Tanner Fox - We Did It Worst (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia

  • Published on Mar 22, 2019
  • Tanner Fox - We Did It Worst (Official Music Video) feat. Dylan Matthew & Taylor Alesia
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    outro song! tvclip.biz/video/o_cD8A1ZVJ8/video.html
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Comments • 11 164

  • Linda Mccormick
    Linda Mccormick 2 hours ago

    Who thinks that NF is better

  • Princess Saye
    Princess Saye 12 hours ago +1

    This is sucks 😭

  • Secilia Martinez
    Secilia Martinez 19 hours ago

    Tanner fox you fucking suck

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez Day ago

    Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • MR SCAR 85
    MR SCAR 85 2 days ago


  • Bethany Lam
    Bethany Lam 2 days ago

    what did you do to do it worst

  • Buster3B 69
    Buster3B 69 2 days ago

    Its the same thing they just changed best to worst

  • marco garcia
    marco garcia 3 days ago

    What's the purpose of this song smh

  • Edwin Odame
    Edwin Odame 3 days ago

    Bro this shits ass think we can all agree to that

  • Sandwich_Sauce
    Sandwich_Sauce 4 days ago

    Song is shit The only good part was the guy singing the rapping was shit

  • Splatterplayz
    Splatterplayz 4 days ago

    Why do they like breaking cars lol

  • Cotton Candy09 Paris

    This is so funny

  • Cotton Candy09 Paris

    This is so funny

  • Glenda Allen
    Glenda Allen 5 days ago

    First it was rice gun now it's FaZe rug?! Really?!...

  • LeopardShark21
    LeopardShark21 7 days ago +1

    0:45 can we talk about he practically moaned while he was between Dylan's legs

  • jamzavala dffgggy
    jamzavala dffgggy 8 days ago

    Fuck you i watch faze rug

  • Robert Hardt JR
    Robert Hardt JR 8 days ago

    Who else heard the auto tune that was going ham on their voices besides tanners gfs voice

  • Guaczilla Gt-r
    Guaczilla Gt-r 8 days ago

    Still fucking fire

  • Shaun Still
    Shaun Still 8 days ago

    Make a gtr song bro

  • Kevin Canales Channel
    Kevin Canales Channel 9 days ago +1

    Your mad that faze rug makes more money and got more subs than you like if agree

    VICE EDABEAST 10 days ago

    At least it was better than the last

  • Armin Bilali
    Armin Bilali 10 days ago

    How can this be more shit than the original I mean like 90 percent the same

  • Trevon White
    Trevon White 11 days ago

    Yeah I’m sorry but this is the WOSRT THEN EVERY SONG U HAVE EVER MADE

  • demonfang 71
    demonfang 71 11 days ago


  • theo Last
    theo Last 11 days ago

    Taylor's flow was still very weak but Tanner you've really improved, good job!

  • Angelica Salcedo
    Angelica Salcedo 12 days ago +1

    Trash !!!! Rugrat here 😃

    • A3 VLOGS
      A3 VLOGS 11 days ago

      Shutup gives you a slap

  • Katherine Covarrubias
    Katherine Covarrubias 12 days ago

    This song is just like the other one is so bad just stop

    • A3 VLOGS
      A3 VLOGS 11 days ago

      Haters are every where u idiots

  • D Robb
    D Robb 12 days ago

    this is fire

  • Popnal 17
    Popnal 17 13 days ago

    Garbage song

  • Carter Chase
    Carter Chase 13 days ago

    I don’t wanna be rude but this song is straight trash

  • Go Home
    Go Home 13 days ago

    Getting caught listening to this by anyone would have to be the worst thing to happen to you in your lide

  • the American slav miner

    Wow you still a fucking fagget

  • Adamari Martel
    Adamari Martel 13 days ago +1


  • Adamari Martel
    Adamari Martel 14 days ago +1

    Faze rug is a good person I bet he can do a better song and sing better so yea

  • jasmin michelle
    jasmin michelle 14 days ago +1

    Fuck you tanner fox!!

