Model Fei Fei Sun Perform Skin-Care Magic | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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  • Funeral Giggle
    Funeral Giggle 3 hours ago

    Don't forget the nack*

  • Cutlyn
    Cutlyn 6 hours ago

    Eyelasher hahah I love it

  • Alejandra Menez
    Alejandra Menez Day ago

    OMG!!! She is so adorable ❤️

  • Malia Northquist


  • Johnna Hayward
    Johnna Hayward Day ago


  • Rahma Maluma
    Rahma Maluma Day ago

    Did she even put any makeup??

  • Zi Tong
    Zi Tong Day ago

    She is so pretty! In a special way! She’s a real super model but Asian models are so underrated on social medias lol.

  • grace choi
    grace choi Day ago

    Yo I needz to know what lipstick she used!

  • Saki_LPS
    Saki_LPS 2 days ago

    What a cute name

  • sparkleshine01
    sparkleshine01 2 days ago

    She's so cute <3 I love this natural look

  • Sam Raats
    Sam Raats 2 days ago

    0:36 the way she folded her finger?

  • STH 13
    STH 13 2 days ago

    Horrible skin and seems like an ad for estee lauder..

    • STH 13
      STH 13 Day ago

      Saki_LPS well, I am a real human and I don't have bad skin and I'm not even a model! That was my only case, no reason to cry about my opinion

    • Foxy Lady
      Foxy Lady Day ago

      And you'll be on some other videos complaining about photoshop...

    • Saki_LPS
      Saki_LPS 2 days ago

      STH 13 tragic you don't know what a real human looks like

  • EL L
    EL L 3 days ago

    Is that the $100 Beauty Bar gold facial massager?

  • Phoebe PM
    Phoebe PM 3 days ago +2

    I love her face has some texture and isn't perfectly smooth. Makes me feel better about my skin haha It's so depressing when people have perfect skin

  • Phoebe PM
    Phoebe PM 3 days ago

    She's sooo cute!

  • Mariam Rose
    Mariam Rose 3 days ago

    It must have taken her so much plastic surger to make her look more "western". She looks native now. I like her eyes but I know she got plastic surgery to get the empicanthic fold to make it more Europeanized.

  • Carrie Childs
    Carrie Childs 3 days ago


  • Astra Aspera
    Astra Aspera 3 days ago

    Beautiful lady, needs no makeup at all imo

  • Captain Ford
    Captain Ford 3 days ago

    I feel like I've seen her on tumblr

  • Godwin Adviento
    Godwin Adviento 4 days ago

    She doesn't need lip tint or lipstick...

  • Zinnia Jane
    Zinnia Jane 4 days ago

    So beautiful! My goodness

  • happinesss2
    happinesss2 4 days ago

    Shes so pretty and cute! I love her freckles and brows, and that lip color!

  • Ar Anza
    Ar Anza 4 days ago +2

    Eyelash curlers should be called “eyelashers” now

  • Sharifah Safiah
    Sharifah Safiah 4 days ago

    seems like a sponsored video

  • bonjour.sera
    bonjour.sera 4 days ago

    Omg I love her! Thank you for featuring Asian beauties like Fei Fei. xoxo

  • N
    N 4 days ago

    Her eyebrows are perfect omg❤️😭

  • 이가연
    이가연 4 days ago

    How cute she is...

  • Maryola007
    Maryola007 5 days ago +1

    Her left kidney needs some help. Re: Facial mapping

  • what have i become xddd

    Her teeth are so perfect

  • strange finn
    strange finn 5 days ago +1

    i loved her eyebrows so muuuch

  • Julian Rumualdo
    Julian Rumualdo 5 days ago

    I knew she had something to do with estee lauder

  • Logan Wicke
    Logan Wicke 5 days ago

    I feel like all these videos are just ads for estee lauder

  • That girl you don't know

    a. *You can do makeup how ever you want, this is just one way. If you wanna cake it on then by all means cake it on, if you wanna go for the minimalist look, get you life girl and if you don't wear make up then stay slaying with your bare face*
    b. The reason she probably also goes for the minimal look is she don't have much to worry about skin wise, she has beautiful skin, some of us need that extra boost to look glowy AF due to hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring.

