That's a lot of Power! - Anker PowerHouse 200 - Review

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
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    This is the Anker Powerhouse 200 and the question is, what do you need it for?
    200 watt hour capacity!
    2 - USB / 1- USB- C
    1 -12 volt car output
    1 - 110v AC output
    Our review starts now!

    Link :
    Price : $300
    Weight : 6lbs 1.5oz
    Size : Roughly 7”L x 5.5”W X 4.7”T
    This a battery bank / generator which is perfect for all sorts of situations.

    200 watt hour capacity / which is 57,600 milliamps hours
    3 input options :
    · USB / USB- C (60 total watts of power from the usb ports)
    · 12 volt car output
    · 110v AC output
    Carry handle - Is excellent, comfortable and allows for you to easily grab and move the device when you need to
    Grippy feet on the bottom
    Issues :
    We’ve had no issues with our testing of this device over the last 3 months.
    Cold weather does have an impact upon this bank;
    For an example, one morning with temps around 45F, the battery bank read 71% charger left. But a few hours later when the temps were in the 70’s, it stated that the remaining charge was 84%.

    Time Usage :
    Floor Fan : 6.5 hours
    Charge my laptop : 3 times
    Camera Batteries : one fully charged Powerhouse will charge my camera batteries 52 times!
    My Samsung Phone : 14 times

    Uses :
    Emergency use
    Overland use
    Camping use
    Cross country driving
    Photography and video shoots

    Review Pros :
    Lots of power
    Very portal - not all that heavy
    Easy to use - right out of the box, it makes sense and you can use it.
    Shows which ports are being used and battery percentage
    Quick to charge
    Some ports can be used at the same time; AC and USB or 12V and USB
    Can charge the powerhouse while using the ports as long as you aren’t consuming more power than what it is getting from the wall.
    Countless protection systems built-in including protection from overloading your gear, temp control, high-voltage, etc.

    Review Cons :
    Pricey - Compared to other similar products on the market, this one is more expensive. On the flip side, you are getting a product from a company which has a strong background with quality and customer service and that alone is enough to justify the price.
    AC and 12V can’t be used at the same time; I mention this as there may be a situation where you wish that you could run them at the same time but I haven’t been in that situation with my use.

    Summary :
    I have been looking for a product like this for a long time as I am one who happens to film a great deal of video and one of the biggest hurdles for me especially on week long road trips is power. Power for my laptop so I can get work done and a way to charge my camera batteries.
    Talking about filming, I rarely film indoors but when I do, I plug my studio light into this the powerhouse and I can easily move my light source and the battery bank as I move around without having to look for a plug; this saves me time.
    Then of course, comes the overland aspect and this is an awesome option for that as well as you can charge a phone, run a fan, run lighting and so on all at the same time.
    Not talking about youtube for a moment but with my full time job, I never get a day off so if I go on a trip, I still have to work and this allows for me to have the power to do just that. With my cross country trips what you all don’t see in those is having to stop to powerup my laptop or the time that I had to work; this for me is a game changer and it really works well in that regards.
    Another side to this product is emergency use and again, it works very well in that regards and Susan and I recently got to test this product out for that exact purpose. There was an outage in our area which lasted roughly 12 hours and the Powerhouse kept us going throughout the night with lights, charging our devices and so on.
    Anker is a leader when it comes to mobile power solutions and I have countless battery banks from them which are over 4 years old and continue to work flawlessly.
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  Month ago +6

    What do you think about the Powerhouse? Also, what are your experiences with Anker?

    See you all again tomorrow night with another video.
    - Luke

  • Trail Blzzr
    Trail Blzzr 6 days ago

    Very good review sounds very accurate I like it

  • Alan Wong
    Alan Wong 12 days ago

    If I charge my battery in the cold, will I get 110% when it warms up or does it just explode?

  • Mr Dixon
    Mr Dixon 13 days ago

    If outages are a concern mains lights and fan should be left on the sideboard, and pull out 12v/5v lights and fans to get much more from smaller power stations.

