"Mission: Impossible" Stars Expose the Real Tom Cruise | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
  • Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg and more "Mission: Impossible - Fallout" stars help unravel the mystery behind Tom Cruise.
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    "Mission: Impossible" Stars Expose the Real Tom Cruise | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows
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Comments • 271

  • JRH
    JRH 2 days ago

    Suprisingly many brits... BUT I LOVE IT!!

  • GuruR97
    GuruR97 Month ago

    Henry Cavill seems to enjoy an interview where he's a side character more than in the interviews about Superman.

  • BlueBell
    BlueBell 3 months ago +1

    Nobody comments on Tom's good character and amazing personality as much as people hating him because of what he believes. Who cares what he believes

  • von Vypierdalen
    von Vypierdalen 5 months ago

    Based Tom Cruise

  • New Tab
    New Tab 6 months ago

    i just ripped my zipper looking at the reporter and the british women

  • Rini Chakraborty
    Rini Chakraborty 6 months ago +2

    One thing I don't get why are all these interviews more about how Tom Cruise is and less about the actors who are being interviewed!!?? 😞

  • Alicia Kelly
    Alicia Kelly 6 months ago +1

    How much Tom paid them to say all the nice stuff.

  • TSL J
    TSL J 7 months ago +1

    2:36 Earth to Vanessa! Earth to Vanessa!

  • tom schmitz
    tom schmitz 7 months ago

    this interview in a nutshell? "he's very nice to me, so that's all that matters and all i care about!" typical hollywood narcissism and self absorption.. you know never mind, what he's the public face of and how he hasn't seen his youngest daughter in nearly 5 years! oh wait, that's his "personal life and business! as long as it doesn't affect little ole me, then who cares!" shame on both pegg and ferguson and ANYONE who works with cruise who don't need the work or the money but willingly CHOOSE to work with this man because as i said he's nice to them and for their own egos and careers!...

    • Tex Willer
      Tex Willer Month ago

      tom schmitz Tom Cruise...😍😍😍

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff 7 months ago +1

    Kirby was desperately trying not to release the Niagara down her pants.

  • Bianca Caputo
    Bianca Caputo 7 months ago +4

    Zuni can't stop smiling when Henry is talking... Girl would risk it all for some Cavill 😃😃😃

  • Louis Mihai
    Louis Mihai 7 months ago

    anyone know what shoes simon pegg is wearing in this interview?

  • Steve VC
    Steve VC 7 months ago

    Ferguson is hot! So sexy.

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 7 months ago

    Tom cruise is one of the best actors of all time

  • Sena Mutlu
    Sena Mutlu 7 months ago +2

    Henry 😍❤️

  • Judy lin
    Judy lin 8 months ago

    Rebecca ❤️❤️❤️

  • Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease

    Almost everyone is afraid of Tom Cruise

  • Amith Magajikondi
    Amith Magajikondi 8 months ago +2

    2:35 The way Vanessa looks at Henry!

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias 8 months ago

    yeah, he's just a bloke who's got brainwashed and now brainwashes others.
    i dont watch tom fused films.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 months ago +2

    Henry Cavill 😍😍😍 wow, I’m speechless.

  • Livid Monster
    Livid Monster 8 months ago

    i just learnt vanessa n tom are dating..

  • Bruce Doyle
    Bruce Doyle 8 months ago +4

    For the People who didnt knew, Tom was standing behind the Camera with a Gun in his Hand xP😋

  • justice4all
    justice4all 8 months ago

    TC is the best!!!!!!

  • Domel DOM
    Domel DOM 8 months ago

    Rebecca Ferguson OMG!!!!!!!!!

  • Rock Dude
    Rock Dude 8 months ago +1

    These are some of the most beautiful people in the world, add Tom and they are complete. The casting crew had done an excellent job.

  • Rahul Nagar
    Rahul Nagar 8 months ago

    Superman isn't easily impressed.

