Worldcorp: The Internet's Darkest Mystery

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • In 2015, a bizarre vaporwave-inspired group by the name of Worldcorp would begin posting strange music videos to their TVclip channel and website. While everything initially seemed ordinary, two of their videos would begin to stand out as much more insidious, and real, than the rest.
    Twitter: NexpoYT
    Intro: Black Heat - Ross Budgen:
    Video music provided by Epidemic Sound
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  • Nexpo
    Nexpo  Month ago +7402

    Hey guys,
    I just got a new mic and got a bit too excited with experimenting with it, so that's why there's a second modulated track under my vocals. I did the same thing with the recording of the video I'm working on so it'll also be in the next video, but if you guys don't like it I'll discontinue it after that one. Sorry for the confusion.

    • Randy Adkins
      Randy Adkins Month ago

      Dude I'm sure there's a chance you already saw but petscop ended and the creator already started his next project on TVclip called sheriff domestic. Please check it out

    • DaedalusZM
      DaedalusZM Month ago

      I have to say it's too distracting. I thought my 'phones were glitching or the video was artifacting. It's like a voicemask dialed to 2. So, not full robot/kidnapper, but more distorted than just your typical vox

    • Udon Mom
      Udon Mom Month ago

      I thought it added a nice bit of extra menace into the words, sometimes we as viewers get disconnected from a story and don’t realize the gravity of what happened. But then again it’s also nice to get away from the feeling of dread these stories can cause.

    • Calfeine
      Calfeine Month ago

      It sounded kinda odd but it's fine

    • Muffy
      Muffy Month ago +1

      I really like it tbh

  • RAHI :v
    RAHI :v 9 hours ago

    dude that worldcorp rap is fire bruh like to the point where i would join the cult just for that one black guy playing bangers during sacrifices.

  • HeyImNeverland
    HeyImNeverland 17 hours ago

    1:51 highkey a bop

  • One Arm Daddy
    One Arm Daddy 18 hours ago

    Nexpo posted a bogus voice comparison for John P. There're still clips available on yt that do voice analysis that are quite convincing.

  • Harry Epstein
    Harry Epstein 19 hours ago +1

    When you said Silvagunner?

    *That hit me right there.*

  • ETN
    ETN 19 hours ago

    As a huge vaporwave fan , the worldcorp name was kind of familiar , but i never knew what it really was , but that i do , im absolutely terrified

  • Chadwick . Just Chadwick.

    Worldcorp: * posts child porn on youtube *
    SilvaGunner: * uses part of video without crediting Worldcorp *
    Worldcorp: wait that's illegal

  • Easyflux
    Easyflux Day ago

    It's the same old, edgy millennial starving artist vaporwave bullshit.. Can we not be more original, people?

  • Abigail Delaney
    Abigail Delaney 2 days ago +1

    Me: Oh it’s just another hopeful vapor wave artist being extra. ._.
    Nexpo: If only ............. it were that simple. *ominous music*
    Me: 0_0

  • zeranzeran
    zeranzeran 2 days ago

    world corp is a vaporwave collective

  • IslandNote Productions

    i dont think its a cult tbh

  • Brian Heard
    Brian Heard 3 days ago


    TRIUNITY • 3 days ago

    John PEDO & his brother are guilty....The emails are legit, the videos with the man sound like his voice. All the evidence is there but when it all is connected to the top of the political and religious spectrum you realize it's a much bigger problem.

  • a Josep thing
    a Josep thing 3 days ago

    I know world corp is bad and
    All but the music is kind of lit
    Me be dancing bitch call me mother fu**ing Tarzan caz me be dancing

  • FixSpawnPeeks
    FixSpawnPeeks 3 days ago

    Could worldcorp be similar to The Branch Davidians?

