Inside The Awesome New VW Camper "California"

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • We love the new VW Camper! Oddly enough, it's called the "California," even though it won't be sold in America. Come on, VW! What gives? Sell that beauty over here!
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Comments • 5 404

  • Jalopnik
    Jalopnik  3 months ago +45

    You may not be able to have a VW 'California' in the US but check out what it actually takes to legally import a car over:

    • Shed dweller
      Shed dweller 6 days ago

      These are cool but for the same money you could buy a brand new 7 berth motorhome complete with drop down electric bed, rear bunk beds, oven,hob, shower, WC, solar panel, TV, gas/electric central heating, bike rack and enough storage to take everything you need to live off-grid for extended periods...

    • Yilun Mao
      Yilun Mao 14 days ago

      Simon Ci what if there is always raining and not enough sunlight

    • terry j. Chiasson
      terry j. Chiasson 17 days ago

      do you just pull up to a sidewalk in LA and crap what a name .

    • clu4u
      clu4u 23 days ago

      Simon Ci, just stop all the fukin nonsense, it will NEVER work even if you recapture 100% on your puny panels. You need more than a house sized solar system. I have a Tesla and soon to get solar panels, so I’ve looked into it a bit.

    • Adawg 303
      Adawg 303 Month ago +1

      Simon Ci and if you can’t afford petrol I doubt u can afford to even build a solar rig would be smart to use solar for air conditioning and heat but electric motors have their drawbacks when it comes to malfunctions and overheating is gonna be the main issue on something that weighs over 5 tons

  • Abhi naV
    Abhi naV Day ago +1


  • Loudrock
    Loudrock Day ago

    The California, overly expensive, smells like shit, doesn't work and is most likely illegal.

  • Sanel Šabanovič
    Sanel Šabanovič 2 days ago

    For dumb people with out any taste and exsperiance.
    For that price tag you get bether, biger and bether price holder on old age RW.

  • Ron
    Ron 2 days ago

    i love jewish humor


    With this rough handling i believe that VW camper will break down in a week, not inclusive of the engine itself. Its already proven cos he has dirty the floor the moment he step inside lol! Well in australia i already made my choice what motorhome i wanted to buy. So Sorry VW I had to struck you off the list.

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez 3 days ago

    The VW California eh? Does it come standard with a turd on the dash to make you feel as if you where really there?

  • michael chilner
    michael chilner 3 days ago

    McLovin of VW intros.....

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 3 days ago

    I want one as my daily driver! If it were a toyota

  • {Yasenia}
    {Yasenia} 4 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with VW? So many people like those vans. When I asked about it at my local VW dealer the sales man told me that he gets asked for these vans a lot. Perhaps the German are losing their ability to make money. Either that or the legal requirements to legalize it for sale in the US is too restrictive and expensive.

  • jupiterdome montbell


  • Julio Serna
    Julio Serna 4 days ago

    Hey !!! But remember to bring the mechanic with you !!

  • Chris DiGiuseppe
    Chris DiGiuseppe 4 days ago

    I'd take a 96 E350 on a 4x4 frame any day over this POS. A 20 year old Honda Odyssey looks like it has more balls, jfc

  • aLLsTaR*617*
    aLLsTaR*617* 4 days ago

    Very kool

  • Karl Childers
    Karl Childers 5 days ago

    well you don't look great, and we didn't need to know you came out of the closet.

  • k 5
    k 5 5 days ago

    1:32 that statement is shorta wrong

  • Ryan Hamblin
    Ryan Hamblin 5 days ago

    Rape van on fleeeeek!

  • Qwerty Y
    Qwerty Y 5 days ago

    Reminds me of the classic VW camper..

  • Kathleen Newman
    Kathleen Newman 5 days ago +1

    I'm very impressed. Thank you for sharing.

  • Feruz Yoldash
    Feruz Yoldash 5 days ago

    legalize 'em

  • Leopoldo Petrieska
    Leopoldo Petrieska 5 days ago

    you come across as a fun dude jason

  • Witchy Woman
    Witchy Woman 6 days ago +1

    This is exactly what my hubby and I have been looking for for our beach bumming trips ! To hell with expensive hotels and nasty-ass motels!
    I love this so much !

  • Eric Caminero
    Eric Caminero 6 days ago

    VW got jokes

  • Tom Ciaccio
    Tom Ciaccio 6 days ago

    Deprived things? Such as?

  • Healthy Living and Other Things

    Oh WOW, German engineering is so cool...I LOVE IT..I WANT IT

  • L. F.
    L. F. 6 days ago

    Not interested in the ID Buzz Volkswagon. Just bring this campervan to the U.S. - this is what people want for fun and lots of them. Have you noticed the whole van living thing, let alone all of us baby boomers who want to travel in a van like this for years and years. There isn't this kind of van available now to us. Market wide open for you!!!

