Building a HUGE Star Wars AT-AT

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • Work has begun on the Imperial Beast which at this scale is nearly as tall as the house, Once finished i then have to move it to a lucky furze/Star Wars fans garden as eBay is all about the gifting. All materials (where amounts are practical) have been bought on eBay.
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  • Little Game Spark
    Little Game Spark 4 days ago

    Building a YUGE WALL.

  • Alexander Curtis
    Alexander Curtis 5 days ago

    What a unit

  • Master G34
    Master G34 5 days ago

    Bro ur neighbors probably think your crazy at this point

  • Chukmil98
    Chukmil98 6 days ago

    How are your projects funded? Or are you just richer that s*%t? Your project are not cheap.

  • Tate Christie
    Tate Christie 8 days ago

    How in the fuck do they move that thing

  • 8-bit lama
    8-bit lama 12 days ago

    Just imagine someone moving in next door and seeing a giant at-at "honey we picked a house next to a crazy guy"

  • Mac Daye
    Mac Daye 13 days ago

    I wonder what his Neighbors are thinking
    Neighbors: whats he building this time I have no Idea

  • dubstep remixer
    dubstep remixer 14 days ago

    Stormtroopers Miss every shot and are always clumsy and funny

  • Not in service
    Not in service 15 days ago

    Got a question for ya did you needed any permits insurance any annoying neighbors here in California would have lost it including the pussy millennials just saying

  • Joachim - 014
    Joachim - 014 18 days ago

    5:54 I know it’s not real, but I love how you have an RPG-7 just sitting there in the rafters of your shed haha.

  • Joachim - 014
    Joachim - 014 18 days ago

    Can I be one of your kids? Can you adopt me please?

  • Kevin Khoa
    Kevin Khoa 18 days ago

    Could you just please make the AT-TE

  • Tim Morris
    Tim Morris 18 days ago

    DEAR SANTA........😁

  • TrollSofter
    TrollSofter 22 days ago

    Ryobi 1 Kenobi had me lmao not gonna lie

  • Gabriel Morris
    Gabriel Morris 26 days ago

    How Many Pounds did you spend on that project?

  • Mariusz Kaczka
    Mariusz Kaczka 29 days ago


  • ?????? ??????
    ?????? ?????? Month ago

    Hey this isn't a AT-AT

  • GGM Grievous
    GGM Grievous Month ago

    Hey, Colin, why not ask if the hack smith can team up and make a walking AT-AT or get your already built AT-ACT to walk?

  • Hebby 911
    Hebby 911 Month ago

    I gave you a thumbs down because you did not show the finished product.

  • AdamC Plays
    AdamC Plays Month ago

    Wow I live right next to that house

  • late plays
    late plays Month ago

    It was atact

  • Someone Awesome
    Someone Awesome Month ago

    When you hit your head walking up the stairs you should have just added in a rump noise and cut out you saying ow, just like in the movie

  • GGGalaxies
    GGGalaxies Month ago

    next video how to make a working AT-AT

  • Frank Arena
    Frank Arena Month ago

    2 X Force!!

  • Magnus Rasmussen
    Magnus Rasmussen Month ago

    nice starwars reference 2:21

  • mondays_are_stupid
    mondays_are_stupid Month ago

    Where does he spare all this stuff

  • gaming wolf
    gaming wolf Month ago

    Please make a tie fighter from the new movie

  • Mark Smales
    Mark Smales Month ago

    Could have made it to scale with a proper cockpit.

  • Миша Пронькин

    If it can go and shot....

  • BoxHead _Productions

    Most impressive...

  • Shaun Casey
    Shaun Casey 2 months ago

    Were you building an AT-AT or an AT-ACT?

  • wisepitbull09
    wisepitbull09 2 months ago

    Sorry but that's a at-act

  • Pryce Ratka
    Pryce Ratka 2 months ago

    Every day now he’s making it more and more functional. He’s just taking his time recording

  • Ishant Shrama
    Ishant Shrama 2 months ago

    He is so much similar to phienes and ferb😂

  • Crazy_ Lincoln
    Crazy_ Lincoln 2 months ago

    whos relly going to build this?

  • Cat
    Cat 3 months ago


  • SlickMaster Dab
    SlickMaster Dab 3 months ago

    This project has to over 11 million USD dollars n eBay may be a bit less

  • JBayard Productions
    JBayard Productions 3 months ago

    i love the special effects at 6:19 don't you?

  • Xammax
    Xammax 3 months ago

    just make it 100x bigger and Star Wars will hire you

  • Yajurdev Gohil
    Yajurdev Gohil 3 months ago

    I just love how much fun he has making these

  • R X
    R X 4 months ago

    I'll never see a wok in the same light again 👌

  • Aneudy A. castillo
    Aneudy A. castillo 4 months ago

    Hey Colin I want to work one day with you in any proyet sorry for my English

  • FreshDome
    FreshDome 4 months ago +1

    Gj dude

  • The new Jack slaggie
    The new Jack slaggie 4 months ago

    Shoot missiles out of the frunt

  • Spencer Young
    Spencer Young 4 months ago

    AT-AT stands for all terrain attack tank so i would assume you pronounce the name A T A T no at at

