12 Craziest Foods at the LA County Fair!


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  • Loli Gamal
    Loli Gamal 8 hours ago

    You take the cucumber and piclet

  • Caylen Copley
    Caylen Copley 21 hour ago

    Thats what u get ehen city girls see deep fried frog legs

  • Ally Hatter
    Ally Hatter Day ago

    I don’t like the texture of
    The coconut...

  • Iced coffee Addict

    A person: Hey what do you want to eat?
    Erin: I’m FrOm tHe sOuTh!
    (Not tryna be rude)

  • Beyond 19
    Beyond 19 Day ago

    No I hate coconut 🥥 🤢🤮

  • gabby apodaca
    gabby apodaca Day ago

    "i honestly think that, theres TOO much avacado" "ITS A FRIED AVOCADO ARRON!" XDDDD

  • xrainbowmintx
    xrainbowmintx 3 days ago

    The girl with the red hair- Erin, was it? I love her, she's so real haha!! XD

  • Athena Lauren
    Athena Lauren 3 days ago

    Pickles are Cucumbers in Vinegar.

  • Kimag
    Kimag 4 days ago

    I lost my car at the fair too.... it took us 10 minutes to find it 😂😂

  • Missa Ellis
    Missa Ellis 4 days ago

    Omg I’m from the south too and we eat frog legs all the time😂

  • Molly Ndjarakana
    Molly Ndjarakana 4 days ago


  • Avalyn Belcher
    Avalyn Belcher 4 days ago +1

    I love how it says foodS and the thumbnail only shows donuts 😂😂❤️

  • Rim Abdallah
    Rim Abdallah 4 days ago

    Pickles are cucumber

  • Lauren Loves
    Lauren Loves 5 days ago +1

    Pickles are cucumbers soaked in vinegar

  • Allyson Lopez
    Allyson Lopez 5 days ago

    I loveee girl scout cookies !!!!!!!!!

  • Imsupremem Plays fortnite


  • Awesome Aimee
    Awesome Aimee 6 days ago

    At 6:02 I thought they should make another riverdale video of them dressing up because this girl would make a great Toni and if you do end up making it. PLEASE MAKE HIM JUGHEAD

  • Cärol Ojala
    Cärol Ojala 6 days ago


  • Haley Harrynam
    Haley Harrynam 8 days ago


  • Kerstin Claire
    Kerstin Claire 8 days ago

    I've never been this offended by food.

  • Jessica Collins
    Jessica Collins 8 days ago

    Pickles are obviously made from cucumbers ladies lol!!!

  • sickooo modeee
    sickooo modeee 8 days ago

    I love COCONUT!!!!

  • Evie Mae
    Evie Mae 9 days ago

    I like coconut but it’s not my favourite

  • _Kaylee_mae_
    _Kaylee_mae_ 9 days ago

    “Thunder Thighsssss” 😂💀

  • _Kaylee_mae_
    _Kaylee_mae_ 9 days ago

    I love frog legs oh my gosh!!

  • Galaxya _ gotcha
    Galaxya _ gotcha 9 days ago

    No it’s probably a long time but a big cucumber guy in the little bit smaller cucumber girl make a little baby pickle

  • Dana Liddiard
    Dana Liddiard 10 days ago

    No one:

  • James Her
    James Her 10 days ago

    Me to and I am a gir scout

  • Evie Walling
    Evie Walling 10 days ago

    My fairs food is INSAINE but I live in Oklahoma so what can you expect? Hahaha

  • angieabsher
    angieabsher 10 days ago

    Cucumbers +pickling seasoning +vinegar🥒

  • Noor Ali Hassanzada
    Noor Ali Hassanzada 11 days ago

    I can't wait for I'm from the south tshirts

  • Lauryn Scott
    Lauryn Scott 11 days ago

    The people disliked the video because there screen switched upside down and they thought that they liked it

  • Victoria Loza
    Victoria Loza 11 days ago

    For my mom Newegg job panic

  • Victoria Loza
    Victoria Loza 11 days ago

    I went there

  • Grace He
    Grace He 12 days ago

    So no ones gonna talk about the ending?

  • GridFuse
    GridFuse 12 days ago

    Pickles are cucumbers that have been in a little bath of salt and water.

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki 12 days ago

    Thier pickled cucumbers

  • maruko sigrah
    maruko sigrah 12 days ago

    Im an islander and i haaate coconut

  • LaDonya Green
    LaDonya Green 13 days ago

    8:47 "in the south if its in the yard and it's something we can kill we eat it"😂 why is that so true

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson 13 days ago

    pickles are just cucumbers soaked in vineager

  • Kennedy
    Kennedy 14 days ago

    It is a fermented cucumber! Pickles are my favourite food

  • violet the dog valinteen

    Pickles are pickled cucumbers

  • Unicorn lover 95
    Unicorn lover 95 15 days ago

    ILOVE 🥥

  • Livi Brynn
    Livi Brynn 16 days ago

    this is america

  • Kandy Harlequin
    Kandy Harlequin 17 days ago

    Omg that song again 😍 anyone know what the song at the start is? Much appreciated ☺️

  • Abigail Lawry
    Abigail Lawry 17 days ago +1

    I lOVE coconut

  • Nadia Hashem
    Nadia Hashem 17 days ago

    I hate coconut

  • xRebecckahx
    xRebecckahx 17 days ago

    Erin just completely ignored the whip cream falling through the donut 😂😂

  • Lily
    Lily 19 days ago

    My names lily and I have two sisters called Lauren and Erin wtf

  • Michael An
    Michael An 19 days ago

    Hi, Michael c0nankj

  • Eden Reid
    Eden Reid 20 days ago

    Hi guys let's just know that u are killing me with all that food and I really want to jump through the screen and mmmmmmmmm

  • Nathan Wynn
    Nathan Wynn 20 days ago

    I love coconut

  • Sherry Harvey
    Sherry Harvey 21 day ago

    Taste tastic

  • Angy’s Life
    Angy’s Life 21 day ago

    I don’t think we’re I live we have a fair

  • Hilary Doria
    Hilary Doria 21 day ago

    Pickles are cucumbers in vinegar

  • wolf gril
    wolf gril 22 days ago

    I like coconut but not like the shavings I only like drinks that are made out of coconut

  • Speedy Beetle
    Speedy Beetle 22 days ago

    A pickle is a fermented cucumber in vinegar water salt...

