The Best Homemade Pizza You'll Ever Eat

  • Published on Jul 15, 2018
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  • Llolipop studios
    Llolipop studios 3 hours ago

    What is 2 1/2 cups supposed to mean Americans?

  • Derick Mbadugha
    Derick Mbadugha 4 hours ago

    I love how she makes it very soft and delicious 😁!!!

  • originnone
    originnone 9 hours ago

    how to make the most boring pizza ever....

  • Nacho Lasdica
    Nacho Lasdica 19 hours ago

    why yankies like to burn the pizza? Its horrible

  • Bekki Gon
    Bekki Gon 20 hours ago

    Danilo Zanna your pizza is the most delicious one

  • Hanifah khanom
    Hanifah khanom Day ago

    Followed this recipe and it just wasn't it 😏

  • Evatinful
    Evatinful Day ago +1

    I love these 101videos !
    Your cookies and brownies recipes are perfect 😍 will try This one as well.
    Can’t wait for more 101 videos 😁😁😁
    Maybe one for bread or croissants ? 🙏

  • sk vsk
    sk vsk Day ago

    Why are ppl hate pineapple pizza it's so good

  • 최 bea -
    최 bea - Day ago

    i don’t like pizza.

    aND i OoP-

  • Alex Pollard
    Alex Pollard Day ago

    OH by the way the stuf on the cheese was very fin saw dust that what the use

  • DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    My gf doesnt like cheese so she doesnt eat real pizza... I still love her tho

  • Gillian Kane
    Gillian Kane Day ago

    Did you add salt or sugar at 5:06 ?

  • Alejandra Chávez

    I actually did this and it is super easy

  • Hector Aymo
    Hector Aymo Day ago

    Great voice :-)

  • Julien815
    Julien815 Day ago

    How big is a "cup" and a "tbsp"?

  • akasir 3
    akasir 3 Day ago

    Sweat, I ate whole piza last weak 😁

  • Chelsea Baker
    Chelsea Baker Day ago +2

    Tried this last night without Semonilla (I just added more flour) and it was one of the best pizzas I've ever made much less tasted! Thank you guys so much! This is the third recipe I've tried from Tasty (all were great) but this was my favourite.

    • BEASTERN 180
      BEASTERN 180 Day ago +1

      yeah i tried this recipe too it was pretty good

    • Chelsea Baker
      Chelsea Baker Day ago

      This is way better than frozen. PS. put pepperoni slices near the edges and they'll get so crispy and flavorful!

  • avo
    avo 2 days ago +1

    Once my wife made me a pizza without meat. I beat her down so hard she ended up in hospital, but lesson learned for her i guess

  • AREKING Gertidian
    AREKING Gertidian 2 days ago

    2:22 lol he slaps the dough (porn) smooth ass

  • Sir Hans The last knight

    im the only one who dont like pizza its ungly
    you cen call me HANSSSSSSSSSSS

  • stuiter balletje
    stuiter balletje 2 days ago +1

    Lol i am the 8900 like

    Now not anymore

  • Rob S
    Rob S 2 days ago

    So she didn’t show moving it to the pizza stone. Why do I think that’s going to be a problem? Why do I think it will stick to the cookie tray and get all F up and turn into a disaster?

  • Matar Weinberg
    Matar Weinberg 2 days ago

    you don't cook the sauce?

    • Rob S
      Rob S 2 days ago

      I think it cooks along with the pizza. No need to cook it separately

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 days ago

    I like yeeting dough

  • ᗩᗰOᖇE
    ᗩᗰOᖇE 3 days ago

    When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

  • Nicole Thurston
    Nicole Thurston 3 days ago +4

    Y'all this recipe really is great. Took me forever to find a pizza dough recipe that worked. This one was yummy.

