Will Three Billboards Win Best Picture? w/ Mark Ellis!

  • Published on Feb 5, 2018
  • Kicking off a series of Best Picture Debates, Collider's Mark Ellis (@markellislive) and Clint Gage (@clintgage) debate the chances of Martin McDonagh's latest winning Best Picture. Does the socially conscious drama have a chance?
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Comments • 915

  • J P
    J P 6 months ago


  • shady sagar
    shady sagar 7 months ago

    One of the best movies ever made...period

  • Human Experiment
    Human Experiment Year ago

    three billboards isn't about adding to a conversation, it's about dealing with grief, and anger, and how hate can come from us and how we deal with it, i don't think there needed to be any big point the movie made in which it goes "ok, here's how we fix all these problems" but more how can we emotionally deal with them

  • DrSmegheaded
    DrSmegheaded Year ago

    It seems like Ellis didn't get the main message of the movie, which is more about dangers of escalation of violence and the importance of forgiveness. You're supposed to think it's about difficulties of getting your message out and struggling against the authority (the police), but as the movie progresses you find out that things are not so black and white (the main character can be a bit of a cunt and the chief isn't really to blame).
    And really, The Last Jedi? That movie isn't even in the same league with the other nominees (and with Blade Runner 2049 which I think got snubbed).

  • Diptanu Chaudhuri

    To the host: I loved the movie because of the story. It's about the characters and how anger played a major role in shaping their personalities and how it effected what happens to them and their surroundings. No message or resolution is spoon-fed here in a cliched way. I as a viewer was hooked with the story and the unpredictable turns because it was fresh, original, well written. Characters are developed in awesome ways and with a lot of questionable flaws. You know that something wrong is getting done but you understand why the characters are acting in the way they are acting. The small town feel that the movie was going for was well captured. I can go on and on because I truly believe that Three Billboards was way better than The Shape of Water and I rooted for it to win.

  • s p
    s p Year ago

    I think the movie made its point on the limits and dangers of wrath. The main protagonist was certainly entitled to some seriously righteous anger, but at some point, all of that anger was becoming corrosive to her and everyone around her. That's the 'message' I got from the film, at any rate....

  • Tommy Wiseau
    Tommy Wiseau Year ago

    I want it to but no

  • Michael Brick
    Michael Brick Year ago

    Two words glaringly missing from this video: Martin McDonagh (the writer and director). If you're familiar with his work, you know that "Three Billboards" is simply what McDonagh does. In nearly all of his films and plays (he's written many more of the latter), McDonagh focuses on death, violence, and people who commit violence. He is generally uninterested in characters who are all good or all bad. Every major good character does and/or says some irredeemable things, and every major bad character has at least some sympathetic qualities. McDonagh has a great fondness for the notion of violence arising out of sadness. He writes terrific dialogue, so actors have a great time both watching and performing his work. And he abhors clear-cut, feel-good endings. In sum, if you know and like McDonagh, you will know what to expect from "Three Billboards," and you will most likely appreciate it for what it is. If you either don't know or don't like McDonagh, then your reaction is likely to be similar to Clint's.

  • Aidan
    Aidan Year ago +1

    I feel super smart now after watching these two 'film nerds' completely miss the amazing message of this film.

  • David Armstrong
    David Armstrong Year ago +1

    I completely agree with Clint on this. This movie didn't know what it was doing - it's ok not to follow through on plot, but it totally lacked the character development of 'In Bruges'. I also don't agree the performances were that strong. They were 'big' but not particularly interesting.

  • Rajat Chandran
    Rajat Chandran Year ago

    when it comes to giving a 'lifetime achievement' Oscar...I think they might snub del toro and give it Nolan..........side note...so sad that the florida project didn't get the nod

  • Jumbo Jango
    Jumbo Jango Year ago

    I felt that the screenplay had a lot of really tacky "oscar-bait" moments and ended up being really on the nose. It has a nice message about grief and anger but the delivery is inconsistent

  • David Brelu-Brelu

    Nolan best director pls

  • SockMonkey007
    SockMonkey007 Year ago

    This guy said it was a conspiracy and that the Oscars intentionally announced La La Land as best picture before correcting it? That's some next level conspiracy bullshit right there.

  • Randy Eckardt
    Randy Eckardt Year ago

    Call me by your name....and I'll call you by mine ~

  • Starphysics
    Starphysics Year ago

    I hope it wins!

