Sci-Fi Short Film "FTL" presented by DUST

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
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    "FTL" by Adam Stern
    A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
    Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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Comments • 4 528

  • Simon L
    Simon L 9 hours ago

    Well... at least this one is a happy ending.

  • enginsteve
    enginsteve 9 hours ago

    There is a pretty good chance that when he returned he has poop in his pants.
    Also, the wife is smokin!

  • t.b. smith
    t.b. smith 9 hours ago

    probably wishes he had that helmet on now...

  • GordWing
    GordWing 9 hours ago

    That is a very cool piece of film making... The CGI is absolutely gorgeous... Well done...

  • Drone Vidya
    Drone Vidya 9 hours ago

    Really Awsome short film...😍😍🌹👌

  • George Dodd
    George Dodd 9 hours ago

    Dumbass has a helmet doesn't he. Fight to survive instead of sniveling.

  • Hastin Nuraini
    Hastin Nuraini 10 hours ago


  • Matthew Stryletz
    Matthew Stryletz 10 hours ago

    Well, they did jack up his ship. It's only fair that they'd give him a ride home.

  • Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson 11 hours ago

    Did Anyone Notice the actor playing the astronaut is the actor playing the first robot deputy on Eureka

  • Richard Tkacz
    Richard Tkacz 11 hours ago

    The groundskeeper does an amazing job of trimmimg that tall hedge row of arbor vitae bushes.

  • Richard Tkacz
    Richard Tkacz 11 hours ago

    I was moved by his wife's expression of emotional release as she realized he was home safe. My wife would have been angry and upset and disappointed because she had already made plans for how to spend the life insurance money.

  • Jake Lecroy
    Jake Lecroy 11 hours ago

    Well done! Sneaky at the end though with that geo pattern. Digital exoskeleton? 3D Tracking antenna mesh? hmmm :D

  • myanabull
    myanabull 12 hours ago

    All I see is more anti-white male, feminist propaganda. Because thats all it its. White male married to a non-white female, under the command of a non-white female boss, the only other visible person in the command center is a non-white male (also under the command of a female), the TV anchor is a non-white female, and of course the voice of the ships operating system is female. And who is doing all the heavy lifting? The white guy. This must have been by GILLETTE

  • Keep It Real
    Keep It Real 12 hours ago

    Good effects....need to work on storyline.

  • eyescreamcake
    eyescreamcake 12 hours ago

    Overall concept is decent, graphics are great, acting and script are weak

  • Glen Z
    Glen Z 12 hours ago

    Well done...however, it seemed very similar to the ending of The Abyss.

  • Greg Reviews SciFi
    Greg Reviews SciFi 12 hours ago

    This is one of my all-time favorite Dust videos. I would have named it "Yo, can I get a ride home", but I guess FTL is cool too. 🙃

  • Wh0_Am_ 1
    Wh0_Am_ 1 12 hours ago

    Wow the SFX here are amazing!

  • KainMaxi
    KainMaxi 12 hours ago

    The future needs a better playlist...

  • Robson Costa
    Robson Costa 12 hours ago

    for a moment i thought he went to the far future

  • Éric's Channel
    Éric's Channel 12 hours ago


  • Talin Peacy
    Talin Peacy 12 hours ago

    Really cool, but seriously, this guy is in a first contact situation and notices his ship structure is failing and instead of preping for emergency EVA and hoping they're friendly, he freezes up and breaks down while staring at a picture. Having a mental break down doesn't get you home man... It's likely dumb luck you made it this time and at unknown cost.

  • 44Omni
    44Omni 13 hours ago

    WTF > FTL

  • Dennis Forcier
    Dennis Forcier 13 hours ago

    In the future, they finally find a way to get rid of grey hair. +1

  • Brandon Kline
    Brandon Kline 13 hours ago

    Happy ending... Until the black SUVs start pulling up. Fam is gonna lose him for a lot longer this time.

  • DerMacko
    DerMacko 13 hours ago

    oh dear, this was better than ST DSC first season and in just 14 minutes too..