  • Colin Brittingham
    Colin Brittingham 14 days ago

    A power house is definitely one of my next items to get!

  • CYA Everyday
    CYA Everyday 24 days ago

    Great review!! Have you tried Goal zero Sherpa 100AC? Also the Inergy Apex? I know the Apex is WAY more expensive but A LOT more power and output options. I think the Sherpa would be close to the Anker. Could you review these products - I would love to hear your opinion about them. Also can you recharge the Anker with Solar panels? Thanks!!

  • mobiltec
    mobiltec 25 days ago

    I've been using a 12vdc AGM battery mounted in my vehicles separately from my starting battery, along with an 800 watt power inverter for 120vac for 20 years with no problems. Total cost is about $150 and the cold weather does not affect it. Not as light weight but much more capacity and it charges while I'm driving. Still not sold on these things.

  • mobiltec
    mobiltec 25 days ago

    Too bad you can't charge it from 12vdc.

  • John
    John 29 days ago

    What rymes with Luke for a good rap song.

  • John
    John 29 days ago

    after i recoup from total hip replace and knee replace or it is vica versa dont like these drugs cant renber or spell but i hope to hike down there by sprig. i like you people. God Bless

  • Bradley Johnson
    Bradley Johnson Month ago

    There are many other less expensive 200Wh options. Nice idea and I love all of the Anker products (10+) that I own, now reduce the price to $200 and I am sold.

  • R Angeles
    R Angeles Month ago

    Can you charge via solar panels?

  • Nikolaj C
    Nikolaj C Month ago

    wasnt this channel about hiking gear?? who hikes with a powerbank you need a trailer to transport??

  • Marjie Cleveland
    Marjie Cleveland Month ago

    I do need to get a device like this some day, and this sounds great! Anker does make excellent products.

  • Hermittao Stan
    Hermittao Stan Month ago

    Before purchasing, I recommend you check the reviews available on Amazon, for this and the larger power pack.

  • Shane Coffey Outdoors

    Great approach guys. I was looking forward to you guys talking about this.

  • Jeffrey Whitaker
    Jeffrey Whitaker Month ago

    Jeeze, ANOTHER battery gen that’s letting ytubers use their product for promotion?? Damn shit gets redundant after a while. Jackery and others. Smh.

  • Matt Kaufman
    Matt Kaufman Month ago

    Do you think this would power a camping griddle?

  • Ten Minute Tokyo 2
    Ten Minute Tokyo 2 Month ago


  • Panic The Scholar Knight.

    After giving a look at the specs, the price is right. I still wouldn't pay it (bragging starts here) because I know how to make it better for cheaper, but as is, plus the cost of engineering, materials, and research. I can most definitely agree the price is great.

  • P RO
    P RO Month ago

    I have a couple Anker products but not this one. Their build quality and functioning is great save for their dashcam. The Roav cam has crappy vid quality and they don't seem interested in doing any better. Otherwise I'd buy any Anker product without worry- generally a good value for top quality gear.

  • Bob McElroy
    Bob McElroy Month ago

    Can it be charged by solar panels, through an inverter? I ask because I have an older unit that can be charged via AC or DC. This appears to be charged by AC only.

  • Mountain Homestead
    Mountain Homestead Month ago

    Can it run a space heater?

    • P RO
      P RO Month ago

      Likely not. Those draw a huge amount of current and aren't suited for non-grid powering.

  • Alaska Dream Life
    Alaska Dream Life Month ago

    😂 Camping has become Glamping 😂.... good review 👍

  • Tire Trax
    Tire Trax Month ago +1

    Luke, I enjoy your agenda free reviews and will continue to view them. I do, however, need to take issue with this product. I am a long time user of Anker products and they are well built, performance oriented, and backed by a company that knows well how to do customer service. I have no reason to believe that this product is any different. My issue is with the price. An Anker product I currently use is the Powercore which contains 20100 mha available for $50 from Amazon (asin B00X5RV14Y). It seems like you could build your own Powerhouse using retail parts for under $200. Surely Anker could do better with wholsale parts. I also have both lights and fans which I power using a Powercore and USB connection. Yeti and others have started this trend with unreasonable pricing and I’m sorry to see Anker also fall into the pit. Keep up the great work Luke. Strength and Honor.