  • Doggy Boy 1320
    Doggy Boy 1320 3 days ago +7

    I ACTUALLY MADE THIS RECIPE!!!! It was delicious by the way.🍕🍕

    I let the dough rest for 24 hours. The dough tasted a little fermented(from the yeast). For those who don’t know, it’s tastes like the smell of beer. So if you don’t like that(I thought it was good), then let it rest for less time.
    Another thing is if you let it rest over night or for a long time, the dough will get a little harder on top, almost like a soft shell. ITS NORMAL!!! Don’t worry, just when you knead it or “play with it” after it’s done resting, work it into the dough( and that worked awesome for me)
    Thanks for reading to the end😁

    • ad
      ad 2 days ago

      Doggy Boy 1320 awesome! I wanted to ask how long did you preheat the oven for?

  • handcannon
    handcannon 3 days ago

    I'd just as soon buy a $2 frozen pizza with some meat on it as to mess with that. I usually make a medium (mostly)meat pizza - that weighs over three pounds. I bought an 18" pan and wound up with a 10.75 lb. pizza.

  • Alistair K
    Alistair K 4 days ago

    It's not looking luxurious !

  • Captain America
    Captain America 4 days ago

    5:20 I am so stupid I thought those were carrots😆

  • M҈O҈H҈A҈M҈M҈E҈D҈ S҈H҈A҈R҈A҈F҈

    Why does she sound like she's a type of girl that was a hoe years ago

  • rob black
    rob black 4 days ago +1

    This is the best dough vid ever.
    It explains: Let the dough rise for at least 24 hours to develop flavor and...
    How to get the pizza on to the stone without an expensive wooden pizza skid / spatula.
    I spent an entire winter figuring that shit out.
    Also, use cornmeal on the substitute skid pan to slide onto the stone. I use this for the grill, which you can get to super high temps in the summer without burning up your house.
    Good job!

    • rob black
      rob black 2 days ago

      @ad Nope. Corn meal (the stuff you use to make cornbread).

    • ad
      ad 2 days ago +1

      rob black is cornmeal cornstarch?

  • shubham kumar
    shubham kumar 4 days ago

    Whoww it's so eassyyy, m feeling hungry now, so I am going to order pizza instead of cooking

  • Victor Pernet
    Victor Pernet 4 days ago

    Uh that's one way to have a "white" pizza... But you can also, you know, use cream...

  • Pieter Kalkman
    Pieter Kalkman 4 days ago

    Aaahaahah my earsss

  • Tender Turd
    Tender Turd 4 days ago

    What's the point of putting processed tomato sauce on a homemade crust ?

  • Cyrus Ehambaram
    Cyrus Ehambaram 4 days ago

    *hey* yher

  • mangashu911gt
    mangashu911gt 4 days ago +1

    "Bayzil"? O.o

  • sai charan
    sai charan 5 days ago

    When your voice it's was sucking good but when I see u face I wanna cum onit

  • HelloKath
    HelloKath 5 days ago

    what kind of flour?

  • bacon pikachu
    bacon pikachu 5 days ago

    i just put it in the othen

  • rene villavicencio
    rene villavicencio 5 days ago

    lets cook wth swing .

  • Bianca Bumblebee
    Bianca Bumblebee 5 days ago

    In Quebec, Canada, green olives, bacon, and pepperoni is the norm!!

  • Nana
    Nana 5 days ago

    Her voice is kinda sexy

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas 5 days ago

    Do you deliver?

  • Lingvit Bl
    Lingvit Bl 5 days ago

    Love u ♥️

  • Veronica Bolanos
    Veronica Bolanos 5 days ago +3

    Beautiful crust, flavorless sauce? The sauce has to shine too. I'm from New Jersey, and we "know good pizza:)

  • Gipsy D
    Gipsy D 5 days ago

    The way miss narator speaks means that she is a true cook. She loves cooking.