  • A. Green
    A. Green 14 hours ago

    Where. Have. You. Come. From..
    Where. Do. You. Live..
    Ok, I live at 453 Sunspot Ln. Uhh... Connecticut, 06347, United States, northern hemisphere, planet Earth. Uhh... That's the third planet in the Sol system in the Saggitarius constellation. Oh, you don't know the "constellations"? Um... Well, if you go that-a-way you should reach my HOUSE by dinner...

  • Stewart Macy
    Stewart Macy 14 hours ago

    Wow. So well represented by the usual Hollywood female, minority and weepy male mythology; good job on the fiction. Ops. Excuse me while I puke on the shoes of the far left political plastic minds. Whew.

  • Bryant Austin
    Bryant Austin 14 hours ago

    I stopped watching as soon as I heard sound effects in space.

  • Kurt Emerson
    Kurt Emerson 14 hours ago

    No legitimate astronaut would sit there and cry looking helpless. The psychological testing they undergo most would fail. They are as tough as it gets.

  • Heinrich Peter Maria Radojewski Schäfer Leverkusen

    At least one can demand that no obvious
    physical errors are made. Two that
    immediately attract attention: One - at a
    speed close to the speed of light above it
    there is no colorful disco light.
    Speed above light means that you are faster
    than light. OK? You can't see any light there.
    Two - even if you flew very fast to Mars with
    superlight, that doesn't mean that your
    communication to the base statin at Earth
    can suddenly run in real time. Each message
    takes eight minutes to get through from the ship.
    We stop here, it's enough stupidity.
    Translated with

  • D. L. Diehl
    D. L. Diehl 14 hours ago

    Wow, love the high production values in a short film. Excellent writing and directing craft and superlative acting. This is my first introduction to the DUST channel, and I am impressed. After years of watching short films at San Diego Comic-Con International, I can state that this meets all the criteria for outstanding storytelling. Suspense, believable emotion and character description within the constraints of a short story format. I was completely engaged.

    MICHAEL MILLER 14 hours ago

    This was more thrilling to watch than most scifi movies today.😂

  • Crash Builds
    Crash Builds 14 hours ago

    I really enjoyed that; great premise, great acting and effects, lots of character!

  • acidkhmer
    acidkhmer 14 hours ago

    Awesome!!! Hollywood really need guy like you for good sci fi movie ! hollywood lose their mines since years making more and more stupids movie...

  • Zaphir Shamma
    Zaphir Shamma 15 hours ago

    Damn - that was good!!!!!!

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess 15 hours ago

    "Longshot? Beowulf Shaeffer approves.
    Why yes, I'm a geezer.

  • -DWM-
    -DWM- 15 hours ago

    How much luck do you need to find an super advanced civilization after an FTL engine failure? He's a very lucky man. I suggest to try the lotto.

  • Hugo Malpeyre
    Hugo Malpeyre 15 hours ago


  • Stefan Krantz
    Stefan Krantz 15 hours ago

    Wow! Good one! Nice effects and Idea. Little to sharp 3d animations for my taste, I like some "Dirt" and not to perfect.

  • Sahar Ali Raza
    Sahar Ali Raza 16 hours ago

    @DUST they are transmitting the radio signal with the speed of light :P
    that's something unique ... Good Job :D

  • Frank VII
    Frank VII 16 hours ago

    Better than many SyFy productions.

  • Robert Housedorf II
    Robert Housedorf II 16 hours ago

    Very Nice folks!! I would love to see a movie made from the aftermath!

  • IronDuke
    IronDuke 16 hours ago

    I had rather a lot of trouble hearing the quieter lines. I think I maybe only caught half of the total dialogue. By contrast, the music and sound effects were absolutely deafening. A common issue I have with most cinema... oh well. Gorgeous short and an interesting premise :)

  • Stormrider
    Stormrider 16 hours ago

    Really enjoyed that , thanks : )

  • taotoo2
    taotoo2 16 hours ago

    Definition of generic

    • Daniel Burgess
      Daniel Burgess 15 hours ago

      Only if you don't appreciate the grace notes scattered about.

