My Secret Hair Care Routine


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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  2 months ago +444

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    • The Angry Dudeist
      The Angry Dudeist Month ago

      You should a hair gel deal

    • Hyu Uzumaki
      Hyu Uzumaki Month ago

      Bro u look like a school shooter

    • Edward Mendez
      Edward Mendez Month ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek What cleaning and moisturizing products do you use for your hair?

    • Mr.ScumCack
      Mr.ScumCack Month ago


    • nevershoutneysa neysa
      nevershoutneysa neysa 2 months ago

      Good Luck on the radio show 👍 Love your videos and vibes ❤❤❤

    MJL III 18 hours ago

    You look like you could be in a post punk hardcore band

  • Etienne Thereal
    Etienne Thereal 23 hours ago

    You look like the type of youtuber who might kill him self

  • G G
    G G Day ago +1

    Getting sum pretty heavy Titanic Leo vibes when his hair is down

  • EaZy Annihilator

    can you do a skin care routine too please

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker Day ago


  • meh h
    meh h Day ago

    David Bowie's lost son.

  • dragon tragedy
    dragon tragedy 2 days ago

    That's a silky woman's housecoat.

  • Quinn McHugh
    Quinn McHugh 2 days ago

    *unzips katana*

  • Aeizii
    Aeizii 2 days ago

    You look like George McFly

  • Dave Russell
    Dave Russell 2 days ago

    You look real cute wearing your grandmothers robe

  • Lazy K
    Lazy K 3 days ago

    Is that the russian rapper face?

  • ReportagenTV
    ReportagenTV 3 days ago

    Ich verstehe nicht was er sagt. Trotzdem einfach ein krasser Babo! Ich glaube der macht einiges an Frauen weg im Monat!?

  • Moon Mecha
    Moon Mecha 3 days ago

    Very pleasing video to listen to as always milord

  • Musty Crustard
    Musty Crustard 4 days ago

    Hello Patrick Bateman.

  • Dan_1022
    Dan_1022 5 days ago

    You kinda look like my friend i had, differences are, his hair is lighter, he combs it to the side and ends up going in his face.
    And he dresses pretty much like a skater.

  • Pat Dog
    Pat Dog 5 days ago

    Please kill me

  • Саша Б92
    Саша Б92 5 days ago

    You look like a French revolutionary with your hair down.

  • rory7889
    rory7889 6 days ago

    I don't go to a barber or a hairdresser

  • The_Boss 365
    The_Boss 365 6 days ago

    I think its time for a new comb, player

  • joeuk86
    joeuk86 7 days ago

    If the TVclip channel ever bombs you should be a therapist.

  • Blake Grice
    Blake Grice 7 days ago

    am I the only one that does not know who this person is? Also that is not a secret hair style. I am confused.

  • Nick Becker
    Nick Becker 7 days ago

    seeing the hair un-did, told me a lot about you. still love u. always-did

  • Lindsay Nicol-Brereton

    it is erotic to watch

  • Paul Reed
    Paul Reed 8 days ago

    Shades of Shemp Howard!

  • Andrea Randall-Burman

    You should try a diagonal part that goes from the side to the middle of the top of your head. Makes things more symmetrical. Cool vid, dude! The kimono is epic!

  • piggypiggy pig
    piggypiggy pig 9 days ago

    Mr Pink

  • Mr Tibbs
    Mr Tibbs 9 days ago

    I slick my hair back in a very similar fashion. Yours is longer than mine as mine is down to the tip of my nose. You are absolutely right that it sits better and really doesn't require product when the hair is longer.

  • ted kaczynski
    ted kaczynski 11 days ago

    she we tell him he is using utility shears?

  • Nikolas Keel
    Nikolas Keel 11 days ago

    If Reviewbrah had more of a modern fashion sense, he'd make one hell of an emo kid. That's coming from a man who spent his youth as one the previously mentioned emo kids. So, no offense is intended. Those bangs were rockin'.

  • Doug Bairead
    Doug Bairead 11 days ago

    This guy looks like a chameleon

  • irvin clemente
    irvin clemente 13 days ago

    no barber dares to bring down his haircutting skills in the comments if u think about it

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore 14 days ago

    he looks like an autist

  • Kunkku
    Kunkku 14 days ago

    ru girl or boy i know youre virgin

  • mo nguyen
    mo nguyen 14 days ago

    aint no secret no mo

  • jeremy looman
    jeremy looman 14 days ago

    Someone get their manz he on the run

  • cheesayn
    cheesayn 14 days ago

    if you put your hair down and have it parted it'd look good

    BLVIZE 14 days ago

    How do you keep your hair wet

  • Ban
    Ban 14 days ago

    Rat boi Q

  • Ethereality
    Ethereality 14 days ago

    Slippery pibbles, where'd he get that fleet juice?

  • hammy machaminson
    hammy machaminson 14 days ago

    U know that landlords daughter in Spider-Man u look like her

  • D W
    D W 15 days ago

    I like this guy. He seems very proper and is always well dressed. It's a shame these aspects are harder to find in people nowadays.

  • 7Mushrooms7
    7Mushrooms7 15 days ago


  • Nugget K5
    Nugget K5 15 days ago

    I wonder if he has a wifey 🤔 if not hide y'all wifeys

  • Julio Cesar Cobian
    Julio Cesar Cobian 15 days ago +1

    Man we can pimp a lot of hoes i think the you can be a smart fucken pimp

  • Mason Knowles
    Mason Knowles 15 days ago

    what doesn't this channel have

  • BamsterX Gaming
    BamsterX Gaming 15 days ago

    Lookin like mcgyver with that make-shift hair care equipment

  • volvoplz
    volvoplz 15 days ago

    Reviewbrah rolling in TVclip moneys, but still giving himself haircuts.