  • Dr.Varsha Scooby
    Dr.Varsha Scooby 8 months ago

    That’s a funny hair style😂😂😂😂

  • Dave Snijder
    Dave Snijder 8 months ago

    Hey Hollywood cast some more Vanessa. Get on it!

  • Sathu
    Sathu 8 months ago +43

    The man is 56 but his body is like 23 he’s so insane

    PANDA GOD 8 months ago +44

    2:36 vanessa's eye contact tho

    • Vino
      Vino 3 months ago +2

      PANDA GOD It was pretty normal derp

    • Christmas Is Awesome
      Christmas Is Awesome 4 months ago +3

      She looked down for a long time afterwards because she caught herself staring at him.
      ヽ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ノ

    • Simran4U
      Simran4U 8 months ago +1

      PANDA GOD Not Surprised 😂

  • Hyrule
    Hyrule 8 months ago +2

    Like how the Alpha Male is sitting in the middle of 2 beautiful creatures

  • Qina B
    Qina B 8 months ago +7

    rebecca ferguson is my celebrity crush

  • fxp
    fxp 8 months ago +7

    2:35 to 2:41 - the girl is unable to take her eyes off of Cavill and her mind probably wandered off thinking naughty things and then she caught herself .... ;)

      I LIKE CAKE I LIKE CAKE 8 months ago +4

      or maybe he was just talking...so she looked at him like anyone would when someone is talking.

  • memoranda1
    memoranda1 8 months ago

    now anybody is a star...

  • Jdot Lee
    Jdot Lee 8 months ago

    I was both disappointed and relieved that this had nothing to do with scientology

  • Bidhan Majhi
    Bidhan Majhi 8 months ago +6

    Venesa is gorgeous, but the interviewer is sexy too with those high heels 🔥

  • Alnir Zaly
    Alnir Zaly 8 months ago

    Lady Gaga vers. sweet

  • Ricardo Avila Hernández

    Princess Margaret

  • Maulana Duki
    Maulana Duki 8 months ago

    I love U Rebecca,your dialect very"kental"...:-)

  • abhishek singh
    abhishek singh 8 months ago +3

    Tom cruise the greatest actor ever fact 🔝👑

  • Aesthetic vibes
    Aesthetic vibes 8 months ago +1

    2:38 lol

  • Ariana has no tears left to cry

    henry is so what’s the word handsome? nahhh he’s like my favorite food. someone id always pick no matter what oh and delicious

  • alicia ali
    alicia ali 8 months ago +1

    Mi to stunt possible, more stunt then the story line and Henry was in la la land of Mi ,
    Best Superman, best in man from uncle and didnot so as in Mi.
    Movie was okay with best stunt.

  • sputnikalgrim
    sputnikalgrim 8 months ago

    White widow was an awesome character

  • funny boi gaming and more
    funny boi gaming and more 8 months ago +1

    2:32 going through that girls mind "aw his Abbs are so fine he's sexy 😁 look at her face

  • Becky N
    Becky N 8 months ago

    Have to say I wrote off Tom Cruise a long time ago, esp around his flip out on Oprah, but watching the MI films and learning that he does his own stunts, I am impressed with him. He may be a weirdo Scientologist but look at him. He's in his 50s doing his own stunts and he doesn't look like he's aged at all. Ok, having said all that, he's still NOT in my top 5. ;-)

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks 8 months ago +2

    "He's still alive.." The same can't be said about u Cavill... That hook got ya good on the face!

    • Imran Becks
      Imran Becks 8 months ago

      Dilligaf Movie has been out for quite a while now. Not my fault you haven't seen it yet and browsing through the comments of the video related to the movie.. Hahahaha..

    • K Factor
      K Factor 8 months ago

      Imran Becks that's kinda a spoiler isn't it?

  • Imran Becks
    Imran Becks 8 months ago

    Princess Margaret!

