10 Illegal Drugs that Used to be Sold Over the Counter


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  • Kenny Miller
    Kenny Miller 11 months ago +943

    Drugs are bad mmkaayy

    • Mikey Loomis
      Mikey Loomis 17 days ago

      I gave you a dislike because i like your comment but im boredd and a ass hole now you have 1dislike ! YOUR WELCOME😂

    • kufu owo
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    • Benjamin Jensen
      Benjamin Jensen 2 months ago +1

      Drugs are good mmkay
      When your sad
      Dont shoot up schools
      Shoot up drugs

  • david burrell
    david burrell Day ago

    I think you've finally really found your comedy groove bro

  • Russell Pittman
    Russell Pittman 10 days ago

    Firstly you're getting methamphetamine terms mixed up, it's under the family of amphetamines which do include things like speed and aderall, however, they are not the same. secondly, morphine is still available over the counter in the UK but its a mixture and can be easily separated, heroin is still used in palliative care in the UK and Cocaine can also be prescribed in hospitals

  • David Hoch
    David Hoch 11 days ago +1

    The Government Is At War With A Plant That Has Never Killed Anyone And They're Losing

  • Sara Gerlock
    Sara Gerlock 14 days ago

    Pretty crazy to think at a time... Alcohol was illegal but heroin was legal.

  • Broseph Thomas
    Broseph Thomas 15 days ago

    I was born at the wrong time 🤣

  • Liv Prince
    Liv Prince 15 days ago

    Lmao you can buy poppers at variety stores here in Canada!

  • Channel LuckySpock - Left 4 Dead 2

    2:24 he said BUTT.. gigity

  • Chris Alvarado
    Chris Alvarado 16 days ago

    "La-dan-um" LOL

  • K Burk
    K Burk 16 days ago

    Jeeez do you intentionally butcher words and names? *hits unsubscribe* buh bye 👋

  • Grandmaster Funky
    Grandmaster Funky 17 days ago

    Most people will avoid watching this anymore just to keep the views at 420k.

  • Milan Bardo
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  • Zetsu Tsuletsu
    Zetsu Tsuletsu 17 days ago

    So Hitler was on Meth. That explains so much... The paranoia for one

  • Jessica Snow
    Jessica Snow 17 days ago

    Disco biscuits.

  • Steve Hernandez
    Steve Hernandez 18 days ago

    Your commentary and jokes ruin all your videos. Seriously present the topic and information save your goofy voices. This channel sucks

  • Felicia Buchanan
    Felicia Buchanan 18 days ago

    Great intro

  • Jay Sanders
    Jay Sanders 18 days ago

    drugs aren't. bad ppl are

  • Jay Sanders
    Jay Sanders 18 days ago

    wat a FKN idiot

  • Olaf Elsbeurry
    Olaf Elsbeurry 19 days ago

    If you boof it it's free

  • Andrew Lancastera
    Andrew Lancastera 19 days ago

    Kids these days are finding new ways to get high off of over the counter things. NyQuil is a perfect example, it has dextromethrophan in it, and it’s 10% alcohol. Yet I have seen kids that are young buying it. It is gonna get to the point that people who actually need these medications will not be able to get them. The opioid crisis in the US is a shining example of a few junkies messing things up for people that need pain relief. I have end stage pancreatic and liver cancer “stage 4”. I stay in constant pain, but Dr’s get so afraid to write scripts for medication that actually helps. I was told I won’t be here much longer, so the oncologist tries to make sure I’m pain free. I just feel bad for others that are in real pain and having to suffer.

  • Sam McClintock
    Sam McClintock 19 days ago

    I hate you

  • Mireyah Hernandez
    Mireyah Hernandez 19 days ago

    Matthew we all know u smoke weed😂

  • Lahoma Castile
    Lahoma Castile 19 days ago

    I remember morphine after my back surgery....whew. Lol.