  • Glamping and Glamp cooking Chef

    C Pap for camping ?

    MASTUR BIKER Month ago

    How long does it take to charge from 12v and 110v 0-100% battery?

  • Vigilant Möth
    Vigilant Möth Month ago

    I swear I'm not being a dick here. You said multiple "Inputs". You meant "Outputs"

  • Thomas Mcginnis
    Thomas Mcginnis Month ago

    Power. House. Powerhouse. Power. House

  • Krone64
    Krone64 Month ago +1

    Did my comment get deleted??? As I cannot find it and if it was...why.?

    • Jeffrey Whitaker
      Jeffrey Whitaker 29 days ago

      Krone64 great info to know. I been curious about these things also. 👍🏾

    • Krone64
      Krone64 29 days ago +1

      @Jeffrey Whitaker I use mine almost every week when fishing. So i know it has the power and the longevity as i have owned it now close to 2 years. There newer models are even more powerful capable of charging a lot more. And again are used and abused by anglers every week. I could be away from a power source for 2/3/4/5/7 days the longest my power pack lasted was 9 days. Granted this was only changing a mobile but i dont see many others out there capable of doing the same and weighing only 1.5kg and being able to fit inside a rucksack pocket.

    • Jeffrey Whitaker
      Jeffrey Whitaker Month ago

      Krone64 daaaamn. I guess there’s some fishy shit going on on YT. I’m getting tired of these damn battery gen companies giving their prods as gifts to these ytubers to promote. I’ve already seen the same thing on Bob, Eric’s, and others channels. Smh.

    • Krone64
      Krone64 Month ago +1

      @Jeffrey Whitaker I only mentioned a power pack more powerful, lighter and cheaper then this anker one. One that is tried and tested too not some junk. And then the comment vanished.

    • Jeffrey Whitaker
      Jeffrey Whitaker Month ago

      Krone64 repost it again.

  • Jovahs Angel
    Jovahs Angel Month ago

    Great video!😎👍

  • akbar geberal
    akbar geberal Month ago

    Why wouldnt you get a jump starter that does the same plus has an air compressor?

  • lilricky2515
    lilricky2515 Month ago +3

    Luke, I hate to ask you this question, but here it goes. Was this unit given to you by Anker with talking points to cover on a review? Every other review you have done, you stress on how you don't review for free product or payment. I happen to know that quite a few of these battery banks were sent out to several outdoor TVcliprs with points to cover, and you hit every point on the sheet, down to the "countless protection systems" phrase. I believe its a good product and I believe you believe its a good product, but I think you should let your subscribers know when your given an item for review. If you didn't get this unit from Anker for free, I humbly apologize, but with all the reviews for free stuff happening on TVclip, I just don't want you caught up in that. Peace.

  • Drifus
    Drifus Month ago

    As a winter camper, 14 degrees wouldn't much for me but I could see it for around the house as a backup to things. Thanks Luke and Suzy

  • kayaklife canada
    kayaklife canada Month ago +1

    I wish the outlets had a rubber cover on them...for dust when it gets thrown around in the car

  • Lee MoBai
    Lee MoBai Month ago - sold on Amazon dot ca

  • Tim Grogan
    Tim Grogan Month ago +1

    I'm to figure an anker system that will power the blower on my cpap machine for at least 2 night trips . Any tips would be appreciated.

    • Miguel Valentin
      Miguel Valentin Month ago +2

      Email Anker about your situation and see what they say....they'd be the best resource to provide a solid answer....

  • Kirk W
    Kirk W Month ago

    I think a couple of the downsides for it might be the limited information on the screen and I can't find any mention of it having an MPPT charge controller which will make all the difference if you're charging by solar.

