Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11

  • Published on Sep 26, 2017
  • When it comes to mean tweets, no one can touch Donald Trump but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those who try. From time to time we shine a light on the trolls by asking famous people to read the not-so-nice things people write about them. We’ve done it again for our 11th edition of celebrities reading #MeanTweets featuring Gal Gadot, Emma Watson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Elisabeth Moss, John Lithgow, Dave Chappelle, Jeffrey Tambor, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Jim Parsons, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Bell, Bob Odenkirk, Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin and Kumail Nanjiani.
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    Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #11
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  • David Amora
    David Amora 20 hours ago

    I like Emma Watson

  • srijata bhattacharjee
    srijata bhattacharjee 21 hour ago

    Mr Nanjiani is savage.....

  • Aku
    Aku Day ago

    Kumail's response was so brutal it makes all of what Thanos did look like child's play

  • Act Of Vengeance

    The last one...Damn!... Is it Indian always went apeshit...?

  • B K
    B K Day ago

    Ma MAN :)

  • Azh Compradse
    Azh Compradse Day ago

    The last part🙌

  • Ангел Пасков

    Kumali just deserved the tweet.Celebrities are ppl who should take the good with the bad and keep their mouth shut;)

  • Ангел Пасков

    Despite all the haters ,the one who complimented John Litgow's ballsack was cool 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • MinaYah !
    MinaYah ! 2 days ago

    “Yes. Every shade of your mom’s lipstick”
    Holy sh*t that one got me!🤣

  • Kostarica 12
    Kostarica 12 2 days ago

    2:16 Saul!!!

  • B L A N K
    B L A N K 2 days ago

    Kumail 😂😂

  • Orison Fernandes
    Orison Fernandes 2 days ago

    we Indians go hard!!!

  • • Slim3slimeyy •

    LOL the last one is so savage haha 😂🤣

  • Gaming Wiz10987
    Gaming Wiz10987 2 days ago +2

    When you realize your devices are un flammable, after hearing the final comeback

  • c h i n n y
    c h i n n y 2 days ago

    K U M A I L

  • Tionna Johnson
    Tionna Johnson 3 days ago +1

    I'd put a gun up my mouth

  • Adam Bosworth
    Adam Bosworth 3 days ago

    Dave Chappelle one brutal. LMAO

  • Tiger Tv
    Tiger Tv 3 days ago

    lol "I M M A"

  • ignotus peverell
    ignotus peverell 3 days ago

    2:27 .... mood

  • movie clips
    movie clips 3 days ago +1

    The last one is firee😂😂😍

  • Left Behind
    Left Behind 3 days ago

    Kumail Nanjiani has the best savage moment

  • Tony Stank
    Tony Stank 3 days ago

    2:50 Boom,roasted.

  • Nel
    Nel 3 days ago


  • 1mBr00k3B17ch
    1mBr00k3B17ch 3 days ago


  • Junsu Park
    Junsu Park 4 days ago

    I dont get for the last guy can someone pls explain.

  • Emma W
    Emma W 4 days ago

    Omgosh that last one tho.....

  • Mia Z
    Mia Z 4 days ago

    2:46 damn he must have been the king of ur mom jokes in middle school

  • Ghastly Snowman
    Ghastly Snowman 4 days ago

    The last one was savage

  • Thanos
    Thanos 4 days ago

    does the producer choose the question because they think deep down that what the haters saying are true?

  • CoversGrande CB
    CoversGrande CB 4 days ago

    Yallll the last one what a masters answer

  • Taonga Masilo
    Taonga Masilo 4 days ago

    2:50 you win my brother, you win Wow talk about comeback

  • mimi khalil
    mimi khalil 4 days ago


  • Rudra Jadon
    Rudra Jadon 4 days ago

    2:48 never ever,ever ever mess with an Asian 😛😂❤.....

  • Jeff Budde
    Jeff Budde 4 days ago

    @2:31 not funny but true.

  • Christopher Dones
    Christopher Dones 4 days ago

    How can anyone say something bad about Gal Gadot? 😍

  • Vince Eduard Reyes
    Vince Eduard Reyes 4 days ago

    All Hail Kumail Nanjiani!!!

