President Trump 'Fuming' Over Robert Mueller Probe Indictments, Report Says | The Last Word | MSNBC

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • President Donald Trump is reportedly fuming over the developments in the Mueller investigation and spoke to his lawyers multiple times today. Lawrence O'Donnell discusses with Ron Klain and Steve Schmidt.
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    President Trump 'Fuming' Over Robert Mueller Probe Indictments, Report Says | The Last Word | MSNBC

Comments • 1 003

  • bella50008
    bella50008 Month ago

    Lying Liberals ..Schmidt odonnel are chief

  • Shaun Sweeney
    Shaun Sweeney Month ago

    Muller Report in! No Russian Collusion! Hahe

  • Steevy Horton
    Steevy Horton 4 months ago

    Trump has a option , he can pardon everyone thats been indicted and give pre-pardons to anyone thats under suspicion. Lol

  • Annette Duval
    Annette Duval 5 months ago

    No one cares about the little toddler tirade expressing his disappointment over hearing it is nap time . Donny is Apeshit and in full King Kong /Mode For his Jungle Book Movie Trailer promotion .

    • Annette Duval
      Annette Duval 5 months ago

      The GOP Needs to OWN -THIS -DiSGRACE” You truly picked yourself a fruit from the forbidden Tree . The devil is a clever magician to have you always be victims of ample opportunist. / Bank all the lessons that you learn and eventually you will be rewarded for your interest 🎓📚. Just do not allow anyone the chance to trade in your newly earned dip-loma for a chance to bid on the big deal of the day for what awaits you behind that curtain could be yet another holagram for reason not to trust A stranger ..the games of illusion are best spent on the naive that are convinced they cannot be fooled. BEWARE🔮🐇👀🚨🎩

  • Truth Rainer
    Truth Rainer 7 months ago

    Well ya because you are misleading the people. Liar liar pants are on fire

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson 8 months ago

    Kids are dressing up as Freddie Kruger, how come, cause they don’t want to wear the trump mask !

  • Michael Patterson
    Michael Patterson 8 months ago

    Don’t let them all go, but get the cancer that’s eating away at this country, trump dumb trump dumb trump dumb, now that’s his kingdumb

  • karen peace
    karen peace 8 months ago

    these times will show which of us (whichever party we identify with) will retain a modicum of graciousness, and which will plunge headlong into a waterfall of hatred, revenge, and the black slime of sleaze. "These are the times that try mens souls".

  • Mike Harrell
    Mike Harrell 8 months ago

    MAGA 100%

  • Anne-Louise Brusey
    Anne-Louise Brusey 8 months ago

    Misspelt that. Meant "thank" God.

  • Anne-Louise Brusey
    Anne-Louise Brusey 8 months ago

    Stank god that grow not-ups are in charge. Mueller Time!

  • Rudy Hicks
    Rudy Hicks 8 months ago

    This is a disgusting photo. It shows an honorable man saluting a draft dodger.

  • chad Armstrong
    chad Armstrong Year ago

    Funny. Trump vindicated and the news still trying to make it real. Too funny

  • Oregon Cephaloproctic LLC

    The bad guys never surrendered Kim Philby, and those 13 Russians will never face charges. You people are so stupid.

  • Suzanne Reilman
    Suzanne Reilman Year ago

    MAGA...'Make Azzzzholes Go Away'!!!!!!!

  • micheal conley
    micheal conley Year ago

    lock um up trump and his crime family

  • michael patrick
    michael patrick Year ago

    Hang tight Mr. Trump seems Robert Mueller has some yesterday explaining yet heard. Like dealing with organized crime to bring you down. This whole case was a set up from the start. Even Obama's involved. Can the people not remember how convince Mr. Obama was that Mr. Trump would never become President. Naturally these sleaze bags had to have a contingency just in case they were wrong so they created this affair to fool the best. Remember in America everybody plays the fool. Can you dig what I'm saying. These people involving Robert Mueller bull crap investigation are criminally insane. They could not hardly reveal this months ago because it wouldn't fly.

