Getting My Driver's License | Lele Pons


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  • Lele Pons
    Lele Pons  Year ago +7486

    THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Who would get in a car with me???

  • Social Kitcheners
    Social Kitcheners 27 minutes ago


    APPIE W2S Day ago

    Nederlands praten wowow ben je Nederlands

  • sexy ass girl
    sexy ass girl 3 days ago


  • sexy ass girl
    sexy ass girl 3 days ago


  • sexy ass girl
    sexy ass girl 3 days ago


  • sexy ass girl
    sexy ass girl 3 days ago


  • Kay's Stuff
    Kay's Stuff 3 days ago

    As much as i love lele i would never get in a car..... With her

  • Corkalya Williams
    Corkalya Williams 3 days ago

    Is that little ESE💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • H Carter
    H Carter 4 days ago


  • Demi Drover
    Demi Drover 5 days ago

    This is like spongbob when he can only drive with the blindfold on 😆

  • Phoenix Fire
    Phoenix Fire 5 days ago +1

    Omg the girl in the beginning reminds me so much of this one competitive games girl and I love it lol! 🤣

  • Emily Canales
    Emily Canales 6 days ago

    Hi I like you hav a dog 🐶😍😍😍

  • Omar Marrar
    Omar Marrar 7 days ago


    ADVISER PANEL 8 days ago

    lele is so hot!

  • Marjan Anwari
    Marjan Anwari 8 days ago

    I love that when she gates handed her license she just rips it up

  • Sandra Sauceda
    Sandra Sauceda 10 days ago

    You shouldnt be its jus the two of us
    Lele: actually no..

  • Florence Lawson-Tancred
    Florence Lawson-Tancred 11 days ago +4

    Lol, at the end she was just *ripping up* her drivers license! *haha*

  • Mirco Apostolakis
    Mirco Apostolakis 11 days ago

    Kun je ook Nederlands

  • Sohaila Moustafa
    Sohaila Moustafa 12 days ago


  • zain masri
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  • Abdul Hassan
    Abdul Hassan 12 days ago

    Is that how you I drive

  • Ellen World
    Ellen World 13 days ago

    I L
    I Lo
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    I Love
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    I Love Lel
    I Love Lele
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  • cj hughes
    cj hughes 13 days ago

    i would

  • Lucy Kayla
    Lucy Kayla 13 days ago

    Amelia said. Hahah

  • Infinite Master
    Infinite Master 16 days ago

    I need more friends like those..

  • kaiy padilla
    kaiy padilla 16 days ago +1

    "Losers loses their licence."
    But you don't HAVE your licence.

  • Christiaanpower POKÉMON
    Christiaanpower POKÉMON 18 days ago +1

    Are you Dutch

  • *Camz*/*Queen Ariana*Fan Girl g

    💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖
    🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫
    🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫
    🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫
    🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗 🚗
    💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃
    💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃
    💃 💃 💃 💃 💃 💃
    It's my first time and it took me like 45 minutes😁

  • NIDHI JAVALI (Student)

    Lele I love all of us videos!! All of em are just so amazing how do u even get so many KILLER ideas?! I admire u so muchhh. Ur my fav celeb and I'm ur biggest fan!!! Hope u notice me and reply this comment!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • NIDHI JAVALI (Student)

    SHE TORE IT 😂😂😂😂

  • tianna .heart. xo
    tianna .heart. xo 18 days ago

    yeah cause your awesome

  • クッキーSoulstar
    クッキーSoulstar 20 days ago

    Lele you’re similar to Sponge bob when you drive

  • Sarah Adebanwo
    Sarah Adebanwo 20 days ago

    2018 anybody

  • Sarah Adebanwo
    Sarah Adebanwo 20 days ago


  • Sarah Adebanwo
    Sarah Adebanwo 20 days ago

    I love that girl with plants

  • Solopani MIKI
    Solopani MIKI 21 day ago

    Wooooooooo EZA’s there! :)

  • Bat Jonny
    Bat Jonny 22 days ago

    Pause on 2:39 lele is the only one inside **Caught**

  • Hanan Hassan
    Hanan Hassan 22 days ago

    By the way your other video you sang beautiful wow also amazing

  • James Stead
    James Stead 22 days ago

    Lucky lady

  • NeeZoid
    NeeZoid 24 days ago

    1:17 you can clearly see that there is only one person in the car

  • DamianGamer921
    DamianGamer921 24 days ago

    Waarom is jou titel nederlands

  • lollmaorofldog
    lollmaorofldog 24 days ago

    Ayyyyyyeeeee yea

  • Akeera the queen
    Akeera the queen 24 days ago +1

    L-e-l-e _ p*o*n*s*
    Like if u like Lele Pons

  • Adrionna Philo
    Adrionna Philo 24 days ago


  • Mia Pampalian
    Mia Pampalian 24 days ago

    ur so pretty lele

  • Dana Cheng
    Dana Cheng 24 days ago


  • Rishana Soebhag
    Rishana Soebhag 24 days ago

    omg you said Minn rijbewijs in the Netherlands. I'm am Netherlands, are you Netherlands or not?