  • Liqid
    Liqid 4 days ago

    why is fake laughter a thing???

  • الخضر מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶֿק

    *the butt hole shade must be brown and a lil bit of red blood stuck in my mind*

  • vashist Raj
    vashist Raj 4 days ago

    0:39 Jake looks so sad. I wanna give him a hug!

  • Nerdy Girl inc.
    Nerdy Girl inc. 4 days ago

    Kumail Nanjiani at the end just gave the best savage comeback ever that water shot out of my nose

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 4 days ago +1

    I don’t understand the one about Jennifer Aniston. Can someone explain

  • Anjel G.
    Anjel G. 4 days ago

    That last one was epic af! 😂😂😂

  • Briana Doherty
    Briana Doherty 5 days ago

    Gal Gadot is so lovely 😍

  • Bryan Castillo
    Bryan Castillo 5 days ago


  • Calestial Dragon_voice

    The last one I was confused but then I was like oh....ewwwwsw

  • Charly Peterson
    Charly Peterson 5 days ago

    I love ALL these people! Especially Emma Watson!!!! LOVE YOU!

  • Eli Zabeth Kipgen
    Eli Zabeth Kipgen 5 days ago

    Oh, the Kumail clapback. So lit

  • myrna love
    myrna love 5 days ago

    Lols...Gal Gadot you're so cute

  • Renee Buster
    Renee Buster 5 days ago

    Kumail Nanjiani is a savage😂😂😂

  • Rajan Singh
    Rajan Singh 5 days ago

    The last one😂😂

    SHRE S MJ 5 days ago

    Dont mess with the last guy ...

  • Bison Funyuns
    Bison Funyuns 5 days ago

    Damn Prismo’s really roasting people out here

  • Rainy Daiz
    Rainy Daiz 5 days ago

    I can still fight you

  • John Williamson
    John Williamson 6 days ago

    I've never been so appalled and entertained at the same time in my life lol.

  • Mark James
    Mark James 6 days ago

    2:50 when your roast ain't good but you got roasted hard

  • emi takie
    emi takie 6 days ago

    loys of Js

  • smtnfi87
    smtnfi87 6 days ago

    "Every shade of your mom's lipstick and butthole" DAAAAAAMN!

  • samar Hakimi
    samar Hakimi 6 days ago


  • avsfan331940
    avsfan331940 6 days ago

    The Dave Chappelle one sounds like a stand-up joke that Dave Chappelle would make about himself.

  • Zara Chase
    Zara Chase 6 days ago

    The last one

  • Shashwat Srivastava
    Shashwat Srivastava 6 days ago

    That escalated quickly

  • Shashwat Srivastava
    Shashwat Srivastava 6 days ago

    Kumail comeback was over 9000

  • Munyi Marv
    Munyi Marv 6 days ago

    Ohhhh that last guy was savage

  • Chloe Kimball
    Chloe Kimball 6 days ago

    Nice on Kumail, nice one!

  • Martin Septim
    Martin Septim 6 days ago

    Got no titties

  • Cassie P.
    Cassie P. 6 days ago

    Seriously can’t relate to anyone who doesn’t lol at Kumails response. My god it’s peak savage

  • ExposeTheTruth 316
    ExposeTheTruth 316 6 days ago

    Gal Gadot 😩😩 so beautiful

  • Selvyn Quijada
    Selvyn Quijada 6 days ago

    45m views, 327m Americans; we're good.

  • Alice Wonderland
    Alice Wonderland 6 days ago +1

    Gal Gadot.. that comment is what people say to me too.. I feel you girl :/

  • Dark bird
    Dark bird 6 days ago

    Che che che

  • Chante Rose
    Chante Rose 6 days ago

    Omfg! I luv Jlaw. “How did they know?!” 😂😂

  • Laiba Khan
    Laiba Khan 6 days ago

    Never mess with an Asian 😂😂

  • Casey Tierney
    Casey Tierney 6 days ago

    Who was that last guys and where can I find him. I need to congratulate him on his savagery!!!