  • Ana BE Chuly Chuly
    Ana BE Chuly Chuly 5 months ago


  • jacks/chiefs Vlogs
    jacks/chiefs Vlogs 5 months ago

    8 2x4

  • kindfranco 03
    kindfranco 03 5 months ago

    That's awesome

  • The Vendetta
    The Vendetta 5 months ago

    Imagine being his neighbors

  • vishad vishwakarma
    vishad vishwakarma 5 months ago

    Are u an 👽

  • Dan Simms
    Dan Simms 5 months ago

    What the hell do u do with this stuff

  • Alexis C.
    Alexis C. 5 months ago

    Sympas je kiffe

  • Justin the Lego man
    Justin the Lego man 5 months ago

    Please make a real-life Lego Ninjago movie Fire Mech

  • mattattack 1021
    mattattack 1021 6 months ago

    You know, I’m not sure whether I should feel bad for his neighbors, or jealous of them

  • zxd 9000
    zxd 9000 6 months ago

    This must be super expensive

  • Mr dog oof
    Mr dog oof 6 months ago

    Hello random person

  • Metatronicks Playing
    Metatronicks Playing 6 months ago

    Ce mec est un génie ! 😂

  • Funny Guy
    Funny Guy 6 months ago

    keep up the good work

  • Imperial Cub
    Imperial Cub 6 months ago

    Colin its a small request but can you make a megaman zero statue?

  • Abedin Subashi
    Abedin Subashi 6 months ago

    The Australian mark rober

  • Guesty 1337
    Guesty 1337 6 months ago

    Then he builds the Death Star.

  • Signe Gorbāne
    Signe Gorbāne 6 months ago

    Wata heck

  • Alucard Saintclare
    Alucard Saintclare 6 months ago

    I bet ur neighbors just Love lol
    I would love to live next to u it would be alsome lol

  • Yasha Vladimov
    Yasha Vladimov 6 months ago

    I know what it feels like to live in England and it rains during a project.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • WaTeR LeMoN
    WaTeR LeMoN 6 months ago

    I wonda wot the neighbors thought when the looked over the fence..

  • lugia 2
    lugia 2 6 months ago


  • Mark Joseph
    Mark Joseph 6 months ago

    I would love to live next door to him

  • Allamericanfrog Dragonborn


  • TheEventHorizon
    TheEventHorizon 6 months ago

    Technically the one you are building is an AT-ACT being a cargo variant of the AT-AT

  • nico Rico stuvanator
    nico Rico stuvanator 6 months ago


  • Johnnythanos
    Johnnythanos 6 months ago

    This guy knows no limit

  • Cole Young
    Cole Young 6 months ago

    it is pronounced a-t-a-t moron
    you pronounced it wrong all the video

  • ReplayLP
    ReplayLP 6 months ago +1

    Other Kids be like :oh yeah i have a treehouse, what about you?!
    Oh i got a Giant at-at

  • FGamer34
    FGamer34 6 months ago

    what does ur wife say about this stuff..

  • pedro peña cordero
    pedro peña cordero 6 months ago

    Hello 👋

  • spidypool 2
    spidypool 2 6 months ago

    I will easily buy that from you 4 1m dollars

  • 1ron_ Red
    1ron_ Red 6 months ago

    I wish I had a giant Lego tree house

  • Sawyer Brookman
    Sawyer Brookman 7 months ago

    05:5 This Happens In The Movies

  • star wars gameplay video

    How gorgeous!

  • Денис криостив

    wow (:

  • E D U
    E D U 7 months ago

    coloca a legendas em português

  • Kryštof Paří
    Kryštof Paří 7 months ago

    That is not at-at but is AT-ACT

  • jakmd05 gamer
    jakmd05 gamer 7 months ago

    Thats and expensive helmat

  • RealOlimarMain
    RealOlimarMain 8 months ago

    Where the hell did you put this after

  • Steven Hernandez
    Steven Hernandez 8 months ago

    r u a star wars fan colin

  • jana jarifgteev
    jana jarifgteev 8 months ago


  • Lachie Flynn
    Lachie Flynn 8 months ago

    May I please play in the ATAT

  • Joe Capili
    Joe Capili 8 months ago

    You expend too much money on your project..

  • Winston Churchill
    Winston Churchill 8 months ago

    Hello from America fell the power of a fully functioning ban saw. And you should make it a fire work launcher

  • Living In A Van
    Living In A Van 9 months ago

    The Force is strong with you.

  • minecraft _Alex
    minecraft _Alex 9 months ago

    I would buy this

  • PLegeth Lebo
    PLegeth Lebo 9 months ago

    You need to built a monster bike

  • Joseph Brunoro-Beilman
    Joseph Brunoro-Beilman 9 months ago

    Let me just say...
    you have the best life ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadow Renegader
    Shadow Renegader 9 months ago +1

    I bet the neighbors are not happy.
    Lets hope they are starwars fans

  • Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory 9 months ago

    The reason they are called AT-ACTs in the new movie is because they've been modified

  • Sandwich John
    Sandwich John 9 months ago

    My hero.

  • Ias Howle
    Ias Howle 9 months ago

    It's so important to have good chemistry with people you work with, and you sir have some crazy ass workers, and I love it.

  • SpaceCat IsBored
    SpaceCat IsBored 9 months ago

    If you have blue prints for this let me know

  • TacTech Channel
    TacTech Channel 9 months ago +1

    You wouldn’t happen to be in need of a room mate or possible test subject would you?

  • Pandez
    Pandez 9 months ago

    You'r a fucking genious