Building a HUGE Star Wars AT-AT

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • Work has begun on the Imperial Beast which at this scale is nearly as tall as the house, Once finished i then have to move it to a lucky furze/Star Wars fans garden as eBay is all about the gifting. All materials (where amounts are practical) have been bought on eBay.
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    1st song is called "Back of or be Deleted" and is by "Majority Theives"
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    2nd song is called "Stuck" and is by "Second Opinion"
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  • Денис криостив

    wow (:

  • tudo em cima Eduardo

    coloca a legendas em português

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 10 days ago

    That is not at-at but is AT-ACT

  • jakmd05 gamer
    jakmd05 gamer 21 day ago

    Thats and expensive helmat

  • ChickenNuggetDevil
    ChickenNuggetDevil Month ago

    Where the hell did you put this after

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez Month ago

    r u a star wars fan colin

  • jana jarifgteev
    jana jarifgteev Month ago


  • Lachie Flynn
    Lachie Flynn Month ago

    May I please play in the ATAT

  • Joe Capili
    Joe Capili Month ago

    You expend too much money on your project..

  • Dogs stop motion animation Studios

    Hello from America fell the power of a fully functioning ban saw. And you should make it a fire work launcher

  • Schatten Land
    Schatten Land Month ago

    Was hat der ganze Spaß Gekostet ? Fundament im Boden damit das Teil nicht Umkippt ?

  • Living In A Van
    Living In A Van Month ago

    The Force is strong with you.

  • minecraft _Alex
    minecraft _Alex Month ago

    I would buy this

  • PLegeth Lebo
    PLegeth Lebo 2 months ago

    You need to built a monster bike

  • Joseph Brunoro-Beilman
    Joseph Brunoro-Beilman 2 months ago

    Let me just say...
    you have the best life ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OrangeWither999
    OrangeWither999 2 months ago +1

    I bet the neighbors are not happy.
    Lets hope they are starwars fans

  • Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory 2 months ago

    The reason they are called AT-ACTs in the new movie is because they've been modified

  • JohnWarr
    JohnWarr 2 months ago

    My hero.

  • Ias Howle
    Ias Howle 2 months ago

    It's so important to have good chemistry with people you work with, and you sir have some crazy ass workers, and I love it.

  • LinkCat Gaming
    LinkCat Gaming 2 months ago

    If you have blue prints for this let me know

  • TacTech Channel
    TacTech Channel 2 months ago +1

    You wouldn’t happen to be in need of a room mate or possible test subject would you?

  • Pandez YTB
    Pandez YTB 2 months ago

    You'r a fucking genious

  • Ragge Batman
    Ragge Batman 2 months ago

    Now make one to scale

  • PandaProductions 54
    PandaProductions 54 2 months ago

    You just build this stuff like it’s nothing, like it’s an everyday thing for you!!!! Your the coolest guy ever!!!

  • Tristan Russle Goodlet
    Tristan Russle Goodlet 2 months ago


  • Tristan Russle Goodlet
    Tristan Russle Goodlet 2 months ago


  • Samster Hamster
    Samster Hamster 2 months ago

    Hello from neptune

  • cheepo
    cheepo 2 months ago

    Give this man 20 million subs already 😡

  • Steve Leahy
    Steve Leahy 2 months ago

    It won’t let me click the button it’s after December 8th

  • BullCarter
    BullCarter 2 months ago

    How ironic he hit his head like every storm trooper! 😂

  • Clifford Spaletta
    Clifford Spaletta 2 months ago

    wish it could walk

  • Stormcloud7234 Gaming
    Stormcloud7234 Gaming 2 months ago

    Wonder how much it cost?

    THUNDER LYRICS 2 months ago +1

    Which song are used in the video ?? Plz tell me

  • Adrian Swaby
    Adrian Swaby 2 months ago


    Lord Stewart Stuart

  • Ian Woodfield
    Ian Woodfield 2 months ago

    can you make a video on what your wife thinks of your over sized toys? pleease!

  • Isaac James
    Isaac James 3 months ago


  • Adrian Swaby
    Adrian Swaby 3 months ago


  • Adrian Swaby
    Adrian Swaby 3 months ago

    Samantha Janus

  • APOLOnl
    APOLOnl 3 months ago

    I dont usually post comments, and you probably wont even read this, but i still want to say this channel truly makes me a more happy person when i watch these videos. It restores my faith in the goodness of mankind. I know this might sounds really heavy, but making fun with friends and just doing crazy things that make you happy is what life is all about. Which is forgotten way to often by people who take themselves way to serious. So consider this as a sincere compliment of a slightly bitter person.

  • Jade Vardy
    Jade Vardy 3 months ago

    I have one to

  • Alicia Gibson
    Alicia Gibson 4 months ago

    make a BB-8 and R2-D2

  • Alicia Gibson
    Alicia Gibson 4 months ago

    you should do give aways

  • Brandy Farmer
    Brandy Farmer 4 months ago

    Well its not full scale but it is amazing

  • Ugandan Pride
    Ugandan Pride 4 months ago

    Dear santa,

  • knuck knuck it's knackles


  • XxkingkilletxX !
    XxkingkilletxX ! 4 months ago

    It was on the news!!!!!!!!!!! You fammes!!!!!!!!!????!!!??!!!?!

  • pabloxc83
    pabloxc83 4 months ago +1

    I have loved every project this clever Brit has put together. But I am extremely intrigued with many questions. Like what happens to these things after the videos??? And where does he get the money for this stuff? He definitely doesn’t make enough off of these videos for it. No offense. But much love Collin!!!