  • Sapphira Thunderblanket
    Sapphira Thunderblanket 14 days ago +1

    You guys did do it worse, never do that shit again with what you did to Ricegum... ever.
    You might think you all are so cool distroying a car but people around the world don't even have homes!
    Look I might not like you guys but I like this so I did a thumbs up...

  • Evelyn Annan
    Evelyn Annan 14 days ago


  • Lion B
    Lion B 14 days ago

    I regret this

  • PuRe Yalo?
    PuRe Yalo? 15 days ago +1

    U can not rap just stop!!

  • Ben Ben on a roll
    Ben Ben on a roll 15 days ago

    First of all he's wearing Crocs I am please get yourself some sneakers and second of all if anybody's watching in 2019 peace

  • Joshua Duoth
    Joshua Duoth 15 days ago

    Wtf is this sh*t

  • Baby Moore
    Baby Moore 15 days ago


  • Pablo Gomez
    Pablo Gomez 15 days ago

    You got the chicos what!!! Can someone explain this to me

  • Charlie Solloway
    Charlie Solloway 16 days ago

    I just found this and just smh

  • william wilson
    william wilson 16 days ago

    WOW Taylor had to tell you to put her and Dylans tag in there Btw Im a girl

  • Aka FireFlame
    Aka FireFlame 17 days ago

    Ok this song it like the other song

  • Elijah Tienter
    Elijah Tienter 17 days ago

    Tanner pay taylor

  • Shawn Arredondo
    Shawn Arredondo 17 days ago

    I like the other one better

  • MemeCream
    MemeCream 18 days ago

    why does he break two cars in both of his songs

  • Blue Ace
    Blue Ace 18 days ago

    I prefer we do it best

  • Maeli Bowman
    Maeli Bowman 18 days ago

    I was watching faze rug eating chips and no offense I just spit it all out

  • Bibb 42
    Bibb 42 18 days ago

    Thank god little furry with acney is gone

  • Random Entertainment plays

    This sucks it like the first diss sucks

  • Jaylen_FTW
    Jaylen_FTW 18 days ago

    Dylan Matthew has such an annoying voice even with autotune

  • Jaylen_FTW
    Jaylen_FTW 18 days ago

    oh hey look, its the shitty trio again

  • Lozerboij Can
    Lozerboij Can 18 days ago

    Who else regrets clicking on the video and giving him ur view

  • JLS
    JLS 19 days ago

    It is basically the same thing as last time but different words

  • john torres
    john torres 19 days ago

    0:39 any body getting them sicko mode vibe from that

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 19 days ago

    tanner improved from the last one you have to admit

  • Florence Adkins
    Florence Adkins 19 days ago

    Alright dude I like but it's not as good as we did I best

  • torpedo pickle
    torpedo pickle 20 days ago

    Chickflay no

  • Stephy T
    Stephy T 20 days ago

    Why did you crossover faze rug

    SUMMER F 20 days ago +4

    0:04 Ok thank you Taylor and Dylan for stopping Tanner because I hated the beginning part of the song! I mean not to mention the whole song is trash and I hate all of the song but the beginning is the worst part! #teamfazerug

  • Trey V
    Trey V 20 days ago +2

    u learned to not diss rice gum this time

  • Zailet’splay Fan
    Zailet’splay Fan 20 days ago

    Why rug come on man

  • 0DD Clan
    0DD Clan 20 days ago

    I got cancer

  • ilhaan hussein
    ilhaan hussein 20 days ago

    My little sister said you are so stupid

  • Emily Timmerman
    Emily Timmerman 21 day ago

    Taylor deserved sooooo much BETTER

  • Tiffany Shanks
    Tiffany Shanks 21 day ago

    Who wears flip flops while destroying a car he is gonna get hurt but it is his fault.

  • fate 0 clan
    fate 0 clan 21 day ago

    Imagine our grandkids discovering our phone
    Grandson"what's this"
    Granddaughter"idk turn it on" _sees video_
    Ask you what it is you *_sight_*
    *_the start of ww3_*