Best-Kept Secrets Airlines Don’t Want You To Know

  • Published on Feb 5, 2017
  • When flying with airlines, in the air on an airplane, do you ever contemplate what are the best-kept secrets of airlines? Do you think the airlines that operate our flights are doing their best to look after us? Here are 10 of the best kept secrets that the airlines don’t want you to know.
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Comments • 3 579

  • Memez Unlimited
    Memez Unlimited Day ago

    no one gonna mention the video is 7:47 long

  • R Muyypmuhy
    R Muyypmuhy 3 days ago

    I worry all the time about something that I cannot control because just because their a pilot doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes.

    • gta freak
      gta freak 2 days ago +1

      True but they been doing this there whole life so they help each other out

  • Zahia Arf
    Zahia Arf 3 days ago

    I feel sorry for the poor pets :(

  • TrapJas
    TrapJas 5 days ago

    Look at the thumbnail: sLeEpInG piLoT. If the pilot was sleeping and the plane was just flying, the plane would have nosedived and crashed. News flash, there is a thing call autopilot! Wow! These people read inaccurate things on a website them put it on their channel to get millions of views.

  • Spiyder
    Spiyder 5 days ago

    number 1 the polite is actually doing there job and nothing shady is going on

  • Nate N
    Nate N 7 days ago

    1:49 "Edinberg" ??

  • A bee
    A bee 8 days ago

    The video lasts 7:47. Coincidence? I dont think so.

  • SuperiorBun :v
    SuperiorBun :v 8 days ago

    3:21 You guys think what im thinking?

  • _/PGF\_
    _/PGF\_ 8 days ago

    Most of these are complete bs

  • Grahame Campbell
    Grahame Campbell 8 days ago

    Plane auto lands, then wakes up pilot. Shirley, your kidding?

  • lachlann ross
    lachlann ross 8 days ago


  • Steve
    Steve 8 days ago +1

    Thanks for telling terriosts all their “secrets”

  • imi786s
    imi786s 10 days ago

    This man wants us to do all the wrong things when on a plane...

  • Yeah the Boys
    Yeah the Boys 12 days ago

    Truckers drive 24 hours in stead of 16 trust me my dad Is one if you have a 12 hour one it’s true

  • YoBanana
    YoBanana 12 days ago

    You make flying so much scarier

  • Wilsplayz crazy
    Wilsplayz crazy 13 days ago +1

    ur so wrong we need to turn off our mobile devices too we cannot block the signal between the atc and aircraft

  • Siem Mannink
    Siem Mannink 16 days ago

    I like flying!!

  • eddie alspach
    eddie alspach 17 days ago

    if there are roads i drive there if there are no roads i do not go

  • Chuck Connelly
    Chuck Connelly 17 days ago

    it's not pronounced "Edinberg"

  • ii_aaron
    ii_aaron 19 days ago

    already knew about the sleeping pilot.

  • Asha C.
    Asha C. 20 days ago

    I once came back from Arizona to DFW. And landing in the DFW usually goes pretty smooth. But one pilot literally had us skidding down the runway. Everyone was like “oh my god”. He didn’t tell us we had landed or nothin. On the way out, the lady next to me asked the pilot, “Did we hit a pothole on the way in?” He looked so mad but the flight attendants started laughing. Poor guy😂

  • Stella Storm
    Stella Storm 20 days ago

    I fear flying but I really need to as I just got my passport and 3yrs work visa to Canada from this vendor through watsapp +1 (804) 214-6085

  • Walibi Maniac!
    Walibi Maniac! 21 day ago

    To whoever made this, fuck you.

  • Game Zorb
    Game Zorb 22 days ago

    As a training pilot this is everything wrong with what he said
    1. They ask you to turn your phone off because it can cause interference with radios
    2. They have something called air law it’s something pilots have to obey
    3. If they have to perform an emergency landing the tell people to adopt the brace position
    4. Auto land is not commonly used it is a last resort if the pilot can’t see

  • Nictdp :D
    Nictdp :D 22 days ago +1

    Well these aren’t so secret anymore, eh?

  • ButterNuggetPLAYZ
    ButterNuggetPLAYZ 25 days ago

    I wonder if these sorts of channels know that aviation enthusiasts watch these videos?

  • Jack
    Jack 27 days ago

    4:56 "...Hopefully." What crap remark is that? The OLD COMMUNIST Witch LOST!! GET OVER IT! NO Russian Collusion!! Morons.