  • Ziz Zazzy aka Poet Flows To You

    The title.... HAhaHAha😁😁😁

  • Dave Moore
    Dave Moore Year ago

    The US citizens are one unique pool of individuals! I've never seen such a race of idiots

  • Cettywise
    Cettywise Year ago

    It's cool, he can just pardon himself 😎

  • Iamno1 Noone
    Iamno1 Noone Year ago

    Cobb. Sucks Trump knob.

  • Tomas K
    Tomas K Year ago

    lol u guys for real Muelller is digging in 2013 security guards u think he doing that if he have something

  • Corporal Kush
    Corporal Kush Year ago

    stfu. this video is propaganda.

  • Andrew West
    Andrew West Year ago

    Moron Submissives-NBC. MSNBC is not authentic. Their Candidate lost (Hillary) so their response is to mislead the public. Priceless.

  • Maize The holographic corn

    Low morale can't be good for a work environment....

  • RedRiver2011
    RedRiver2011 Year ago

    I can't believe it is important news to report on T's mood...

  • louissay
    louissay Year ago

    Trump is ń Poes..

  • Marie Rose
    Marie Rose Year ago

    here are the kings of the idiots

  • Bill Hall
    Bill Hall Year ago

    Trump is not worried and you are full of it.

  • Boni Lou, Founder, TakingCareOfPeople

    Director of FBI was taking USA uranium to Russia for POTUS and Secretary Clinton in 2012

    • John Tobin
      John Tobin Year ago

      ...OK, time to take your meds again, Boni Lou!! What a string of nonsense you just typed!

  • James Doyle
    James Doyle Year ago


  • Cheshire Kat
    Cheshire Kat Year ago

    You can tell that Steve Schmitt was reading off of a teleprompter.


  • It be Coozen
    It be Coozen Year ago +1

    *reporter walks in the door
    (reporter): "Sir! we got a story about Trump!"
    (MSNBC): "well, what is it?"
    (reporter): "uhhh, trump has just sneezed..."
    *MSNBC reports that trump sneezed

  • M. M.
    M. M. Year ago

    Meanwhile, the Sinclair deal is going through.

  • Sondra Kaplan
    Sondra Kaplan Year ago +1

    Too bad mr thought you wanted this job and you had no idea what it was all about ......that is because you lack the ability to be a president accuse everyone for your lack of high intelligence

  • Jesse Jimenez
    Jesse Jimenez Year ago

    Cant wait to watch the documentaries about this in 10 years.

  • Quantum Moonbeam
    Quantum Moonbeam Year ago

    NONSENSE!!!! I recommend you find more reliable sources.

  • stop them
    stop them Year ago

    The PEDOS at the DNC are MELTING DOWN

  • Se Za
    Se Za Year ago

    and this reporter has severe mental issues, he's not telling you about. ok...i'll get some more info. tee hee

  • Se Za
    Se Za Year ago

    my God you people are truly stupid. Trump was clearly a Godsend to your MONEYHUNGRY CORRUPT NATION.

  • Dr. Wake-Up
    Dr. Wake-Up Year ago

    All who are against Trump are mental ill

  • Ronald a.g van G P

    You didn't learn nothing yet, or it must be how you show for all american people, what the best way is to dig your own grave with false news topics.
    You all can"t do a better Job , keep digging because there must fit a lot more people in that grave.

  • Rebecca Mobley
    Rebecca Mobley Year ago

    There it is “the reason I don’t watch MSNBC, they are idiots”

  • Acuna Matata
    Acuna Matata Year ago

    Mueller train is getting closer. Start packing

  • Brian Harding
    Brian Harding Year ago

    I find that 85% of what msnbc tells the people is exaggerated or flat out lie

    Loan TRAN-THANH Year ago

    And the proof of this administration's weird reaction will be to dig dirt on Mueller, in order to deflect again and again attention from Trump. I wonder why since everyone knows that Trump and co are a bunch of corrupt dudes, frauds. Those who contradict that general opinion just don't want to know and are willing to be blind to the truth.