  • alexhernandez49
    alexhernandez49 8 months ago

    I want Tom to send me one of those famous coconut cakes!!!

  • Malu Dedic
    Malu Dedic 8 months ago

    They put on risk more than everyone could imagine...just mi3 was a Tom Cruise without case on moto persecusion as example about how put a live for money on risk

  • TylOOOr D
    TylOOOr D 8 months ago +4

    Aside from his private life... he is dedicated to acting and truly loves his job. Great actor.

  • Cole Jeon
    Cole Jeon 8 months ago +4

    I wanna wipe that drool on Vanessa's mouth when she looked at Henry.

  • Provident Fund Commissioner

    The girls were all make up while cavill was the real deal.

  • trish lee
    trish lee 8 months ago +12

    the way the white girl look at him look like she want henry so bad lol

  • caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 8 months ago +12

    Let’s be real, Henry Cavill was the real star of the movie lmao

    • emre Yılmaz
      emre Yılmaz 6 months ago +3

      No he is not there is tom cruise in the movie so no one have a chance

    • denniszenanywhere
      denniszenanywhere 8 months ago +5

      caitlyn who r u I thought he was too stiff, wooden in his role as villain. The late Hoffman was the best impossible villain.

  • Mugen Faiz
    Mugen Faiz 8 months ago +7

    Look at the way she looks at Henry when he talks.

  • cranky1812
    cranky1812 8 months ago +75

    Saw this movie and it's at another level. Upcoming action movies are going to have tough time getting even close to this movie.

  • bishal das
    bishal das 8 months ago +3

    Where is Jeremy renner

    • MrWhyubullyme U
      MrWhyubullyme U 8 months ago +1

      Qina B He’s probably on his way back to Stark because his family disappeared and he doesn’t know what’s happening

    • Qina B
      Qina B 8 months ago +1

      ikr the avengers are looking for him too

  • Josh Loo
    Josh Loo 8 months ago +3

    Kirby is so beautiful.

  • Walter walter
    Walter walter 8 months ago +1

    its amazing how beautiful is Rebecca... =D

  • Rachel B
    Rachel B 8 months ago

    Tom is amazing, it’s true when he talks to you you feel like your the only person who exists, super amazing he’s so interested in others

  • 9MRSG
    9MRSG 8 months ago

    Exposes or confirms?

  • Galicias Gone
    Galicias Gone 8 months ago +12

    Henry is amazing!

  • Kieran
    Kieran 8 months ago +3

    These interviews must kinda odd for the actors cause of the scientology thing. They'll never mention it and hope they're never asked about it.

  • V V
    V V 8 months ago +42

    Tom Cruise is a good person
    E X P O S ED

  • 970954894NG09
    970954894NG09 8 months ago

    Stupid bitches wearing high heels!

  • ZeldaLove1128
    ZeldaLove1128 8 months ago +5

    I feel like in every interview they have to talk about Tom cruise I get it he’s the main dude but like.. come on we get it. Rather have them elaborate more on their own characters.

  • yoga asix
    yoga asix 8 months ago +25

    Well there is Cavill with his bond pose, with two girls

  • Felicity Cook
    Felicity Cook 8 months ago

    is Rebecca Ferguson a younger version of that Trinny woman from Trinny and Susannah???

  • Jan Palokari
    Jan Palokari 8 months ago +28

    I just find it weird that every interview for this movie starts with everybody praising Cruise for at least a good two minutes.

    • Q MAN
      Q MAN 8 months ago +5

      Well how many big actors in Hollywood takes time out in the middle of a scene to stop and make sure their co-stars are ok. How many stars have the time to embrace them and give them his total attenion while being spoken to. Pay attention to the interview before talk smack, or just change the video.

    • Christian Rey
      Christian Rey 8 months ago +8

      There is a 30 minute behind the scenes of the stunts tom does in fallout on youtube. I watched it all and throughout he kept praising everyone around him for jobs well done and shook hands with various of the coordinators and workers. He is clearly attentive to everyone around him and loves his work and the people that enable him and the movies he is in.

