JOKER - Teaser Trailer

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
  • Joker - Teaser Trailer - In Theaters October 4
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  • Konsta
    Konsta 11 hours ago

    When you come back to the comments after months do you think you can still get many likes?

  • Tyler T
    Tyler T 11 hours ago

    WB Executive 1: We did Suicide Squad, Justice League, Batman v Superman, what else should we kill?
    WB Executive 2: By "kill" you mean make us loads of money, right?
    WB Executive 1: Of course, what else matters?
    WB Executive 2: Great, let's make a Joker Origin movie.
    WB Executive 1: I... love... it...

  • Daniel Angulo
    Daniel Angulo 11 hours ago

    I love his 99 Cent Store Bag

  • Adham Hussain
    Adham Hussain 11 hours ago


  • aman phondani
    aman phondani 11 hours ago

    This trailer reached directly through my heart

  • Umbruhh
    Umbruhh 11 hours ago

    T H I S S A Y S A L O T A B O U T O U R S O C I E T Y

  • Hector Farias
    Hector Farias 11 hours ago

    I officially love this trailer way too much, I lost count how many times I've watched it since it came out

  • OuS Zx
    OuS Zx 11 hours ago +1

    i dont know if the scenario is bad ... but i know the super acting of joaquin will cover it ... 4 months and we'll see a masterpiece people 🃏

    • M. M
      M. M 11 hours ago

      Super excited 😁

  • Prince Reaper
    Prince Reaper 11 hours ago

    They were all complaining when they announced Joacquin Phoenix will take the fucking role. . . . Now who's fucking laughing now?

  • sunny aggarwal
    sunny aggarwal 12 hours ago

    Change the name of hospital in trailer to gotham general hospital which he blew up showing harvey dent the reality

  • Child of Class
    Child of Class 12 hours ago

    It amazes me so that people are still commenting on this video

  • Prem Thakur
    Prem Thakur 12 hours ago

    5 Month To Go 😣
    Can't Wait

  • Hysm _
    Hysm _ 12 hours ago

    Ramsay snow suits the joker characters ....

  • Mr Grumpy
    Mr Grumpy 12 hours ago

    Congratulations for the 50 mill + views, Mr. Joker!! 😊😊

  • คlεא ʝ૨ ૨σƶα

    Morra como um herói ou viva o suficiente para se tornar um vilão.

    ANGELUIZ 12 hours ago

    50 million!!!

    I AM EL MAHDI 12 hours ago +1

    Man this fucking trailer gives me the chills, feels like I'm witnessing something greater than life

  • EvilNecroid
    EvilNecroid 13 hours ago

    dammit i cant wait!

  • Brandon dizon_1211270
    Brandon dizon_1211270 13 hours ago

    1:39 is he slow?
    Most criminals have to hide their faces so they don’t get caught

  • Brandon dizon_1211270
    Brandon dizon_1211270 13 hours ago

    0:40 does anyone realize he’s anorexic?

  • Brandon dizon_1211270
    Brandon dizon_1211270 13 hours ago

    I used to think that my life was a comedy but now I realize it’s a tragedy

  • StanLee
    StanLee 13 hours ago

    Hannibal Lecter is the greatest villain of all time.

  • llSpeedDemonll
    llSpeedDemonll 14 hours ago +1

    It better be a long movie!

  • Caoss
    Caoss 14 hours ago


    BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 14 hours ago +1

    Thanos: im inévitable

    Joker: i used to thing that my life is a tragedy..... Now i realize its a comedy

  • Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley 14 hours ago

    Joaquin Phoenix is so underrated.


    Lost his parents at a very young age, became a hero

    *LiVeD In ThE SoCiEtY, BeCaMe EvIL*

  • Cu Linh
    Cu Linh 15 hours ago +1


  • Trike Kid
    Trike Kid 15 hours ago +1

    The best super villain ever Period!

  • theZoDgaMeR
    theZoDgaMeR 15 hours ago +1

    This movie has everything get an Oscar message
    3.outstanding performance.

  • James Lyman
    James Lyman 15 hours ago

    "Now I see the funny side. Now I'm always smiling!"

  • James Lyman
    James Lyman 15 hours ago +1

    "I'm only laughing in the outside.
    My smile is only skin deep.
    If you could see inside, I'm really crying.
    You might join me for a weep."

  • Anibal Raymundo
    Anibal Raymundo 15 hours ago

    Plot twist, Batman is Batwoman

  • M&MGuy
    M&MGuy 15 hours ago +1

    If DC messes up this movie....