  • InkShard - a vlog from author Eric Muss-Barnes

    "Let me get this straight. You digitized our first human contact using BETA software!? And now his reassembled biology has GLITCHES!?"

  • Злой Волшебник

    Why no more space exploration since 80s???
    Instead we continue to make stupid iphones.
    Think about it.The key word is control.

    MARK DUCHARME 17 hours ago

    It's going to take a half shaft with CV boot & Tire, snapped off a car, to get us into the other dimension beyond the speed of light?

  • wily gramajo
    wily gramajo 17 hours ago

    Really bad acting but the graphics were so so. It seams the closer we get into the future the worse Sci Fi movies get. strange!

  • Magflo Inc
    Magflo Inc 17 hours ago

    Really Inspiring film

  • Roen
    Roen 17 hours ago

    this is based on a true story

  • Spooners outings
    Spooners outings 18 hours ago

    Looks like a documentary about what happened 40 years ago but shhhhh I didn’t tell you that ok

  • cdowis
    cdowis 18 hours ago

    Didi you REALLY believe him when he (?) said, "It's me."

  • SleepingBears
    SleepingBears 18 hours ago

    uplifting to see something with aliens that doesn't end with our destruction for once...

  • Dave Deuning
    Dave Deuning 18 hours ago

    Wow I really enjoyed that! That's what I've always believed good science fiction should be like! I hope they make a second part to this film. It would be great to hear the astronaut explain to his family and the world what happenef to him out there and who he met. Earth to Mars in 3 minutes! That's what we should strive for. That's mission to Mars I'd sign up for!

  • Bartek
    Bartek 19 hours ago

    Very nice made, but just music is too loud compared to people's voices.

  • John Medina
    John Medina 19 hours ago

    Ok, I need to see more DUST productions. You got me on my first viewing. Need to view more.

  • Amber van Hoek
    Amber van Hoek 19 hours ago

    And just like that, the light beings got a handy little spy to check out earth life up close.

  • jimbalio
    jimbalio 19 hours ago

    3d hooman printer

  • jimbalio
    jimbalio 19 hours ago

    Must be "subspace radio". In the "real" universe a radio transmission requires between about 4.5 and 21 minutes to make the transit from Earth to Mars, depending on the distance between them (longest time is when we're on "opposite sides of the sun").

  • Trash Gamer
    Trash Gamer 20 hours ago

    6:04 One way trip buddy

  • Henrique
    Henrique 20 hours ago

    Is this a repost? Ive seeing this years ago!!!

  • Tuppy Brill
    Tuppy Brill 20 hours ago

    I liked the smiley face at the end but is anyone else irritated by the fact that the planter on the right is not symmetrical with the one on the left - or is it the one on the left is not symmetrical with the one on the right?

  • Ken Summers
    Ken Summers 20 hours ago

    Isn't he a little chubby to be an astronaut?

  • hunn20004
    hunn20004 20 hours ago

    5th dimentional being: "Awww a poor lost primate. We should take it home"
    6th dimentional mom: "You know that you can't take strays home. Let's just put it back where it came from."
    5DB: "Okay..."

  • Jamie Olberding
    Jamie Olberding 20 hours ago

    It's a good thing those aliens saved Commander Kane's life by beaming him from his damaged ship that was losing life support. And then they reunited him with his family by transporting him back to Earth.

  • Barry Harshfield
    Barry Harshfield 21 hour ago

    damned good film

  • AntiBrain
    AntiBrain 21 hour ago

    when realizm doesnt kicks in

  • Gary MacLaren
    Gary MacLaren 21 hour ago

    what a waste of time

  • Dream Factory 3D
    Dream Factory 3D 21 hour ago


  • Josh Kaufman
    Josh Kaufman 21 hour ago +2

    Filming = A+
    Production = A+
    CG = A+
    Acting = B+ (even though they had awkward lines)
    Screen Writing = D-
    Plot/ Story telling = D-
    Overall, enjoyable to watch

    • GetawayFilms
      GetawayFilms 16 hours ago

      Read through the comments looking for something similar to this... Can now relax knowing that other people think this was a poor attempt at storytelling

  • Neo Alison
    Neo Alison 21 hour ago

    He just did a FTL jump and only 4 person to clap xD

  • James Charlton
    James Charlton 21 hour ago

    Absolutely outstanding.