    • Jan Palokari
      Jan Palokari 8 months ago +6

      Steve Huynh It's totally fine to praise him and it's most likely very deserved. I'm a big fan of Tom's. But I do find it weird that every interviewer follows almost the exact same ''script''. I would've been interested to hear more about the other roles, but feels like there's a mandate to solely talk about Tom and how he's crazy for doing his stunts, but really is the most generous man on earth.

    • Eristhenes
      Eristhenes 8 months ago +1

      Yeah, the love fest made me wanna puke. But every time celebrities do press for a movie they tend to slap it on thick about co-stars, directors and producers. It's all so...Hollywood.

  • Fluxpistol
    Fluxpistol 8 months ago +3

    Sounds like narcissism

    • Patric Howe
      Patric Howe 8 months ago

      Ish wright cult of personality

  • Angel Smith
    Angel Smith 8 months ago +4

    2:51 wa da fuk was dat man? Was like something out of Star trek

  • Saurav Verma
    Saurav Verma 8 months ago +37

    Vanessa stole the heart of millions with her role for sure!

  • marvel nephilim
    marvel nephilim 8 months ago +68

    Vanessa is so pretty and great in the film so happy to see her getting more exposure.

    • Marlon  Moncrieffe
      Marlon Moncrieffe 8 months ago

      marvel nephilim
      I didn't like how she disappeared in the middle of the film though.

  • Rene Man
    Rene Man 8 months ago +230

    Will there be a movie where Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves will co-star? You know, Ethan Hunt vs John Wick?

    • Dark Prince
      Dark Prince 7 months ago

      I wish they could but both the movies are from other worlds storyline so there's no way tom and keanu could be together..

    • Shumayel Khan
      Shumayel Khan 8 months ago +2

      Would pay like 50 bucks for a movie ticket to watch this

    • rahul mohta
      rahul mohta 8 months ago +2

      It will be an easy win for Ethan hunt he will get himself disguised as John wick's wife and stab through his chest

  • ReijiNakashi
    ReijiNakashi 8 months ago

    What's this Cruise cult? So the interviewer have a lot of great actors and she asks about Tom cruise?? This looks like Johnny Bravo

  • Scott Crosby
    Scott Crosby 8 months ago +18

    Rebecca Ferguson and Vanessa Kirby in one film?? How am I supposed to concentrate??

  • GreenEyes
    GreenEyes 8 months ago +27

    I really hoped Henry would of reloaded his muscles.

  • T R
    T R 8 months ago +533

    Despite his private life, the guy will do anything to please an audience. Respect that

    • cranky1812
      cranky1812 6 months ago

      +tom schmitz what you say doesn't make any sense.

    • T R
      T R 7 months ago

      +tom schmitz exactly

    • tom schmitz
      tom schmitz 7 months ago +1

      newsflash! when people do not know a famous person personally, they go by all various accounts of that person in various ways, first hand, second hand, their actions, their history, who and what they surround themselves with,and on and on and on... and when the stories coincide with others you get the picture of a person.... in a gross analogy: you and i didn't know hitler personally but we KNOW he was bad and evil!..

    • T R
      T R 7 months ago

      +David Evans well ... it all began on a starry night in southeast Georgia. Cow farm. Me and Tom were milking those heffers and he told me some things ...

    • David Evans
      David Evans 7 months ago +2

      This is very impressive - you know him personally? You have direct information about his private life? Saw with your own eyes - WOW - please tell us what you saw about Tom Cruise's private life!

  • 1000 Subscribers Without Content Challenge

    I've seen fallout the other day in the movie theater. It was great!

