Myles Garrett hits Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet, a breakdown

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
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Comments • 2 716

  • Elias Gonzalez
    Elias Gonzalez Day ago

    You victimise rueolph ad he esa the starter

  • Brandon Benton
    Brandon Benton Day ago

    The way he said bitch I’m Screaming right now 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️bitch

  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike 4 days ago


  • Purple Strike
    Purple Strike 4 days ago


  • A Collins
    A Collins 4 days ago +3

    this commentary.... 😂😂😂

  • blp1884
    blp1884 5 days ago

    Fk number 2 tried to pull dudes helmet off then kicked the guy in the nuts

  • tweetybird1997x3
    tweetybird1997x3 5 days ago

    So it fines a huge problem that Rudolph got hit with a helmet but kicking trying to Miles Garrett in the head is perfectly fine..... That exactly what he gets he started a fight he couldn't finish and tried to play victim after he got hit, as a quarterback you should know that people are going to do what they can to get you out the game but Rudolph wants to act like he's never played football before. His momma should have told him "don't let your mouth cash a check that your butt can't handle".

  • xeries
    xeries 6 days ago

    Rudolph’s a pussy

  • Juan Paguada
    Juan Paguada 8 days ago

    Commentary was amazing 😂

  • Love Steelers
    Love Steelers 9 days ago

    Suck it Myles Garrett and brownies trash fans!
    Steelers ended your season!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo Blanco 9 days ago

    Mason ran after him like a little brother when the big brother takes their Gameboy and holds it above their head 🤣😭

  • Zach Young
    Zach Young 9 days ago

    They both shoulda been suspended

  • Denny pad
    Denny pad 9 days ago

    He must've said something about his mama!

  • ToxicViper
    ToxicViper 9 days ago

    Mason clearly is trying to take his helmet off first

  • Tommy Veee
    Tommy Veee 10 days ago +6

    The commentating on the missed punches was hilarious LOLOL

  • DONI ツ
    DONI ツ 11 days ago

    I played box lacrosse with a guy who did this same move when I was younger and it was fucking glorious. If they suspend this guy, football is officially a pussy spot.

  • E. Asinus
    E. Asinus 11 days ago

    Do football helmets not come off easy from grabbng the mask and twisting? Why did no one grab dudes mask and try to twist his head off?

  • Rubber Duckie
    Rubber Duckie 12 days ago

    It's stupid that Garrett got banned but Rudolph got off with nothing

  • Trent Brown
    Trent Brown 12 days ago

    Pousey fuck Garrett up

  • Taylor Hill
    Taylor Hill 13 days ago

    Brown's you won but at what cost

  • Emanuel H.
    Emanuel H. 13 days ago

    I love this commentary. Best out there

  • Mason Seagraves
    Mason Seagraves 13 days ago

    Why did David Decastro get fined. He literally stopped Myles Garrett from killing Mason Rudolph.

  • bobby cvSixFour
    bobby cvSixFour 13 days ago

    KICK HIM OUT FOREVER and I love the commentary, all the cussing and explaination, HILARIOUS. This is what TV is missing.

  • Keagan Standifer
    Keagan Standifer 14 days ago

    Joe Thornton already said its a "no helmet party"

  • mmatrainee
    mmatrainee 14 days ago

    I was bummed this was so long, but your commentary left me wanting more.

  • ran g
    ran g 14 days ago

    1st KO by Earl Thomas
    2nd Garett Helmet to head
    3rd Week 12 benching
    Rudolph saying Big Ben you can hav u mthr funk'n job back

  • lizardywizard
    lizardywizard 14 days ago

    The world is laughing at you America.

  • yeahsure1234
    yeahsure1234 14 days ago

    You want your helmet back punk? I got your helmet right here ..............whappppp!