  • Blake Pavey
    Blake Pavey Year ago

    I loved this movie, my favourite of the year but I don’t think it’s about a woman being held down by men, I think it’s a movie about a person who is not given justice being held down by authority

  • Ian Enderby
    Ian Enderby Year ago

    Just saw it last night. Thought it was excellent. Sorry that it seems like you didn’t get it Clint. :(

  • Gus Rudder
    Gus Rudder Year ago

    hollywood is awesome if you love libtards culture! pure cultural marxism!

  • JamRam
    JamRam Year ago

    I agree with CineFix and the comments at the same time. Yes. This film was more about the human stories than about any political message. But the film also did introduce a lot of things that didn't really go anywhere. Firebombing the police station. Ugh. Bordering on fantasy there. And what is with films wasting an actor like Peter Dinklage? His character seemed so unnecessary, except to briefly hold up a mirror to McDormand's character. Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson were amazing.

  • Lalo
    Lalo Year ago +2

    Not only I disliked the movie, I hated it. It was bad. Not The Room bad but still The Room is more enjoyable for how bad it is. The direction, acting and cinematography were ok, but the script.... was garbage. Dixon was annoying and Mildred was a bitch bastard. How can you make me dislike the two protagonists? Sometimes the script looked like it was a joke. It couldn't be funny when it tried and it couldn't be serious when it tried. And I don't care if it had a message, I don't care about any message, I care about the movie itself, and the movie itself sucks.
    People say the movie is about anger and moving along with your life and get over your past and stuff... well, since in the end they did not capture the criminal, they found another guy that did the same thing and went to kill him, it doesn't looked like they got over the anger; and I know it ends openly and is not sure if they went to kill him or not, but I think they did. I mean, they showed no indications why they shouldn't.
    I know this is an unpopular opinion, I don't expect anyone to agree, I just wanted to give you a different point of view.
    I give the movie 1 out of 5 stars. Bad movie, I'll be so pissed off if it wins.

  • Luke Collic
    Luke Collic Year ago

    This might be my favorite Movie Channel besides Red Letter Media and it has help me interpret movies in a new light even more so then my damn film degree from KU. However, I strongly disagree with this video. So much so that it bothers me. I don't know why either. I am an apologetic lover of Nolan and his films and it never bothers me when people talk smack on his films. I get it they are not for everyone. Neither is this movie. But I feel like every criticism he brings up is unwarranted. In fact I never really saw this as a message movie. Sure it brings up topical ideas but this is not a message movie in the way that crash is.

  • Jake Roper
    Jake Roper Year ago

    Crash isn't 10% of the movie that 3 billboards is. Just spitting in McDonaghs face with that comment haha

  • TheGreat CriticMan
    TheGreat CriticMan Year ago +3

    I disagree, I think it's one of the best movies in the last few years.
    I think that saying that the movie is bad just because "it didn't add anything to the conversation" is kind of dumb to me. I like to judge a movie on its own merit and three billboards had great characters, a great story and incredible acting and the point of the movie is we shouldn't feel and react with anger but with compassion.

  • Wesley Chu
    Wesley Chu Year ago

    @Clintgage, you missed the entire point of the film. It's not about attempting to resolve any social issues as hopelessly (and pathologically) as other movies try to, instead it's satirical commentary on the nature of our disagreements themselves and HOW we go about those conversations on the issues. Throughout the film we see characters acting out of anger, vengeance, and misplaced blame. No one is in the right, and they carry out unforgivable crimes based on their assumptions and coincidences, showing a disconnect between the correlation and causality of events. Everyone takes a side and will refuse to see the other, even as both sides behave more and more questionably. The social relevance here is in the nature of imperfect human communication and our society's lack of it, that we never try hard enough to see eye to eye and see the other side's perspective, which is undeniably the cause of so much that is wrong with this world. The film may not "fix ", but it has insight on the lack of understanding and misplaced blame that leads to said social issue, and why a little bit of compassion and empathy can go a long way. It's so easy for a movie to say "racism is wrong". Harboring hatred purely because someone is in the position of opposition, not because of who they are, "only begets greater anger", and ultimately is the the message to keep in mind. It is no coincidence that this thematic wisdom comes from the blissfully ignorant mind of a teenager who does not partake in any of the events of the plot whatsoever, and only disrupts and defuses violence and conflict in every scene she appears in.