  • tgwoolshire
    tgwoolshire 7 days ago

    California the name are now on the pos list!!! 😆😆😆..
    Jason, are you a sissy???..Sure sounds like it!!!!!

  • StuTheBru me
    StuTheBru me 7 days ago

    get the feeling all them plastic bit will break,,a car isant for 1 year,its for 20

  • Jimmy Dijkhoff
    Jimmy Dijkhoff 7 days ago

    Love this and the color

  • Rob R
    Rob R 7 days ago

    So much room for activities

  • Pigeon Trump
    Pigeon Trump 7 days ago

    You can stow a few illegal immigrants in that closet. Lol

  • Irvan Hutajulu
    Irvan Hutajulu 7 days ago


  • Joel Osteen Fan
    Joel Osteen Fan 7 days ago

    Too many deaths on the road to drive anymore. Im done driving for the rest of my life.

  • Jim Grow
    Jim Grow 7 days ago

    Very impressive !!!!

  • Николай Тимофеев

    Смешной мужичек

  • brian thomaston
    brian thomaston 8 days ago +1

    As a vw owner, good luck on that roof motor working passed the loan of the vehicle.

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 6 days ago

      I know, that motor was straining just trying to move fresh clean mechinism.
      I had an '86 Toyota can for 30 years , everything still worked fine.
      The moonroof motor purred happily opening up half the roof.
      A drunk girl crashed into while minding it's own business parked out front one night at 3am.

  • Happy More Cowbell
    Happy More Cowbell 8 days ago

    That's a stove, not an oven lol

  • Diana Balto
    Diana Balto 8 days ago

    bah is not sold in the US

  • Ankerouky
    Ankerouky 9 days ago

    Thanks for an elaborate explanation!

  • Elois Deleon
    Elois Deleon 9 days ago

    I love the VW Camper California, its an Amazing van with Incredible features, like a home on wheels lol.
    Also thank you for giving a gran tour on its
    Thumbs up.
    Question? Is it All Wheel Drive?

  • Angus Osbòrne
    Angus Osbòrne 10 days ago

    Cool vehicle. Some assembly required. I wonder if it was designed by Ikea?

  • stiffller russell
    stiffller russell 11 days ago

    65k in the uk basic no thanks

  • MotoBandit ZA
    MotoBandit ZA 11 days ago

    Its beautiful but for 1 000 000 ZAR i can buy a house for that, or buy a sprinter for R200k and spend 100k for the same conversion making a living van not a camper. saving 700k.

  • christoffer1973
    christoffer1973 11 days ago +2

    Volkswagen have also tent for the backdoor... so you can have as shower.

  • Barry Brown
    Barry Brown 12 days ago


  • David Rosas
    David Rosas 13 days ago

    Man your green cup is awesome too!!!!, where can i buy it?

  • ondasuondaable
    ondasuondaable 13 days ago

    No decent shower, no toilet...i can't see why someone who travel has to buy this "camper"....

  • John Silveira
    John Silveira 13 days ago

    Why won’t this be available in the US?

  • anthony M
    anthony M 13 days ago

    Totally destroyed when you said you can’t get it in the us

  • Mr Nice
    Mr Nice 14 days ago

    if u buy a camper in denmark u go to jail 20 years and have to pay the rotten state 20 millions ! camping in denmark is not possible unless u want to live in fear !

  • Greg Crabb
    Greg Crabb 14 days ago

    Leave it to the Germans! I love it!

  • Alex Alfons
    Alex Alfons 14 days ago

    shower curtain in the back and it has everything

  • manik khan
    manik khan 15 days ago

    Do not have the toilet?

  • RODS
    RODS 15 days ago

    "I think I can just about fit in the closet" Ha Ha ! Neat Van

  • Sparky Mahoney
    Sparky Mahoney 15 days ago

    This was stupid on VWs part - nothing new there. Everyone the world over is downsizing, tiny homes, etc. Lots of people are living more nomadic lifestyles. This sort of thing is perfect...with the exception of the $65,000 price tag - and they go up from there. That's way too much.

  • Snow Bird
    Snow Bird 15 days ago

    How much I want one.

  • Leila Zarmie
    Leila Zarmie 16 days ago

    Camper Van does all of that, but no bathroom.

  • Wayne Cameron
    Wayne Cameron 16 days ago

    Looks like it should come with a big box of finger-size bandaids.

  • Justin Flick
    Justin Flick 16 days ago +1

    See the book in the storage was a repair manual to a Nissan 300 ZX in a Volkswagen van

  • Demo Unit
    Demo Unit 17 days ago

    0:10 California Edition ..................................................... 12:27 Too bad you won't be able to buy one in America. LOL

  • Andrew Chason
    Andrew Chason 17 days ago

    I did think you could fit.

