

  • WitherredAway
    WitherredAway 3 months ago

    i was hoping a satellite would come and recharge your car

  • Shadorlo
    Shadorlo 3 months ago

    Gilet jauné héhé 5:34

  • ace apple
    ace apple 3 months ago +6

    Anyone else lose it at 10:46 when he realizes he has no power steering??? LOL the sounds he makes with his accent. I love this guys videos! Priceless. 🤣

  • Unitforce
    Unitforce 3 months ago

    Why they said links at 7:40 links is German for left but they are not german

  • Thoer Studio
    Thoer Studio 3 months ago +201

    My tesla is run out of battery.

    " i have a powerbank "

    • spilledcoffee777
      spilledcoffee777 29 days ago +2

      Naw I got a generator in the trunck

    • I-Love-CO Mountains
      I-Love-CO Mountains 2 months ago +2

      Carry a 220V gas powered generator for road trips that have long legs between charging stations.

    • Fery Umar
      Fery Umar 2 months ago

      THOER Studio the powerbank is charging

    • jaro g
      jaro g 2 months ago


    • Allen Loser
      Allen Loser 2 months ago +1

      @Outcast The Tesla already carries a massive power bank which you need to recharge.

  • corone2018
    corone2018 3 months ago

    Tesla means headaches😂😂 how about if your no where near

  • Mr IzLe
    Mr IzLe 3 months ago

    Nice video

  • Ferdz
    Ferdz 3 months ago

    What if there is solar powered tesla?

    INSKI BINSKI 3 months ago


  • Mrmover Khan
    Mrmover Khan 3 months ago

    first time owing vehicle?. no worries u will learn, either gasoline or electric car, both can't work without fuel.

  • c0nstantine
    c0nstantine 3 months ago

    You say cumbersome a lot lmao

  • redseasplitter
    redseasplitter 3 months ago

    For people that don't read their car manuals from front to back.

  • Krzyszton Philip
    Krzyszton Philip 3 months ago +2

    Or have someone get you a gallon of gas and you'd be up and running in no time in a gas car.

  • Thomas Chin
    Thomas Chin 3 months ago

    How come Tesla has no solar efficiency package? Recycle solar power to recharge all the time..I’m new at his electric car phenomenon and really considering a Model 3, but in NYC, there are no available charging stations that are readily available...and how do you run a cable from an apartment?

  • Tyler
    Tyler 3 months ago

    Nothing like 2 years later, but I digress. If you have enough power (even at 0 km apparently) just put the car into drive and turn the regenerative breaking to the low setting and that will add a good amount of charge, at least enough to get to a Super Charger station.

    PARA PLAYZ 3 months ago

    More views than subscribers lol

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious 3 months ago

    Aren't Tesla cars hybrid?

  • Darshil Pipalia
    Darshil Pipalia 3 months ago

    And you only have to do this at night!

    LETSRUSHCAT!! 3 months ago +1

    All you gotta do is not let that happen

  • The Ice Killer 460
    The Ice Killer 460 3 months ago +1

    There’s always a reason why the tesla stops to the IKEA

  • ahmed ajannan
    ahmed ajannan 3 months ago +1

    Can you just break so the battry charge a bit

  • Astitva Verma
    Astitva Verma 3 months ago

    Use DU Battery Saver

    NOLPOLGAMER 3 months ago

    What if u packed a spare battery