  • Wayne A
    Wayne A 6 days ago

    Use peanut oil underneath, extra sharp cheddar and stewed tomatoes.. Youll love it

  • J. cali
    J. cali 6 days ago

    Check Bon Appetit's pizza recipe tho

  • Dolans Stan
    Dolans Stan 6 days ago


  • Dolans Stan
    Dolans Stan 6 days ago

    5:26 I thought that was grated carrots

  • Juancenaize
    Juancenaize 6 days ago

    She sounds like the girl in the pornhub live commercial

  • Stephen Acomb
    Stephen Acomb 6 days ago

    Yikes the vocal fry is so grating

  • Dark Horse
    Dark Horse 6 days ago +1

    Why am i watching this, i'm italian

  • Abdul Karim
    Abdul Karim 6 days ago

    Ok so first... that sauce tho! Like canned tomatoes and salt? 😔🤢
    And mixing the dough with a spoon!😬

    • Abdul Karim
      Abdul Karim 3 days ago

      Whtvr, then what’s with the spoon??!!?!?

    • Ardrit Destani
      Ardrit Destani 5 days ago

      Abdul Karim canned tomatoes often have a better flavor than fresh. and it was sugar not salt, cause sugar takes away the „can taste“

  • J S
    J S 6 days ago

    Please someone tell me who is speaking in this video, I'm in love with her voice

  • Çhë škā
    Çhë škā 6 days ago

    Fuck.... *im hungry*

  • J S
    J S 6 days ago

    Her voice is even hotter than the pizza

  • sejemandhaha
    sejemandhaha 6 days ago +3

    "fresh pesto" that we "had", lying around? sounds fresh heh

  • sejemandhaha
    sejemandhaha 6 days ago

    it's not "kind of" alive

  • Joy-Shanti Sindayiganza
    Joy-Shanti Sindayiganza 6 days ago +27

    Who else loves to watch these videos but never actually do them? ; )

  • Nehav Kanchi
    Nehav Kanchi 6 days ago

    Ap flour right.

  • Brett Williamson
    Brett Williamson 6 days ago

    All I hear is her saying 'like' repeatedly.

  • Kevin Martínez
    Kevin Martínez 7 days ago


  • power s.M
    power s.M 7 days ago


  • Ian ZallesReiber
    Ian ZallesReiber 7 days ago +9

    6:20 Salvador Dali would be proud :D

  • Somyata Nagpal
    Somyata Nagpal 7 days ago

    Why am I watching this when every other dessert or cuisine I try to recreate looks like trash when its from this channel

  • 서중전_Multifandom

    5:49 when you don't have Slime :'> and too broke to even make one

  • S V
    S V 7 days ago

    3:39 ooh, she thicc!

  • miki Yu
    miki Yu 7 days ago +2

    How long at what degree do you bake the pizza at?

    • The Vegan Twins
      The Vegan Twins 5 days ago

      @miki Yu You're welcome :)
      Thank you for subscribing!! 😊

    • miki Yu
      miki Yu 5 days ago +2

      @The Vegan Twins thanks for the help!

    • The Vegan Twins
      The Vegan Twins 7 days ago +1

      Bake it on the highest your oven goes. Mine goes to 550 degrees Fahrenheit and I usually bake a large thick crust pizza in 10-12 minutes. That also depends on the thickness of the crust though. The thinner it is the shorter the cook time. So for a thin crust it really only needs about 5-8 minutes. Make sure to preheat the oven for at least half an hour too so that the oven is the hottest. Plus, when you flash cook (high heat, fast cook) your pizza, the vegetables on top are perfectly cooked as well... not raw and not overcooked sogginess. When you cook the pizza on a very high heat and fast, the crust will be like the ones in the best restaurants - light and airy with just the right amount of chew. If you cook it on a lower heat for a longer time then your crust will be dense and overly chewy. This accompanied with proofing your dough overnight in the fridge with half the amount of recommended yeast (if the recipe calls for 1 Tbsp of yeast, use only 1 or 1 & 1/2 tsp of yeast when you proof overnight) will yield the best pizza dough ever. At least in my experience and it took me years to perfect it. Proofing overnight with less yeast gives the best tasting crust, and cooking on the highest heat for the shortest time gives the best textured crust. The combo is perfection.

    CHARLES 7 days ago +3

    Love her instructions and especially her sexy and smoothing voice. Congrats on both !

