Model Fei Fei Sun Perform Skin-Care Magic | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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  • Randomnessisawesome5
    Randomnessisawesome5 23 hours ago

    She’s so pretty

  • tavishi bansal
    tavishi bansal Day ago

    She has the cutest smile ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Angel Tagaan
    Angel Tagaan Day ago

    She lowkey looks like Liza Soberano😍

  • Cherisse Fernandes
    Cherisse Fernandes 7 days ago

    Please do Alexa Chung

  • Bery Y
    Bery Y 7 days ago


  • Kiiyah
    Kiiyah 7 days ago

    She so cuteee

  • Poppy Louise
    Poppy Louise 7 days ago

    DUN DUN she’s so freaking cute

  • pink glitter4
    pink glitter4 8 days ago

    Very beautiful ❤️❤️ flawless skin

  • Mia RA
    Mia RA 10 days ago +1

    ,,Lip conditioner”

    I’m dying

  • Katherine Caspersz
    Katherine Caspersz 10 days ago

    I love her so much. So cute. I want her to do my face. Also I can't stop watching this video lmao

  • emaciatedunicorn
    emaciatedunicorn 10 days ago

    her accent is adorable!

  • nikiwonho
    nikiwonho 11 days ago

    like.... she is already that pretty after washing her face............... so pretty

  • Shae Matthews
    Shae Matthews 12 days ago

    What shade of lipstick is that

  • dolce fiore.
    dolce fiore. 13 days ago

    this makeup tutorial is more "no makeup" than the no makeup makeup tutorials here lol

  • Amanda Miho
    Amanda Miho 13 days ago

    She's so cute omg

  • Alinabam Bam
    Alinabam Bam 13 days ago

    She Looks Not good

  • Katja Metisonn
    Katja Metisonn 13 days ago

    She’s such a sweet person...It was so cute when she said “eyelasher” instead of eyelash curler

  • istanbul
    istanbul 14 days ago

    Homegirl looks like mulan at the end

  • Moon Pie
    Moon Pie 14 days ago

    Anyone know the cleansing brush she used??

  • zaina pusheen
    zaina pusheen 15 days ago


  • Kiki-belle Chapman
    Kiki-belle Chapman 16 days ago


  • Ana Moarry
    Ana Moarry 16 days ago

    Iiiiiiii loveee this video... Me encanta❤️
    Nose que tiene pero estoy obsesionada

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 16 days ago

    I love her brow routine lol.
    It's the same for me.

  • Zeynep Gomez
    Zeynep Gomez 18 days ago

    She's so natural.

  • Kudret Çolak
    Kudret Çolak 18 days ago

    She is cute🙂

  • beami beep
    beami beep 18 days ago

    gosh!this is what you calls true beauty I see a no difference with her no makeup and with make up on...

  • ささまる
    ささまる 20 days ago


  • kiji ito
    kiji ito 21 day ago


  • melliesa robles
    melliesa robles 21 day ago

    ugh she's so pretty

  • Katherine Oliviá
    Katherine Oliviá 22 days ago

    it also helps to be STUNNING wow

  • Crystal Ren
    Crystal Ren 22 days ago

    Shes so cute I love her

  • Cristyanna O
    Cristyanna O 23 days ago

    she looks a loooooot like liza soberano

  • dame delim
    dame delim 24 days ago

    Someone tell me what face massager that is

  • Amanda Geng
    Amanda Geng 27 days ago

    I like her... so cute

  • Jessica Zou
    Jessica Zou 27 days ago

    Soooo cute love her

  • ohh daddy
    ohh daddy 29 days ago

    She has beautiful eyes

  • 陈李悦
    陈李悦 29 days ago


  • Tiger_and_Gimp 18
    Tiger_and_Gimp 18 29 days ago

    She's so cute omg I can't handle it

  • Ελενα Χουλιρου

    Cutest accent ever

  • Jackie Kovach
    Jackie Kovach Month ago

    I LOVE the Estee Lauder microessnce water I wish I could just soak in a bathtub in it! And of course the Advanced Night Repair serum!

  • yuwen wang
    yuwen wang Month ago


  • ølivia E
    ølivia E Month ago

    Oml,me and her have the same eyelash curler!😂❤

  • Salvadori Popadillo

    What was the "lip moisturizer" golden pencil thing?

  • ささまる
    ささまる Month ago


  • LuizA _
    LuizA _ Month ago

    Why do all asians have a naturally gorgeous skin? I

    • maggie
      maggie 11 days ago +1

      LOL debatable i'm east asian and i Do Not have good skin

  • Karla Rodriguez
    Karla Rodriguez Month ago

    Wow, such a beautiful girl. She seems so sweet

  • JujuVittorio 79
    JujuVittorio 79 Month ago +1

    Love Fei Fei! Met her in NYC and she was super friendly! And GORGEOUS! 😍

  • reem bshiban
    reem bshiban Month ago

    what kind of facial cleaner is this?