  • nay blut
    nay blut 24 days ago

    I am

  • Yassin Abdel
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  • Marco Serrao
    Marco Serrao 26 days ago

    # Dont drive kids

  • ashley 98 Pierre
    ashley 98 Pierre 26 days ago +1

    YEAH lele😂😂😂😂😂✌️

  • Its_Roxy220 Love
    Its_Roxy220 Love 26 days ago

    Love you

  • Maya Alice
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  • ozman
    ozman 28 days ago

    how tf did you nail the curve ones but hit every cone on the straight one, we will never know

  • bella gregory
    bella gregory 28 days ago

    Me I Like Watch You All The Time Lele!!!

  • Roos wereld
    Roos wereld 28 days ago +3

    Nederlandse titel

    DUTCHTUBER FAN 29 days ago

    Ben jij nederlands

  • Liveyourlight Msp
    Liveyourlight Msp 29 days ago


  • Celeste Barraza
    Celeste Barraza Month ago

    I would

  • Lena Wielandts
    Lena Wielandts Month ago

    Hmthe title is in durltch??? Huh ???

  • pluisy #sylvana
    pluisy #sylvana Month ago +2

    Waarom een nederlanse titel

  • MayteEllis
    MayteEllis Month ago

    Omggg the titel was Dutch

  • Jill paardjes
    Jill paardjes Month ago

    Leuk dat je het ook in het Nederlands doet!

  • Lazari Eclipse
    Lazari Eclipse Month ago

    moral of the story: carry a camera everywhere so you can get anything you want

  • when life hits you in the face

    Title is Dutch!😍(I'm Dutch)
    I'm this when I ride

  • Lily Carroll
    Lily Carroll Month ago

    Lele can be stupid

  • Azucena Aleman
    Azucena Aleman Month ago


  • abo treka
    abo treka Month ago

    Who rips there license when they get it because that’s what lele did 😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sera Berto
    Sera Berto Month ago

    I will of occurs lele for you I love you from all my heart

  • Bart ek
    Bart ek Month ago

    Like als JIJ Nederlands bent 😂😂😂

  • xXDuaAsifXx_ Artsss

    no mattar what is there, Lele will always win

  • Rhyley TeTomo
    Rhyley TeTomo Month ago

    Wait do u need that paper cause lele just ripped it and yes Iknow it's just a comedian thing

  • KawaiiKitty 67
    KawaiiKitty 67 Month ago

    3:07 thats an arizona flag

  • Nisansala Kumari
    Nisansala Kumari Month ago

    I like to drive with you lele 😀

  • Daniel Cabrera
    Daniel Cabrera Month ago +2

    Lele pons you need your own movie!

  • Brenda Arguelles
    Brenda Arguelles Month ago


  • Mya Alexis
    Mya Alexis Month ago

    I watched all your videos I'm a big fan 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤔🤗😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  • R R
    R R Month ago


  • Pumkin Donald trump

    Random girl:I’m somebody getting their license today me: hi somebody getting their license today

  • julia smith
    julia smith Month ago

    LoL 😂😂😂😂

  • Rickard Berglöf
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  • Gina Sandoval
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  • Emily Wiseman
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  • Rayan Abdi
    Rayan Abdi Month ago +4

    The girl in the braids who is making fun of lele is really
    Pretty like if you agree

  • InkMonTima s Poetry

    Does Cali really have the blind folded thingy?

  • Amna Qureshi
    Amna Qureshi Month ago

    1.17 nobody in the car haha

  • Patricia Tolosa
    Patricia Tolosa Month ago

    lele hi im from philipine love you lele £₩€

  • Martina Cabral
    Martina Cabral Month ago

    Lele as videos en español

  • Nataly Regalado
    Nataly Regalado Month ago

    Did anyone notice that at the end
    lele was not wearing a bra and you could see her nipples through the shirt

  • Lauren Mangroo
    Lauren Mangroo Month ago

    Go lele

  • Jemima Mokoko
    Jemima Mokoko Month ago

    The power of bros😂😂

  • Kimmy Ca
    Kimmy Ca Month ago

    Lily Pons real life you actually know how to drive

  • Nusrath Khanum
    Nusrath Khanum Month ago


  • Imperfect Imposter
    Imperfect Imposter Month ago

    Wowey the continuity sucks in this. How are you even popular?

  • Chel Austero
    Chel Austero Month ago

    i have a car i want to give to you i named it lele pons with your beautiful picture but i think you won’t love it

  • Study With Someone
    Study With Someone Month ago

    you can't drive better than me 😎😎

  • Preston Bowden
    Preston Bowden Month ago

    Great job going 30 miles per hour in a dragrace

  • Lupita Nunez
    Lupita Nunez Month ago

    If someone has their drivers license please comment me if that’s how you drive