  • James Northey
    James Northey 21 day ago

    Pop one an... WHO WANTS TA HUMP

    PLASTICFORK 01 23 days ago


    Only an exodus fan will understand

  • bryan comeaux
    bryan comeaux 23 days ago

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  • UnDed Gamer666
    UnDed Gamer666 23 days ago

    Lets talk about orphan tears 👀

  • Wilma Mans
    Wilma Mans 27 days ago

    "Now she can cook breakfast again." ??? OMW, that's 1950's misogynist speak for "Bitch, get over yourself and go get me my food!" What a time to be alive!

  • roger daughton
    roger daughton 27 days ago

    no drugs

  • Ricky Fever
    Ricky Fever Month ago

    Wrong!! Methamphetamine was first synthesized in Japan by Nagayoshi Nagai in 1893. Lazar Edeleanu created Amphetamine, which is a totally different drug (present-day adderall). If you’re gonna make factual videos get your facts right.

  • Lachy Davies
    Lachy Davies Month ago

    Drugs are bad don't take drugs it's gonna f*ck up your life

  • SmoothC Inc.
    SmoothC Inc. Month ago +1

    Actually methamphetamines aren’t used to treat adhd amphetamines are. It’s a small name difference but it has very big differences

    • Russell Pittman
      Russell Pittman 10 days ago

      +Harambe Chirality ... you should do some research dude

    • Harambe
      Harambe 26 days ago

      SmoothC Inc. actually there is a brand name of methamphetamine to treat adhd. It’s called desoxyn, and you can get it through a simple prescription

    ULTRA GAMER Month ago

    Opium isn’t heroin wtf???

  • Diamond Hedgehog
    Diamond Hedgehog Month ago

    Opium was used by the Greeks and Persians more than thousands of years ago. The Greeks used to dissolve it into wine as a medicinal tonic.
    Nembutol was mixed with scopolamine in truth serum,
    And is nembutol is mixed with potassium chloride in some lethal injection mixtures.

  • P. Andy the face.
    P. Andy the face. Month ago

    00:00- 00:05 That intro, tho. :)

  • Greg K
    Greg K Month ago

    First of all *Hemp is FAR Different than Marijuana!*
    Biggest difference is *Hemp has NO THC!* In short *YOU CAN'T GET HIGH ON HEMP!*
    But it is still Legal. Reason why is *OIL!*

  • Tsunauticus III
    Tsunauticus III Month ago

    I want some of all of it. Gimme sum! Lol

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    they just need to legalize all drugs

  • Compact_Pancake
    Compact_Pancake Month ago

    I’m not gonna watch sry but if u can get a bad batch of heroin from ur dealer can u from ur doctor because it’s prescribed along with cocaine and methamphetamine

  • Phillip Boyd
    Phillip Boyd Month ago

    They just need to legalize Xanax.

  • Marco Riggi
    Marco Riggi Month ago

    False allies and axis troops used adderal not meth

  • Fancy fan Of Youtube

    They should give methamphetamine to patients in a coma i bet they wake up 😆

  • John Craven
    John Craven Month ago

    And now we got Coaxil, Dextromethorphan, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, codeine And other opioids And inhalants, nutmeg, other herbal hallucinogenes, designer drugs maily cathinone derivates And we are hiiigh af ^^

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown Month ago

    Look it's a bobble head!

  • Essa Diallo
    Essa Diallo Month ago

    Aha you can still get poppers of Amazon UK

  • h1n1viruz
    h1n1viruz Month ago

    methamphetamine and amphetamine are simular but different.
    methamphetamine is used in the US mainly for Diet control. amphetamine salts like adderall are used for adhd, and not neurotoxic as meth is.

    DRXNK Month ago


    DRXNK Month ago

    lolol lewdzzzz

    DRXNK Month ago

    marijuana isnt even the real name

  • Baylor58 Duncan
    Baylor58 Duncan Month ago

    Ya blame the Germans, always the Germans.

  • 2 Brothers Mattress West Jordan

    Its "law-de-numb" It drives me nuts when their excitement is more important than diction or proper pronunciation, as long as you can do cheesy unpracticed (I hope) wanna be impressions. They should hire "real comedians".