    LITTLE • POTATO ' 6 days ago

    sheldon ;-;

  • Stugots666x
    Stugots666x 6 days ago +2

    Gal Gadot is not even hot.. she is 1000 miles beyond hot.. Just an AMAZing specimen

  • MK Reactions
    MK Reactions 6 days ago

    Jennifer is literally me

  • theknuckleup
    theknuckleup 6 days ago


  • Becky Lynch is better

    Gal Gadot has the cutest, smallest titties I've ever seen.

  • chemicalromance? morelikechemicalreaction

    *And her butthole*

  • sachin chin
    sachin chin 7 days ago

    Last one was so dope😂😂😂

  • Saray Cuevas
    Saray Cuevas 7 days ago +10

    People are so rude on social media.

    • Ангел Пасков
      Ангел Пасков 2 days ago +1

      Ppl are just ppl on social media.I bet one would not tell you in real that you are naive to think what you said in your comment,but one would just tell you the truth on fb,instadram,twatter...or wherever

  • 3nineline
    3nineline 7 days ago

    Trump's wasn't funny just MEGA TRUE! Baldwin is just a washed up trying to stay relevant angry rotten egg belch fart.

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh 7 days ago

    Don't ever try to mess with the guy in the last one....LOL!!!

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith 8 days ago

    So she trash she garbage she sorry

  • Samir Nawrozada
    Samir Nawrozada 8 days ago

    2:52 -2:55 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂😂

  • Katriyah Smith
    Katriyah Smith 8 days ago

    I was laughing and bouncing so much at the last one, that i some how pulled my thigh!!!!!

  • magali cuevas tumat
    magali cuevas tumat 8 days ago +2

    every shade of ur mom's lipstick!!! thank was great man... love the reply..... 😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😂😂

  • The Most Precious Leader On Earth

    The last one was on a completely different level😂

  • Humboldt Parks Son
    Humboldt Parks Son 8 days ago +1

    😂 The last one tho! Buuuurn ! Lol

  • robizzlor
    robizzlor 8 days ago +2

    How do they know Jennifer Lawrence? Lmao you know why they know ;)

  • Courtney Palmer
    Courtney Palmer 8 days ago +4

    Oh my god!!!! That last one had me in stitches! 😂😂

  • Chetna Kukreja
    Chetna Kukreja 8 days ago +5

    Who on earth could hate EMMA WATSON??????
    She's cute, sweet, beautiful, educated, elegant, kind, socialist........ ND all the positive adjectives one could use
    She's a perfect role model for a STUDENT....... 🎓🎒📚

    • Uniaza aka Loki Fangirl
      Uniaza aka Loki Fangirl 4 days ago

      Chetna Kukreja I personally don't hate Emma Watson, I'm just not a fan. I liked her in Harry Potter, but that's just it. I also disagree with some of the things she's said before, but not enough to make me hate her.

    • GoodNews Geek
      GoodNews Geek 4 days ago +1

      Chetna Kukreja Whether or not socialist is a positive adjective is a matter of opinion I'm js 😂

  • So-eun Hwang
    So-eun Hwang 8 days ago +1

    Kumail nanjiani is litttttt!! Roasted

  • NUMBER 1
    NUMBER 1 8 days ago +6

    Kumail on fire 🔥🔥

  • Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau

    The Jim Parsons one was brutal. But not as brutal as Kumail's response.

  • Josh Bautista
    Josh Bautista 8 days ago

    Love how no one knows who kumail is

  • Vishwadeep Sonawane
    Vishwadeep Sonawane 8 days ago +2

    Last one was
    "Destruction 100."

  • Akash Diwan
    Akash Diwan 8 days ago

    What a comeback by the last guy

  • Alex Stockwell
    Alex Stockwell 8 days ago

    There's a reason you don't see Affleck or Cavill's; some things are just too vile for television.

  • setheurovision94
    setheurovision94 9 days ago

    I love that the addresses of the tweets are all included.