• Published on Nov 1, 2018
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    The infamous "Radio Demon" shows up at the Hotel, for what purpose? Wait and see.
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Comments • 19 973

  • Sebastian Flores
    Sebastian Flores 8 minutes ago

    His voice..... Omg..... His voice..... *IS SO AWESOME* I WANT TO SEE THE SHOW I WOULD BUY THE HOODIE OF THE DEMON RADIO!!!!!!

  • hoda ahmad
    hoda ahmad 11 minutes ago

    He looks more like a fox demon than a deer

  • CheshireMar
    CheshireMar 20 minutes ago

    I don’t know why.... but I feel like this radio demon is gonna be my favorite character just cuz he’s terrifyingly weird... and terrifying.

  • Darth Chehiko
    Darth Chehiko 33 minutes ago

    Did anyone else slow down the video when he got spooky to see what the flashes frames were?

  • Checkers The black raven
    Checkers The black raven 34 minutes ago

    I’ve seen this video 100 times and I still can’t get over how Alaster has a good voice and cute style.
    I also really love the movement and the mouth moving.

  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 44 minutes ago

    I already love the Radio Demon

  • Art Studio of Awesomeness

    This is giving me svtfoe vibes and I love it!

  • Selim Tuncel
    Selim Tuncel Hour ago

    I like the taco girl.

  • Milin Martinez
    Milin Martinez 2 hours ago

    Something tells me I’m gonna enjoy watching from this amazing TVclip channel for now on in fact I thought I was watching a movie instead of a video

    At this rate.....

    You’ll be famous in no time

  • Sunnyside 03
    Sunnyside 03 2 hours ago


  • Whale Cat
    Whale Cat 3 hours ago +1


  • Greybells
    Greybells 3 hours ago

    *i love him*

  • jen cat
    jen cat 3 hours ago

    Shouldn't you show it all to us when it comes out? you are just showing all of it to us.

  • Loquita 780
    Loquita 780 3 hours ago

    Oooooooh cabron hijo de perra very bad Spanish words I love to say

    Perra: bich
    Cabron:asshole or dumbass

  • Shors
    Shors 3 hours ago

    That spider pop-in improved my life by a multiplier of 10 trillion.

  • 身體哦了波霸拔乳牙


  • Zach M.
    Zach M. 4 hours ago +1


  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 4 hours ago

    Disney: 😮😯😦😧👌

  • Unnamed Visitor
    Unnamed Visitor 4 hours ago

    For anyone curious what Vaggie said, she called him a SOB

  • Madison Carmichael
    Madison Carmichael 4 hours ago

    Omg his voice is so soothing!!! I love it!

  • Unnamed Visitor
    Unnamed Visitor 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but Charlie can be almost considered violently lesbian.

  • Nevaeh Williams
    Nevaeh Williams 5 hours ago

    hA shitlord lmao

  • Asylum
    Asylum 5 hours ago

    Um why does his voice go normal when he says dear?

  • Brenna C.
    Brenna C. 5 hours ago


    (night vale ref sorry)

  • MandyGirlArt
    MandyGirlArt 5 hours ago


  • The Carnival's Shadow
    The Carnival's Shadow 5 hours ago

    this caught my attention and I seem to have been dragged into this Hell I can't wait till 2019 love it already.

  • Oreon Is Pink
    Oreon Is Pink 6 hours ago

    Ok we got Angel Dust, Alastor...

  • Yulii Rs
    Yulii Rs 6 hours ago


  • Abby Terry
    Abby Terry 6 hours ago

    He soumds like the one he dose ft foxy voice in ucn

  • Auquilon AJ
    Auquilon AJ 6 hours ago


  • DToftheDarkThief
    DToftheDarkThief 7 hours ago

    i kinda like how crazy the radio demon is

  • Lucas Granville
    Lucas Granville 7 hours ago

    I love this one

  • Dark Scholar
    Dark Scholar 7 hours ago

    That radio demon has quickly become my favorite character.

  • Matilda Bean
    Matilda Bean 7 hours ago

    Holy SHIT his VOICE!!! It's amazing!! His entire character is just perfect and unique!!! I love him already

  • I AnimateBadly
    I AnimateBadly 7 hours ago

    ???: WAAAAAAAAAAAA ;-; ;-; ;-;
    Vivziepop: Who's that?
    Disney and Pixar: HOW WHY WAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Me: Do you need some salt with your Disney or no?