  • MrMaxyield
    MrMaxyield Month ago

    Methamphetamine and Cocaine are BOTH schedule II drugs in the USA...
    This means they are LEGAL with prescription...

  • Evan Hall
    Evan Hall Month ago

    Drugs are great mmmmk

  • Randy Newman
    Randy Newman Month ago

    dislike bc he acts cringy asf

  • Justin Boatner Airsoft

    Honey I would like some Coca-Cola. Not the fake stuff. The real stuff

  • Will Watkins
    Will Watkins Month ago

    How much adderall you take my guy

  • kylian wesbeek
    kylian wesbeek Month ago

    marijuana is legal here hehe xD

  • P R
    P R Month ago

    Would be great if all these were made legal again, as people would not abuse them as much as many do now days. Take too much of any opiate and the person stops breathing and dies, however they are great for pain due to injuries. The only thing that has ever made me stoned is not even on the scheduled list, and that was Celebrex. Even the medications used for surgery do not make me as stoned as that stuff. If someone is looking for a trip where they will not worry about anything take Celebrex. There are many doctors that think it is safe.

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker Month ago

    Morphine is also made from poppy plants. Could've just lumped it together with opium and heroin

  • jeff wolf
    jeff wolf Month ago

    I've got a horribly painful case of Crohn's and Colitis with pouchitis added just for the icing on the cake. I was first put on tincture of opium and anybody that's ever been on that drug knows it's got nothing to do for pain relief at all. What it does is it makes your resistance to narcotic painkillers increased substantially. I was on it for 14 years before I was put on painkillers and I had to start at a 20 mg and I started with three of them I ended up with four of them a day and also a 50 microgram fentanyl patch that last for 3 days. If you're using the pain killers and the Fentanyl for what they're designed to do kill pain and you're in chronic pain these two drugs are incredibly beneficial. I also smoke cannabis at the same time that I take a painkiller to help bring a painkillers effects on quicker, I'll also smoked about Midway through to increase the amount of painkiller relief I get from the pill when it starts to fade off and then I'll smoke it a little bit after that too and that'll also increase it and make the painkiller last for longer. There's also one other not even labeled as a drug in United States however it is in Mexico and in Europe. it's called DMSO it's an anti-inflammatory pain medication that is all natural. It has over 1,000 documented Medical uses. I believe it comes from the process of debarking trees. It's that sticky substance underneath the bark between the bark and the actual tree itself you can feel it on both the inside of the bark and the tree itself they refine that to 99.999 6% pure and that's where you want to get it. United States it's solid as a solvent do not be afraid of that label it has. I had the stuff for two months before I used it and I was very upset with myself for using it for 2 months longer of the pain and inflammation that I had which works great and my ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, back did I leave anything out. if you can't get the painkillers DMSO you should be able to get anywhere I need internet Xterra weigh from chinese-made DMSO only get American-made or distilled processed I use DMSO. Com . Also the Cannabis you can get in most areas now that is something always worthy to check out also Kratom pills might be something to it is check out. I prefer DMSO over the Kratom I don't know if I haven't had the best Kratom out there or not. I certainly prefer cannabis over everything in fact I came off of 22 out of 29 prescriptions in the last five or six years. Only using cannabis to take place of all those drives. The problems didn't go away it's just I found something much better and safer to take place of dangerous drugs. I was on.

  • Peter Hanna
    Peter Hanna Month ago

    You forgot about the weight loss drug DNP

  • asparagusman
    asparagusman Month ago

    Those German chemists messed everyone up.

  • yoshi thegod
    yoshi thegod Month ago

    The title makes no sense because some of these drugs are not illegal some just need a prescription to get....

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor Month ago

    That's the US for you.

    JAY CHRISTIAN Month ago

    What bout MDMA???