  • Wasabi Zombie
    Wasabi Zombie 4 days ago

    Guys tbh I'm stoned as shit and this is kinda spooky

  • Hacker the Cuber
    Hacker the Cuber 4 days ago

    I was looking through youtube and I happened to find this channel called [mk] ULTRAPOLIS, seems to be a music channel almost exactly like worldcorp enterprise. It’s even stranger when you go to apple music and find out that they are an artist for apple music. They have a song called “WorldCorp enterprises inc.” I don’t know if i’m just stupid but this seems very odd. Their music videos seem oddly similar to those of WorldCorp enterprises

  • Whiskey_ Cyanide
    Whiskey_ Cyanide 5 days ago

    Whoah I just got done watching the first half of your videos from 2 years ago and decided to check this newer one out but what happened to your voice dude? You were so chill and laid back now you sound all fake. I mean still great content for sure but that seriously is throwing me off lol

  • Pat Ball
    Pat Ball 6 days ago

    World Corp was just a sound cloud rapper trying to come up but once they realized that some of their found footage was legit and it was connecting them to pedos and so they took it down
    It's that simple

  • Akif Aiman
    Akif Aiman 6 days ago

    Silvagunner profile pic look like your average character from jjba

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh 6 days ago

    oh cool a new nexpo video
    *sees siiva*
    e x c u s e m e w h a t t h e f u c k

  • Michael J. Rios
    Michael J. Rios 7 days ago

    1:43 not gonna lie his flow crazyyy

  • Mochi Cakes
    Mochi Cakes 7 days ago

    please drop Nexpo logo merch bruh, I literally buy everything

  • Truth Seeka
    Truth Seeka 7 days ago

    that globe for the countdown is the same exact symbol as the one in Kanye quest but with a pyramid in the middle

  • Aidan Minder
    Aidan Minder 7 days ago

    If being part of a cult means we can listen to this good ass music I’m in

  • jo jo
    jo jo 7 days ago

    The make the kids release adrenacrom by putting kids under extreme conditions kill em take that gland an get high

  • Elite Knight Productions

    I think it was 8Chan not 4Chan maybe 12:26 the layout is same colour as 8chan.

  • Anon Omys
    Anon Omys 8 days ago

    Thank you for not posting it.

  • Michael Hobbs
    Michael Hobbs 8 days ago

    Why oh why did I find the need to go and watch the video that I was warned about. Now I hear the screams every time he shows the picture of the video...

  • Zombiefied
    Zombiefied 8 days ago

    the first song is a fuckin jam

  • James Winterswolf
    James Winterswolf 8 days ago

    I looked up the videos you omitted. I proceeded to mute and immediately turn them off. So glad you didn't share that. Not sure what I expected but that was very unsettling.

  • daniel weingarten
    daniel weingarten 8 days ago

    stunning aesthetic and editing

  • Dirty Humdinger
    Dirty Humdinger 8 days ago

    Why in the hell would you manipulate your vocals it sounds ridiculous and adds little to no immersion in the video because the information is already good enough. All the voice edit does is annoy and confuse the ears.

  • Copious Doinks LLC.
    Copious Doinks LLC. 8 days ago

    I went and looked up those 'Fatherhood' videos and they're nowhere near as scary or as abusive as you're making them out to be. It's just some toddler banging on a glass window.
    The video and audio are both terrible quality, you can barely make out what's being said and there's nothing to even suggest that the audio hasn't been spliced in from another source altogether. You give me ten minutes and an editing program and I can make you the exact same thing.
    ...But for some reason, because there's a 1 in a 10 million chance that an angry dad actually yelled at a toddler somewhere (OH THE HUMANITY, SOMEONE CALL CPS), everybody on the Internet puts on their tinfoil hats and turns into Charlie Kelly in the mailroom, ffs.
    This is hysteria, Nexpo, and you're not helping things by giving this nonsense more gravity than it deserves. Show the clip and stop misinforming people that this is some sort of snuff film.

    • James Winterswolf
      James Winterswolf 8 days ago +1

      No, it's horrifying. I know what an upset child sounds like, that wasn't an upset child. That was a mortified child begging for mercy. Anyone who defends the contents of those videos needs a mental evaluation.

