Trump calls for war on Mexican drug cartels

  • Published on Nov 5, 2019
  • President Trump responds to brutal attack that left at least 9 Americans dead in Mexico, calls for 'war' against Mexican drug cartel 'monsters.' William La Jeunesse reports from Los Angeles. #FoxNews

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Comments • 7 164

    DEMONIAC Maui 5 days ago

    Please Translate This On Google...
    Soy De México Y Acá Eso Pasa Cada Día AH Pero Matan A Americanos Ustedes Se Ponen Pinches Locos,Saben Porque
    Porque United Estates Es El Peor País Del Mundo,Si Vienen A México Acostumbrense,
    Estas Son las reglas para sobrevivir
    1 No Actues Como Gringo
    2 No Hables Como Gringo
    Y 3 Si Eres Gringo Vete Ala Verga Y ya no hay problema

  • FuckGoogle2Step FuckGoogle

    IDIOTS. Americans in Mexico. Fucken morons.

  • Gordon Thomas BAILEY

    The loving Mexican mentality!

  • bob boblaw
    bob boblaw 10 days ago

    Send in the USA military. Clean up that dump called Mexico....

  • patrick jensen
    patrick jensen 11 days ago

    That way tax it and use the money to force warning according to surgeon general

  • patrick jensen
    patrick jensen 11 days ago

    Import legislation save lives.allow marijuana licences in Mexico if they play ball and aren't thuggish or beat your head up against the wall

  • Duncan Christopher
    Duncan Christopher 12 days ago

    Nancy's friends again?

  • el chino
    el chino 12 days ago

    Let's see if you can



  • Tammy Rogne
    Tammy Rogne 13 days ago

    Time to take out the trash Mr. President!!!

  • Lisandro Cortez
    Lisandro Cortez 13 days ago

    Lmaoo why dont we talk about how the u.s supply’s México with guns 🤣

  • Abel garcia
    Abel garcia 13 days ago

    México 🇲🇽 has no presidente and the useless one he is not fighting crime in México México is run by the criminal groups and organized crime

  • Ricky Ticky
    Ricky Ticky 13 days ago +1

    im down to go to war. Ill join the airforce baby

  • WW Wini Pooo
    WW Wini Pooo 14 days ago +8

    This isn’t only Mexico’s fault the US is buying drugs from the cartels and selling them weapons. Mexico needs the US help both country’s are involved on this.

    • The Beaver
      The Beaver 11 days ago +1

      No sir. You cannot blame drug addicts from another country for buying drugs lol. Mexico is making it and supplying it. The cartel is a problem started in Mexico and needs US help. US drug addicts need to seek their own help and cleanse themselves.

  • Aaron Garrett
    Aaron Garrett 14 days ago

    This should have been done years ago why this government is slacking and lacking needs to be investigated there’s a lot of corrupt politicians that are making money off of the drugs coming here

  • Angie D
    Angie D 14 days ago

    Typical American government to first train and arm our enemies then declare war. Heart breaking at the damage greed has caused so many.

  • Johnny Shawn
    Johnny Shawn 14 days ago

    Remember operation fast and furious?. Here’s your results. Stop the flow of war tools to Mexico. And those folk are friends with the Salinas families those are the biggest thugs in Mexico bigger than cartels what did they think was going to happen?.

  • Diego Hernandez
    Diego Hernandez 15 days ago

    This is karma they Supply weapons to the cartels to make money and now their citizens are being killed with these weapons. They use Remington's

  • Christopher Wojciechowski

    The Drug Cartels are rich, ready for war and they don't play defense no more.

  • Juchari Uinapekua
    Juchari Uinapekua 15 days ago +1

    Why don't they ever talk about how these families fled from the USA because their religious practices weren't accepted in the USA... So isn't our nation to blame for forcing people out because we're intolerant... And once they moved to Mexico they became Mexican citizens. And the drug cartels get their money and weapons from the USA addiction to illegal drugs... How about context in your reporting... Oh wait you're not in the business to tell the truth

  • Life like light line
    Life like light line 15 days ago

    These tragedies are mainly caused from drug users in US,CANADA It's not Mexico duty and fault.

  • devilsabdicate1
    devilsabdicate1 15 days ago

    who cares if they where polygamist, I bet if they where transvestite homosexual lesbians cross dressers it wouldn't be a problem

  • Aleck Lara
    Aleck Lara 15 days ago

    Mexico is fcked we can’t do anything about it,if we eliminate cartels then the Mexican government will go nuts because the cartels control the government,and if we don’t then the same thing happens.

  • Aleck Lara
    Aleck Lara 16 days ago

    This is the only war I want to happen.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 16 days ago

    Every gun that the cartels have come out of the US

  • Buffalo Titan
    Buffalo Titan 16 days ago +2

    Cartels are going mad, don't they know this is how you get Nuked?

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 16 days ago

    Obama makes a better president

  • BETO Reyna
    BETO Reyna 16 days ago


  • F P
    F P 16 days ago +6

    Im from México, I think that this is a really good decision, Mexico needs help.

  • Hernesto Rios
    Hernesto Rios 16 days ago


  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 16 days ago

    This seems staged to just go to war on Mexico let bomb that country get it over with

  • Raul E Martinez
    Raul E Martinez 17 days ago

    U.S. army should provide adicts what ever they consume and problem solve or maybe go invade China where all the chemicals come from . Are we the home of the brave because we only fight the weakest ? come on guys ! clean house first there is crime here too . Make America a mess again !