  • Del James
    Del James 5 days ago

    So naturally beautiful!

  • JoshJazz01
    JoshJazz01 6 days ago

    That lip color is everything, i need a name

  • Ver Sace
    Ver Sace 6 days ago +1

    Love her. So pretty!!!!! Fei Fei is hands down among the top 5 most beautiful models working today. Natural beauty. She doesn’t have lip injections or nose job , or a celebrity boyfriend or help from rich daddy or famous reality show family( like the Hadid sisters & Kendal Jenner) to boost her career.

  • Abrianna Kessler
    Abrianna Kessler 6 days ago +1

    She's so adorable

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 6 days ago +67

    She has beautiful eyes

    • Do Christian
      Do Christian 3 days ago

      Alain your so hot I need your number

    • Trav L
      Trav L 6 days ago +1

      How many youtube vids do you watch a day

    • chris friemiento
      chris friemiento 6 days ago +1

      I love Fei Fei Sun <3 she is my favorite model 😍😍

  • Raffy A.
    Raffy A. 6 days ago

    Oh wow. i can't believe she and Hari Nef are roommates!

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself 6 days ago

    wow..flawless foundation tutorial

  • Nilva Coffy
    Nilva Coffy 6 days ago +1

    Her smile is soo beautiful

  • Kamy Guzman
    Kamy Guzman 6 days ago

    What lipstick did she use?

  • ishuca ken
    ishuca ken 6 days ago +1

    the only thing that we did the same is the brows hahaha.. first time evahh seeing a tutorial without putting the brows thingy.. and she looks so pretty especially when she smile

  • Shynara Januzak
    Shynara Januzak 6 days ago

    So natural and beautiful ))

  • Ailuropoda Melanoleuca

    "Don't forget the KNACK!!! " Hahaha stereotypes are hillarious!!!

  • Gandi M
    Gandi M 6 days ago +1

    I seriously can't spot any difference between pre and post makeup.

  • Cristina Bagans
    Cristina Bagans 6 days ago

    Her name is so cute

  • Park Sooyoung
    Park Sooyoung 6 days ago

    her natural lip color oml

  • j doll
    j doll 6 days ago

    Fucking ching chong looking ass

  • Alex Mei
    Alex Mei 7 days ago

    Does anyone know a dupe for the lipstick?

  • Betty V
    Betty V 7 days ago

    I loved this!!! She's so sweet 💜

  • j-hoe hotter than lava I need a fan

    What do you think?
    WhAT dO yoU ThINk?

  • Gadge Dempsy
    Gadge Dempsy 7 days ago

    SHES SO CUTE hehe I love how she says "dun dun" when she shows a product!

  • Tamara Pacheco
    Tamara Pacheco 7 days ago

    she's so sweet, like she needs to have her own YouTube channel asap 😭

  • Bakhtawar Azam
    Bakhtawar Azam 7 days ago

    She's butt ugly. They'll take anything won't they

    • Shivani Chauhan
      Shivani Chauhan 2 days ago

      How rude. Maybe because she not white or European?? I don’t see you modelling

  • Jessica Warfield
    Jessica Warfield 7 days ago

    I love it! Omg you’re cute as a button! Great personality!

  • Jessica Warfield
    Jessica Warfield 7 days ago

  • Guiai Peng
    Guiai Peng 7 days ago

    Her lipstick color is 441 rose tea!

  • Anya Solange
    Anya Solange 7 days ago

    Subtle makeup. Love it!

  • Ser Meb
    Ser Meb 7 days ago

    The first celebrity Vogue brought who actually did her own make up without having make up before.

  • Eva Sofie Edrén Trasborg

    Does anybody know what that lipstick is called? Its beautiful

  • Hella Green
    Hella Green 7 days ago

    That lipstick is amazing. It's exactly what I've been looking for but haven't been able to describe. I must have it.

  • Stephanie Ahn
    Stephanie Ahn 7 days ago


  • Ayşe Avcı
    Ayşe Avcı 7 days ago

    o markalara o kadar para verdin ama bi degisiklik yok bacım

  • huma arshad
    huma arshad 7 days ago

    What is that brushhhh??? Someone know the name ?

