Getting My Driver's License | Lele Pons


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  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons  5 months ago +6074

    THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Who would get in a car with me???

  • Lasting Siangshai
    Lasting Siangshai 16 hours ago

    I love a girl like you

  • JennyDTypical
    JennyDTypical Day ago

    And this is how you get your license 😂😂

  • X xAngel_Tubex X
    X xAngel_Tubex X 2 days ago

    Me getting my drivers licence: *rips it up into pices*

  • Isabella Ruiz
    Isabella Ruiz 2 days ago

    This is definitely not how my driving test went

  • Mazzy Mapele
    Mazzy Mapele 2 days ago

    Its remind me of Patrick 😂

  • Alexa Yau
    Alexa Yau 2 days ago

    Lele pons do you have Snapchat

  • Øfficial Xavier
    Øfficial Xavier 2 days ago +1

    The girl with the braids is soooo me. When I blackmail people😂😂😂

  • Emilie Zuchowski
    Emilie Zuchowski 2 days ago

    Literally what the fuck was this video

  • Desiree Leiataua
    Desiree Leiataua 3 days ago


  • Desiree Leiataua
    Desiree Leiataua 3 days ago

    Waring: kids don't drive a car it's dangerous.

  • Anthony Hawkins
    Anthony Hawkins 3 days ago

    Can I be one of your videos after txeirra live in Texas 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Joaquin Ruiz
    Joaquin Ruiz 4 days ago


  • unikitty games xoxo
    unikitty games xoxo 4 days ago

    Please don't be my taxi driver

  • Antony PL
    Antony PL 4 days ago

    Lele i love your video's 😘

  • Allison MSP
    Allison MSP 4 days ago +1

    Driver- "Ok, so the next order of business is the slalom. Don't ask me how to spell it."
    Me- S L A L O M

  • subhieh habboub
    subhieh habboub 4 days ago

    Basically lele didn’t get her drivers license because right when she got it she ripped it lol 😂 but I’m still a fan of lele

  • Blox 4fun
    Blox 4fun 4 days ago


  • Kadidja Youssouf
    Kadidja Youssouf 5 days ago

    I do

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 5 days ago

    One of lele's friends was wearing a grey sweater then later a black sweater

  • Lynn Brandsma
    Lynn Brandsma 6 days ago

    Ok??? Wat dit i just saw😂🤣😍

  • Jzbro Plank war
    Jzbro Plank war 6 days ago

    Hannah stocking forever

  • Roguen Smith Waihi
    Roguen Smith Waihi 7 days ago

    What you real name or is your real name I lele pons😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Valeddy The Crybaby
    Valeddy The Crybaby 7 days ago +1


  • Faiths Hair
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  • Faiths Hair
    Faiths Hair 8 days ago

    I would like

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    Subscribe to ITS A&V

  • tommy aspinall
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  • Ceci Arechiga
    Ceci Arechiga 8 days ago

    It was ssooo funny ha ha ha ha ha ha( :

  • Mimi Kelly
    Mimi Kelly 8 days ago

    Lele u stupid

  • Lina Kim
    Lina Kim 8 days ago

    Can we just subscribe she is about to hit 100m sub but guava juice is 96M so plz

  • Elizabeth Smigiel
    Elizabeth Smigiel 8 days ago

    She ripped her lisence at the end 😂

  • melvin dagalea
    melvin dagalea 9 days ago


  • Jaden Havens
    Jaden Havens 9 days ago

    Is that perfectlaughs

  • Lps Dogcatty
    Lps Dogcatty 9 days ago

    u ripped
    the paper

  • Step 1
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  • Destiny Serrano
    Destiny Serrano 10 days ago

    What a bad driver ☺️😊

  • Jojo Winch
    Jojo Winch 10 days ago

    I love 💗 you and your video xxx

  • Hayden Altim
    Hayden Altim 10 days ago

    This be me tbh

  • Emilia Luquetta
    Emilia Luquetta 11 days ago +1

    I wud get in a car with u iiiiiiiiiiiii lllllllllllll oooooooooo vvvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuu lele

  • Emilia Luquetta
    Emilia Luquetta 11 days ago +1

    i love u lele ur a amazing beautiful person and so are the people in the video thx for awesome videos and dont forget to subscribe for lele and the rest!

  • Sam Mach
    Sam Mach 11 days ago

    You should be in the next Fast & Furious series...

  • Spooky Charm
    Spooky Charm 11 days ago

    When lele wanted the paper to get her lisence she was so happy then she just ripped it xD

  • Katbestcoolgirl Is cool

    Me: well done Lela
    Lele: ikr
    Me: best TVclipr ever lele ♥️❤️♥️❤️

  • Daisy Solis
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  • Ashley Razalan
    Ashley Razalan 12 days ago

    Lele pons sounds like a Italian name

  • Bunniegirl13
    Bunniegirl13 12 days ago

    This actually ended well

  • Maddiebee123
    Maddiebee123 13 days ago

    I would u r so funny

  • star carter
    star carter 13 days ago

    Shut up Lele pons

  • Sandra Maschio
    Sandra Maschio 13 days ago

    Eu. Não. Sei. Fala. Inglês

  • Ellie Marston
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  • Ellie Marston
    Ellie Marston 13 days ago

    Young eeze is so funny!