  • Bimbi
    Bimbi 17 days ago

    This is very simple. The drug issue will never stop till the US puts a stop on the demand of these drug's and sale of weapons to all those countries. Just in California the illegal sales of marijuana increased after they legalized marijuana, explain that to me. Trump will not control sales of weapons and the Democrats want to continue to buy drugs. I say that's a perfect combination for disaster. Just look at school shootings. That's is what the US should be focus in. Forget Mexico they got a good president finally that is targeting the root of the problem from their end. By the way Trump still has my vote. AMLO and Trump can make a change but they have to respect each other.

  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes 17 days ago

    Haha i'm rally scare!.hahaha

    MiTCHELL ZARAGOZA 18 days ago

    A church. Americans. Kids.
    Terrorism at its highest level . If Mexico cant take care of these guys; we can.yes we can!

  • Sergio Rodriguez
    Sergio Rodriguez 18 days ago

    You want to end this. Stop getting high and selling guns to the drug dealer. stupid hypocrites

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 18 days ago

    A president taking action!!

  • Oscar Salinas
    Oscar Salinas 18 days ago +1

    Mexico should connect with Russia

  • karina flores
    karina flores 18 days ago +1


  • Voltage272
    Voltage272 18 days ago

    I thought they were at war already. Years ago actually 🤔

  • tonio Clark
    tonio Clark 18 days ago

    I’m with it hopefully they send marines I down to slay them with my M240B

  • hector mendoza
    hector mendoza 18 days ago

    Regardless of what the bafoon says if the use drones in Mexico it has the right to shoot them down

  • Edward Aguayo
    Edward Aguayo 18 days ago

    He’s crazy first of all that’s Mexico problem not ours ! !

  • The JOKER
    The JOKER 18 days ago

    Finally somthing I like about Donald Trump

  • Ricardo Lomelí
    Ricardo Lomelí 18 days ago +1

    So now the US wants to get rid of drug cartels in another country when they can’t even stop something so easy like shootings in scholar institutions, wow Americans are always that smart? They amaze me with their reasoning sense.
    Greetings from MEXICO 🇲🇽
    By the way, we don’t want your army in our country, why don’t you send it to Venezuela or Syria? I thought there was a lot of oil and lack of freedom ☺️🤷🏻‍♂️
    And remember you just want to fight a war against your guns number one buyer, congratulations.

  • Jose Rafael Palma
    Jose Rafael Palma 19 days ago

    Not war more rehab and education for the junkies. And more education from the parents no junkies no drugs no violence. About the family I'm sorry they know Mexico go back to USA safe.

    AD BOOGIE 19 days ago

    Do the research on the family the man in that family had beef with the cartel since when that’s y that hAppen

    • Raul E Martinez
      Raul E Martinez 17 days ago

      ANGELS TOO THE ONES INCARCERATED IN THE BORDER well maybe not there are not blond

  • Rocklimits
    Rocklimits 19 days ago +1

    they lost irak , siria , and now they want mexico ok. whit the same argument

  • Raphael Villalobos
    Raphael Villalobos 19 days ago

    A war that has already been lost lmao

  • Dennis Salinas
    Dennis Salinas 20 days ago

    The u.s needs to invade mexico

  • Spur Alt
    Spur Alt 20 days ago +1

    Hopefully that teaches those Mormon f*cks to go back to their sh*tty country If I see a Mormon it’s green light on that mf

    • Spur Alt
      Spur Alt 20 days ago +1

      And if they want war we’ll form an alliance with the Russians

  • One World United
    One World United 20 days ago

    If you want to bring down the cartel then we must bring down the demand. This would decrease their power and financial stability. Then the United States can intervene at full force allowing full success.

  • SLĮÇKRĮÇ.707
    SLĮÇKRĮÇ.707 20 days ago +2

    The us is gonna lose this war watch

  • MT Smoke
    MT Smoke 20 days ago +2

    Lmao yeah you start war with the people you equipped, you do that😭

  • Jay Charles
    Jay Charles 20 days ago +20

    America Can’t even get rid of peon bloods and crips what makes them think they’ll get rid of cartels

    • Buffalo Titan
      Buffalo Titan 16 days ago

      Because we use different force when we're in another country, the USA cares about it's own land, not others. Think of every war we've been in, after the Land is decimated. We can't do that in our own country.

    • lightning dude
      lightning dude 16 days ago

      Kerry Holguin The Mexican border regions are essentially narco-states. Just recently nearly 700 cartel enforcers BEAT the mexican military when they tried to arrest Chapo's son. They had armored vehicles, .50 cal machine guns, rocket launchers, and body armor.
      Are the Crips and Bloods using RPGs yet?

    • Karebear
      Karebear 17 days ago +2

      So its not ok to shoot down thugs in your own neighborhood because things eill get more violent but its ok to do it in another country? You need to take an IQ test bud

    • Henry Plce
      Henry Plce 17 days ago

      Nobody has tryed

  • Rizyrozay The Boss
    Rizyrozay The Boss 20 days ago

    Trump 2020.

  • Hugo Graciano
    Hugo Graciano 20 days ago

    Trump is all talk he hasn’t been in no war since he was president

  • Juan Batista
    Juan Batista 20 days ago

    Hot air .

  • Martin Rubio
    Martin Rubio 20 days ago +1

    And also the family was involved with some other cartel 💯

  • Martin Rubio
    Martin Rubio 20 days ago +1

    Mexico lets go 💯🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽💯🇲🇽