  • Fenne Verrecas
    Fenne Verrecas 8 months ago +19

    Henry Cavill? I might actually watch

    • K Factor
      K Factor 8 months ago +1

      Fenne Verrecas you won't regret it

  • GabiSPN
    GabiSPN 8 months ago +149

    Angela Bassett is such classy beautiful lady. Love her

    • Lynn Walker
      Lynn Walker 8 months ago +1

      Still 59! For about 12 more days! ;-)

    • ozamrani22
      ozamrani22 8 months ago +8

      Can you believe that she's 60 yo ? its amazing!

  • Mr White
    Mr White 8 months ago +2

    What kind of a cake is this ?

  • Shushmoy SenGupta
    Shushmoy SenGupta 8 months ago +15

    i love tom i just wish he had given the same kind of love and care towards his daughter suri as much as he loves and cares for his work

    • Spencer T
      Spencer T 8 months ago +4

      Lol and how do you know? Just because it’s not in the media? I think any actor tries their best to keep their children out of the spot light, hence the lack of knowledge about his care for his child?

    • Trouble man84
      Trouble man84 8 months ago +19

      How do u know? The media is the biggest manipulator and people believe everything they hear

    • David Tran
      David Tran 8 months ago +5

      mind your own business ffs

  • The Ferryman
    The Ferryman 8 months ago +4

    Let's not forget that he worships space monsters....

    • jigten gompo
      jigten gompo 8 months ago

      The Ferryman that ur call man...as far as I enter into hall just to make sure that I'm not bored or any regrets of wasting my penny... N since I enjoy watching his movies coz of his dedication n all of his hard work ... Beside if u hate him so much why are u even here to watch this video since the title has clearly mentioned his name...?

    • The Ferryman
      The Ferryman 8 months ago

      no - let's judge him by all of his qualities and not just pick the ones that you like...how about that?

    • jigten gompo
      jigten gompo 8 months ago

      It doesn't matter what he believes in... What really matter us is that he is entertaining us....let me ask u one thing does it hurt u or u loss something precious by Tom's worshiping a space monster...if u want to judge him..then judge him by his hard work n dedication....

    • The Ferryman
      The Ferryman 8 months ago


    • Daryl Bradbury
      Daryl Bradbury 8 months ago

      People worship god so what up to him what he believes in or does in his spare time

  • Paul L. Munoz
    Paul L. Munoz 8 months ago +288

    I thought that Vanessa Kirby (as the White Widow) looked like Lady Gaga.

    • Linda Mc
      Linda Mc 7 months ago

      Yep, my first reaction, too!

    • Elmer Son
      Elmer Son 8 months ago

      She is so hot in MI Fallout!

    • Thanos
      Thanos 8 months ago

      i think she also looks like miley cyrus hahaha

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 8 months ago +3

      she is prettier than lady gaga

      DEMITRI BOON HE YANG 8 months ago

      Same here, at first glance

  • Natalie Christine
    Natalie Christine 8 months ago +123

    Henry and Vanessa would make a cute couple

    • Cro Cop
      Cro Cop 8 months ago +3

      They were just acknowledging each other. You guys are just projecting fantasies it’s creepy.

    • Livid Monster
      Livid Monster 8 months ago

      but she is dating tom

    • ABYSAL
      ABYSAL 8 months ago +3

      Kitta12320 Yes, I noticed he was looking at her with a cute smile most of the time and also giggled lovely when she mentioned the first take and she was dancing. I think they would look great together 😊🤗

    • smart water
      smart water 8 months ago +4

      Natalie Christine Henry can do better

    • Ree Tard
      Ree Tard 8 months ago

      Natalie Christine EXACTLY

  • mastakrafsta
    mastakrafsta 8 months ago

    Anybody know the name of that interviewer she is hot

  • van wentworth
    van wentworth 8 months ago +39

    that blazer makes Rebecca Ferguson look like she forgot her trousers lol

    • xy28
      xy28 8 months ago

      I'm definitely not complaining 👀👀👀

  • UrbanExplorer1000
    UrbanExplorer1000 8 months ago +3

    hes a brainwashed closet homosexual

    • Musashijosei
      Musashijosei 8 months ago

      Trouble man84 please do more research on scientology. Some countries it's illegal

    • Trouble man84
      Trouble man84 8 months ago +4

      Oh so youre someone that knows everything without real proof. Lol people need to grow up and leave the man alone. His personal life aint gonna change your life one way or another so get over it

    • Musashijosei
      Musashijosei 8 months ago

      Rougé Well obviosly brainwashed because scientology. Tom being homosexual is old rumour, which origin I do not know.