  • bill bob
    bill bob Month ago

    Good old qwauloods wolf of wall street

  • Norrlänska pajken
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  • Graeme
    Graeme Month ago

    I am the only one who cant stop looking at this guys perfect teeth?

  • Benjamin Konacci
    Benjamin Konacci Month ago +1

    I just don't like this guy for some reason he knows I don't like him...why does he keep showing up? Get off my suggestions dude !

  • vapid223
    vapid223 Month ago

    They don’t prescribe meth for ADHD, they prescribe amphetamines, they are both central nervous system stimulants but the prescribed amphetamines are lab created and clean unlike meth which is made from battery acid, drain cleaner etc. just thought I should clear that up.

  • Seth Green
    Seth Green Month ago +1

    Your an idiot

  • eric t
    eric t Month ago

    Check the stats, Portugal got it right.

  • James Kelley
    James Kelley Month ago

    Drug abuse takes practice.

  • crucialmatt
    crucialmatt Month ago

    This list is stupid af

  • Salim Doctor
    Salim Doctor Month ago

    Dude are you tayson or what😂😂????

  • Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson Month ago

    I think risperidone should be on the list.

  • Randy Brown
    Randy Brown Month ago

    That dude is a fukin dork

  • Tinisky Burrage
    Tinisky Burrage Month ago

    One name you didn't call methamphetamine was yoyo be like let me get some of that yoyo home ok here you go

  • Amanda Phillips
    Amanda Phillips Month ago

    This is why I don't want to go to the doctor. I have suchandsuch issue....Doc says Oh, I have a pill for you. I have trouble sleeping so he'd prolly say Ambien. NOPE!!

  • BayChevy 510
    BayChevy 510 Month ago +1

    "Another quaalude she will love me in the morning" Scarface

  • Edward Piner
    Edward Piner Month ago

    LOL great video thank you 🇨🇦

  • Ress_urect
    Ress_urect Month ago

    so my people in egypt got to enjoy a puff but i didnt?

    *dang it*

  • Capt'n Ron
    Capt'n Ron Month ago +1

    See children drugs are bad and if you don't believe me just ask your dad ! And if you don't believe him just ask your mom and she'll tell you how she does em all the time!!

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Month ago

    That dude is a fukkn loser! If I listen to his voice much longer, I'll need drugs!!!

  • Marie Miller
    Marie Miller Month ago

    oh gee the good old days

  • Lee Sires
    Lee Sires Month ago

    You so funny!!

  • kram Null
    kram Null Month ago

    Any wonder why they called the late 20's the great depression... Life was officially canceled...

  • Jeremy Rush
    Jeremy Rush Month ago

    Disco Biscuits were Ecstacy.........I heard.

  • Marvin Starr
    Marvin Starr Month ago

    Gimme soper Angry Samoans

  • hulaGUNZ
    hulaGUNZ Month ago

    you are not funny, stick to the facts

  • medicja
    medicja Month ago

    Cannabis is not illegal anymore here in canada

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan Month ago

    This is the whitest video I've seen today

  • MJ P
    MJ P Month ago

    Funny how we transitioned from a nation who took responsibility for our own actions to a nation that cries for "big brother" to protect us.

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer Month ago

    careful with that cough syrup to that'll get u fd up too lol used to be pretty big in high school I knew some ppl that were pretty bad on it

  • Amanda Zeller
    Amanda Zeller Month ago

    Thank You!

  • Jack Fisher
    Jack Fisher Month ago

    Hey are you they guy who was a guest in After Prison Show eating chili peanuts challenge with the host?

  • Silver Bullet
    Silver Bullet Month ago

    MDMA is an legal drug until 1985 and that drug called “Emphati”

  • Kris Shaw
    Kris Shaw Month ago

    You dont need to make a list they were all legal in the us at one time

  • Hillers62
    Hillers62 Month ago

    Queen Victoria used to smoke Marijuana to calm her...

  • Mary  Patton
    Mary Patton Month ago

    Even now, codine and morphine are passed off as safe pain killers. They need to make those illegal.
    Marijuana is much safer.