Quentin Tarantino Developing New Star Trek Movie - Movie Talk

  • Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Tuesday December 5th, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jon Schnepp, John Rocha, Ashley Mova discuss the following:
    1) Bryan Singer fired from Bohemian Rhapsody
    2) Rian Johnson Talks New ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Plans and If He’ll Direct All Three Films
    3) Opening This Week
    4) Zachary Levi Says Shazam Could Surprise Like Guardians of the Galaxy
    5) James Franco Set to Direct & Star in Shel Silverstein Biopic ‘A Boy Named Shel’
    6) Mail Bag
    7) Live Twitter Questions
    Just as news broke that Fox had halted production on the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, THR is now reporting that director Bryan Singer has been fired from the production. The trade details a long list of reasons that include clashes between him and his Freddie Mercury actor Rami Malek, absences from the set that would force cinematographer Thomas Newton Sigel to step in and direct; and actor Tom Hollander, who plays Queen manager Jim Beach, is said to have briefly quit the film because of the director’s behavior, but was persuaded to return.
    With Star Wars The Last Jedi ready to debut in theatres next Friday, director Rian Johnson is now making the press rounds on the promotional tour. Not surprising, The Last Jedi talk soon turned to his new trilogy of films separate from the Saga, which is said to be a whole new story with characters we’ve yet to meet. Collider’s own Steve Weintraub spoke to Johnson about the new trilogy and asked if he’d like to direct all three movies.
    Speaking at the recent Heroes & Villains convention in San Jose, CA - Shazam himself, Zachary Levi, talked a bit about the upcoming adaptation, revealing that he thinks the movie could surprise audiences in the same way Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy did.
    In a report from Deadline, James Franco is in talks to direct and star in a film about children’s book author Shel Silverstein. Writers Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair will pen the adaptation based on Lisa Rogak’s book “A Boy Named Shel.” Silverstein, a poet, singer, songwriter, and screenwriter, has seen his work translated into more than 30 languages, selling over 20 million copies in total.
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  • LAHegarty
    LAHegarty 3 months ago

    That windows laptop doesn't sit well.

  • The Fuppits
    The Fuppits 5 months ago

    Screw you and your video with full length non-skippable ads - who do you think you are, a major network? BLOCK!

  • Nick Moriarty
    Nick Moriarty 11 months ago

    ...I would certainly dispute the assertion of A New Hope being better than Looper.

  • Ella Maes
    Ella Maes 11 months ago

    power library discrimination southeast racial shoot back back display.

  • mario jr
    mario jr 11 months ago

    I love this group

    • mario jr
      mario jr 11 months ago

      Seriously love collider

    • mario jr
      mario jr 11 months ago

      It keeps it intense but chill. I love the family you guys made. Keep up the work guys!

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan 11 months ago

    Star Wars is ruined now too.

  • Ken MacMillan
    Ken MacMillan 11 months ago

    Since Abrams already ruined Star Trek Tarantino might as well take a shot, he can't make it any worse.

  • Dmitry Kim
    Dmitry Kim 11 months ago

    The one thing is for sure, his Star Trek will be better then Star Wars, because it's that easy now.

  • Mysticpic69
    Mysticpic69 11 months ago

    Sign this petition to get Rian Johnson fired from writing and directing the new Star Wars trilogy!

  • Drew Lovelyhell
    Drew Lovelyhell Year ago

    And regarding the new trilogy, dont rush the release dates like the current films.
    Three years between each film. Not two, not one and a half. Pace yourselves!
    Take your time, make them good!

  • Drew Lovelyhell
    Drew Lovelyhell Year ago

    Rian Johnsons's trilogy:
    Totally! Dump those Skywalkers and Solo's with all their baggage.
    All new characters, All new Droids, All new Ships... Bring it on!

  • Flick Connection
    Flick Connection Year ago +1

    I'm suspicious this Tarantino Star Trek flick will stall out fairly soon, even though I'd really love for it to happen.

  • Eric Kelly
    Eric Kelly Year ago

    Thumbs up to Rocha for speaking up, and for Jon for not letting him go to far.

  • The Boost Cave
    The Boost Cave Year ago

    Milo yiannopplous was right!!! Hollywood is crumbling, eating itself from the inside out and you're all going to fall with it. It's gloriously beautiful.

  • David Bullock
    David Bullock Year ago

    I hate how all the trek nerd are bashing this before we even see what it is. I am betting since it is rated "R" that is will be set in the mirror universe, which justifies an "r" rating for Star Trek. The mirror universe is a tyrant Universe where atrocities are a constant norm. Trekkies need to grow up and get over it.