    • Rougé
      Rougé 8 months ago +4

      Where did you get this from??

    DEWSIE 8 months ago +6

    Is Henry's moustache removed by CGI??

    • MrWhyubullyme U
      MrWhyubullyme U 8 months ago

      I preferred cavil with the moustache tbh. And I’m
      Pretty sure they CGI’d his stache’ in the MI movie.

    • Trouble man84
      Trouble man84 8 months ago +1

      I really never understood the obsession people have with that mans moustache. Its really weird

    • Caolin Magee
      Caolin Magee 8 months ago +3

      DEWSIE oh hahaha you are so...unfunny

    • My Perspective
      My Perspective 8 months ago

      DEWSIE stop trying so hard

  • Miss Dor's daughter
    Miss Dor's daughter 8 months ago +24

    Why is she asking everyone about Tom Cruise?

    • Najmus Sakib
      Najmus Sakib 8 months ago +3

      Because he is tom cruise

    • Rougé
      Rougé 8 months ago +3

      Because her boss told her to. That’s why she has the cards in her hands lol

    • Mary Oshea
      Mary Oshea 8 months ago +1

      tom cruise is not private he never was .tom cruise like making splash .look at his so called private life . couch jumping gess that real private , motorbike on red carpet , huge kiss in Italy . the dumping of nicole moving much younger woman behind her back. tom cruise has NO private life .he works 70 hours a week .all year round .leaning new skill take time and energy , 2 adopted one live in uk staying from mess he created for himself with nutcase fan he marred back in 2005 .other one is keeping close his huge bank balance . when the mystery child is 18 years he done and finished with kate holmes he done paying os called child support . he 1000% finished with katie holmes for good

    • Ozzy
      Ozzy 8 months ago +4

      Huh, because in a room
      Of nobodies, Tom Cruise is somebody. You dig what am saying? Step up your question game seriously.

    • The Crypter
      The Crypter 8 months ago +5

      Thanos why should I though ? I would rather keep on thinking that he is a legend

  • Umer Mahmood
    Umer Mahmood 8 months ago +55

    Ferguson reminds me quite a lot of Ingrid Bergman.

    • Chris Breezy
      Chris Breezy 8 months ago

      She reminds me of an angel from heaven 😍

    • rahul mohta
      rahul mohta 8 months ago

      Jin Ngee Chia I haven't watched the classic Casablanca yet that's why all i could remember was she in bikini!
      Thanks for the 👍

    • Jin Ngee Chia
      Jin Ngee Chia 8 months ago +2

      rahul mohta It is her character's name Ilsa and she is in Casablanca when she is in the bikini. She comes out of the pool and she asks them "what brings you gentlemen to Casablanca?"

    • rahul mohta
      rahul mohta 8 months ago

      Jin Ngee Chia which scene??? When they both see her for the second time she is in bikini..

    • Jin Ngee Chia
      Jin Ngee Chia 8 months ago +1

      There is a slight homage to Casablanca in Rogue Nation. Ilsa Faust is in Casablanca when Ethan Hunt and Benji meets her again. Ingrid Bergman plays Ilsa Lund in Casablanca.

  • konna
    konna 8 months ago +334

    “that hes still alive” i died

    • Luis CQ
      Luis CQ 8 months ago +3

      If you have not watched the making of video of the helicopter scene he was talking about, you should, its a complete "wtf state of mind", it completely blew my mind that Tom Cruise did all of his helicopter stunts by himself flying the helicopter solo.