  • terry walker
    terry walker Year ago

    lol Trumps going to be here for 7 more years! GET OVER IT FAKO NEWS!

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson Year ago

    Capone went down through the IRS ....Trump may well go the same way as Meuller follows the money

  • Rogue Perfumer
    Rogue Perfumer Year ago

    Robert Mueller, you also have had plenty of time to investigate that WATCH and you know exactly who sent it, so why aren’t they indicted? Instead you are milking my sister for free information and if you hurt her in any way, ............You are nothing but a GANGSTER CRIMINAL getting paid by bitcoins from the Illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are filthy rotten bottom feeding scum!!!!!!!!!!! You need to be in prison along with your gangster gang of criminals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Farmer
    Ben Farmer Year ago

    This is so fake

  • maurice alston
    maurice alston Year ago


  • Dennis Kloeth
    Dennis Kloeth Year ago

    The Paul Manafort case brings us closer to the fact that Trump Tower and the WH is filled with gangsters, liars and shady characters who need to be locked up permanently. What happened to the country we, non Americans, once looked up to.

  • liquidlight86
    liquidlight86 Year ago

    Trump supporters better start learning russian👌

  • Beard Bro
    Beard Bro Year ago +1

    No proof though! MSNBC mainstream nothing but crap.Trump is safe! But the Dnc and the Clinton foundation is guilty of collusion with the Russians.

  • Kelli Dean
    Kelli Dean Year ago +3

    I can't believe this us our govt.

  • Sysiphus Syziggy
    Sysiphus Syziggy Year ago


  • Preston Johnson
    Preston Johnson Year ago

    Uranium 1 deal. Lol I think that might be a lot worse then what you guys are worried about. 2nd does anyone remember how the pervert Anthony Weiner had to get fired for sexting kids? Haha what a joke the left is in a way much worse position this is what we call fake news and unbalanced.

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf Year ago +2

    How and why law enforcement hasn't caught up with Trump back in the 80s or 70s to begin with is amazing I want to know who he's been paying off this whole time and I want them all to sit in jail with him because you don't get to where he's been without by paying off lots of police and other entities like politicians

  • B6 schilke
    B6 schilke Year ago

    Don't forget that sneaky little nunes bastage. This is fargin war!

  • Seminole Nation
    Seminole Nation Year ago

    What we are witnessing with the Democratic Party, their media and their pathological voters is the collective emotional breakdown of a lost and defeated political ideology on its last breath, with no plan, no direction, and no clue. Enabled by the dishonest mainstream propagandists media, consumed by their hatred of Trump, and refusing to adjust to new realities, they lash out like petulant adolescent children demanding respect, but deserving none. They wallow in their vulgar diatribe; trapped in their echo chamber, telling each other how clever and righteous they are and what rubes those are who disagree with them while never taking a second to reflect on why they have actually lost over 1000 elections nationwide since 2010. Wearing their ignorance like a badge of honor for all the world to see, crying for impeachment because they lost and cant get over it and live their lives without being in misery, and all the while showing that these fools have learned nothing (and I mean nothing) from their historic unprecedented humiliating epic defeat in November 2016

  • Songs Mirth
    Songs Mirth Year ago +1

    The thing is Trump has cheated his way through life. He's a terrible business man. His Father bailed him out all the time. He got $200 million when he died and blew that. Almost all business deals he did would fall through later. Like him have three casinos who competed with each other. He lost all of them and wouldn't pay the contractors. He has over 3,400 law suits against him! look it up. He doesn't has any self-esteem because he knows deep down he's a looser. We need to boo him every where he goes! We need to boo him and throw Nerf balls at him and offer to pack his bags. No violence. He is NOT an Alpha like he thinks he is. That's what his talent is. Deluding himself. That's why he talks about, "big words." He's a traitor and he knows it. And now he's going to see his puppet master, the murderer Putin. Putin is already threatening people because he's setting himself into getting re-elected in their elections next year. Everyone in Russia knows he'll get it again. His own people are afraid of him because people have disappeared who oppose him. LOOK IT UP please. And now he's going to VC country to meet him. No matter what he says Putin wants to see Donald. For what reason I want to know. He owes Putin and the mob bosses in Russia tens of millions of dollars and I think Putin will tell him what he wants him to do in Vietnam to redeem that money. America has come to this. :( Songs

