[944] .50 BMG vs. Strongest Padlock in the World (Squire SS100CS)

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • See me picking this lock: tvclip.biz/video/nwgwCmh7SGg/video.html
    Check out the lock’s little brother on Bill’s channel: tvclip.biz/video/5vPYc6NAnRQ/video.html

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  • Henry Farthington
    Henry Farthington 38 minutes ago

    When it costs more in ammunition to break a lock than the lock itself...

  • Nazareno Clar
    Nazareno Clar Hour ago

    peope: *shoots at a lock*
    subtitles: [applause]

  • Thomas Baker
    Thomas Baker 3 hours ago

    I think the round count could've been reduced. So much energy was lost allowing the lock to swing. Still impressive

  • miguel Constantine
    miguel Constantine 3 hours ago

    Hay that lock pick looks really nice is it expensive,🤭😅

  • Chocolat-kun
    Chocolat-kun 4 hours ago

    Well if you shoot the steel bar it might need less .BMGs

  • marge j ocampo
    marge j ocampo 13 hours ago

    R6 castle barricades if they could break from bullets

  • ϟhitlord
    ϟhitlord 15 hours ago

    lpl owns an fal

  • Murderous Kitten
    Murderous Kitten 16 hours ago

    To be fair - would be much more interesting to see only 50 cal shooting , without 5.56 and 7.62 before it !
    i bet you it would take atleast some extra 15 rounds o f 50 cal :D

  • Duskdred
    Duskdred 17 hours ago

    it remembers me the ESG security glass, it's not tough but the guy spend 5 minutes before giving up.

  • Spacolot
    Spacolot 19 hours ago

    "You could cook an egg on that" continues to touch lock

  • john oliver
    john oliver Day ago

    Has this been picked? Amazing strength. But I do wonder if it only broke because the shackle was hit.

  • Jerome Benedict
    Jerome Benedict Day ago

    So basically body armor made of these locks will make you invulnerable.

  • Tornado
    Tornado Day ago

    Shoot it with a warthog

  • nightstalker9550

    I dislike how many guns and locks you have

  • As Pect
    As Pect Day ago

    I knew it would happen

  • YourMomJulio
    YourMomJulio Day ago

    But a lock picker can unlock it within a couple minutes or less

  • Bill Schwanitz
    Bill Schwanitz Day ago

    So, tldr - brute force, while crazy fun, is slow ;) The fact that it was picked so much faster tells me energy is spent strengthening the wrong aspect of locks

  • Ea G
    Ea G Day ago

    Should have tried opening with the keys to see if that still works between rounds haha

  • Seweryn Dabek
    Seweryn Dabek 2 days ago

    Company makes a lock that takes 20 .50s to break but a guy online lock picks it in under 5 mins

  • Jerry -
    Jerry - 2 days ago

    Would love to see a collab with DemolitionRanch.

  • William Betz
    William Betz 2 days ago

    test it with thermite

  • Mącigniew Kutaśko
    Mącigniew Kutaśko 2 days ago

    i bet original chineese katana would slice it in half with one cut

    ABSTV 2 days ago

    Now I can lock my bike

  • ElZamo92
    ElZamo92 2 days ago


  • pixxyevil
    pixxyevil 2 days ago

    1:58 Is when the bullets start

  • Jonathon Spears
    Jonathon Spears 3 days ago

    can confirm this for use as body armor or blunt force weapon.

  • Abuse Claws
    Abuse Claws 3 days ago +16

    "I didn't say we weren't gonna shoot it"
    "Oh, okay"
    that goddamn broke me

    • eballer48
      eballer48 Day ago

      well we carried it all the way out here though..

  • RbrixTV
    RbrixTV 3 days ago

    the shots look 9mm tho

  • Lovotti VW SpeedCraft

    1 hour 100 AP rounds but not resist 3 minutes of lockpicking

  • twin-scarface
    twin-scarface 3 days ago

    Locks a cabin made out of a small layer metal with a lock that stands 999999 shots

  • Opheriaux
    Opheriaux 3 days ago +1

    see me pick this lock, with a rifle!

  • Josh M
    Josh M 3 days ago

    i'm confused on what your goals are.....
    Are you guys just having fun at the range making an entertaining video or do you actually think you are doing some sort of test on these locks?