  • how to vietnamese
    how to vietnamese 15 hours ago

    This just scream venom

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 16 hours ago

    I think by what I can see in the trailer that he ends up killing his mother. I'm sure she has some sort of mental disability and he puts her out of her misery. I may be wrong. Either way whether he kills her or she just dies I think that's what makes him snap finally.

  • sabi khadka
    sabi khadka 16 hours ago +1

    JOKER Is ready. Now we're waiting for BATMAN.

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 16 hours ago

    No matter how many super aliens, earthly villains, and thugs there are. The joker will always be the ultimate villain. In our subconscious there's a little bit of joker in us all.

  • SilverTooth666
    SilverTooth666 16 hours ago

    Honk honk

  • Blacc Hole
    Blacc Hole 17 hours ago +1

    Marvel's enemy : Alien

    Dc enemy : Mental illness

  • Gadiel Acevedo
    Gadiel Acevedo 17 hours ago +2

    Joaquin Phoenix is the best joker, better than that trash Jared Leto like he sucked as the joker but Joaquin is going to be the best, better than Heath Ledger. In Heath’s movie he is already the joker but in this movie it’s gonna focus on how the joker became the joker so basically this movie is the origin story of the joker. But yeah Jared Leto in my opinion is the worst joker in history no doubt about that.

  • prodigal son
    prodigal son 17 hours ago +3

    It's Joacquin Phoenix, what did you expect aside from excellency?

    SURESH KAMERA 17 hours ago

    Telugu trailar leeda

    BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT 17 hours ago +5

    50 millions 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Рома Панов
    Рома Панов 18 hours ago +2

    Fuck the summer! I am waiting for the October!

  • muhammad najich
    muhammad najich 18 hours ago

    a gun can pierce several heads but words can carry millions of heads.
    Mahatma gandhi

  • MKL
    MKL 18 hours ago

    Robert Pattinson is gonna have his hands full with this joker.

  • AdamTM
    AdamTM 18 hours ago

    Is this dc know batman rival i guess

  • green G
    green G 18 hours ago


  • minecrft fairy
    minecrft fairy 18 hours ago

    Love it

  • BY P
    BY P 19 hours ago

    2:10 bam~ bam~ BBa! 이부분 때문에 3분짜리 예고편이 가슴에서 사라지질 않는다.

  • Ozy 1996
    Ozy 1996 20 hours ago

    I think Rober De Niro, from The Comedian of Martin Scorsese, right? He's "insane" also.

  • Jaws Dan
    Jaws Dan 20 hours ago

    I have a theory, what if the batwoman trailer is fake, and made just so we can wash our eyes by watching this and giving it more views...

    • M. M
      M. M 15 hours ago

      please it is not fake they really did that trash😑🙄 but from what I am notice because I am alwayse here so I can tell that almost this trailer has 1million views every week since it was released so it is the normal thing here😂

  • Sangeetha G
    Sangeetha G 20 hours ago


  • kalyan mahesh
    kalyan mahesh 20 hours ago

    Other Actors stopped Competing for upcoming oscars...

  • The King
    The King 20 hours ago +4

    Congratulations 🎉👏 on 50 million views!

  • Zinther
    Zinther 20 hours ago +1

    who else wanted leo as joker? but phoenix is a great actor, so i'm happy

  • Doggo need to get 100 sub so he can give you weed.

    Idk this gives me a smile everytime i watch it daily and im proud of it

  • Pioneer 37
    Pioneer 37 20 hours ago +1

    This is not DC

    this is Art House Cinema

  • The Crow
    The Crow 20 hours ago +1

    Well I think everyone will agree that this trailer is good.

  • Captain Mexico
    Captain Mexico 20 hours ago +1

    Cannot stop watching this trailer. Pure. Fucking. GOLD.

  • aaron wilson
    aaron wilson 20 hours ago +1

    After Ledger played the Joker role he was never the same again,, so i really hope this version of Joker doesn't mess Phoenix head up !🤞

  • Alejandro Bielma Blas
    Alejandro Bielma Blas 21 hour ago

    Sometimes lifes is comedy abig comedy

  • bima aditya
    bima aditya 21 hour ago

    Imagine joker vs pennywise

  • Ponraj S
    Ponraj S 21 hour ago

    Tamil trailer please

  • kucing parsi
    kucing parsi 21 hour ago

    i think joker in suicide squad is nice

  • kucing parsi
    kucing parsi 21 hour ago

    i think joker in suicide squad is the best

  • Bicolano Vlogger
    Bicolano Vlogger 22 hours ago +3

    this is beautiful

  • Iconic Tech
    Iconic Tech 22 hours ago

    Hard pass.