    • Seminole Nation
      Seminole Nation Year ago

      how many businesses have you started?
      his dad died in 1999 and anyone with half a brain knows he was success way before that.
      Six bankruptcies and he owns 600 businesses. Isnt that a 99% success rate? What is yours?

  • Edgy People Theater

    President Donald Trump goes ballistic and says indictments are fake. Threatens to give Papadopoulos a wedgy if he can get his hands on him.

    FUT GEEK Year ago +1

    Trump's administration have buried those files that officially prove that there is collusion soooooo deep that unfortunately the FBI will never find them....

    • FUT GEEK
      FUT GEEK Year ago

      Seminole Nathan them meeting is not illegal however it becomes illegal when they agree to destroy a political opponent or when Trump discloses private information to russia

    • Seminole Nation
      Seminole Nation Year ago

      FUT GEEK but remember meeting with Russians is not illegal. Even if Trump and Putin met face to face it's not illegal.
      People want tax cuts trade deals healthcare jobs.....this is a witch hunt. It's very embarrassing

    • FUT GEEK
      FUT GEEK Year ago

      Seminole Nathan I'm not a fan of hilary at all...I was actually for Trump but if there is even the tiniest of proof that there was collusion then I believe it should be shown and Trump and his team should pay the consequences in fairness to the american law and to the american people...if nothing is found then we can all continue on with our lives

    • Seminole Nation
      Seminole Nation Year ago

      FUT GEEK well yes Manafort did something wrong I agree and if true he should pay. But...He did it before he worked on campaign all except falsely filling out reports tax returns in 2016. I thought this was about Putin and trump teaming up and hacking DNC emails? You and media are moving the goal lost reaching for any tiny thing to go against the free and fair election even obama agreed with.

    • FUT GEEK
      FUT GEEK Year ago

      Seminole Nathan YES BUT MANAFORT IS PART OF TRUMP'S TEAM THEREFORE IF HE DID SOMETHING WRONG IT SEEMS PRETTY LOGICAL TO THINK THAT MAYBE JUST MAYBE TRUMP WAS INVOLVED IN THE STORY IN SOME WAY SEEING THAT HE IS THE "LEADER". Is what I'm saying really that absurd to you ? I understand you're trying to defend trump but think of it from a more open minded point of view. If two people do something than maybe the 3rd one did it too? It is a possibility. In a couple months when the truth comes out either you or I will be able to say : "I told you so"


    Someone please hid3 the codes

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez Year ago +1

    Trump for prison!!!!!

  • Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Ramirez Year ago +1


  • oh yeah!
    oh yeah! Year ago +1

    It is muller time!

  • Lucie Hunsel
    Lucie Hunsel Year ago +2

    Wait Trump gonna have the last laugh Wait and See

    • Seminole Nation
      Seminole Nation Year ago +1

      Lucie Hunsel yeah I realized that. My comment was directed at John Tobin the one that lives in hysteria who also commented on your comment.

    • Lucie Hunsel
      Lucie Hunsel Year ago +1

      +Seminole Nathan No Trump gonna have the last laugh because he knows they have nothing on him.that is what I am saying

    • Seminole Nation
      Seminole Nation Year ago

      Tell me in detail what exactly Trump did and point me to your evidence that proves it please. Tell me your very very very very best piece of evidence. Waiting......

    • John Tobin
      John Tobin Year ago +1

      "last laugh??"" This is not a "laughing" matter. That pathological liar colluded with a foreign adversary which was in the midst of attacking the US electoral system *at that very same time!* Benedict Arnold did far *less* than Dishonest Donald did!!