  • haran sugahfoot sanders

    5:07 you're not the only one.

  • Jonathan Smit
    Jonathan Smit 4 months ago

    Romantic instead relatively bed seat media simultaneously render pen pattern reputation doctor.

  • jj dries
    jj dries 5 months ago

    #Stormtrooper bang head copy on the at at

  • DiamondUnity
    DiamondUnity 5 months ago +1

    5:00 *_Storm Trooper Hits Head Reference_* LOL

  • Mr. Frozi
    Mr. Frozi 5 months ago

    есть русские?

  • Chelsell 27
    Chelsell 27 5 months ago

    When he hits his head it reminds me in the new hope when a stormtrooper got his head

  • Piechowski Kamil
    Piechowski Kamil 5 months ago

    i'm from poland as well

  • Jasen Saunders
    Jasen Saunders 5 months ago

    "Let's start with stage 4" hahaha :D

  • Paper-Cut Projects
    Paper-Cut Projects 5 months ago

    5:07 Did that remind anyone of something?.....

  • Ashley Messing
    Ashley Messing 5 months ago


  • Azsunnybee K
    Azsunnybee K 5 months ago

    HOW DO YOU? :O

  • Diego Vergara
    Diego Vergara 5 months ago


  • Diego Vergara
    Diego Vergara 5 months ago


  • Jon Gilham
    Jon Gilham 5 months ago

    Build an iron man mark 1 suit?

  • MiššíkTV
    MiššíkTV 5 months ago

    Please,please,please. Make Millenium falcon

  • Franciszek Ryznar
    Franciszek Ryznar 5 months ago

    Ok now build giant Star destroyer

  • OsamaDid 711
    OsamaDid 711 5 months ago

    Make it full scale next time

  • DrPinK 123
    DrPinK 123 5 months ago

    Build a lightsaber

  • andrew bentley
    andrew bentley 5 months ago

    Bulild a death star

  • Epic Fun
    Epic Fun 5 months ago

    Mega nice

  • CO2Carbonized
    CO2Carbonized 5 months ago

    5:05 Ahhh just like in the movies

  • HoneyBadgerBomb
    HoneyBadgerBomb 5 months ago

    I want that AT-AT toy.

  • Gourmet Gaming
    Gourmet Gaming 6 months ago

    you need to make an x wing

  • Tjhin Siat Ngo
    Tjhin Siat Ngo 6 months ago

    Wow cool

  • Flamin' Gaming
    Flamin' Gaming 6 months ago

    YOU INSPIER ME COLINFURZE IM PROUD OF ALL THE THINGS YOU MAKE *no hate comment aloud in my comment*

  • CrimsonRism
    CrimsonRism 6 months ago

    How is he not hired yet to make props in star wars movies

  • d a w a e
    d a w a e 6 months ago

    This Is an AT-ACT fix the spelling in the title.

  • The Packed Meal
    The Packed Meal 6 months ago

    RYOBI 1 KINOBI... hahahahaha 6:26

  • Mats Hermans
    Mats Hermans 6 months ago

    Trading terrorism fight vsxyls prosecution deserve green extremely pit interview

  • reaperfourtynine
    reaperfourtynine 6 months ago

    3 meters? That's no bigger than a wimp rat!!

  • Not Just Dinosaurs, but MORE!!!!

    build the death star

  • Brigadier the Hedgehog
    Brigadier the Hedgehog 6 months ago

    You need to buy a massive park and put all your Star Wars stuff in it!

  • eggul EU
    eggul EU 6 months ago

    Awesome !

  • merp derp
    merp derp 6 months ago

    the AT-AT stands 20 meters tall

  • JetNet89
    JetNet89 6 months ago

    You are the new Logan paul

  • Victoria Fagerberg
    Victoria Fagerberg 6 months ago

    Oh my new Dream work👀

  • translama
    translama 6 months ago

    Man it's been so long since I have watched this guy!ah I reamember the old days...the toilet mobile

  • Nova 29
    Nova 29 6 months ago

    It’s an AT-ACT

  • RobloxsTacobell
    RobloxsTacobell 6 months ago +1

    Try make it MOVE :0

  • Paul Keenan
    Paul Keenan 6 months ago

    U pronounced AT-AT wrong

  • Scrich Animations
    Scrich Animations 6 months ago

    Where is that I am a huge star wars fan

  • Messi boy
    Messi boy 6 months ago

    De at-at

  • Messi boy
    Messi boy 6 months ago

    Toon hem eens

  • Freekat
    Freekat 6 months ago

    You're making an AT-ACT so change you're title please.

  • K Singh
    K Singh 6 months ago

    Welll I thought it would be created in like 2050s or something but you made it now. Impressive

  • George Blundell
    George Blundell 6 months ago

    Please can you build me one

  • Jerod Hicks
    Jerod Hicks 6 months ago

    His toy is an At Act not an At At no offense but I just wanted you to know

  • Creaper137
    Creaper137 6 months ago +1

    Colinfurze, (disappointed inhale), it's not... Just... Your saying AT-AT WRONG!!! IT'S NOT AN atat IT'S A FRICKIN AT-AT GOD DAMMIT!!! (And here comes the dumb chill comments [don't even fuckin think about it...] )

  • Ethan V
    Ethan V 6 months ago

    Thats a at-act not at-at

  • SGL Gaming and More
    SGL Gaming and More 6 months ago

    The toy was to much for me to buy

  • thrpst
    thrpst 6 months ago

    Not big enough though

  • Lol Haa
    Lol Haa 6 months ago

    build a real light saber that can cut