transforming my entire look in 24 hours! (piercings, hair, makeup) | Sasha Morga


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  • that one weird emo
    that one weird emo 13 minutes ago

    OMG you look SO GOOD 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • FrigidStorm 17
    FrigidStorm 17 22 minutes ago

    I would call it more Punk than goth goth but it still looks amazing ❤️

  • Meztli Fuentes
    Meztli Fuentes 32 minutes ago

    Ok guise i know that everyone is doing this transformation type video but CMON this is the lamest look ever. Dressing up in like a emo/punk esque. And being like WOAH OMG. I dress like this everyday. YOU WISH YOU COULD BE LIKE US. *walks into Hottopic uhhhhh idk a lot of these bands. *grabs GOT shirt* DOESNT EVEN OWN RIPPED BLACK PANTS!!!!!!

  • chance grey
    chance grey 44 minutes ago

    She looks good but this isn't a transformation it's just her putting on a stereotype as a costume. Offended

  • Bodangers
    Bodangers 45 minutes ago

    Mom is so amazing and supportive!

  • Radostina Racheva
    Radostina Racheva 53 minutes ago

    Actually she looks good.

  • TheReal Alizay
    TheReal Alizay 58 minutes ago

    Totally have a septum piercing. Not a goth or a cow, but okay.

  • Ina Peroni
    Ina Peroni Hour ago


  • Drita Bahtiri
    Drita Bahtiri Hour ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that she looks better when she's herself?No hate💓 I just think she looks cuter before the transformation💓I don't think she needs a change because she's beautiful, cute and just adorable!!!

  • Selvije Jusufi
    Selvije Jusufi Hour ago

    am I the only one who thinks that she looks like Maddie Ziegler?

  • Jeoul STD
    Jeoul STD Hour ago


  • The Aartist
    The Aartist Hour ago

    Ppl say she looks like Maddie, but I think she looks like Riley from Disney lol

  • astrozombie
    astrozombie Hour ago

    Where is the wig from?

  • ItsLucas !
    ItsLucas ! Hour ago

    K u look bomb asf though

  • lunatic hippy
    lunatic hippy 2 hours ago

    Dont think it is goth style it looks like grunge to me

  • Colleen Van Der Westhuizen

    look cute...omg 😍😍😍

  • Kyle Ackerley
    Kyle Ackerley 2 hours ago

    You look like Maddy Ziegler!!

  • Brienne of Tarth
    Brienne of Tarth 2 hours ago +1

    "Gothic" lol

  • Lauren M
    Lauren M 2 hours ago

    Ugh, she has the prettiest smile.😍❤️

  • Maylen Keiser
    Maylen Keiser 3 hours ago

    Your transformation was really cute! I think however you look as long as you are happy with it, that's all that matters! 💜💙💜

  • Summer Victoria
    Summer Victoria 3 hours ago

    She looks like maddie Ziegler

  • Samantha Gustafson
    Samantha Gustafson 5 hours ago

    I honestly love that hair and the edgy look!

  • Melike Bulut
    Melike Bulut 6 hours ago

    I dissapointed when she wear wig i want to see her with dyed hair :/

  • Raina Northrup
    Raina Northrup 6 hours ago

    Funny how girls like her used to bash on me, but now they are trying to look emo for views, love it👌 *says sarcastically*

  • Sean Jess
    Sean Jess 6 hours ago

    The jacket looked interesting I think ...

  • Meyawati Pongen
    Meyawati Pongen 7 hours ago

    why is everyone so good looking?!

  • Kailee Griffith
    Kailee Griffith 7 hours ago


  • Monica Chavez
    Monica Chavez 8 hours ago

    My family isn't surprised with my looks anymore lol

  • Allie Potter
    Allie Potter 8 hours ago +1

    For whatever reason with that hair and your makeup, you look a lot like Maddie Ziegler. Idk, is it just me? 👀😂

  • Kathy Fan
    Kathy Fan 9 hours ago

    You remind me of my friend ashlin actually 😂

  • Bambi
    Bambi 9 hours ago

    P.s I want your mom she’s so cool

  • Bambi
    Bambi 9 hours ago

    I want that second wig! We don’t have a wig store here T.T do they have an online store?