  • Muriel Williams
    Muriel Williams Year ago +6

    He couldn’t control the FBI what a pity 😂

  • HesteBremse
    HesteBremse Year ago +3

    It is rather weird that no one ever thinks about the perhaps obvious ties to Russia through Melania Trump - She is not Russian but Yugoslavian, which before it fell apart was under the U.S.S.R. - So surely many families and various relations in business might have kept connections or ties to Russia. And what would make more sense to the Trump campaign than to go to the Russians for getting an edge in the election campaign - If Trump truly is an outsider to the infiltrated and lobbied government system, then it would be hard for a personality like him to get any "hard hitting" help from those inside the system.
    More news media should not forget to talk about Motive - but medias are apparently scared of talking about motives even that they most of the time are only telling half truths or half lies anyway. The same happened with 9/11 - People are most of the time only discussing engineering issues and nearly nobody are discussing who would benefit from that disaster in the first place. Motives, Motives Motives and follow the money...

  • stopthecrazyguy
    stopthecrazyguy Year ago

    Mueller is doing his job! We have to do ours! This is going to come to nothing if Congress remains in GOP hands. They are obstructing justice. Republicans are aiding and abetting this criminal/traitorous administration. Democrats for Democracy 2018/2020.

  • Houston Yu
    Houston Yu Year ago

    fake news

  • Jeffrey Fisher
    Jeffrey Fisher Year ago

    Trump is like "So unfair! Nobody else holds me legally accountable. I get sued all of the time, and they always say I have to turn over documents, once I know what documents they are after I just shred them. Sure it is 'against the law' but nobody does anything about it. Taxes, paying taxes is for peasants, nobody can catch me. Paying contractors? Why would I want to pay a contractor when all they can do is sue me and I just shred the documents they need to hold me to it? But this guy Muller that the Democrats made the GOP appoint, he is going after me! Not fair!"

  • Dale Cox
    Dale Cox Year ago +1

    I miss Nixon. He was a crook, but he was sane.

  • James Frank
    James Frank Year ago

    I think his lawyers are probably starting to have resignation announcements drafted for stand-by. He's got to know that if Mueller gets his hands on all of Trump's financial records, he's going down.

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine Year ago

    Trump isn't so good

  • lola lou
    lola lou Year ago

    Trump is ging crazy...but he did it to himself!!

  • Bernadita Lemond
    Bernadita Lemond Year ago

    Amazing how quickly the left work to bring Pres Trump down, but not 8 years of Hillaryn' bill's, King Barack hussein obama' s crime and treason against Americans! Terrorist are bombing and killing us. Wake up you idiots left and right and do what you are elected to do. MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN! STOP THIS RUSSIA NONSENSE, GET IT?!! THE URANIUM, THE BILLIONS $$$$ TO IRAN, BENGHAZI, OBAMA BIRTHER. STOP!

  • Melody Fox
    Melody Fox Year ago

    Thanks for the insight, MSNBC... things that I knew, but it's still good (and refreshing) to hear such good news.
    In Justice I trust... (and, obviously, in Robert Mueller!)
    Melody Fox (aka the Princess of Rock)

  • Charles van der Hoog

    Apparently, Ron Klain has bever been with billionaires who control a corporation completely. In those self-created universes of absolute dictatorship, like Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump have, attacking someone makes that person untenable in their universe and will automatically lead to the removal or dismissal of that person. That is how it is functioning. It can function that way because the dictator has no need of anybody - at least in his mind. So what is happeneing to DT now, is completely incomprehensible to him. He has never ever experienced anything remotely like this, i.e. people not going away when he wants them to, people not being weakend when he attacks them, people not wanting to believe what he says. 70 years of being surrounded by pamperers, sycophants, sweet talking free-loaders and cowed employees does that to you. I bet Rupert Murdoch also thinks, exactly like DT does, that he is brilliant and better than anybody else on this planet. It is unavoidable. Therefore I want to be a billionaire myself. Seems like fun to be able to do anything you want without even the remotest possibility of harm to oneself, regardless,, wouldn't it? Of course NOT! It is no fun at all unless you make yourself more aware and more sane than others, commensurate with your wealth. ANd that is what those people never do. I know of only one who did. What happens when you are a billionaire surrounded by yes-men is that you become a crazy old fool, like Murdoch, like Trump, like Mercer, like Koch. All of these people irritate themselves immensely EVERY morning and all through the day. And that is no fun at all.