  • Wolf Horde
    Wolf Horde 7 days ago

    I love lots of cheese on pizza

  • Cinzanita
    Cinzanita 7 days ago

    Burnt cheese.

  • N Saif
    N Saif 7 days ago

    Easy to watch hard to make

  • Pavan Kapoor
    Pavan Kapoor 7 days ago

    Can we do half with the same ratio

    • The Vegan Twins
      The Vegan Twins 7 days ago

      You can divide all the ingredients by half and it'll be the same dough, just half the size.

  • Jirayu Teerajaruwan
    Jirayu Teerajaruwan 7 days ago +2

    Am i high or the music sound like pornhub intro

  • mcdms
    mcdms 8 days ago

    I know 6 people that dont like pizza my parents and siblings some how im the only one that likes pizza so we dont have it often mainly once or twice a year 😥

  • Chainsaw Panda
    Chainsaw Panda 8 days ago

    Ive recently started adding italian seasoning to my home made pizza dough with so minced garlic. Garlic bread pizza dough is to die for when using more traditional toppings.

  • You Mr. Misses the joke

    Im just looking for some reviews

  • Fahad Arfi Khan
    Fahad Arfi Khan 8 days ago

    The voice is so satisfying and exotic

  • Jovan perez
    Jovan perez 8 days ago

    Can someone help me . I followed the recipe exactly, but my dough was very dense. Why did it happen,and how can I fix it? Thank you :)

  • Tanish Sharma
    Tanish Sharma 8 days ago

    I am eating burger.nonsense

  • Daniel Bannister
    Daniel Bannister 9 days ago

    As i watch this hungry with no food to eat or ingredients to make a pizza

  • Icewallowcome Reet
    Icewallowcome Reet 9 days ago

    By the time u start forming the dough I would already be done eating my pizza

  • Leticia Torres
    Leticia Torres 9 days ago +2

    @ 4:37 WHO ELSE thought she was gonna BURN herself when placing the pizza stone down after just seeing the frame where she puts the pizza stone in the oven to HEAT UP???
    Ps. Im writing/thinking this while high. 💀💨

    • Dolans Stan
      Dolans Stan 6 days ago

      Leticia Torres yeah I can tell you were high cos that makes no sense lmao obviously they were shot at different times when the pizza stone wasn’t hot

  • Kennoth
    Kennoth 9 days ago

    Ugh, Margherita.

  • Oofer Man
    Oofer Man 9 days ago

    The reason fast food places get less customers

  • ikke i bruk
    ikke i bruk 10 days ago

    So hungry😫🤤

  • Sümeyye Alıç
    Sümeyye Alıç 10 days ago

    I tried this, so rigid. I think, don't make this👎🏼👎🏼

  • David Parr
    David Parr 10 days ago

    God dammit Jerry Why Did You Have To Die

  • David Parr
    David Parr 10 days ago

    I don't believe you I don't believe you I don't believe you I don't believe you the best pizza I ever had was Domenico's Hawaiian Gardens California their chef Jerry for over 40 years he was incredible don't try to tell me another pizza is good I just won't believe you no I don't believe you

  • You Know Who
    You Know Who 10 days ago

    I followed the recipe to make the dough, but for some reason the dough turned out very sticky. I added extra flour to improve it. I’m curious if there’s some mistake on the amount of flour, water, etc. written on the recipe.

  • 100 subs please
    100 subs please 10 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • A Person
    A Person 10 days ago

    her voice pisses me off

  • TheBlackCubeGaming
    TheBlackCubeGaming 10 days ago +1

    *Hot water to activate the dried HEAST* I cringed when she said Heast instead of yeasts

  • Tai Koheen
    Tai Koheen 10 days ago

    Hate her voice

  • Watermelon Nuclear
    Watermelon Nuclear 11 days ago +1


  • Nehemiah Carroll
    Nehemiah Carroll 11 days ago

    Notice what that background music sound like at 4:45

  • InZo ­
    InZo ­ 11 days ago

    Her voice is better than her pizza