  • Tassieguru
    Tassieguru 15 days ago

    Gday From Australia, Your a funny bugger just Subbed because of this video love it ;)

  • Kevin Weekes
    Kevin Weekes 15 days ago

    Both are equally culpable in my opinion.
    Garrett cradles Rudolph and throws him into the ground.... Wrong!
    Rudolph grabs Garrett's helmet, gets it half way off then kicks him in the groin! Wrong!
    Garrett takes of Rudolph's helmet.... Wrong!
    No. 66 from the Steelers manages to part the 2 combatants... Right!
    Rudolph then chases after a partially restrained Garrett and gets clobbered in the head... Both wrong!
    Most people are dealing with only the final hit not all the actions from both parties that lead up to that point!

  • Example Name
    Example Name 15 days ago +1

    Bruh it’s been a rough fucking season for Rudolph haha

  • Venture Ads
    Venture Ads 15 days ago +1

    He wasn't trying to hit him with the helmet, he was trying to put it back on LOL

  • geotechms
    geotechms 15 days ago

    Well you gotta admit, he did the shovel pass.

  • Jthrillz 728
    Jthrillz 728 15 days ago

    The Steelers shouldn't suck so much. Maybe he wouldn't of been so friendly with his tackles.

  • Miles Roberts
    Miles Roberts 15 days ago

    Pouncey was 0 for 4 with his punches🤦‍♂️

  • Michael DeMile
    Michael DeMile 15 days ago

    Dawg your actually funny🤣🤣

  • STAN3066
    STAN3066 15 days ago

    mason HELMET HEAD rudolph....mason CTE NOT EVEN PLAYING FOOTBALL rudolph.....mason HEAD BANGER rudolph.....fuck when they took mason rudolphs face mask off that one game......shit, he looked like a straight retarted special ed guy at mcdonalds.....MASON!!!!!! HELLO!!!!!MASON!!!! YOU THERE???!!!! mason don’t be a drunk tough guy....don’t think your badass and can still beat someone up who has a weapon....and you need to save brain cells and money, cause your not a very good’s sad cause i’m chinese just like you, and this is unbearable to watch

  • filipinowhiteboy
    filipinowhiteboy 15 days ago

    Urinating Tree was right; Even when the Browns win, they lose.

  • Mark Hammond
    Mark Hammond 16 days ago

    Mason Rudolph didn't do nothing illegal or egregious while the other guy used a deadly weapon that outside of sports you would be arrested on the spot. But I still think he deserved a game for trying to rip his helmet off.

  • Mark Hammond
    Mark Hammond 16 days ago

    People trying to say that Rudolph started the fight when only a few seconds left in the game and the games already over and you sack somebody Hard then take them down to the ground hard. That person would be the one that started the fight. Cuz if he doesn't do that there's no incident at all. Then the liar comes out and says that he called him a racist comment which has already been debunked.

  • Supreme Malik
    Supreme Malik 16 days ago

    This dude made this funny as fuck😂😂😂

  • Chad Chadson
    Chad Chadson 16 days ago

    what you get for being a racist

  • Adam Honesty and decency
    Adam Honesty and decency 16 days ago +2

    And now Garrett is accusing him of using a racial slur.

  • Tobey Foster
    Tobey Foster 16 days ago

    He deserved it

  • Folkway Lodge
    Folkway Lodge 16 days ago

    Foul language warning, no class

  • Dindoo Nuffin
    Dindoo Nuffin 16 days ago

    You can take the boy out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the boy. For any amount of money. This is basically the only minute of NFL I've watched in the last 20 years. Yawn.

  • thomas greeno
    thomas greeno 16 days ago

    Doesnt look that bad after seeing. Could've been way worse

  • Smeagol 262
    Smeagol 262 16 days ago

    0:38 Myles Garret is kicked by Rudolph with a cleet in the balls.

  • whutzat
    whutzat 16 days ago +1

    Poor Pouncey tried so hard!

  • Gio M.
    Gio M. 16 days ago


  • Glenn Knauer
    Glenn Knauer 16 days ago +23

    He tried the "he called me a n word" defense. Is buds with jussie smollet?

    • Adam Honesty and decency
      Adam Honesty and decency 13 days ago +2

      OG Giggs Apparently, he’s now saying that he wanted to keep it low key to stop from hurting the league. Hard to believe. How could he be thinking that clearly when he was so enraged?

