Model Fei Fei Sun Perform Skin-Care Magic | Beauty Secrets | Vogue


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  • Wendy Yang LDS
    Wendy Yang LDS 5 hours ago

    Finally an Asian demonstration 👍

  • Kimberly Eli
    Kimberly Eli 2 days ago

    The beauty community would be alot more interesting with these people as beauty gurus

  • Shirley S
    Shirley S 4 days ago

    her eyebrow is perfect

  • unnchy
    unnchy 5 days ago

    F-ing beauty

  • Lucita D'cruz
    Lucita D'cruz 7 days ago

    Guess what * dun dun* I love her

  • Mahalakshmirvs Maha
    Mahalakshmirvs Maha 8 days ago

    Who has time to do all this

  • Mahalakshmirvs Maha
    Mahalakshmirvs Maha 8 days ago

    Eye maks so cute

  • Yusra Ilyas
    Yusra Ilyas 9 days ago

    Simply promoting expensive Este Lauder !

  • Khalil Shrwna
    Khalil Shrwna 12 days ago

    She look so healthy 😣who's agree with me?

  • Nadeshiko Chan
    Nadeshiko Chan 18 days ago

    Immediately bought the lipstick after seeing this video, looks GORGEOUS!!

  • Emma Rose
    Emma Rose 21 day ago

    Lip conditioner ....don't forget it .Dun Dun.
    Lol she is so cute

  • MB
    MB 23 days ago

    she’s so cute 😩

  • zainab ahmed
    zainab ahmed 26 days ago

    I love her voice. Reminds me of my one Chinese friend - hong fei. She's in china rn😭

  • jee lains
    jee lains 29 days ago

    Do one with Rina Fukushi ❤️

  • Jeongin's Braces
    Jeongin's Braces 29 days ago

    she doesn't even need all that makeup.. she's so gorgeous!

  • cmlss
    cmlss Month ago

    that lipstick shade

  • Miro Pao
    Miro Pao Month ago

    She is so kawaiii

  • Nidhi Rao
    Nidhi Rao Month ago

    Is it just me or does she look like she can be Korean actor (and participant of 2d1n) Yoon Siyoon's sister?

  • Kenda Mashlanga
    Kenda Mashlanga Month ago

    she's like a ray of sunshine

  • Emily Chowdhury
    Emily Chowdhury Month ago

    god she’s so prettyy😍

  • Mai
    Mai Month ago

    She’s blessed with good eyebrows.

  • uhm idk
    uhm idk Month ago

    omg she's gorgeous

  • papiiidulce
    papiiidulce Month ago

    And shes so beautiful❤

  • papiiidulce
    papiiidulce Month ago

    Omg shes so cutee 😍😍

  • J Kim
    J Kim Month ago


  • J Kim
    J Kim Month ago


  • asdf ghjk
    asdf ghjk 2 months ago


  • fujotrash
    fujotrash 2 months ago

    she kinda looks like Liza

  • angel-san
    angel-san 2 months ago

    I like the way she said the word "magic"

  • Kelly Keli
    Kelly Keli 2 months ago

    Smile !!!

  • SHeinsh
    SHeinsh 2 months ago +1

    she's is 28 and looks like 21. Amazing skin

  • Amanda McLellan
    Amanda McLellan 2 months ago


  • idontlikebadjokes
    idontlikebadjokes 2 months ago

    I love using 2 different types of mascaras. Love this simple look.

  • Ec123
    Ec123 2 months ago

    Omg she has such a nice face 😫

  • Olivia MAGGI
    Olivia MAGGI 2 months ago

    She looks gorgeous!

  • Fatima Amin
    Fatima Amin 2 months ago

    ‘My secret weapon’😂😂😂

  • zeina sleiman
    zeina sleiman 2 months ago

    She looks the same with or without makeup

  • Meghan Alisson
    Meghan Alisson 2 months ago

    Gaaaah!!!She is so adorable !!

  • nicole v
    nicole v 2 months ago

    "then...eyelashERRR" lol so cute!

  • Chloe Genevieve
    Chloe Genevieve 2 months ago

    She’s so cute

  • RM
    RM 2 months ago

    She's the first asian with eyebrows dark

  • Myanne Nascimento
    Myanne Nascimento 2 months ago

    her accent 💕

  • palpablepulp
    palpablepulp 2 months ago

    Her brows are amazing!!

  • Carolina Bardawil
    Carolina Bardawil 3 months ago


  • Alia Almelaihi
    Alia Almelaihi 3 months ago

    She is sooooo cute 😍

  • Holly Kelly
    Holly Kelly 3 months ago

    "dun dun " is so cute ...☺️❤️

  • Elle
    Elle 3 months ago

    brow goals!!! i so wanna be able to just tap my brows with my fingers n go out! sadly i can’t..☹️ she is so sweet 😊

  • shir hazan
    shir hazan 3 months ago

    Shes adorable " dun dun " lol

  • animal nerd900
    animal nerd900 3 months ago

    She is so pure and adorable!!!

  • Ashley Blanchard
    Ashley Blanchard 3 months ago

    I notice so many of these videos the women use their fingers! I was always taught to use brushes but I’m going to start this process of finger applying it looks more natural!

  • it’s Cindy
    it’s Cindy 3 months ago

    you need to get more asian make up tutorials

  • Cecilia Carstairs
    Cecilia Carstairs 3 months ago

    Her teeth are so white omg

  • Pauline Jo
    Pauline Jo 3 months ago

    anyone know what lipstick she used?

