Spicy Chicken Wings, Thai Green Curry Rice & Green Beans with Chilli Peanut Dressing | Gordon Ramsay


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  • Dutch Van der Linde
    Dutch Van der Linde 2 hours ago

    4:08 You are no longer my son

  • Wolffen51
    Wolffen51 Day ago

    I like this part "Jack give us a hand please bub." Jack: "why ?" ahh kids...

  • Jakob Lundbye
    Jakob Lundbye 2 days ago

    What is Gordon saying at 0:12 (the paste)?

  • abhilash padmanabhan

    Good to see he doesn't swear in front of his son

  • Dave Pulical
    Dave Pulical 6 days ago


  • Mess GJ
    Mess GJ 7 days ago

    Oh wow xddd

  • Local Foreigner
    Local Foreigner 8 days ago

    sticky spaiced chikking wings

  • Neo Geo
    Neo Geo 8 days ago

    Gordon: "what should i put first there"
    Jack: salt &pepper and a drizzle of olive oil

  • Bertha
    Bertha 8 days ago

    100 chicken legs

  • LLAMA ツ
    LLAMA ツ 8 days ago

    U should have an asmr channel loll

  • Johnd Verbo
    Johnd Verbo 8 days ago

    That is gordon ramasay son?

  • MajicGecko PMPL
    MajicGecko PMPL 8 days ago +1

    Damn these kids are living a dream.

  • aly winter
    aly winter 8 days ago

    Was that curry paste section filmed with a sniper rifle?

  • Lalit Gurung
    Lalit Gurung 9 days ago

    This maybe my first time i see a 13 yrs old said “wow” to sautéed garlic and green beans 😂😂😂

  • Ardent Shrew
    Ardent Shrew 10 days ago

    That rice looked terrible. Nobody cooks that, certainly nobody from Thailand.

  • Michael Spencer
    Michael Spencer 10 days ago

    how many times can one say "nice " before its not nice

  • chessy rook
    chessy rook 10 days ago

    Jack:choke me daddy!!!!

  • Pr1meval Pr1me
    Pr1meval Pr1me 10 days ago

    We should hear Aisleys' voice during the mixing of chicken on the marinade. "Get your meat rubbed, spicy meat, yeeèeaaaah bwooooy".

  • Mekiri Mitchell
    Mekiri Mitchell 11 days ago

    3 for me 1 for u 😂

  • Basic_ Bitch1
    Basic_ Bitch1 11 days ago

    I want a chef as my dad I’d never have to cook again 😂

  • Adi Iqbal
    Adi Iqbal 12 days ago

    50 a year? I eat 50 a week 😂😂😂

  • Vishwesh Keskar
    Vishwesh Keskar 13 days ago


  • Redj Ayala
    Redj Ayala 14 days ago


  • Radu Coroi
    Radu Coroi 14 days ago

    * click! * Noice!

  • Marrycat7218
    Marrycat7218 14 days ago

    1:32 20 years later: "Hmmm DELICIOUS!!! Absolutely fantastic!"

  • lils 77
    lils 77 15 days ago

    Nobody can beat Thailand people at Thai green curry

  • paul van schaik
    paul van schaik 15 days ago

    Hey say, good girl. But when jack is in the house hey be saying, good man

  • Alpha Nova
    Alpha Nova 15 days ago

    Even when I have a cold he helps

  • Alpha Nova
    Alpha Nova 15 days ago

    Anyone love how he talks

  • Alpha Nova
    Alpha Nova 15 days ago

    Ramsay I love you

  • jerik banzam
    jerik banzam 16 days ago

    Someone should make a compilation of Gordon asking people to smell things

  • sten faille
    sten faille 16 days ago

    4:08 lol almost disinheritance

  • Tim Höfer
    Tim Höfer 16 days ago

    *this n*bba cooking beans*

  • IM Me
    IM Me 16 days ago +2

    Gordon: *yells at jack*
    Jack: *wow*

  • ShatterStones
    ShatterStones 17 days ago

    "How delicious does that look?"
    Well, it looks as if a dog took a creamy shit on fresh grass.

  • Gala Mel
    Gala Mel 17 days ago


  • Falling Stone
    Falling Stone 17 days ago

    Nice^10 + wow^9 + amazing^8 + perfect^7.....upto infinity = G ramsay

  • Pothula Sushanti
    Pothula Sushanti 19 days ago

    Sir can we get the ingredients required.
    Thank you

  • legendtales cartoons
    legendtales cartoons 20 days ago

    Ramsay amazing cooker ever seen Wonderful 👍from Kenya

  • thinkinglord Roblox
    thinkinglord Roblox 20 days ago

    i feel like hes forcing his child to say things

  • Alex Rumlover
    Alex Rumlover 21 day ago

    Is jack a boy? Sorry, this time in society people can look the opposite gender, love you gordan and jack!

  • ProXorP
    ProXorP 21 day ago

    6:45 looks like Kare Kare. Filipino anyone?

  • James Fulton
    James Fulton 28 days ago

    I want 1 of these the noo i would take all they wings out lol

  • cheese32
    cheese32 29 days ago

    Gordon: Jack you're a bellend and I hate you.

    Jack: Nice

  • crysthian santana
    crysthian santana 29 days ago

    7:35 look at those bitchues

  • Alex Sime
    Alex Sime Month ago

    What went in to the peanut sauce

  • Keyna L
    Keyna L Month ago

    He's a good dad. Teaching his boy to cook!

  • Sarah H Walter
    Sarah H Walter Month ago

    My mouth is watering!!

  • Pranto Biswas
    Pranto Biswas Month ago

    Oh wow!!

  • Daniel Plainview
    Daniel Plainview Month ago

    4:05 Nearly disowned.