  • tank 22
    tank 22 8 days ago

    tho that rap sound good

  • Freak Azoid
    Freak Azoid 9 days ago

    Why can I never find a cult, like, while its happening... smh 😥

  • Radi
    Radi 9 days ago

    the worldcorp music is actually pretty damn good

  • sabresister
    sabresister 9 days ago

    Hey man, thank you for not including the child abuse video/audio. I think it’s cool you made that choice (about something that may not even be real), when there are a lot of content creators who would keep it in for shock value. You just got a new sub, keep up the great work.

  • Darggo
    Darggo 9 days ago +14

    "This has since been debunked"

    Tribesmen got your tongue?

  • I like Youtube
    I like Youtube 9 days ago

    : ( ill nvr b dis kool

  • Harmony
    Harmony 9 days ago

    Not to trivialize the horror of what was happening in those videos, but why the Caillou theme song? Is that a thing that gets pedos going? If I was watching porn and someone started aggressively screaming the lyrics to a kid's show theme song, that would just instantly kill the mood for me.

  • Snowpng
    Snowpng 9 days ago

    your intro music is fire

  • D. King
    D. King 9 days ago +2

    Worldcorp is a 4chan-/pol/ pseudonym/alias you mental midgets... definitely listen to Gamble and tell me I am wrong.

  • Sucking Wreck
    Sucking Wreck 9 days ago


  • - Shard -
    - Shard - 9 days ago

    I"ve followed some comment threads some time ago with a very similar topic as this, maybe even the same subject matter, and it turns out, that there are places where people collect audio format of really messed up stuff - some of them fake, some of them real. (you know, like those gore sites)
    for the purpose of editing them into whatever you want to. (or other purposes which i don't want to even know).
    With this in mind, IF it was an attempt for an ARG or some try at a marketing for a business, then you find out that the vaguely creepy clip you made actually has some true real life background which is messed up as hell, of course you would want to swipe everything and just disappear. So this seems logical.
    On the topic of the real audio stuff, I find it concerning how many people make horror clips for fun and not research the "stock" material they actually use. This is how you get into stories like this :'D

  • Geoff Moore
    Geoff Moore 9 days ago

    MF Doom?

  • tinystorm
    tinystorm 10 days ago


  • eboys are hot
    eboys are hot 10 days ago

    The Dreamer Heaven one made me so sad. It’s terrible how evil adults can abuse a child like that and either end their life or ruin it. The world is truly disgusting sometimes.

  • meenakshious
    meenakshious 10 days ago +3

    Nexpo: Had eventually led this investigation to meet its demise.
    Me: ;_;
    Nexpo: ...Until 3 years later.
    Me: :D

  • Seymore Truth
    Seymore Truth 10 days ago

    They did a voice analysis of the fatherhood video and podestas voice and it was indeed a 100% match

  • Seymore Truth
    Seymore Truth 10 days ago

    You’ve lost credibility dude,

  • Seymore Truth
    Seymore Truth 10 days ago

    It was never debunked dude

  • Francis Breen
    Francis Breen 10 days ago

    a few years ago i saw a tractor trailer with WORLDCORP on the side. the tag line underneath said "making your business our business"

  • depressed cockroach
    depressed cockroach 10 days ago

    uh SiIvagunner?????

  • Dennis Christensen
    Dennis Christensen 10 days ago

    epstein had to be a part of worldcorp

  • Soviet
    Soviet 11 days ago

    bro imagine screaming at a kid and then (angrily) singing "With mommy and daddy im finding my way!" lol

  • Olive Kid
    Olive Kid 11 days ago

    Listened to the videos of the child and the man screaming. Im really happy you didnt show it, and Im wishing now I didnt seek it out. I just feel uncomfortable, sad, and like I have to go make sure my little sis is safe

  • The Marshal
    The Marshal 11 days ago +2

    Uhhh, did you find the clear versions of "Fatherhood Part II" and "Each Day I Grow Some More" because, well, I did. Not distorted. It was in about 240kbps, not quite 320kbps but clear enough to hear the kid yelling John and either Stop, Pod/Podes, or Please. I don't think they were a part of an ARG...

  • Rain Love
    Rain Love 12 days ago

    Why are you purposely making your voice cringey? Come on man

  • Alex Davis
    Alex Davis 12 days ago

    Wtf... Worldcorp is my nightmare. Wow.