  • agentanaranjado
    agentanaranjado 22 hours ago +2

    Everything about this is master class: the dim lighting while undergoing psychoanalysis, Arthur descending down a massive staircase characterized by its ordinary appearance, the sensual yet creepy act of hand-bathing... this movie will be amazing.

  • Rafael Regalado
    Rafael Regalado 22 hours ago +1

    02:06 in this scene looks like Joker of Heath Ledger the only difference is the colours

  • Kimchi G
    Kimchi G 22 hours ago +6

    Joaquin pheonix is obviously the best actor around now. Now that daniel day lewis retired i think he is the best.

  • RTVale
    RTVale 23 hours ago +1

    Had a couple of breakdowns similar as in 1:15, they feel liberating.

    MOOSE 23 hours ago +2

    *Wasted chemical* = *Society today*

  • Morinn
    Morinn 23 hours ago +3

    Liked the trailer. Very well done! :)

  • Mr. Cancer
    Mr. Cancer 23 hours ago +3

    Okay I'm definitely sold

  • Lou NumBerTwo
    Lou NumBerTwo 23 hours ago

    Batman and the joker in the dark knight is best Batman movie. Let’s see if dc can pull it off.

  • Lou NumBerTwo
    Lou NumBerTwo 23 hours ago +1

    Closest we’ll get to heath ledger. Respect him and respect this unless of course this movie makes a mockery of heath ledgers joker.

  • eledgarinn
    eledgarinn 23 hours ago

    this is what society gets when they push an introvert to becoming an extrovert

  • Blacc Hole
    Blacc Hole Day ago +6

    i wanna cry
    the music make the trailer more good

  • Abdulrahman Hamza

    Theodore didn’t seem to take the breakup with Samantha too well...

  • Miguel Aceves
    Miguel Aceves Day ago +2

    id the trailer was this good imagine how the movie will be

  • Vince Aragon
    Vince Aragon Day ago

    DC comics and WB have turned the corner to possibly compete with marvel starting with the joker. Then I heard Robert Pattinson is playing as batman 🤦

  • Mahesh Gurajapu
    Mahesh Gurajapu Day ago +4

    My mother always tells me to smile & put on a happy face😃

    MAGICIAN Day ago


    MAGICIAN Day ago


  • Jaiden Rivera
    Jaiden Rivera Day ago +3

    I'm gonna be Joaquin Phoenix's Joker for Halloween! I will buy the whole outfit, put the exact same facepaint, and immate everything the Joker does in the movie!(Jump twice on a staircase with water on it, force a kid to smile, smash my head on glass, I don't smoke so I won't do that, maybe dance, look crazy in an asylem, etc...)

  • Robert Bacon
    Robert Bacon Day ago +1

    It's growing on me each time I watch. Level up.

  • Noble Forward
    Noble Forward Day ago

    Are we about to see
    How he got them motherfucking scars?

  • Marc Tijerina
    Marc Tijerina Day ago +1

    This is gunna be good.

  • shekhar sharma
    shekhar sharma Day ago +3

    In my whole life this is the only trailer I watched it everyday since it got released. I will be on theatres whole October watching this movie till my pocket allows

  • SHOGUN_Mobile
    SHOGUN_Mobile Day ago +1

    “You wanna know how I got these scars”

  • Solaris321
    Solaris321 Day ago +3

    Superman saves people
    Batman saves society
    Joker saves the DC extended universe

  • kkawesomecookies
    kkawesomecookies Day ago +2

    Who will have the last laugh????

  • Cookie Crumbs
    Cookie Crumbs Day ago +1

    Is this rated r?

  • M A A D
    M A A D Day ago +1

    i hope he'll say "we live in a society"

  • Tony Lenzar
    Tony Lenzar Day ago +3

    2:06 gives me goosebumps

  • adalis gonzales
    adalis gonzales Day ago +3

    42k dislikes I didn't think that was possible

  • Carlos Enrique Castañeda Gutiérrez

    Damn! I feel so sad for the Joker that I'm starting to think that Batman is the real villain...

  • Carlos Enrique Castañeda Gutiérrez

    People: "Ledger is the best joker"
    Phoenix at 02:06: "Hold my nose"