  • Jason Flanagan
    Jason Flanagan Month ago +2

    6:58 - It doesn't smell of green beans, it smells of....
    *Gordon interrupts - shut up and eat*

  • lalaluna
    lalaluna Month ago

    i need to be at their dinner table at least 24/7 not much 🥘

  • Hufflepuffler
    Hufflepuffler Month ago

    Gordon: Jack, you're in the wrong video
    Jack: nice

  • Bryan P
    Bryan P Month ago

    I wonder who's the cameramen??? He must have watched every dishes Ramsay made at home and tasted it. Lucky man, I guess

  • qwertiedota
    qwertiedota Month ago

    Who else was waiting for the boy to toss the garlic out of the pan so they have to restart ? Maybe he already did and they cut that part out.

  • Reid medley
    Reid medley Month ago

    jacks mon: your father passed away im sorry jack.
    jack: oh woow

  • mrjacob 141
    mrjacob 141 Month ago +1


  • Mimma Anello
    Mimma Anello Month ago

    I love you Gordon Ramsay an amazing chef he's super with his children and like how they cook together. A lovely family❤

    IULIANA WILBY Month ago

    Wings are not healthy they are close to the spot where hormones are injected

  • Hunni Attila
    Hunni Attila 2 months ago

    Oh wow.

  • SubbedTo You
    SubbedTo You 2 months ago

    Jack has to be autistic he's clearly a disappointment

  • Jacob E
    Jacob E 2 months ago

    I how found that hot food like peppers you don’t taste the heat it’s actually just a feeling which is neat because a lot of people that can’t taste food use hot peppers so they have a feeling in there mouth

  • feridun abi
    feridun abi 2 months ago

    jack: wow

  • Syah_erin Erin
    Syah_erin Erin 2 months ago

    May I get the recipe for bean?

  • Mauricio Fretes
    Mauricio Fretes 2 months ago

    Did he say cheeky wings for the intro

  • Ali Jaafar
    Ali Jaafar 2 months ago

    W O W

  • Ain Mahaa
    Ain Mahaa 2 months ago

    Even the green bean looks damn delicious

  • Nandini verma
    Nandini verma 2 months ago

    Does anyone know which ingredients he used for the dressing for the beans ? Would really like to try making it :)

  • HanQi Sun
    HanQi Sun 2 months ago +2

    Gordon: One for me One for you
    Jack: Three for me one for you

  • Epicjack
    Epicjack 2 months ago

    How can you use hands to eat ?

  • Malec Foster
    Malec Foster 2 months ago

    I'm becoming a better cook. But how do you know what seasoning and herbs go with one another?

  • My name is Jeff
    My name is Jeff 2 months ago


  • David Philion
    David Philion 2 months ago

    Good job Gordon teaching your son to cook is helping him to be independent.

  • Youtube Sheriff
    Youtube Sheriff 2 months ago

    50 a day

  • Abdul Aziz
    Abdul Aziz 2 months ago +1

    Jack the nicest person in the world

  • Shaneka Lee
    Shaneka Lee 2 months ago

    For a chef's son Jack knows nothing about cooking

  • AwesomeJackify
    AwesomeJackify 2 months ago

    You are not the father

  • Killber Amazuki
    Killber Amazuki 2 months ago

    I really really dislike chicken wings, but I'd eat those wings Gordon cooked.

  • Kwisten Chan
    Kwisten Chan 2 months ago


  • Kasujja Miti
    Kasujja Miti 2 months ago

    Lord Gordon Ramsey

  • Praetorian Tiberius
    Praetorian Tiberius 2 months ago

    6:05 yeh that’s how I like it baby

  • iamkuungbun bun
    iamkuungbun bun 2 months ago

    *oH wOW*

  • Le Broderick
    Le Broderick 2 months ago

    Drink every time the kid says wow

  • Lorses
    Lorses 2 months ago +1


  • erickogrowt
    erickogrowt 2 months ago

    the best thing if u were the family of gordon ramsay is you could eat 5 star food every day :v

  • abhishek kumar
    abhishek kumar 2 months ago

    JACK LIKES THEM HOT..... jst saying... 😏

  • Simon Joly
    Simon Joly 2 months ago


  • Aldin Je Osmanov Djed
    Aldin Je Osmanov Djed 2 months ago

    The things Gordon Ramsay eats a lot looks like a dream in my country xd

  • butcher bros
    butcher bros 2 months ago

    You really know how to make it.

  • Taymur Moin
    Taymur Moin 2 months ago

    Sir kindly write ingredients name and and amount of the ingredients in the description

  • jay kimble
    jay kimble 2 months ago

    everyone's just killing it on the comments

  • Rizz DZ
    Rizz DZ 2 months ago +1

    Omg now I'm so hungry!!

  • Darth Javo
    Darth Javo 2 months ago

    I want Gordon to be my dad...nice meal...

  • Naresh M
    Naresh M 2 months ago

    What's the hurry ... !! Omg !! Even Nigella .. starts running around when she cooks

  • Wel Walla
    Wel Walla 2 months ago

    I wonder if Gordon will ever go vegan. That wld be nothing short of a miracle.

  • haskeldinho12345
    haskeldinho12345 2 months ago

    Nice nice.....nice

  • Logan Talfishman
    Logan Talfishman 2 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey “How delicious does that look”
    Me “WTF”

  • Zhiyao Li
    Zhiyao Li 3 months ago

    The boy sucked his finger and tasted the sauce, and then put his full-of-spit-finger hand into the chicken. That is Gordon's food -- "lovely"

  • ranjan maithani
    ranjan maithani 3 months ago

    Gordon looks like daniel craig sometimes