  • Ashlyn Neufeld
    Ashlyn Neufeld 23 days ago

    Pickles are made with a smaller type of cucumber, and soaked in a vinegar brine with dill and salt, or what ever seasonings you prefer. You put them in jars and can them so they’re fresh when you eat them!

  • tyler pedersen
    tyler pedersen 23 days ago

    They probably all threw up after this video.

  • Gracelyn Fox
    Gracelyn Fox 23 days ago

    I’m allergic to coconut and all my friends Tripp that I am😂

  • Alexa Ostrowski
    Alexa Ostrowski 23 days ago

    A pickle is a cucumber soaked in some kind of juice

  • Scenic Gaming
    Scenic Gaming 24 days ago

    This makes me want to go to the fair right now oh yeah too bad it’s 730 at night where I live and there’s no fair I’m sad

  • Jodi Trueman
    Jodi Trueman 24 days ago

    What I love is that in America it doesn’t matter how old you are because you can go to so many cool events and act like a child at a fair whereas in England we stop doing things that that as a teenager and just stay at home in bed with Netflix

  • IzzDizz
    IzzDizz 24 days ago

    I don’t know the origin of pickles but I know the origin of ketchup it was popularized in the late 1700 and it was made out of fermented fish guts

  • Dana Hemdan
    Dana Hemdan 24 days ago

    i hate the taste of coconut and i hate the smell of coconut plus if you give me something with coconut in it i will know if it has coconut in it cause i can smell cocnut like a mile away or something but oh well coconut is the worst thing ever "puke puke" that's how much i hate coconut

  • Alicia Wilson
    Alicia Wilson 24 days ago

    I Love food to

  • Keira Despins
    Keira Despins 25 days ago +1

    Pickles are cucumbers put into dill

  • Anniken Andreassen
    Anniken Andreassen 25 days ago

    You shoud try more food❤️ love to see when you do that

  • Rebecca Mill
    Rebecca Mill 25 days ago

    It’S a FriEd aVaCadO eRiN

  • Natalie Phillips
    Natalie Phillips 27 days ago

    Pickles start off as small cucumbers and then they stick them in vinegar for a while and that’s how you make pickles

  • trin Console
    trin Console 27 days ago

    I just got my tonsils out and I'm just watching u guys eat food and I can't😂😂😂

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia 27 days ago

    They are pickled cucumbers

  • Monica Cruz
    Monica Cruz 27 days ago

    I am a Girl Scout

  • Koiora Aperahama
    Koiora Aperahama 27 days ago

    I don't like coconut

  • Opal Butler
    Opal Butler 27 days ago

    Omg Lilly has lost SO much weight!

  • Jocelyn Pacheco
    Jocelyn Pacheco 28 days ago

    I don’t like coconut either

  • miquala and venEEzia
    miquala and venEEzia 28 days ago

    I’m on a diet so I’m living through them

  • this is me
    this is me 29 days ago +1

    A pickle is a cucumber with salt and vinegar that's it and I think they just leave it in salt and vinegar so it can get its taste all through it and I love pickles so much they are soooooo good 😍😘🤩🤗

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood Month ago


  • Keke Green
    Keke Green Month ago

    3:30-3:36 yes ma'am 😣😂

  • Hareem Mubasghir
    Hareem Mubasghir Month ago

    I don’t like Coconut 😂

  • Princess.Minnie
    Princess.Minnie Month ago

    My mom makes orea cookies in a brownie

  • Danasia Bullock
    Danasia Bullock Month ago

    You know there's deep fried watermelon there to right ?

  • Sonya Bondarets
    Sonya Bondarets Month ago

    Also streaks sugar

  • Sonya Bondarets
    Sonya Bondarets Month ago

    Yes pickle have tons of salt because it was made with a brine and brine it like spices and salt

  • Susanne Weinzierl
    Susanne Weinzierl Month ago


  • Jessica Troyer
    Jessica Troyer Month ago

    Pickles are cucumbers soaked in vinegar and something else for a few days.

  • Peyton Stazel
    Peyton Stazel Month ago

    I feel offended I Am a Girl Scout

  • ርસ૯ᄁվ
    ርસ૯ᄁվ Month ago

    Boys/girls if you wanna please a girl always get them food

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson Month ago

    Pickles are cucumbers 🥒

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago

    I'm watching this while scarfing down Oreos.

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson Month ago

    I love coconut 🥥!

  • Mariana Reyes
    Mariana Reyes Month ago

    can't tell if she's from the south or not...hmm?

  • Mimi D
    Mimi D Month ago +1

    favorite video omggg

  • anne burke
    anne burke Month ago

    Pickles are cucumber in viniger

  • Orli Goldenberg
    Orli Goldenberg Month ago

    I love fried Oreos

  • TheOffixial Dave Lopez


  • Leslie Campbell
    Leslie Campbell Month ago +14


    Erin: “ i’M fROm tHe SoUTh”

  • Ava Woodell
    Ava Woodell Month ago +1

    A pickle is a cucumber that has sat in vinegar for a LONGGGG time

  • Jennifer Castro
    Jennifer Castro Month ago

    Pickles are cucumber with white vinegar