  • Daspy Let's Play
    Daspy Let's Play 27 days ago +1

    When you realize the video is 7:47 long

  • Mr. Dj Wolfmann
    Mr. Dj Wolfmann Month ago

    Its. A big. Bs. An. Fake. News.
    Way you. Gonner. . Turn. Off. Your. Device. It. The. Can. Goin. An. Influ. On. The. Plain. S. Eletronic. Device. So lotick. So. Even. The. Child. In. School. Age. Can find. Out. Bot. Not. The. American. The. Came. Wiet. Lots. Myte. Way.

  • Elsa Fever
    Elsa Fever Month ago


  • Lucas Meldrum
    Lucas Meldrum Month ago

    They let you stay on your phone wtf

  • Ruben Preseun
    Ruben Preseun Month ago

    0:23 lol i had that in a flight 1 week ago

  • Eric V
    Eric V Month ago

    stuck on the sideline once at ams, for hours . once the bomb alert (undisclosed in the plane) time was passed, plane was cleared to take off

  • suomen veteraanien kunnioitaja simo häyhä

    Sleeping pilots is actually safe in cokcpit theres 3 pilots 2 flying one sleeping in nap room

  • PenguinAviation !!!


  • GoodbyePanama
    GoodbyePanama Month ago

    Edin burg?

  • Snickered
    Snickered Month ago

    Slight update. On Boeing 737 and 777 model’s, cell phones and wifi etc have been tested and found to interfere with honeywell instruments in the cockpit in flight.

    • Eric V
      Eric V Month ago

      probably because plane systems are not shielded . cost cutting ?

  • Michael Bdog
    Michael Bdog Month ago

    Does female pilots exist?

    TAFA BEATZ Month ago +1

    Fuck you sore loser. U don't know nothing, this was all bullshit. Quick catch, if they are a secret how do you know? People don't be fooled by this loser

  • Lucky Duck In Space

    But when they sleep they turn on auto-pilot!!

  • -Nxhn 5
    -Nxhn 5 Month ago

    Nobody :
    Even nobody :
    A random youtube channel : *_Autopilot is dangerous_*

  • Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner Month ago

    I’m sure someone below me has said this already but the length of this video is 747 lol

  • Ron Bennett
    Ron Bennett Month ago

    Pilots sleep on long flights ? Whew, glad to find that out !! There's the FMC, radar, section control, EFIS alarms, Iron Mike, and a second pilot to keep watch, so I'm glad they sleep.
    I''d much rather have a well rested pilot land the plane at the end of a long flight. I can't see all that much at all here that the airlines would want to keep secret. Just another instance of someone trying to stir up trouble and controversy where there is none. Click bait, click bait. Rolly Polly click bait. Click bait, click bait, shovel it out, yuck.

  • Lorenzo Velasquez
    Lorenzo Velasquez Month ago

    I knew all of those things and I’ve only flown once

  • Proudy
    Proudy Month ago

    2:18 missing file: wings

  • geta grab
    geta grab Month ago

    United is actually *BAD*

  • AustinKissedYa
    AustinKissedYa Month ago +4

    “If u have kids make sure to put yours on first”

    • Memez Unlimited
      Memez Unlimited Day ago

      it really does sound stupid doesn't it

    • Trent Forbes
      Trent Forbes Month ago

      TBHVice If you have a lack of oxygen your can get confused and not know what to do (hypoxia) so you can die while trying to put your kids mask on

  • jodie watson
    jodie watson Month ago +1

    These videos are a load of garbage just to let you know.

  • Calum Casey-McKay
    Calum Casey-McKay Month ago

    If a pet goes into a luggage hole it'll freeze to death.

  • Calum Casey-McKay
    Calum Casey-McKay Month ago

    Have you heard of Duty-Free?

  • Ryder’sReal Gaming

    Number 10 is wrong so is the thumbnail a 747 does not have that big of a hump on the top

    • epic gamer
      epic gamer Month ago

      The 747 8i's hump is nearly half the size of the bottom deck.

  • Milky_bar_manTV
    Milky_bar_manTV Month ago

    Did he just say Edinburg because it's pronounced edinburra

    • Eric V
      Eric V Month ago

      cant blame a foreigner, can you ? :D :D

  • Kallum Bloem
    Kallum Bloem Month ago

    This guy just said Edinberg 💀

  • Aru Bhatnagar
    Aru Bhatnagar Month ago

    People subscribe to my TVclip channel name is aru Bhatnagar

  • Jeff Rey Gubantes
    Jeff Rey Gubantes Month ago +2

    its cool that it show a Boeing 747 in the thumbnail and the ending of this video is 7:47

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    the unlock from the ousde is ture I saw some on who do this.

  • menacingcar 169
    menacingcar 169 Month ago

    Usage of toilet during landing

  • Michael Hadaway
    Michael Hadaway Month ago

    But now we do


  • campzy
    campzy Month ago

    The way he said Edinburgh