    • Pauline Jo
      Pauline Jo 3 months ago +1

      thank you!!

    • Cecilia Carstairs
      Cecilia Carstairs 3 months ago +1

      Pauline Jo Estée Lauder Pure Color Sculpting Lipstick in the shade Rose Tea

  • Maria Blässar
    Maria Blässar 3 months ago

    I love her 💕

  • Txuf Txuf
    Txuf Txuf 3 months ago

    Her broken english makes her beautiful don’t you think?

  • Ale Perez
    Ale Perez 3 months ago


  • Hime Sakura
    Hime Sakura 3 months ago

    lol she said eye lasher

  • I'm Gay
    I'm Gay 3 months ago

    highly doubt she actually using exclusively Estée lauder products. this is just a huge fake advertisement.

  • El Kl
    El Kl 3 months ago

    ‘washe ma face’

  • Frozen music
    Frozen music 3 months ago

    No sunscreen?

  • alien// sushi. a
    alien// sushi. a 3 months ago +3

    Awww i cant take it anymore she's too cute

  • DhaNyeLa F
    DhaNyeLa F 3 months ago +2

    very natural , love it

  • trash haven
    trash haven 3 months ago +1

    rip me because I have acne scars and hella dark eye bags

  • Gabriella Melania
    Gabriella Melania 3 months ago +1

    Her smile! 😍

  • Gabriella Melania
    Gabriella Melania 3 months ago +3

    Dun Dun!😍

  • Irene's Tunes
    Irene's Tunes 3 months ago +2

    simple, natural, and beautiful.

  • Nae Miller
    Nae Miller 3 months ago

    I really love her skin 🌸

  • pisceanrat
    pisceanrat 3 months ago

    She looks like a chinese liza soberano

  • Sidney Lin
    Sidney Lin 3 months ago

    lol all of these are like: step 1. have perfect skin.

  • Olivia Halford
    Olivia Halford 3 months ago +3

    Out of all the Vogue make up videos, this is the one I always find myself going back to. She's just so naturally beautiful and sweet. I love the semplicity!

  • Abee Abee
    Abee Abee 3 months ago

    god i love her brows!!! i want that facial massager too! :)

  • Kelsie Parker
    Kelsie Parker 3 months ago

    she is so goddam cute

  • Gia B
    Gia B 3 months ago +2

    What lipstick shade was that? Love the effortlessness of this look.

  • plastyr _na_ranku
    plastyr _na_ranku 4 months ago

    she is sooo beautiful😳❤

  • Noelia Urquizo
    Noelia Urquizo 4 months ago

    What a cute girl

  • Jenny Chan
    Jenny Chan 4 months ago

    What lipstick she use?

    MIMI TREMBLE 4 months ago

    She is so beautiful!! Thank you for a tutorial with a lady with hooded eyes. I struggle with eye makeup

  • Strawboobied
    Strawboobied 4 months ago

    She loves Estée Lauder doesn’t she

  • The Fabulous Potato Alive.

    the cutest Asian I've ever seen.

  • Aaliyah Blaire
    Aaliyah Blaire 4 months ago

    She already had eyeshadow on lol she's cute

  • 殷殷颖
    殷殷颖 4 months ago

    Chinese girl 😘

  • J K
    J K 4 months ago

    She's so pretty and cute!😍

  • Li
    Li 4 months ago


  • Dr. Winnie Moses MD
    Dr. Winnie Moses MD 4 months ago

    Love her beauty tips!

  • Ritoato
    Ritoato 4 months ago

    I love how minimalist her foundation is

  • BAEkhyunBae
    BAEkhyunBae 4 months ago

    Naaack so cute

  • jildiz korgoldoy
    jildiz korgoldoy 4 months ago +2

    Invite Liu Wen please!!!

  • hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub
    hnljojoilbvtgfyvgub 4 months ago

    this is just an Estee Lauder ad

  • Sha-Niya Stokes
    Sha-Niya Stokes 4 months ago

    too adorable!

  • sehun’s biceps
    sehun’s biceps 4 months ago

    Even though her skin isn’t perfect her face on it’s own is so pretty watching this is kinda depressing cause she’s so gorgeous HAHA OMG

  • Kat Duija
    Kat Duija 4 months ago

    she's got such a happy personality :)

  • brvndo96z
    brvndo96z 4 months ago +2

    Lol 😂 She looked just as ✨FINE✨ as she was in the beginning!!!
    (😭FreakiN PERFECT💕😍)

  • Manda L
    Manda L 4 months ago

    What is the lipstick shade? Ugh, she's such a ray of sunshine 💖💖💖

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 4 months ago


  • Sarah I
    Sarah I 4 months ago

    What's the name of this lipstick it's gorgeous

  • Dita Permatasari Gtg
    Dita Permatasari Gtg 4 months ago

    I love her along with Liu Wen. Gosh she’s so freaking beautiful and i heard she recently got married. Congrats Fei

    JIN'S FUTURE WIFE 4 months ago

    Lol she's so cuteeee

  • Mariam
    Mariam 4 months ago

    Does anyone knows her lipstick number or name i know it's for Estee Lauder but which shade is that?

  • JannatC
    JannatC 4 months ago

    She’s gorgeous!

  • Preslyth
    Preslyth 4 months ago

    I love it