  • Daniel Farahday
    Daniel Farahday 21 hour ago

    haven't you already uploaded this before

  • Hirengiri gauswami
    Hirengiri gauswami 21 hour ago


  • Devin Borget
    Devin Borget 22 hours ago

    Netflix needs to pick this up!

  • stef Gag
    stef Gag 22 hours ago

    Man this was excellent , bravo

  • koztaz
    koztaz 22 hours ago

    "Hey you, cute little ant. Trying to leave your ant-farm? Back you go! Nice and easy."

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 22 hours ago

    Great Job! What camera was this shot with?

  • Andrew Vida
    Andrew Vida 22 hours ago

    OK, so what was that little flash of wireframe on his left temple at the very end? What is the suggestion there, that it is a copy of the original, which was killed? Did it indicate some modification, an enhancement perhaps?
    Good short.

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star 22 hours ago

    Great video and great graphics. But, a "joystick" for faster than light travel? And, why did he not put on his space helmet, when he had a hull breach?

  • Robert Mullis
    Robert Mullis 22 hours ago

    my kingdom for proper safety gear..

  • Arkadiusz Buchajczyk
    Arkadiusz Buchajczyk 23 hours ago

    mars to earth radio signal goes aprox more than 1 sec....

  • slimchans
    slimchans 23 hours ago

    Damn! Hit me right in the feels when they brought him home. Really amazing short.

  • Sid Knee
    Sid Knee 23 hours ago

    The pilot strayed into a hoodrich domain and lost his ride then was 3D printed back home minus one butt cheek and only one testicle..

  • Simple Brian
    Simple Brian 23 hours ago

    I was half expecting him becoming a transcendent being like the aliens in the video (If the crystalline entities are considered sentient life) and their representation here is probably several magnitudes more accurate than what most Hollywood movies give them credit for.

  • George Mason
    George Mason 23 hours ago +1

    I am a composer and orchestrator. Do you need any music for your films?

  • Wino Kitty
    Wino Kitty 23 hours ago

    Corn dippy as hell, but I absolutely loved it. Has all the good stuff.

  • KarmaTiger
    KarmaTiger Day ago

    - period rock music in the cockpit, check
    - spaceship being oddly aerodynamic despite space not requiring it, check
    - picture of family on instrument panel, check
    - worried wife flashback, check
    - kid's rocket ship dissolving into the real craft, check
    - seeing streaks of light while travelling faster than light, check
    - real-time radio communication with Earth, check
    - space suit with no helmet, even as glass is cracking, check
    - wife alone staring wistfully out of window the next day, check
    It's trope-tastic!

  • Lofting Young
    Lofting Young Day ago

    there's no such thing like faster-than-light-speed travel and real-time communication

  • bela katootz
    bela katootz Day ago

    looks like all he got was a speeding ticket--good film

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson Day ago

    Wow... love to see this made full length.

  • Ryszard Walluszkowski

    no sound in space......

  • Costin Herea
    Costin Herea Day ago


  • Stacy Turner
    Stacy Turner Day ago

    "First contact? Way above my pay-grade." Brilliant.

  • el-sig
    el-sig Day ago

    This film has got all the elements of classical plot development in less than 15 mins!

  • Prepperjon
    Prepperjon Day ago

    That’s it? So no answer as to what happened or anything. I just wasted 15 minutes that I will never get back. If this is representative of what’s on this channel then I will be wasting my time elsewhere. I don’t want to watch a bunch of short films that leave me wondering what happened. I have enough unanswered questions and goings on in my actual life as it is. I don’t need even more. What I need are conclusions, answers if you will. I’ll probably try one more and decide from there, only because I love good sci-fi.

  • Tolis Den Paei Kala

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO no no no no no i want to know moooooooooooooore what happened next aaaaaaaaaa dam short film. IT WAS EPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC

  • bert and fred
    bert and fred Day ago

    No sound in space.