  • A Dig
    A Dig Year ago +1

    Is Rocha trying to crucify Franco for something that happened years ago, which he admitted to and apologized for? I'm confused.

  • Liam Argent
    Liam Argent Year ago +1

    Well done to Mark Ellis for handling the James Franco topic excellently. I see where Rocha is coming from, but he got too carried away. Schnepp is also right. A calm voice in an intense issue.

  • Bryan Sowder
    Bryan Sowder Year ago +1

    I love when Rocha & Schnepp get passionate and Mark has to derail it, lol

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith Year ago

    Hey Rocha, believe it or not there is actually a possibility for people to be falsely accused of stuff, so maybe stick to the facts of things and don't be talking rumors and dragging people's names through the mud just yet.

  • Paul Owen
    Paul Owen Year ago

    Do you know what they call a Quarter Pounder on Vulcan?

  • Story Noms
    Story Noms Year ago

    My discussion regarding tarantino directing star trek tvclip.biz/video/t5nKDg9vpPw/video.html

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden Year ago

    Good job reigning it it, Mark. You're a great host. Personally, I feel for those people that are affected, and I want the people that hurt them to be punished, but it doesn't stop me from enjoying what's been made up to now. Maybe it should. IDK. Like they're constantly saying, many more people were involved in making the stuff and, whatever I think of the real person, I can still enjoy their character. If we really took it seriously, there's probably not a single thing we could ever watch again. I still like Parks and Rec, Seinfeld, X2, Baby Driver, Naked Gun, etc., etc. There's real people in them that I don't like, but I still like the work done. Just don't let them do any more work. At least until they prove themselves worthy of more, because I do also believe in second chances being earned.

  • Alex Hayden
    Alex Hayden Year ago

    I know Tarantino's a talented writer and director that's able to do things outside his niche, but I'm having trouble imagining a Tarantino Star Trek. I assume it would be awesome, yet possibily difficult to accept as "My Star Trek".

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell Year ago


  • musiclover8594
    musiclover8594 Year ago

    Damn Rocha went in!! Bryan Singer has been trash for years!! Time to face the music.

  • librapaladin81
    librapaladin81 Year ago

    Collider crew- I've heard several of you mispronounce 'biopic' in several videos now. Maybe it's trivial, but you guys are suppose to be huge movie aficionados. It's not pronounced 'bio-pic'... it's 'bi-op-ic'. PS- Care about you.

  • Dennis Francis
    Dennis Francis Year ago +1

    Wow! I don't know which was more interesting and intense; the show or the comments. Both are great.

  • Joe Card
    Joe Card Year ago

    Tweets aren't law anyone can jump on That shit. If you can tweet and relive than you can press charges or do something real. Rocka chill out and stop pushing all allegations as facts YOU don't know whats bull or real stick to movie talking. Now people like you for pushing rumers that have nothing to do with you.

  • Joe Card
    Joe Card Year ago

    Hopefully he buffs up cant have a skinny shazam

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock Year ago

    I can kind of see where Rochas coming from but I’m happy that Schnepp chimed in and put some sense in there

  • Alex Pollock
    Alex Pollock Year ago

    Lucas film must adore the Last Jedi and I can’t wait

  • Julian Jesse
    Julian Jesse Year ago

    Thank you for calling out Singer. That was highly appropriate.

  • Chase Smith
    Chase Smith Year ago

    I'm tired of prequels in the Star Trek universe. I want something *new*. I want something past TNG, VOY, and DS9. Build the lore further, don't play in the old world.

  • Al Jagiello
    Al Jagiello Year ago

    Go, Rocha! You know the truth. I support that.

  • Alon Bahat
    Alon Bahat Year ago

    Rocha, stop being such a Douche hothead.
    rumors are not accusations. pipe down and don't condemn people just because of rumors on twitter. that's pathetic.
    you're a TVclip figure, sadly, you're an opinion leader (sadly, again).

  • abodine130
    abodine130 Year ago

    I wonder if Robert Meyer Burnett will name drop Bryan Singer anymore if he is found to be guilty.