  • Carol Francis
    Carol Francis 7 days ago

    She is so cute
    Loved her beauty routine and loved her makeup

  • budai lejla
    budai lejla 7 days ago

    She didn't blend under the eye

  • danielle njoku
    danielle njoku 7 days ago

    I absolutely love these series! They’re so cute

  • Ria Shizuku
    Ria Shizuku 7 days ago +1

    Dun dun it was amazing

  • Aerinna
    Aerinna 7 days ago

    Hey guys. Who else over here follows beautifulbuns_sg on Insta?🤔

  • NoodleHead14
    NoodleHead14 7 days ago

    My doesn’t she use water?? That’s so strange to me

  • Lalmuanawmi Chhakchhuak

    She is soo pretty

  • Valentina
    Valentina 7 days ago

    Love Fei Fei Sun, wish we would see her more ♥️

  • Mereani Qalovakawasa

    She's so beautiful and her eyebrows are perfect 😍😍😍

  • la jefa
    la jefa 7 days ago

    1:12 where can i buy that? :D

  • esthernathasia
    esthernathasia 7 days ago

    such pretty skin ❤️

  • FlaminBeast
    FlaminBeast 7 days ago

    This was literally an #ad can you at least start marking them as such, Vogue? Legal issues and such. It was very funny when she called the eye lash curler an "eyelasher" though.

  • caramel coffee
    caramel coffee 7 days ago +1

    i just love Chinese, Japanese and Korean beauty. they're like exotic face IDK I JUST LOVE IT

  • Gaf Hadly
    Gaf Hadly 7 days ago

    I love that we can see her skin texture without the filter! Unlike the Natalia Vodianova Vogue video where she CLEARLY has a filter on - totally poreless skin doesn't exist and we should stop pretending it does!

  • heavenfxeyesforsale
    heavenfxeyesforsale 7 days ago

    Estee lauder advertisement. I think she lied

  • Emily Wong
    Emily Wong 7 days ago

    She has an adorable and glowing personality 💕❤

  • A
    A 7 days ago

    Her bone structure 😍😍😍😍

  • Bunny
    Bunny 7 days ago

    I'm sorry but her face is far from "flawless" ..

  • pixiecouture731
    pixiecouture731 7 days ago

    She's so cute, I love her not perfect english!

  • D D
    D D 8 days ago

    Kız Pelin Akile benziyor :)

  • Leesha Loca
    Leesha Loca 8 days ago

    she's so warm, i feel like i've just been hugged

  • Guava Memories
    Guava Memories 8 days ago +1

    Nooooooo never ever exfoliating your face first thing in the morning-you’re opening it up to sun damage. If you feel like you need to wash your face in the morning, you’re not cleaning it properly at night

  • Shiloh Marron
    Shiloh Marron 8 days ago

    shes so cute, she said "eyelasher" instead of eyelash curler lol haha so cute

  • kaitlynn wooyhn
    kaitlynn wooyhn 8 days ago

    she honestly doesn't need any makeup, her skin is so nice already

  • Jay Cooler
    Jay Cooler 8 days ago

    I love her voice

  • J.Summer. Breeze. S Mrs . Shakur

    Love ❤! Wish all products were in description! 😕

  • Rachel510126
    Rachel510126 8 days ago

    You are so beautiful!

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen 8 days ago

    I feel like Estée Lauder took it a tad too far w/ it’s sponsors

  • Jim Miller
    Jim Miller 8 days ago +2

    I use soap and water
    Should i make a video

  • jollie Park
    jollie Park 8 days ago

    imagine waking up with those brows.... wow im quaking in my seat

  • Ma siki
    Ma siki 8 days ago

    what is the color name of lipstick

  • IheartLOST06
    IheartLOST06 8 days ago

    so gorgeous!

  • Bertha Lovejoy
    Bertha Lovejoy 8 days ago

    lovely estee lauder ad

  • Jasmine 57
    Jasmine 57 8 days ago

    菲菲这口牙太美了  不对 是哪里都美

  • Ame T.
    Ame T. 8 days ago +11

    For everyone who wants to know what lip color she's wearing it's Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick 441 Rose Tea