  • William Apple
    William Apple Year ago +1

    It shouldn't win based solely on the terrible CGI deer.

  • David Mock
    David Mock Year ago

    It wasn’t a movie about the conversations it tapped into, it was about the emotional journey of someone who’s lost someone, set on the backdrop of those conversations.

  • BlackStarTelevision

    I think that the message of the movie was, there is so much shit going on, there are no good or evil people because in the end we are all human, everyone is fucked up, but everyone can be a hero amd also that there is no easy solution to it. I loved it because it didn't paint anything black and white.

  • JPproductions32
    JPproductions32 Year ago +1

    The movie is not really about social issues. It's about the characters and how they are each affected by the billboards and how they choose to deal with it.

  • Chris Barr
    Chris Barr Year ago

    I'm sorry, dude's stance on the movie was that it wasn't good because it didn't solve society's problems? A movie doesn't have to add anything to the conversation to be good. Come on man.

  • Paul Bulger
    Paul Bulger Year ago

    You think Three Billboards is the most socially conscious movie of 2017? The fuck? Did yup see any of the other nominees?

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Year ago

    Honestly, I liked the movie but it’s not Best Picture for me. I’d swap this movie out and put Blade Runner 2049 in or even Logan

  • FabioS.
    FabioS. Year ago

    I think you have to be American to appreciate this movie which I am not. The characters were parodies of themselves. The story was at times hard to believe. Everything is pushed to the limits to create drama. And the bad guy at the end turning good because he reads a letter? Come on. Who buys that? I’m not saying it was s bad movie but it wasn’t great either

  • Calum John Roberts
    Calum John Roberts Year ago +1

    1.The Shape of Water
    2.Get Out
    3.Three Bilboards
    6.Call Me by your Name
    7.Darkest Hour
    8.Phantom Thread
    9.The Post

  • Rafael Fernandez Villegas

    I can see where @clintgage it’s going with his opinion about to many things getting not finished, but I interpreted that in a different way. To me this movie it’s about relationships: the one between Frances Mcdorman and Woody Harrelson, the one between Woddy and Sam Rockwell, the one between Frances and Sam and specially the one between Frances and her daughter. The rest it’s not the story, it’s the setting the causes and consequences of their actions, the river in where the ship sales. Not the ship itself. PD: Sorry for the broken English.

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Year ago

    “Get Out is the only choice. It’s the most culturally relevant. America is racist if it doesn’t win” - Clint Gage, probably

  • Mr. Ling
    Mr. Ling Year ago

    Dunkirk should win best picture and best director.....hands down

  • Theodore James
    Theodore James Year ago

    First episode I watched, and I'm not watching any more because of this "host". It does have a point; it's putting human faces to these crappy ways that people act. The film shows that humans are the source of a lot of trouble in this world, but they're not completely evil, and the good people aren't completely good. But I can see how this message would bother someone like you.

  • Fernanda Ferrer
    Fernanda Ferrer Year ago

    Ok, I hope someone in the actual channel could see this. It seems to me that the guy who "defends" the movie, didn't watch it at all, because the point that he make, it's just the superficial plot, not the actual message. And the guy of cinefix, I've seen a lot of your list of movies, and I thought you (as the whole crew of cinefix, and the guy alone) have more power of reading movies, because of that. But this review, tells me you not (?). The message of the movie, it's not about being social reflective, it's about anger, and when it's a force to consider and when it's just hollow. When anger serves us to take action, but when to stop because it's just personal anger. It doesn't "add to coversation" that much, because if it will, "who the hell does it think it is?". And adds in the context of "there is no good or bad per sé" and why you feel the need to "pick a side" when it's hurting all of us. It's a portrait of humans, dealing whit grief and anger and how complicated the understanding of "right or wrong" and "what I'm doing is positive o destructive" is.
    I will leave you this essay that I think sums up the message, better:
    I really like your channel, but sometimes the reviews are a little bit on the surface.

  • Artemis Sprds
    Artemis Sprds Year ago

    finally someone who gets it!!! totally agree with the guy with the blue plaid shirt. the Oscar should go to eitherCall Me By Your Name or The shape of water!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Deleon
    Alex Deleon Year ago

    Wtf are you talking about... that’s not what I got from this movie at all.