  • Wael Binali
    Wael Binali Year ago

    As a gay man in West Hollywood, I have heard tons of stuff, I tend to keep quiet even though I know about quite a few friends who have been part of things that happened. If it is this, then just like anyone else he needs to own up. Gay or Straight, unwanted sexual advances are not cool, and damaging in many ways to some of the people involved, not all, I know some of my friends who have laughed things off and aren't bothered, be it from him or anyone else's advances, but for others, it's a big deal. So, I can't say what this is about but whatever it is, it will come out eventually. We are living in a world where nothing stays behind closed doors. Not with social media and phones that can take pics and videos. None of us really know what has transpired. Only those who were involved know. I also want to state this regarding underage sex. There is a huge difference if the person is 17 or if the person is 10 or 14 for example. I don't know anyone who hasn't had sex by 17, and yes, by law it's different, but let us not call someone a pedophile unless the term is warranted, many 17 year olds lie about their age to have sex and drink etc etc. I have never heard of Bryan Singer being involved with anyone young. So no one should really say anything unless there is 100% proof of things. But I have heard a lot of stuff where if true, it will come out and he will be no different to those others being named now. If only this could apply to the Alabama guy and our President, sheesh..... The only thing I would caution Rocha is to please say allegedly when talking about rumors and other things unless it has been proven. It protects him and Collider.
    And yes, in regards to who to take over. If the cinematographer has been doing a great job stepping in and he wants to direct the rest of it, why not? That's how people move from one category to another. This might be an amazing opportunity for this person!

  • boopiloopi
    boopiloopi Year ago

    looking forward to both tarantino´s and rian´s sci-fi stories :).
    wb could do like disney and star wars with dc perhaps. the wonder woman movie could be canon but you restart with shazam?
    gal gadot or another actor could play wonder woman. introduce a new superman or cavill at the end? but do a restart perhaps of superman in man of steel 2
    so it becomes 1? then bring in the new batman into this restared universe? what´re they going to do about the upcoming dc stuff that´s still tied to
    what´s already been done. and remember that batman was like bond in the 90´s with different actors doing the continuing adventures. more humor sure but
    only to the right characters.
    a tweet isn't the truth, there has to be proof of some kind. it’s a little worrying but just rumors at this point right? is there proof?
    love the shows.

  • Roc
    Roc Year ago

    Star Trek Beyond was beyond awful.

  • Kevin Myers
    Kevin Myers Year ago

    great recovery from Mark on the stupid Tweet mentality! Way to go Baby Carrots!

  • Gen Rai
    Gen Rai Year ago

    When tweets can destroy a person, then we live in very dangerous times. Instead of real facts that can be used to convict a man, we rely on tweets or online comments to judge a person, its going to be a global witch hunt. What is happening today may look like step forward but if you really think about it, it is really a step back to the dark ages. At least it is harder to throw rocks on people than to type tweets

  • RaymBWW
    RaymBWW Year ago

    I hope when the The Last Jedi movie comes out for the public on Thursday that in the days following there will be no negative reviews, that something was missing, not long enough story or not enough screen time for each of the star actors or a fitting conclusion to Carrie Fisher Character, I may have to keep off TVclip so as not to be spoiled until I see.

  • RaymBWW
    RaymBWW Year ago

    I hope when the The Last Jedi movie comes out for the public on Thursday that in the days following there will be no negative reviews, that something was missing, not long enough story or not enough screen time for each of the star actors or a fitting conclusion to Carrie Fisher Character, I may have to keep off TVclip so as not to be spoiled until I see.

    BOOMACLYDE Year ago

    How dare ya'll !!!.....David Lee Roth is the best frontman

  • Just ENT.
    Just ENT. Year ago

    I bet not hear 1 god damned clingon or spak say nigga anything else is a go tho no space alien racism bullshyt then im cool

  • Life In Bobby's World

    Y'all are fun to listen to 😉

  • Manx36
    Manx36 Year ago

    How incredibly irresponsible to mar someone’s career with “I read it on twitter”. You want to support victims but I’m not attacking people based on hearsay and rumor and for anyone to willingly participate and aiding those kinds of attacks is just ridiculously reckless. People lie, I’ve witnessed someone very dear to me destroyed from one person’s lie and the mentality of oh no one would lie about this. I’ll let you in on a secret, humans, all humans are capable of lying so NO ONE gets automatic belief on anything. I watched family, friends, coworkers desert a friend we all knew for years because of one person’s lie.

  • CSDU
    CSDU Year ago

    that joe... what a dweeby, weak eyed lil pussy. annoying fuck

  • 76goodfella
    76goodfella Year ago

    John Rocha was very irresponsible with that comment about James Franco. To spread rumours about such a devastating subject is immature and not what I expected from a professional channel. With viewers in the tens of thousands you have a responsibility to provide us with facts and opinion, but not opinions that could ruin someone if found to be false (wearing a cowboy hat doesn’t make you the hand of justice to declare someone guilty and tell people not to be interested in the movie) If you have some personal facts or information about Franco, tell the police and let them do their job. I’m not a fan of Franco, but if they are just rumours just imagine the devastation your going to cause him, his family and his career. It’s ok for the public to spread rumours and gossip at home/work etc with friends, family & colleagues because our reach is small and intimate, but Rocha your comments will reach thousands who may spread your Rumour as fact. If it comes out officially from a victim, police then through news outlets (like collider) as confirmed news, then great let’s make him pay for it, but I think you have got carried away with your Cowboy persona this time Rocha. Out of order.