  • Irish Requin
    Irish Requin 3 days ago

    Ramset test when?

  • Justis Manson
    Justis Manson 3 days ago

    This is not an accurate test because if you would ever try to break a lock like this one it would be hanging on whatever it's locked to, which means it would absorb the whole impact of each bullet. In your test most of the impact gets transformed into the spinning motion of the lock because it's hanging on that chain, therefore the impact on the surface of the lock is greatly diminished. Notice ho the deepest cuts are the ones that point downward? It's because the downward ones absorbed a little bit more of the force since the rotation of the lock is upward. So basically this test was just a waste of time, ammo and a lock

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 3 days ago

    Demo ranch meets locks... tough, tough locks.

  • Got Ammo?
    Got Ammo? 4 days ago

    It outlasted a tank.

  • Mathew Michuta
    Mathew Michuta 4 days ago

    Oooo, you should put a shot count in the corner, so we can see it go up.

  • the geth
    the geth 4 days ago +8

    People 2 miles away: what was that huge bang? It sounded like a gun
    Bike thief: *sweats nervously*

  • jesushell98
    jesushell98 4 days ago

    "the 50-cal lockpick" lmao

  • Leo3ABP gaming
    Leo3ABP gaming 4 days ago +1

    Next time bring 20mm

  • Fire Fist Ace
    Fire Fist Ace 4 days ago

    Is like to see a hydraulic press try to break this and at what force of at all

  • Fire Fist Ace
    Fire Fist Ace 4 days ago

    At this point it would be easier to destroy everything around the lock

  • Tactical Custard
    Tactical Custard 4 days ago

    That was Bosnian bill I heard

  • Jake Laster
    Jake Laster 5 days ago +3

    Me: I wonder if they can make a tougher lock?

    Squire: Hold my beer

    SUICIDAL MANIAC 5 days ago

    With that being said or shot id say that padlock is worth it's price.

    SUICIDAL MANIAC 5 days ago

    I couldn't get to the comments fast enough after seeing lockpicking lawyers arsenal I mean Bosnian Bill and I wasn't disappointed.

  • teeonezee
    teeonezee 5 days ago

    good thing youtube has 0.25x speed setting.

  • Muhammad Soroya
    Muhammad Soroya 5 days ago

    I wish they tested opening it after 3 rounds of 50 cal

    RR FITNESS 6 days ago

    With that much rounds u will open the damn thing which the lock was protecting 😂🤣

  • Anthony HT
    Anthony HT 6 days ago

    Not the most subtle way to pick a lock, except if you live in Chicago.

  • Critstix Darkspear
    Critstix Darkspear 6 days ago

    Next episode will be lockpicking by calling in a strafe run from an A10 Wharthog.

  • juicedup14
    juicedup14 6 days ago

    Just shoot the chain 😏

  • Arsonist Choir
    Arsonist Choir 6 days ago

    Once it gets to this point, it's probably more efficient to break whatever it's locked onto. 20 rounds of 50 BMG is no joke.

  • Paradox xodarap
    Paradox xodarap 6 days ago

    sort of wondering if the AP didn't work because of the fact that it was hanging off a chain and didn't have stable back support. Clearly a lot of that kinetic energy was dissipated when it swung around like that.

  • yoyo's fpv
    yoyo's fpv 6 days ago

    wonder how it would fair against a 20mm rifle

  • TheBrawlingMage
    TheBrawlingMage 6 days ago

    *Laughs in gallium*

  • Joshua Douglas
    Joshua Douglas 6 days ago +3

    So uh, Anyone else think Bill sounds like he's going to steal the deceleration of independence ?

    • nekogod
      nekogod 5 days ago

      Have been watching Bill for years and yes he is basically Nick Cages voice twin

  • mike hosey
    mike hosey 7 days ago

    But what would it be like against a Grinder?
    Not many kids in UK have a loan of a. 50cal haha

  • EnergeticWaves
    EnergeticWaves 7 days ago

    Gopros are pretty cheesy, always use the ipad app to verify it is working.

  • EnergeticWaves
    EnergeticWaves 7 days ago

    Slo mo camera would have been awesome on this. Rent one next time.