  • Prateek Gole
    Prateek Gole Year ago

    I have a feeling Nolan will bag the best director.

  • Michael Slattery
    Michael Slattery Year ago

    Everyone has their own interpretation. But I felt Three Billboards had a relatively strong message - how to try and deal with hatred that brews inside of you when faced with terrible pain. It just wasn't as blatant and nicely wrapped up you normally expect.
    I felt the 'conversations' that it started (unsolved murder/rape, and blatant racism) were all potential moments for the film to spiral into hateful violence and the point was that it showed how you can drag yourself out of those situations (whether they're resolved or not) even if you'd rather just get even. At the start of the film you thought you were meant to despise Chief Willoughby (and certainly Dixon) and were gunna root for Mildred throughout. However, you eventually realize that the investigation isn't as simple as Mildred thought. Then, In that absolute madness of one day, everyone is hurting each other and the town frequently feels on the cusp of blowing over. However, despite all the sh*t the Chief has to put up with, it's his words in his death that calm Dixon (combined with nearly getting burnt to death himself) and in turn, this soothes the situation between him and Robbie and even Mildred.
    The film ends with them still wanting to seek out a killer for revenge. But I suspect they don't do it because they know that choosing to channel their hatred non-violent ways has led to them finding peace with each other in the first place. I felt this was a powerful message given that there is so much hatred around today, it's hard to know what to do with it. Does that mean this was a supremely liberating anti-establishment film? I don't think so, I just don't think it was pointless, nor did it 'use' social issues of today and not develop them. It just went a different way then people expected.

  • Conrad San Jose
    Conrad San Jose Year ago

    I just saw this movie last night and earkier tonight. Just a mini take away out of so many things you can find in there, it's like The Accountant, feels like a non-comicbook movie origin story.

  • JGW 54
    JGW 54 Year ago

    "Three Billboards" is about the possibility of recovering one's humanity from the abyss of overwhelming pain. I don't know if it will win. But if "Get out", "The Shape of Water", or "Three Billboards" win, I'll be happy. This is a good year for Oscars.

  • S. G.
    S. G. Year ago

    Political movie? I thought it was possibly the least political movie of the bunch. If anything, it was a character movie that studied this interesting and complex woman against this interesting and complex situation in this interesting and complex town. The only hint of politics was the vague undercurrent of racism amid the police force, which let's be honest, was not a focus of the film.

  • Simone Martorana
    Simone Martorana Year ago

    ehi guys can you do sub in English? it will make more easy for me (or any other not English born) to follow the discussion, I'm from Italy and I try my best to follow you, sometimes it's really hard. anyway good work keep going

  • Kurt Rozentaun
    Kurt Rozentaun Year ago

    I hope this movie will win.

  • Dr. Gregory Haus
    Dr. Gregory Haus Year ago

    The Academy likes movies that use the N word.

  • Jordan Rippetoe
    Jordan Rippetoe Year ago

    Did we watch the same movie? When I saw the movie, I thought it was a fantastic meditation on anger and how it affects not only the angry individual, but everyone else around them.

  • Bruno Reis
    Bruno Reis Year ago

    omg get out is CLEARLY the most socially conscious movie

  • Fat,Gay, and Tired!

    You think this movie is socially conscious? Yipes. The lack of any awareness of POC is shocking in this film.

  • Zoe Dolan
    Zoe Dolan Year ago +1

    if three billboards wins i will rip my hair out

  • Movie maniac
    Movie maniac Year ago +1

    Am i the only who tried a lot to find positive things but still hated this movie?

  • Yvaia
    Yvaia Year ago +2

    I didn’t like this movie, and I went into it with very positive expectations. Felt unfinished, trying to be humorously outrageous more than tie up its own plot. It’s spot for best picture should have been taken by I, Tonya or Wind River.

  • Greg Nicholls
    Greg Nicholls Year ago

    This movie had a massive, focused, consistent point Clint. Just because you're reading it for underlying social commentaries, that isn't what it's aiming to do. The film just is about the futility and toxic nature of anger. It's about the human capacity to hate but also forgiveness, and the consequences of either path. That's bigger and more nuanced than any 'me too' or 'police brutality' issue you assume it to be trying to 'set up and resolve'... This year's Crash? GTFO man...