  • Manx36
    Manx36 Year ago

    I don’t get people who jizz if a movie is R rated. It’s like 14yo kids giggling because of an F bomb, the word fuck isn’t magical. I use it every day and I don’t need that to make a movie better. Give me a good script with stunning visuals and I’m good. I don’t need someone popping off curse words every five minutes like making a dominos pre measured pizza, line line curse line line. I’m totally on board with Tarintino directing a Trek.
    Jessica Chastain likes to shoot her mouth off about a lot of things so her take on anything carries zero weight. I think Singer needs to take a break because his work since Supes Returns has been stale. I didn’t buy into rumors or she said he said because people lie, everyone lies so to unilaterally take a side on something you don’t personally know specifics is just sloppy. I can’t take people calling for professionalism when they are speaking to rumors, moving on. Fox needs to finish the film and Singer isn’t there so fire him.

  • Brad Dollahite
    Brad Dollahite Year ago

    are we gonna be getting Capt Seth Gecko or Ritchie Gecko?

  • Alameldin Ali
    Alameldin Ali Year ago

    Ellis just maneuver the franco's conversation perfectly. Hats to you baby carrot.

  • eighties73
    eighties73 Year ago

    Rocha take a pill dude. I love this show but the SJW crap needs to end.

  • Amir McDowell _
    Amir McDowell _ Year ago

    Tarantino gon fuck around and kill the whole cast in 15 minutes but do it from 36 different angles and 25 different perspectives

  • Laura Vega
    Laura Vega Year ago

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  • Money MikeMovies
    Money MikeMovies Year ago

    I need to see Morgan Freeman in a Marvel movie!!!!

  • Ognjen Amidza
    Ognjen Amidza Year ago

    Great show!

  • dewell_parrales
    dewell_parrales Year ago

    Heroes wear capes, not fake brand glasses. Rocha is not a hero.

  • Flix with Vic
    Flix with Vic Year ago

    I feel like no one heard Rocha mention his friends and their personal experiences with Singer.....I’m all about innocent until proven guilty BUT if there’s enough out there and then I hear shit from people close to me then your guilty to me atleast. Respect to Rocha for that but the Franco thing was too much

  • dewell_parrales
    dewell_parrales Year ago

    Damn...and I thought I hated Singer...Rocha popped OFF.

  • Umar
    Umar Year ago

    I hope they give Ryan time to breathe between movies, like the Dark Knight movies and Nolan. Please don't burn out

  • Geert van der Plas

    I want an episode of Movie Talk with this panel, fully dedicated to the best front men in rock! Make it happen!!!

  • Raul Alejandro Mendoza

    I fucking love Rocha for saying to cast people of color and women.

  • kashish chauhan chawan

    How annoying can Rocha get

  • sstlouis ssl
    sstlouis ssl Year ago

    Loved Rocha's rant on Singer well said sir!

  • aRAMirz
    aRAMirz Year ago +1

    Holy shit, thank you Schnepp. Why are all these people backing Rocha so hard? Guessing nobody has thrown accusations at them on Twitter

  • Lucas Ferreira da Silva

    "Rian Johnson is a better director than George Lucas ever was..."
    Man, I totally agree with that. TOTALLY AGREE. Even J.J. Abrams is a better director than George Lucas.

  • O_ Danilo
    O_ Danilo Year ago

    James Franco tried to hook up with some girl.

  • Michael Hobbs
    Michael Hobbs Year ago

    Mark Ellis is getting increasingly unbearable as host. If the rest of the panel wasn’t so great I wouldn’t watch anymore.

  • AJ Jones
    AJ Jones Year ago

    Rocha tells it how it is. Love this guy! Cheers!!!!

  • JBH
    JBH Year ago

    Lots of respect for Schnepp and Rocha. And also Mark for reining the discussion in, great hosting.

  • Mike Snow
    Mike Snow Year ago +1

    Rocha, you’re a fucking mess. Wait for facts. You can’t vilify every person who has rumors. If it’s true, I hope Franco gets blackballed forever but wait for FACTS.