    • 2mops 420
      2mops 420 13 days ago

      this is dawg pound country lol

    • OG Giggs
      OG Giggs 15 days ago +3

      @Adam Honesty and decency Yeah even if it was a lie, it didn't get carried with the story at all and largely doesn't matter in public opinion. I doubt Garrett was "holding back" the fact that he called him a nigger if he really did. Probably would be the only way to save face, if it really happened.

    • Adam Honesty and decency
      Adam Honesty and decency 16 days ago +4

      Glenn Knauer If he did, why did Garett wait so long to mention it? And why didn’t anyone else hear it?

  • Fortune and glory.
    Fortune and glory. 16 days ago +1

    Garrett is a liar and a cowardly thug. Simple.
    ... and Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • dan haselkamp
    dan haselkamp 17 days ago +3

    Loose your temper and throw a tantrum = loss of career........ smooth move

  • William Stewart
    William Stewart 17 days ago +3

    The white guy got the highest fine AND a concussion...that seems fair, right?

    • DenalPvP
      DenalPvP 15 days ago +1

      BMK500 he flipped out that way for a reason. Dude it’s 3rd and 29. There is 8 seconds left in a game that you already won. Was it really necessary to late hit the dude? You can make the argument that it wasn’t a late hit. But did he really have to wrestle him to the ground after hitting him. It’s just unnecessary man. I get it if it’s like 21-20 or something but it’s 21-9.

    • BMK500
      BMK500 15 days ago +1

      DenalPvP that kinda hit happens all the time and the worst that usually comes of it is 15 yards and a first down. (Or maybe not with the inconsistency that is refball)
      When’s the last time you saw a QB flip out over that and try to take another dudes helmet off?

    • DenalPvP
      DenalPvP 15 days ago +1

      BMK500 he didn’t start it? Myles started it with the late hit and then wrestling him to the ground. No need for that when there was 8 seconds left in a game they already won. Still nothing justifies ripping off the dudes helmet and then hitting him in the head with it.

    • BMK500
      BMK500 15 days ago +2

      A) considering he started the whole thing he got off lightly
      B) the Steelers probably would be better off if he *was* suspended

    • DenalPvP
      DenalPvP 16 days ago +1

      William Stewart Myles pulled the race card. Are you surprised?

  • Coldedge
    Coldedge 17 days ago +7

    The fines are officially out now and the guy who got an helmet slammed into his head got fined more than the person who did it.

    • Liam Logan
      Liam Logan 4 days ago

      Are you dumbasses gonna use their names or what?

    • Trey Curet
      Trey Curet 14 days ago +3

      @Coldedge "I _tried_ to stab her but she beat the shit out of me first, judge! She's the villain!"
      Intent matters, retard.

    • Big Dropper
      Big Dropper 14 days ago

      @Coldedge lol he doesn't just call him an idiot... He tried to take his helmet off... Then once he got his helmet ripped off he still went forward and tried to attack the man... He could've just walked away but didn't he went at him...again! That previous comment is not relatable at all

    • Coldedge
      Coldedge 14 days ago

      Is not about artificial rules agreed on by a group of old men, but what is right. If e.g. someone called you an idiot that doesn't justify punching him in the face. There are levels lol.

    • Big Dropper
      Big Dropper 14 days ago +2

      @Coldedge if this is your response you don't know much about the rules of the NFL. They got it right. He deserved to get fined more. Bottom line

  • Dave Best
    Dave Best 17 days ago +1

    GREAT REPLAY... THE RIVALRY IS BACK!!! Rudolph has really nice hair. Something wild like this should happen in all the Browns Steelers games... what pussies the NFL Playas are who say this is soo bad.

  • My
    My 17 days ago +1

    Cant sack me know fuckers

  • Hionconsumption
    Hionconsumption 17 days ago +1

    Ban Myles from the NFL

  • Laura Bradford
    Laura Bradford 17 days ago +1

    Got your helmet I'll hit you with your helmet!

  • Rob K.
    Rob K. 17 days ago +1

    I guess bitch is considered a racial slur now....