  • Stephanie Sandrino

    Completely agree with Clint on this. And I disagree, Get Out is the most socially conscious movie of this year. That movie should win.

  • General Harambe
    General Harambe Year ago

    Clint, watch the movie again please.When i first watched it, i found it incomplete and lacked closure but the second time I stopped thinking about the story and realized that it's an extremely simple realistic movie, about basic human emotions.

  • juffan
    juffan Year ago

    I interpreted it as, the good people aren’t as good as they seem, and the bad people aren’t as bad.
    Mildred is a grieving mother, but also someone who will burn down a police station, but also will call first to make sure no one is inside.
    Dixon is a racist, homophobic idiot, but also someone who wants to do the right thing.
    The characters are coloured to show both the good and the bad sides of them, and the movie ends in limbo. Are they good people who aren’t going to kill that man? Are the bad people who are going to kill that man? We are left wondering, in the middle, in the gray.
    My favourite scene is when Willoghby coughs up blood. You see two hard people trying to intimidate, but after he coughs, you see a nurturing, caring woman, and a scared, sorry man. No one is black and white.
    But the movie does meander a lot. Not super tight.

  • rhythmoriented
    rhythmoriented Year ago +3

    I like Martin McDonagh, but In Bruges and even Seven Psychopaths were overall better. It can win, but others this year were better.

  • groundhog1140
    groundhog1140 Year ago +1

    Can someone please explain to me what's so "great" about this movie? This movie was terrible in everyway possible. Easily a 3/10 for me.

  • Skylyned
    Skylyned Year ago

    You guys are clueless as film critics

  • Kendall L.
    Kendall L. Year ago

    I'm seeing a lot of people in the comments talking about how the film isn't about patriarchy, or racism or any of the stuff that the two guys in this video talked about, because they say that its actually about forgiveness, anger, etc. here's a fun idea guys, it can be about both. Film can be about multiple different things on different levels, while being 'about' all of them. Using the framework of a politically charged idea of a woman being held down by men from getting justice done to her story, and if you don't at least see that as the framework, I don't know what to tell you, to tell a deeper and more human story about anger, and forgiveness, both of which are ideas that surround these political movements , particularly when it comes to art. I personally love this film for all that it manages, but thats just my twosense

  • alejandro linares

    theycompletely missunderstod this movie

  • Trey Clegg
    Trey Clegg Year ago

    I'm still routing for Get Out, but I won't be too upset when this one whens. I really enjoyed it, despite the problems Clint points out.

  • Sai Ashwin
    Sai Ashwin Year ago

    A CineFix video where i disagree with Clint?

  • Uncle Willard
    Uncle Willard Year ago +1

    I hope not. I was unimpressed. This movie was all over the place. I should have had all the sympathy for Mildred, but ended up losing more and more patience with her. She could have gotten everyone on her side (who doesn't support a woman who's daughter was violently raped and killed!! What kind of fucking town is this?) And this bullshit that all the men in town were against her is just that, bullshit. Woody Harrelson's sheriff certainly did not want the crime to go unsolved. I don't even think Sam Rockwell's character wanted the rape/murder to go unsolved, he was protecting his sheriff who was dying of cancer.
    Best scene was the interrogation scene between Mildred and the Sheriff. He really thought he had her and then this very human thing happens and they both drop their bullshit acts and become human beings. Best scene, but it goes completely against the premise of the movie.
    In the end, I'm not on her side. I totally get going after the asshole who raped and murdered her daughter if he had gotten away with it, but not some other guy for whom they have no real evidence against. WTF?! Revenge by proxy?! He looks bad so let's kill this guy since we don't know who killed my daughter?
    Not impressed.

  • Brendon Chen
    Brendon Chen Year ago

    Don’t understand the hate for three billboards

  • Salvador Lopes
    Salvador Lopes Year ago

    I'm sorry, I actually cannot disagree more. Three Billboards is so far my favorite of the year and the truth is that movie is as flawed as its characters because it need to be. It is a dark and tragic tale that does not go the easy route the moviegoers want to see, it just shows you real life and talks about the real problems in a brutally honest way which we are needing. Will be glad if it wins.

  • Luca Maldini
    Luca Maldini Year ago

    Wow Clint missed the point on this one, a movie which central message is fucking said out loud (anger begets greater anger). Its moral grey area thats where the important thing is

  • Ben Bates
    Ben Bates Year ago

    This dude probably doesn’t like the end of no country either.