  • John HAHN SR
    John HAHN SR Year ago

    Trump taken with sons in handcuffs from the White house next! The net closes. The two caged Canaries will sing! Treason.

  • Gregor Hast
    Gregor Hast Year ago

    I guess, you haven't understand, the whole Russian story is only a fairy tale of the democrats to explain their big defeat. The Democrats come up with big steps but there is nothing behind.

  • Young King
    Young King Year ago

    WOW, his fake news claims are closing in on him quickly....

  • Young King
    Young King Year ago

    IF he has nothing to hide then why is he so angry? This makes no sense because an innocent man would have nothing to fear and wouldn't care one way or another, but he does. It speaks VOLUMES on its face...

  • karl ashraf
    karl ashraf Year ago

    republican party are no longer Americans they are traitors to the usa. most of then should be beaten with a stick. tared and feathered.

  • Darryl Peterson
    Darryl Peterson Year ago

    Total failure dumbest person n oval office

  • The Outlier
    The Outlier Year ago

    Couldn't you hear Trump singing this carol soon - On the first day of Christmas the special prosecutor gave to me an ankle bracelet in a pear tree. This administration seems to be, by far, the most corrupt that we've ever seen. How can organized religion keep backing this horse?

  • aa5a9ak
    aa5a9ak Year ago

    Melanie might just wind up with all the money and her freedom.

  • Spkr4The Dead
    Spkr4The Dead Year ago

    Didn't Trump keep Manafort for five months even after he knew Manafort was under Criminal Investigation?
    Didn't Trump continue employing Manafort even after 40 GOP Senators had fired him?
    Didn't Trump pay Manafort and his family Millions of dollars?
    Didn't' Law Enforce find several smashed hard drives in Manafort home?
    Didn't Manafort steal 1,000"s of dollars of computer equipment from House members?
    Didn't Trump, only Fire Manafort after Manafort was Arrested, attempting to Flee the Country?
    My bad, I'm getting scandals confused. That was Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Imran Awan

  • byteresistor
    byteresistor Year ago

    MAGA = Many Are Getting Arrested

  • Zephnia Mukwa
    Zephnia Mukwa Year ago

    IF the USA Constitution is just a piece of paper for TRUMP then THE DEVIL can easily go in and COLLECT D.TRUMP and his TRUMPOIDS.

  • ICU4life !!!!
    ICU4life !!!! Year ago

    I cant wait for American Greed to tell this story or maybe the dumbest crooks either way this is going to a juicy story.

  • Jason Hartzog
    Jason Hartzog Year ago

    This is fake news lol. He's excited each day there's a new victory. No charges against DJT.

  • Juan Ocasio
    Juan Ocasio Year ago

    it's just me, but the guy at the end who says thanks for watching... did he say, hit Subscribe or just Blow me? lmao...

  • Th33Vultur3
    Th33Vultur3 Year ago

    MAGA- Morons Are Governing America

  • mm California
    mm California Year ago +1

    Lol, Desperation looks natural on MSNBC. This outlet is factless, pathetic propaganda.

  • Tru metalhead on Maui ey

    The Fratboy in Chief should be mad.He,s been put on notice by Mueller.Two of his foot soldiers went down, and that,s just the opening act.Wait til the headliner hits tne stage.

  • Peacecraft117
    Peacecraft117 Year ago

    Trump you’re going to jail boi

  • C0TK22 Gr8
    C0TK22 Gr8 Year ago

    You know this is all Obama's fault right? 😙