  • domenic kloklov
    domenic kloklov 15 days ago

    future psychopath LMAO jk bro i luv u my nigga

  • Drunk Spaceman
    Drunk Spaceman 15 days ago

    youre a great guy dude and i support all the content you make. i wish you great success and luck, much love!

  • Nathan White
    Nathan White 16 days ago

    Sheer Heart Attack has no weakness.

  • steve garcia
    steve garcia 16 days ago

    I like your hair better long I never knew it was that long you could definitely pull off that grunge look a flannel some doc Martin's there ya go bruh

  • uh oh scooby
    uh oh scooby 16 days ago

    you sir are insane.

  • Alex Adamson
    Alex Adamson 16 days ago

    Thats one fucked up comb

  • Ruben Hill
    Ruben Hill 17 days ago

    do u want to go on a date with me

  • Kdd297
    Kdd297 17 days ago

    Morning routine.
    1) hair
    2) breakfast
    3) books in bag with automatic rifle.

  • KaliFornia Dashcamer
    KaliFornia Dashcamer 17 days ago


  • N Seyba
    N Seyba 18 days ago

    With his hair down he looks like Matt Ox

  • LoneWolf-Z
    LoneWolf-Z 19 days ago

    when your hair is this straight and perfect i could imagine how easy it is to manage it at home, but not whatever's on my head😂😂...😭

  • Jake Hager
    Jake Hager 19 days ago

    you look like a female my G

  • C- Jizzy
    C- Jizzy 19 days ago

    You look like the resident evil character with your hair down

  • flock
    flock 20 days ago !!

  • jose jimenez
    jose jimenez 20 days ago

    Have my babies

  • Tookie adookie
    Tookie adookie 20 days ago

    Show us how you braid your ass hair

  • Henrietta Lore
    Henrietta Lore 20 days ago +1

    Why are you so attractive????

  • ZHQG Games
    ZHQG Games 20 days ago


  • Harho
    Harho 21 day ago +1


  • Dylan Brooks
    Dylan Brooks 21 day ago

    Your the best meme arnt you

  • AbracadabrA 09
    AbracadabrA 09 21 day ago

    dandruff andy

  • Frbrbr Grblgrr
    Frbrbr Grblgrr 21 day ago

    You have those eyes while doing your hair and showing us. The same eyes I get when styling my hair. The look of “fuck sakes hair, where has time gone”.

  • MobzillaLongTail
    MobzillaLongTail 21 day ago

    This guy is just a strange kind of funny

  • W1ll Nash
    W1ll Nash 22 days ago +1

    It’s Mr steel your girl😂

  • thebassfisher31
    thebassfisher31 22 days ago

    A young Dwight Schrute

  • Tony Forma
    Tony Forma 22 days ago

    Groose. Creepy. Dandruf + Skeleton hands +Eagle Claw + SIDeyd. I am scared

  • Phillip Raß
    Phillip Raß 22 days ago

    Do you use any fragrances ? If yes could you do a video about it for us ?

  • fardin er
    fardin er 23 days ago

    after watching this i got top 20 girls hair hacks video on my recommended😁😁😁

  • Sapphire
    Sapphire 23 days ago

    "Comment to make video more relevant"

  • kwnyupstate
    kwnyupstate 23 days ago

    Tilda Swinton?

  • crybabybanx
    crybabybanx 23 days ago

    he is so fine though, i like it!!

  • Anton Amihud
    Anton Amihud 23 days ago

    Anton Kolesnikov, is that you?

    CHUNKY BOBBER 23 days ago


  • MrFlyersfan28
    MrFlyersfan28 23 days ago +1

    What kind of mental disorder does this kid have lol

  • zRenZu
    zRenZu 23 days ago

    Is this whole bunch of him non reality show or is this actually real?!

    CALI CALI 23 days ago

    Do you shave? How old are you rewiew bruh? Do you live with your parents?

    CALI CALI 23 days ago

    nice hair color 👍

  • potatoegirl31
    potatoegirl31 23 days ago

    so we learn he basically has 1995 hair under the 'gel/water' slicked -down-ness! :)

  • Da Zewsed
    Da Zewsed 24 days ago


  • Elías Roman
    Elías Roman 24 days ago

    John Jurassic

  • SkyY
    SkyY 25 days ago

    what a suit so nice

  • The FlyingFish
    The FlyingFish 25 days ago

    You're bob rosses son arent you?

  • The FlyingFish
    The FlyingFish 25 days ago

    I've never seen a hair cutting tutorial as intense as this xD

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 25 days ago +1


  • ZKN
    ZKN 25 days ago

    Well with that hair u could get a hypebeast real quick!

  • ih8mrwires
    ih8mrwires 25 days ago

    Like that length though :)

  • ジェイク Misfire
    ジェイク Misfire 25 days ago

    That suit is clean boy

  • simply superman69
    simply superman69 25 days ago

    This guy could tell me whether he's 20 or 30, he's 5 foot or 6 foot, he's rich or poor, rural or urban and I still wouldn't have a fucking clue if he's serious or not

  • Mike Youtube
    Mike Youtube 26 days ago

    Nice knowing dobbie had a career outside of harry potter

  • Lord Sigge
    Lord Sigge 26 days ago

    Your hair looks great down or combed back.

  • Aisling Ianira
    Aisling Ianira 26 days ago

    The way your voice sounds reminds me of Christopher Walkin. 😮