  • DarklordofDOOM57
    DarklordofDOOM57 Year ago +1

    THANK YOU, CLINT! Three Billboards presents itself as cutting-edge satire and dissection of contemporary American society, while in reality it just juggles a number of heavy topics in a very surface-level and problematic way (all the black characters and a midget just banding up with the main character, so they can be props for her goal? c'mon)

  • Mr. Shlock
    Mr. Shlock Year ago

    Not liking three billboards because it doesn’t add anything to the me too movement or black lives matter. Really? All of McDonaugh’s movies are morally ambiguous. They challenge the audience to reach their own conclusions about the behavior of his characters as opposed to being aggressively preachy and socially conscious.

  • WickedMo13
    WickedMo13 Year ago

    I hope it wins, whoever wrote it is a genius btw

  • Antonio Kiko
    Antonio Kiko Year ago

    these entire series of CineFix is nonsensical and absurd. Too weak arguments and shallow intelligent opinions. These people doesn't know what they're talking about. Uninspired and wordy without depth. The most valid of opinions is the one that comes from your true self and judgment of these beautiful art form of films. Don't listen to them they're boring

  • Harry Dale
    Harry Dale Year ago

    It's about a cunt that makes the jobs harder of the police trying to help her

  • Chow Down TV
    Chow Down TV Year ago

    I’m a fan of ambiguous endings but The ending of this movie was horrible choice.

  • amy young
    amy young Year ago

    disappointed operation gap many sharply mind male possession crowd far chicken bird particle.

  • Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley Year ago

    The whole message of the movie is how grief and anger only causes more grief and anger if that is the only emotion you allow to control your life. It used topics of today to make it seem timely, but it didn't "add anything" to those conversations because that wasn't the point of the movie. Actually, I think the message of the movie is Martin McDonagh's stance on those issues. If we continue to just be angry and let that fuel our lives, then it ruins a person's chance to forgive, move on, and actually make a lasting difference that improves people's lives.

  • Connor Haddad
    Connor Haddad Year ago

    YES Clint I agree completely Finally someone who feels the same way

  • Khanh Phan
    Khanh Phan Year ago

    Omg, is clint the narrator for most cinefix videos???

  • seh221
    seh221 Year ago +4

    I've been trying to articulate why I don't like 3BB (it's good, but I just don't like it), and I haven't been able to. Clint really articulates how I'm feeling about these movie.

  • gabriella berman
    gabriella berman Year ago +3

    Went into Three Billboards expecting so much and came out hugely disappointed. In the last few weeks I've seen I, Tonya, Lady Bird, Call Me By Your Name and Get Out and I put Three Billboards in last place of what I'd like to win best picture. I didn't care in the very least what happened to a single character and have forgetting nearly everything about it after seeing it three weeks ago. I found it very unlikable and there was a huge disconnect between the world in the film and our world, as an audience.

    • gabriella berman
      gabriella berman Year ago +1

      I forgot to mention The Florida Project as well! Insanely underrated and so much more touching in my opinion than Three Billboards

  • Rageify
    Rageify Year ago +1

    I loved this movie but I don't think it deserves to win. It began great but then the story seemed to go all over the place and it became a mess at the end. Frances McDormand should definitely get the Oscar for best actress though. The movie I personally want to win is CMBYN but I know it won't. It's like the underdog among the nominees (a low budget movie that no one expected it to get all this well-deserved hype and I wish more similar movies got similar mainstream attention).

  • joseafalvel
    joseafalvel Year ago

    What ?? Three Billboards has no agenda neither tried to follow up with one and it doesn't have to, not all the movies are obliged to tell stories about social issues, Three Billboards explores human emotions, the daughter's murder is just the starting point but it's a movie with a wonderful and concrete message: Anger creates more anger and hate.
    Also is about forgiveness, the film is telling us that if you have suffered some shitty events in your past that's awful and don't give up in your pursuit of justice however that doesn't give you the right to focus your frustration by making other's lives miserable because that doesn't solve anything. The characters are well written, their motivations in my opinion are very believable and the story goes towards a completely opposite direction from what "The Shape of Water" did, in this one the characters are not 100% good or evil, they feel realistic.
    Finally I seriously don't understand why some people are angry with the treatment of Sam Rockwell's character, his was one of the best character arcs I've seen in the last years.
    Hope it wins the Oscar for best movie. Frances has already won hers.