  • Amy
    Amy 7 hours ago

    Why I have a crush on him

  • Madelynn Clements
    Madelynn Clements 8 hours ago


  • Alexa_Shipper Lu
    Alexa_Shipper Lu 8 hours ago

    I think the radio demon is... Cute?

    Idk why ;-;

  • dani2077 mimiluzt
    dani2077 mimiluzt 8 hours ago +1

    1:05 I love this part is very cool 😃😄😍

  • Lightning Torch
    Lightning Torch 8 hours ago +1

    I want more of that voice. Now please!

  • Hello There
    Hello There 9 hours ago

    Is it wrong to say I want a game to be made off this series

  • frisk the wolf
    frisk the wolf 9 hours ago

    I love hes voice

  • KAHN571
    KAHN571 9 hours ago

    I wanna see more of the radio demon and Angel Dust Hazbin Hotel is gonna be soooo good when it’s episodic I can’t wait

  • Lightning Runner
    Lightning Runner 9 hours ago

    Alastor is officially my new favorite character in the world, his way to talk, his moves, it's just creepy, funny, and i like it XD

  • Voodoo Entertainment
    Voodoo Entertainment 9 hours ago

    Vivzie how do i audition to be a voice actor?

  • Makise 004
    Makise 004 9 hours ago


  • Hannah Kim
    Hannah Kim 10 hours ago

    1:11 if you look at the top you can see baby Charlie

  • Gianna Galdi
    Gianna Galdi 11 hours ago

    can you fall in love with a smile...?

  • OtakuPislik 666
    OtakuPislik 666 11 hours ago

    look like it's my favorite character

  • Muzy Li
    Muzy Li 11 hours ago

    Чуваки поставте много лайков чтоб амерекосы думали что я че то умное написал

  • alpha reaperion
    alpha reaperion 12 hours ago

    what manner of eldritch creature is the radio demon

  • mikashou Flowers
    mikashou Flowers 12 hours ago

    “Talk show shit lord”

  • Levi Thomas
    Levi Thomas 12 hours ago

    I guess video didn't kill the radio star

  • Александра Баскакова

    oh? Charlie's mom and dad on the wall at 0:25?

  • Vada Stewart
    Vada Stewart 12 hours ago

    My cosplay for this radio demon is going to be amazing...MOM!
    Mom: WHAT?!
    Can you help with a cosplay?
    Mom: Ask your dad!
    Dad: WHAT?!
    Can you help me with a cosplay?
    Dad: For what?
    Hazbin Hotel!
    Dad: Which character? It's not the spider, is it?
    No, it's the radio demon!
    Dad: Okay, let me see.
    *shows picture*
    Dad:...Let's do this...
    (My parents are awesome, XD)

  • eric reynolds
    eric reynolds 12 hours ago

    If a demon dies in hell wouldn't they just respawn back later in a random place in hell?

  • Zoe Applebee
    Zoe Applebee 12 hours ago

    ....Alastor and Angel are my favs....and the show isn't even out yet XD

  • rydan draco
    rydan draco 12 hours ago

    Im so totally looking foward to this show

  • Mary Michael
    Mary Michael 13 hours ago

    I can’t get over Alastor’s voice! I’ve been replaying this about 5 times now someone help XD

    But really though I’m so excited for the final project, Best of luck to you and your crew! ^^

  • So Breezy
    So Breezy 13 hours ago

    I love him o -o

  • Gengar
    Gengar 13 hours ago

    Radio demon is actually Tord in hell.

  • Zellrang aka Shinrei (ZaS)

    This really does looks good

  • rainbow0f faces
    rainbow0f faces 14 hours ago

    0:54 Vaggie protecting her gf's dreams and hopes

  • Gege Dabliupe
    Gege Dabliupe 14 hours ago

    0:58... Well he surelly knows who's the boss around.

  • SparkStarzYo _ Idiot
    SparkStarzYo _ Idiot 15 hours ago

    I love that artstyle so much ❤️

  • Alexander Grim
    Alexander Grim 15 hours ago

    He what would happen if bill cipher was a gremlin and you feed him after midnight

  • WhiteDevilGaming-LvL.666

    Hel *slams*
    *Opens* Lo!!! *Slams*
    Alastor: Well, that was rude.