  • Sunshine Galaxie
    Sunshine Galaxie 14 days ago

    Lol Lela you just ripped the paper😂😂😂

  • Eva Selina
    Eva Selina 14 days ago +1

    9.004.850 subscribers!!!

  • JohannAqill 25
    JohannAqill 25 14 days ago

    That guy is .........funnier

  • Leonel Mateo
    Leonel Mateo 14 days ago

    Lele u r the bst! Luv u ! U r so funny !😂😘👍

  • Roberta DeSure
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  • Jeremie Valentin
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  • Lilliana Slorf
    Lilliana Slorf 15 days ago

    her face at the end tho... XD

  • movie lover aj
    movie lover aj 15 days ago

    Do u really know how to drive? How old are u?

  • Kaysie Does Gaming
    Kaysie Does Gaming 16 days ago

    Who was the girl who was vlogging!

  • Xali Avila
    Xali Avila 16 days ago

    Lele your is a person funny

  • Izayah Perez
    Izayah Perez 17 days ago

    lele u look like a fun driver....if i was in the car with u it would be like i was on a roller coster

  • Izayah Perez
    Izayah Perez 17 days ago

    when ur in trouble u know what to do.........Pull some facts

  • Yusra Nawaz
    Yusra Nawaz 17 days ago

    Hey lele your birth day is on June the 25 so is mine

  • Coco Serrio
    Coco Serrio 17 days ago

    Is that the rose bowl!?

  • Reme Ahmed
    Reme Ahmed 17 days ago

    😍😍😍my from Bangladesh

  • Duru Yıldız
    Duru Yıldız 17 days ago

    Yeeeeeeees ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ayaan Hoque
    Ayaan Hoque 17 days ago

    She ripped the paper lol

  • desmond o
    desmond o 17 days ago

    That guy in the car is justin

  • HuskyPup 84
    HuskyPup 84 18 days ago

    "I bet you didn't see those cones!" *she laughs*
    Me- it wasn't even funny, not even the slightest bit funny.

  • Pamela Muir
    Pamela Muir 18 days ago


  • arianna jewels
    arianna jewels 18 days ago

    i would lele

  • R u s t Die
    R u s t Die 18 days ago

    not me ;-;

  • Melissa Levatino
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  • Black Mamba 24
    Black Mamba 24 19 days ago

    Lele ripped the licence lol

  • Ella _bot3000
    Ella _bot3000 19 days ago +1

    Bribery the best kind of wining

  • las ceutíes sisters escudero

    En verdad hiciste bien

  • Xamanta j Villa ramos
    Xamanta j Villa ramos 19 days ago

    Lele was the frst

  • kevin gangster
    kevin gangster 19 days ago

    I love you

  • Minecraft Pro
    Minecraft Pro 19 days ago

    Lele your hot can we fuck

  • Ryan Farrow
    Ryan Farrow 20 days ago

    Maybe ?

  • Stephanie  Peterson
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  • Ghena Haddad
    Ghena Haddad 20 days ago +1

    guys stop taking it so seriously, she meant it as a joke and that's called comedy. she doesn't actually drive like that she does this stuff for entertainment, like give her a break. BTW love u

  • Tribute Academy
    Tribute Academy 21 day ago



    Leles hair when it was in a pony tail looked like she woke up like that 😂😂

  • Victoria Scott
    Victoria Scott 21 day ago

    I will

  • Krzysztof Głuszkowski

    I love u lele

  • Creative Time
    Creative Time 21 day ago

    No you can't do it stupid

  • RandomRamtin 3459
    RandomRamtin 3459 22 days ago

    Sub bot

  • Starling Mckay
    Starling Mckay 22 days ago

    I wish you luck I don’t need it but you do hahahahahahah

  • Dillon the Weirdo
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  • ayeitskikie GAMING!
    ayeitskikie GAMING! 22 days ago

    How is this comedy :^

  • Yassin Mahdaoui
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  • amanda rios
    amanda rios 23 days ago +1

    in that case im am totally lele because that is somthing i would do

  • This the life of Emma Ceja

    I think she will do better blind folded just like sponge bob! 😂FYI i paused the video just before she put on the blind fold or startled driving with the blind fold on

  • andy silva
    andy silva 23 days ago

    I hated them in this vid

  • Pixelmon Time
    Pixelmon Time 23 days ago

    I would

  • Clara Amaro
    Clara Amaro 24 days ago