  • Carlybet Suarez Cebrero

    She’s so beautiful 😍😍

  • Ametaf Johora
    Ametaf Johora Month ago

    The makeup literally did nothing

  • Maria J Ortega
    Maria J Ortega Month ago

    I wanna know the shade of her lipstick

  • Fatma Atma
    Fatma Atma Month ago

    East Asians put so much chemical junk on thier face. Skin condition is all about genetics. Spending 1 hour smearing products on your face does not do anything. Eating healthy and no alcohol does

  • icon dead
    icon dead Month ago

    I don't know why, but her teeth scare the shits out of me

  • xninaloverbear
    xninaloverbear Month ago


  • Kathia Hernandez
    Kathia Hernandez Month ago

    Her lipstick 🤤

  • non sequitur editor

    an adorable angel

  • Sumi
    Sumi Month ago

    she is so cute and her teeth are so white!

  • Yirhim Kim
    Yirhim Kim Month ago

    I feel like she only uses este lauder products

  • Ha 지우
    Ha 지우 Month ago

    She literally doesn’t need any makeup! She’s so beautiful

  • Mariyfer12508
    Mariyfer12508 Month ago

    What was the last lipstick she used?

  • judy chmt
    judy chmt Month ago

    dont forget the nack

  • Elenor Wilson
    Elenor Wilson Month ago

    shes so cute!

  • Chanah Haddad
    Chanah Haddad Month ago

    What lipstick is she using? So pretty

  • Hannah is
    Hannah is Month ago

    "Den den" you know y'all read that in her voice hahHhH

  • atunamal
    atunamal Month ago

    She’s so cute loved her

  • Suga Sweg
    Suga Sweg Month ago

    your already pretty without makeup:)

  • Crystal G
    Crystal G Month ago

    I love it how she includes her skin care routine 💓

  • 3303jeri
    3303jeri Month ago

    Very lil make up and gorgeous

  • Julie Lemoine
    Julie Lemoine Month ago

    She is not cute but she seems sweet

    LIANG MAN Month ago

    Can the Night Repair be used in daytime ?

  • thesecondstar2theright 03

    She is beautiful since the star of the video ... ASIAN'S 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😅😂😂

  • Lauren Huggs
    Lauren Huggs Month ago

    What a cute human

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    does anyone know what lipstick shade she used?

  • L M
    L M Month ago

    does anyone know what lipstick shade she used?

  • Just A Homonculus
    Just A Homonculus Month ago

    She really likes Estée Lauder

  • breezedblocks
    breezedblocks Month ago

    she’s so pretty omg 💕

  • Yixing Zhang
    Yixing Zhang Month ago

    She's soooooo pretty

  • Kaylin Pendergrass
    Kaylin Pendergrass Month ago

    She is so sweet

  • my dearest
    my dearest Month ago

    dude if i was this beautiful i wouldn't wear makeup

  • mery k
    mery k Month ago

    ela é tão linda

  • Lucid Hue
    Lucid Hue Month ago

    I love her brows😍

  • NinasBeautii
    NinasBeautii Month ago +1


  • Kelli Kovacs
    Kelli Kovacs Month ago

    Cute accent

  • bivienne mariscal
    bivienne mariscal Month ago

    She says concealer better than Laura Lee

  • Lysets vokter
    Lysets vokter Month ago

    What number is that lipstick?? I want that color!!

  • i miss you
    i miss you Month ago

    She's so cute and pretty omg! 💕

  • ipiesings
    ipiesings 2 months ago

    tun tun i love it sooo much

  • Isabella Gomez
    Isabella Gomez 2 months ago

    So cute aw

  • Natalina Culanco
    Natalina Culanco 2 months ago


  • Carolline Joseph
    Carolline Joseph 2 months ago

    She's so beautiful, I like how she says "Dunn duunnn." Whenever she reveals a product

  • Miss. Phyllis  Renee Foster

    hi there fei fei, be well amen

  • Cristina x
    Cristina x 2 months ago

    "Dun Dun!"

    FIFII 2 months ago

    her face is gorgeous

  • GeekyFleeky
    GeekyFleeky 2 months ago

    I'm writing everything down in my notebook. I LOVE HER !

  • İpek bilmemne
    İpek bilmemne 2 months ago

    How much does it get in the morning.I think it is a long routine

  • MsCrystalik
    MsCrystalik 2 months ago

    Tin. Girl, you don't know how to paint! Don't teach others!!! Where to watch VOGUE?

  • Blue Styles
    Blue Styles 2 months ago

    she's so cute I love her!

  • Jude Wheatley
    Jude Wheatley 2 months ago

    I think that foreign models should speak they're mother tongue and add subtitles. Foreign languages are so beautiful to hear and we don't appreciate it enough

  • Simran Gaikwad
    Simran Gaikwad 2 months ago

    She's so natural

  • oatmeal
    oatmeal 2 months ago

    she cute