  • Mary Beth Robertson
    Mary Beth Robertson Year ago +1

    I think it is a reflection of what we see around us each day. I don't think the point was to come up with a solution to it at all. I think that it was both to open up a conversation and to expose what McDonagh believes to be the nature of this world - a brutal, harsh reality in which sometimes we never find the people who raped out daughters and sometimes we abuse our power just because we can and sometimes we go too far because we have nothing left to do.
    I think my favorite scene in the entire movie is the conversation that takes place between Chief Willoughby and Mildred in the police station. Neither hates the other and neither is actually looking to destroy the other, but each views the other as the antagonist. They have built up these walls of pretense - she is calling him out in front of the whole town, making him feel guilty and adding stress and shame to the last days of his life, and he is trying to tear her down by talking about her husband and her personal life, trying to find a vulnerable spot. Then suddenly he coughs blood all over her face, and it's like the wall is shattered - he is horrified and apologetic and frightened, and she is concerned and gentle and afraid. I think it is a beautiful scene and adds a lot of humanity McDormand's callous character. Also one of the reasons why she should probably win Best Actress.

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana Year ago +1

    They belive 3 billboards are trying to be a Social concience movie??!! WTF. This movie is not about that. Compare it to crash? This politics on the choose of the best movie are so Wrong. Choose 3 billboards because shows police brutality and racial echoes is not what This movie is about.

  • Miguel Marrero
    Miguel Marrero Year ago

    Hm let's see a movie about fish man sex vs a a movie about a woman taking on the patriarchy....... no brainer

  • Michael Z
    Michael Z Year ago +1

    Did anybody believe that a tough woman like Mildred would work in a cute little gift shop selling knick-knacks? Really? One of many dumb things we are supposed to believe. And then when a character who could very well be her daughters killer comes into the store and threatens her she basically does nothing...this from a woman who kicks three high school kids in the crotch for throwing a soda at her car. I don't buy any of it. But i guess some people think its entertaining.

  • TheWineParty
    TheWineParty Year ago +3

    3 Billboards was a film with a Beginning, and Middle. The pacing is bad, and the focus is unclear. Characters do things, (questionable things) and there are no consequences therefore resulting in a lack of drama. There is set up but no pay off for a lot of interesting ideas throughout which go no where. It was baaad.

    • Neelima Chandra
      Neelima Chandra Year ago +2

      TheWineParty Yeah the pacing was bad but somehow nobody notices it.

  • Likhan Ghosh
    Likhan Ghosh Year ago

    Hey there! You know who threw that can?

  • Dennis Clausen
    Dennis Clausen Year ago

    This movie had me laughing out loud at one character's misery, then deeply moved by anothers fate in the blink of an eye. I think it can be a conversation starter for the issues it deals with, but I don't really care about that. I don't need to take home some hopeful message from this film, I don't need it to tie up all its ends and resolve its conflicts. This movie is the most fun I've had in the cinmea for a long time and that needs to count towards something.

  • dafuzzymonster
    dafuzzymonster Year ago

    this or blade runner are best ive seen this year

  • Vann Guarnieri
    Vann Guarnieri Year ago

    The Oscars are not for rewarding the movie with the best message. Or at least they shouldn't be. They should reward the best movie.
    And since Blade Runner isn't nominated, the best movie left in the race is Three Billboards by a mile.

  • Cinema Sorcery
    Cinema Sorcery Year ago +2

    Clint god dammit. The movie is about how we deal with anger, the idea of revenge and justice, and the humanity in everyone, even your own enemies. How you failed to realize this is beyond me, and quite frankly makes me lose respect for you.

  • Cinema Sorcery
    Cinema Sorcery Year ago

    God I do not like Mark the "fun" guy

  • USBJockey
    USBJockey Year ago

    Sounds like you guys just watched the trailer to me...

  • Matthew McNaughton

    I don't know why, but the audio sounded off with this movie.

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother Year ago

    Damnit, Mark.. get Clint Gage on the Schmoedown!!

    • Why Bother
      Why Bother Year ago

      Dunno if there's other Movie Trivia fans here, but I think 'Team Cinefix' could be formidable based on how they construct their top 10 lists.

  • MovieJunkie ForLife

    I hope it wins.