  • Антон Тарицин


  • fowsi mohamed
    fowsi mohamed 17 days ago

    You don’t have shower hhh

    TRAMPERMACHINECO 17 days ago

    From the inside it looks as boring as from the outside. Where is the love? Cold as a hospital room. No charme at all. Sorry but you can't beat a T2/T3 design. Instead of building these futuristic plastic mobiles they should just rebuild the old ones with better technique. I am not saing it is a bad car. But the loveless, cold grey design gives me nothing.

  • Brian Mclaughlin
    Brian Mclaughlin 18 days ago

    How much,and when will VW be bringing it to the states?

  • Claus Wolfgang Meyer
    Claus Wolfgang Meyer 18 days ago


  • Branden Carnahan
    Branden Carnahan 18 days ago

    @3:21 I dunno about you, but when I travel in a vw camper van I always make sure to have my '85 300ZX manual.
    Fresh water: 0
    Vegetables in fridge: 0
    Decorations: 0
    Cups, forks, knives, bowls, TP, paper towels, soap, toothbrushes:0
    1985 300ZX manual: 1

  • Lee Rubenstein
    Lee Rubenstein 18 days ago

    dude climbed in the closet wtf

  • 4estfloor
    4estfloor 18 days ago

    12:10 - 12:16 LOL

  • Jay Boag
    Jay Boag 19 days ago

    Has carplay open has GPS

  • jose23rdz
    jose23rdz 19 days ago

    Cool ass Van homie!

  • Daniel Marquez
    Daniel Marquez 19 days ago +5

    Nissan 300zx car manuel of all things. LOL

  • Chris belcastro
    Chris belcastro 20 days ago

    *See if your head will fit under the tire!*

  • Nitin Nimbalkar
    Nitin Nimbalkar 21 day ago

    Loved it

  • Tony Lang
    Tony Lang 21 day ago +1


    • superkirk11
      superkirk11 16 days ago

      It'd probably also be available in the US if it were Toyota.

  • Alexander Gomez Cornejo

    ?TV? Men

  • McFly Boarder
    McFly Boarder 22 days ago

    Please dude, volks wagon.... it’s German folksvaaaaguhn

  • Gerdie Albers
    Gerdie Albers 23 days ago


  • Anniegrace Gilbert
    Anniegrace Gilbert 23 days ago

    NO DUDE. No climbing into the closet.

  • Bo Darville
    Bo Darville 23 days ago

    I want one.

  • Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 23 days ago

    Cant even buy in america???Fuck!!!!!!!!!!Why did I even watch this?

  • morningbear
    morningbear 23 days ago

    Not as good as the old westfalias

  • MrAshleyA
    MrAshleyA 23 days ago

    These are not Campers, just VERY expensive overpriced over rated day vans for small people. If you can't crap in it its not a Camper.

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 24 days ago +1

    You don't have the necessity and importance parts like shower..
    All luxuries but No sewage.

  • contact
    contact 24 days ago

    The table, chairs and awning was a nice touch

  • contact
    contact 24 days ago

    Where is the solar?

  • Suburban Proletarian
    Suburban Proletarian 25 days ago +54

    A VW camper, called the California, reviewed in California, parked alongside other Californias in California, not available in California. Beautiful.

  • uhadme
    uhadme 26 days ago

    been making Eurovan's since the 90s
    Winnebago & VW

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 26 days ago

    yeah I’m not buying house, I’m buying a VW Camper van...

  • John Hales
    John Hales 27 days ago

    65K for THAT!!? Does Volkswagen really think there's that many dumb people with that much money to spend on a horrible value per dollar?

  • Sydical
    Sydical 27 days ago

    "Space utilization fetishist" Wait wait wait hol up. You get off to space?

  • Sydical
    Sydical 27 days ago

    VW's eye on their old camper van. Cute.

  • teresa ames
    teresa ames 27 days ago

    Stove or stove top not oven. Woven not crocheted blanket. Look good coming out of the closet 😁.

  • Zamboni Jesus
    Zamboni Jesus 27 days ago

    Why can’t you buy these in. Roth America ??

  • Rice Crash
    Rice Crash 27 days ago

    This car will not age well

  • Saïd Traveler
    Saïd Traveler 27 days ago

    check out my Vanagon 1983

  • pro mast
    pro mast 27 days ago

    Sprinter is Way-Way better!

  • pro mast
    pro mast 27 days ago

    They don't call it food, they call it creatures fuel!

  • Ann inGG
    Ann inGG 27 days ago

    I was fooled by the fact its called California? Why on Earth would they not make this in the United States is beyond me it would probably sell billions

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 27 days ago

    Where's the toilet?