  • Thanseer
    Thanseer 8 months ago +19


    • dbreiden83080
      dbreiden83080 8 months ago

      And the best thing he did was stop talking about that, and just focus on his great career. At 56 he has never been better..

    • Spencer T
      Spencer T 8 months ago

      Because we should judge everyone base on their beliefs......

    • Musashijosei
      Musashijosei 8 months ago

      Alexandra Hill search scientology. It's a violent cult. Tom Cruise knows that.

    • Frederick X.
      Frederick X. 8 months ago

      Alexandra Hill I think a lot of people throw animosity at Cruise because it's an obvious PR strategy to use him for recruitment. Much of the hate thrown towards scientology stems from its very business and money oriented practices ever since its inception. Cruise is frontmanning and leveraging his celebrity status, and to many that's proof of Scientology being a cash grab instead of a belief system.

    • uranier145
      uranier145 8 months ago

      Rougé and not all Scientologist or any other religious people are like that
      It's something that we always do but never realised, only seeing the negative in things

  • Digitala Världen
    Digitala Världen 8 months ago

    Oh wow - truly a disgusting interview. Tom Cruise is nothing but a normal person. Stop this HollywoodbullshitLOVEfest please.

  • TOJO J
    TOJO J 8 months ago +9

    He's truly a nice guy

    • troy moore
      troy moore 8 months ago

      she does look at him that way

  • Claire Maloney
    Claire Maloney 8 months ago +110

    good god the typo at 1:54

    • Kendalika
      Kendalika 8 months ago

      Claire Maloney good eye!

    • Fox McCoy
      Fox McCoy 8 months ago

      John Hutchins oh man I got this reference! Simpsons FTW

    • rohandante
      rohandante 8 months ago +1

      It is written "imposible".

    • rahul
      rahul 8 months ago

      Claire Maloney I don't get it

    • John Hutchins
      John Hutchins 8 months ago +3

      Where nothing can posibliy go wrong, possibly go wrong. Huh, that's the first ever to go wrong.

  • Ozzy
    Ozzy 8 months ago +139

    Tom has this routne where he watches no less than a movie a day. He has said this multiple times before. So, am not surprised that he watches everything that comes out.

    • Jax r
      Jax r 8 months ago +2

      Don't need to watch a movie from a couch. Dude's an overachiever probably multi-tasks everything he does.

    • Ozzy
      Ozzy 8 months ago +9

      Darin Steele I highly doubt that u know what the man has time for. He’s said this throughout the years in various interviews. Tom is a genuine movie star of a dying breed because he has a genuine love for Cinema. I dont doubt for a second that he eats up all the good movies/shows that come out.

    • Lucky Never
      Lucky Never 8 months ago +25

      I doubt Tom is someone who would lie much in front of the camera.
      He said he tried to watch a movie a day I'm not surprised he watches over 100 a year, which is quite a lot compared to most performers.

    • Darin Steele
      Darin Steele 8 months ago +5

      I highly doubt that he has time to sit on the couch to watch a movie....

  • L.A.B ART
    L.A.B ART 8 months ago +266

    The way Vaneesa looks at Henry from 2:36 - 2:40 .... I feel you girl...I feel you.

    • The Lover Boy
      The Lover Boy 2 months ago

      It somehow screams the Lion King "DO ME" eyes.

      LIFEPEEK 3 months ago +1

      She was simply listening and imagining to what he was saying;

    • Vino
      Vino 3 months ago +1

      You guys clearly don’t understand body language lmao

    • Malu Dedic
      Malu Dedic 8 months ago

      L.A.B ART exactly as the people who paid criminals at MPC for post edition

    • Gloria Carreño
      Gloria Carreño 8 months ago

      anime guy I would eat all off him😏😍😅