  • Self Sword
    Self Sword 19 hours ago

    My new favorite character

  • Reshawn Drezen Barriga
    Reshawn Drezen Barriga 20 hours ago

    Is Charlie the princess of hell and what happened to her parents

  • That Nerd Sam
    That Nerd Sam 21 hour ago


  • Lyaksandra B
    Lyaksandra B 21 hour ago

    Oh, it's that fucker who thinks child rape is a political matter or opinion. There's only one reason for such atrocious "thinking": you want to fuck kids.
    Nice animations by the way, too bad you abide and desire molesting and having sex with those who are defenseless.

  • Seyer Seyer
    Seyer Seyer 22 hours ago

    1:00 thank me later

  • C C
    C C 22 hours ago

    I love this and I was also entertained by the crash of 1929. I think we all have a radio demon side something :D :3 keep doing the amazing work u do.

  • tingchen97
    tingchen97 22 hours ago

    Is it just me or did his hand glow while he went for the handshake?? omg contract much?!

  • Paige Pulliam
    Paige Pulliam 23 hours ago

    I'm in love with this character but I got to ask was it intentional to have a upside down cross on his chest?

  • Incure
    Incure 23 hours ago +1

    Can i keep him?

  • Snazzy
    Snazzy 23 hours ago

    I admire all of the artists that work on this. This is a fantastic piece of art and I can't wait to see more.

  • Galaxion Art
    Galaxion Art Day ago +1

    Just googled why in 1929 there were so many orphans. Answer: Child trains and child slavery. Yep Alastor is trouble.

    • razorburn645
      razorburn645 15 hours ago

      Wouldn't it be a reference to the suicides of great depression?

  • NinjaPuppy
    NinjaPuppy Day ago +3

    This was just a random video I found and idk what's going on, but I love this guy already

  • the legend 27
    the legend 27 Day ago

    Holy goddamn i want to know how to animate like you.

  • Alitrin
    Alitrin Day ago

    Did I miss the pilot episode somewhere?? xD
    I honestly love him though

  • blobin456 drawz
    blobin456 drawz Day ago

    Baggie (dont know if that's how it's spelled, I'm going off of TVclip auto captions) kinda reminds me of lilah from the book series "rot and ruin"

  • Erick The drepy Ender Creeper

    I love the radio demon

  • Robocrak Tu Amigo fiel

    0:53 cabron hijo de perra?

  • leo caballero
    leo caballero Day ago

    If so where can I watch it mat

  • leo caballero
    leo caballero Day ago

    Is this even a show?

  • Alexander Grim
    Alexander Grim Day ago

    I love his face when she was talking

  • Judy Hopps
    Judy Hopps Day ago +1

    Anyone put it at 0.25 speed and stop it around 1.08 for that flicker? Allistor looks terrifying.

  • Alexander Grim
    Alexander Grim Day ago

    Now things get interesting

  • Vultir
    Vultir Day ago


  • Pink Posey
    Pink Posey Day ago +1

    Alastor was my favorite character ever!😆😆😆😆😆😆😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • InkWolfOnline
    InkWolfOnline Day ago

    Let me say this. He is one of the greatest creations of VivziePop kind.

  • Pink Posey
    Pink Posey Day ago +1

    He reminds me of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler!😄😄😄

  • ShadowRose 888
    ShadowRose 888 Day ago

    Is this like a series of videos of the demons that we will be getting to know throughout the show

  • Dr. Virow
    Dr. Virow Day ago

    Idk why but I really like the radio demon

  • Denise Vitoria
    Denise Vitoria Day ago

    1:07 When I break something and my mother sees

  • Writermist
    Writermist Day ago +1

    There's so much in the background. I kept pausing for all the photos. You see Charlie's prom picture, her family, dinner parties, Lilith,etc. It's great. plus there are apple icons everywhere because of the Adam and Eve story. Great job on the little details guys. I have to admit...I'm very tempted to cosplay as Alastor. :D

  • Oliver Spencer
    Oliver Spencer Day ago

    What does Vaggie say under her breath at 0:52?

  • Seige Drakonera
    Seige Drakonera Day ago

    I cant wait to see more! This is so amazing, the character designs are top notch and so intriguing. And the radio demon is probably my favorite character yet, making his voice sound like an old time radio channel is a real nice touch. Im hooked, Im pretty much at the "shut up and take my money" level devotion now.

  • Robens Monteau
    Robens Monteau Day ago

    Wait if they have a demon that scares the daughter of Satan herself working them............
    ...................actually, Ima stop trying to predict the plot...