  • ally coomans
    ally coomans 9 hours ago

    You look like a barbie with those wigs! 😍

  • Twilight Sawyer
    Twilight Sawyer 9 hours ago

    I was really hoping that she actually go all this done

  • Tara Jewell
    Tara Jewell 10 hours ago

    Not pale enough 😂also the jeans aren't dark enough XD but you know I would believe it if she was being real about the look 😍 pretty! Ugh give me the when outfit please!!!! 😣😣

  • Taylor
    Taylor 11 hours ago

    Looking like aria stark with the first wig

  • Paige Williamson
    Paige Williamson 12 hours ago +1

    Wait but like she is rlly cute already

  • Madeline Clemons
    Madeline Clemons 12 hours ago

    Wait are you pan? Just wondering cause if the colors at 14:15

  • Sofia Voss
    Sofia Voss 12 hours ago

    haha it's actually like turning emo/goth for a day

  • Emrys Liddle
    Emrys Liddle 12 hours ago

    Wig #3 is literally my hair but just darker! 😝

  • EmeraldEmmy 05
    EmeraldEmmy 05 12 hours ago

    She forgot the dots u dear the eyes lol

  • Kiesha Roseburrow
    Kiesha Roseburrow 13 hours ago

    Haha “ minus the nose ring” such a mom reaction to a teenage daughter. Loves everything but forbid piercings.

  • Addison Shippy
    Addison Shippy 13 hours ago

    i liked the last wig that she tried on the best

  • Brooklyn Smith
    Brooklyn Smith 13 hours ago

    Being a goth girl I lowkey feel disrespected

  • Satinaki
    Satinaki 13 hours ago +1

    I actually love this look because it really accentuated your features. No offense at all but you were kind of plain before but now you're eye-catching in a good way!
    I like the jeans and boots and hair and eye look but maybe change the lips to nude and no nose ring and not that shirt to make it everyday wear and a bit more casual and less "scary" LMAooo

  • cristal dragon
    cristal dragon 13 hours ago

    Now you should react to emo bands

  • cristal dragon
    cristal dragon 13 hours ago

    You look badass

  • Lyvia _Waz
    Lyvia _Waz 13 hours ago

    She looks sooo good omg

  • lps lover
    lps lover 14 hours ago

    Not to offend but u look like a emo trying to be goth

  • Luisa's world
    Luisa's world 14 hours ago

    When you put the first wig you kind of looked like Maddie zeglier

  • Vanessa Schrey
    Vanessa Schrey 14 hours ago

    U Look good in it🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Olivia Lucero
    Olivia Lucero 14 hours ago

    She’s hot

  • Chelsea Hader
    Chelsea Hader 15 hours ago

    Not really a goth look, more like edgy, punk, or alternative.

  • Lacey Medrano
    Lacey Medrano 15 hours ago

    Thats more emo than gothic

  • Anisha Delarber
    Anisha Delarber 16 hours ago

    Your 24 hour emo phase😂

  • Breanna Figureoa
    Breanna Figureoa 16 hours ago +1

    Omg you look so cute my gosh props to you ❤️🤗❤️

  • Ariel Goldman
    Ariel Goldman 16 hours ago

    Nothing against her (but actually against her) she did not really embody the whole "goth" look. She dolled it up and acted extremely fake.

  • x x x t e n t a c i o n . .