  • Peter Toth
    Peter Toth Month ago

    Depending on the battery and the temperature you can lose as much as 60% of the batteries capacity. For example, a 12Vdc Wet Cell (typical car battery) at -40c will only have a maximum of 40% of it's published current available.

  • Jason Vanstone
    Jason Vanstone Month ago

    This unit, solar charger and a dehumidifier you have fresh water.

  • Rae Golematis
    Rae Golematis Month ago

    Found this for $ 299 over at Amazon. My husband and I put this immediately on our wish list. We have an Anker charger that we take camping and we just love this.

  • StudioBlackwater
    StudioBlackwater Month ago +1

    Compare to Goal Zero

  • Brian Plotts
    Brian Plotts Month ago

    299.99 on Amazon

  • Rudy O
    Rudy O Month ago +2

    Shame it won't charge via solar panels .
    I'd buy 1 !

    • Andrew Holden
      Andrew Holden 24 days ago

      Rudy O You can get solar panels that plug into it that will charge it.

  • Titan inc Survival
    Titan inc Survival Month ago +1

    Hey question for yall. Can this be recharge via normal solar panels or does it have a proprietary solar system like the goal zeros? Its great, until it runs outta juice while your outdoors with no back recharge system

    • Miguel Valentin
      Miguel Valentin Month ago

      If you're worried about losing power with this thing while out in the wild my recommendation would be not to use it for anything until you absolutely need it....all other times use smaller power banks....

  • bcinosanap
    bcinosanap Month ago

    It needs solar charging

  • J Shepard
    J Shepard Month ago +2

    Horrible value. You can get 20,000 mAh capacity on Amazon for $20 or less. 50,000 mAh devices are about $129.

  • starfiremale
    starfiremale Month ago

    Wow it's nearly £520 quid over here,,

  • Ib Erik Söderblom
    Ib Erik Söderblom Month ago

    Thats a lovely block of power !!!

  • Deion Beeldenstormer
    Deion Beeldenstormer Month ago +1

    Excellent review! The only feature Anker should add is a built-in light on top that can be used as a lamp, or SOS/beacon light in emergencies. Cheers

  • Joones Adventures
    Joones Adventures Month ago

    Thanks for the video.
    The power outlet for 110v looks a little unsafe as it is “flush” with the front. It looks as you are possible to get in touch with the metal pin at the power plug while they still is connected to the powerhouse? And nothing to protect the outlet from putting in unwanted object. A children should be able to put in a paper clip into the outlet. It looks as a little unsafe designs for a device with that high voltage. I guess there must be some type protection to protect you from unwanted connections with the 110v parts?

  • Christian Windum
    Christian Windum Month ago

    I have a wide variety of anker products, none of which has ever let me down.

  • Andrew Sheehan
    Andrew Sheehan Month ago

    I love anker. I have a couple battery banks and never had an issue. How long does it take to charge the unit though? Not sure If missed you saying it. I want to get one at some point.

  • Nick Tombs
    Nick Tombs Month ago

    I can see all those ultra light hikers on the AT, CUT and PCT getting one of those to pop in their packs for all their electronics 😂

  • Raymond Eldridge
    Raymond Eldridge Month ago +2

    Sounds like a commercial

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    Can’t believe some dorks Sorry Morons have given 8👎🏻 as at now.
    Great Video
    Tell them to jog on and not 👎🏻
    Strength 💪🏻 and Honour 🙏🏻
    Good Review

  • topher12661
    topher12661 Month ago

    Can you charge it from a solar source?

  • JelloFluoride
    JelloFluoride Month ago

    Troll your neighbors with the Anker Powerhouse 200!

  • Grim Adventures of Bushcraft and Hiking

    Dang sounds like I need to scrape together $300 my battery pack will charge 5 times from 0-100% for my phone which is what I use currently for my videos.

  • timothy chack
    timothy chack Month ago

    Awesome product.. wish I could afford one... great review...