  • aslandarklion1
    aslandarklion1 Year ago

    Take a chill pill Rocha

  • Reesa Flood
    Reesa Flood Year ago

    Rocha Rant Yes!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Chris Valentine
    Chris Valentine Year ago

    Man, this was such a good show today and a great panel. Rocha's on fire!

  • Alexander Forbes
    Alexander Forbes Year ago +3

    John GuiltyUntilProvenInnocent Rocha. At least Schnepp had the balls to contradict him and bring some reason to things. The american justice system is based on evidence, not accusations. People like Rocha are the reason the witch trials happened.

  • Centauer24
    Centauer24 Year ago

    Tarantinos CSI episode "Grave Danger" was awesome and fits great into the show. no weird or brutal stuff needed. i think he can create a very good star trek movie

  • Alexis Horowitz
    Alexis Horowitz Year ago

    Yassss hypercolor shirts!!!

  • paul foote
    paul foote Year ago +2

    The Franco thing is all lot of shit this was a story years go where was messaging a fan on instagram tht was underage but he didn’t and when he found out about her age he backed off

  • mcmadman51canada
    mcmadman51canada Year ago

    Rocha must be heard! REAL TALK!

  • StrollingHarts
    StrollingHarts Year ago

    when is disney gonna buy WB??? 😂 imagine. id passout with the news if that ever happened

  • StrollingHarts
    StrollingHarts Year ago

    oh man Ashley Mova is 😱😱😱😱

  • Tashrif Alam
    Tashrif Alam Year ago

    I knew Bryan Singer's situation but what about James Franco? Yes in 2014 there were texts with him and a girl but did he do other things. Plus he apologized for that

  • Tashrif Alam
    Tashrif Alam Year ago +1

    Look I think LucasFilms and Kathleen Kennedy gave Rian the new trilogy because they know what a great job he did with the TLJ. They have all the faith in the world in him to do this. Plus Rian Johnson is a better director than George Lucas. Have to agree with Rocha on that front. Ellis said A New Hope is better than Looper, but Looper is better than the entire prequel trilogy Lucas directed

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little Year ago

    I just looked up Franco and tbh I don't think it's a big deal.

  • Chicken Little
    Chicken Little Year ago +4

    Did you really just put Jagged and Tyler in front of John Lennon!?!?

  • Jim Pavlidis
    Jim Pavlidis Year ago

    I would love to see a R-rated Tarantino Boba Fett movie!!!!!!!But Star Trek is good too, I guess

  • Steve Johnson
    Steve Johnson Year ago

    Mark is growing into one of the finest hosts on TVclip. The way he can defuse tension with humour, yet still allow everybody their say and somehow keep things serious, is masterful. Well done, Mark. *thumbsup*

  • Vincent Marduk
    Vincent Marduk Year ago +1

    When this channel has become a SJWs central?? Stop comparing what Spacey did with Lous CK fucking purist... Acting like if you never jerkoff Mark and I wonder if Rocha spoke with the same intensity about Andy Signore.

  • Kolton Raposo
    Kolton Raposo Year ago

    Rocha! Rocha! Rocha!

  • Grimlock794
    Grimlock794 Year ago

    Liked hearing the different opinions on today's episode.

  • Tenchi Ho
    Tenchi Ho Year ago

    With all this accusations in Hollywood at moment, it really feels like a mob mentality. I always believe in the 'innocent until proven guilty' saying. I mean what have we humans become. People hear these accusations on social media and think they are guilty!! So what's the point of having laws, courts, evidence. What, Twitter has become the new justice system now. If these people are guilty they deserve all the punishment they get. But before that everyone needs to calm down and let the laws, courts, evidence do their thing.

  • Movie Lovers Unite

    I use to agree with Rocha on certain things but innocent until proven guilty. Until it’s brought out into the light the person is innocent, and we’re talking about a rumor that might be true or not so until then leave it alone.

  • Tony W
    Tony W Year ago

    Can't wait to see Rocha publicly whip Bryan singer.

  • Akhilesh Kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar Year ago

    This is the perfect Table, We don't need perri,dennies and other cast. This right here is the perfect table

  • Eric Booker
    Eric Booker Year ago

    I'll parent = Zach Snyder "Needing time off". Snyder wss fired and they used his dead kid as cover.

  • Eric Booker
    Eric Booker Year ago

    WTF is wrong with you people? An R rated Star Trek movie...sick bastards.

  • John Toland Animation Games Movies

    Mark Handled this like THE MAN< Rocha was passionate and no nonsense and brilliant, and Schnepp showed constraint and control and wants more facts before throwing people in front of the train, which is also a fine opinion. ALL these guys handled this better than i could have imagined.