    I hate how she says “tripping” so much

  • MFOX
    MFOX 18 hours ago

    You actually look way better than I thought you would! Minus the bull pearcing

  • Emma Msp
    Emma Msp 20 hours ago


  • Tilly Jankowska
    Tilly Jankowska 21 hour ago +1

    wearing all black and black makeup dont make you goth

  • Tilly Jankowska
    Tilly Jankowska 21 hour ago

    this is so offensive bs sis that’s not “GoTh”

  • sunflower 21
    sunflower 21 22 hours ago +1

    you really look like maddie ziegler at 2:55 in a sia video❤

  • Madelyn Stockwell
    Madelyn Stockwell 22 hours ago +1

    1:37 you look like Sydney Serena
    1:38 you look like Alyssa Coleman
    1:40 you look like Gabby Murraay wow you have triplets! Like if you agree

  • Diana Perdomo
    Diana Perdomo 23 hours ago

    At 13:33 she does movies OMG and I love her

  • Amanda bowling
    Amanda bowling 23 hours ago

    I describe my style basically grungy punk goth mommy

  • Riejandaa
    Riejandaa 23 hours ago

    I love this style like it really looks great on you

  • not your BÆ
    not your BÆ Day ago +5

    Now, this is a transformation

  • Demi De Bruin
    Demi De Bruin Day ago

    I love this edgy kind of look on you!

  • -shi비앙카
    -shi비앙카 Day ago

    I love how her mom likes the style and my mom tells me I’m a disgrace everyday of how I look🙃

  • -shi비앙카
    -shi비앙카 Day ago

    The after is literally me on the daily basis

  • Margina Centeno
    Margina Centeno Day ago

    ¡Game of thrones!

  • dearlydiego
    dearlydiego Day ago

    what if I’m both???😂

  • Dru Moscrop
    Dru Moscrop Day ago

    You look like me after the transformation hahahaha

  • Bitch Pls
    Bitch Pls Day ago

    That’s actually my mf look & style wtf! 😂 but I have tats and piercings Oof ☠️

  • Kaari Montoya
    Kaari Montoya Day ago


  • Дарья Удалова

    Она просто сделала макияж грязной сучки и все ахерели лол

  • TifaLockhart64
    TifaLockhart64 Day ago

    You look soooo good! The best look ever! I love it!

  • Miss Teal
    Miss Teal Day ago

    She looks like Maddie Ziegler

  • Mado Lbl
    Mado Lbl Day ago

    Team left-handed!

  • Janie Bobanie
    Janie Bobanie Day ago

    Not goth. Not goth.

  • vania calista
    vania calista Day ago


  • Shy Love
    Shy Love Day ago


  • Trexie Casinabe
    Trexie Casinabe Day ago

    I like that style hehehe like a bad girl
    Like who's little bad girl here but Angel in heart😂

  • Twigg & Rae
    Twigg & Rae Day ago

    Why are they saying they’re scared? It’s just clothes and makeup. It looks nice though

  • Leny Catane
    Leny Catane Day ago

    She looks like maddie Z haha

  • Emily William
    Emily William Day ago +1

    You look like Sydney

  • AW Betül Durgun

    Soo cute

  • Lynda Tino
    Lynda Tino Day ago

    Ugh but I LOVE GOT 😭

  • emily contreras
    emily contreras Day ago

    Your family is so supportive omg I love your moms reaction 😭❤️

  • Katie Alexandra
    Katie Alexandra Day ago

    What about your eyebrows lol

  • Ali S
    Ali S Day ago

    but she look so pretty in black🖤

  • JJ M
    JJ M Day ago

    People keep saying it’s offensive but she’s trying a new style and having fun, and goth or emo people do this in reverse and white girls don’t get offended, and the thing about her comments is because she’s not used to it she’s saying SHE feels like a cow not other people look like a cow. And like when people get offended it’s like she’s trying something new living her life and it’s so cool

  • Michelle Chapski

    I loved this video ❤️❤️

  • Emotionally Unstable

    I love her moms reaction... So accepting

  • Li-Jung Tsai
    Li-Jung Tsai Day ago

    It's sooooooooooooooo different

  • Kawaii Fox’s Squishies

    Btw I ware beanies every day soooo

  • Kawaii Fox’s Squishies

    U loot so good with the gothic style I mean I am gothic myself sooo umm yeah