Oeufs En Cocotte With Jacques Pepin

  • Published on Sep 3, 2015
  • In this exclusive video, chef Jacques Pépin teaches chef Gabrielle Hamilton how to make the classic French dish, oeufs en cocotte. Here, they prepare it two ways: one with mushroom, shallot and white wine and the other with dill and butter.
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Comments • 67

  • Cindy D.
    Cindy D. 5 days ago

    Yum that oeuf en cocotte looks good.

  • Alexandre T
    Alexandre T 2 months ago

    Why isn't she more enthusiastic instead of making a long face?

  • D
    D 3 months ago

    i make these all the time but put a paper towel in the pan under the ramekin so the vibration won't drive you crazy

  • Bruno Tulliani
    Bruno Tulliani 5 months ago

    What an amazing chef! He taught me to always improve on your technique.

  • JoJo Mama
    JoJo Mama 6 months ago

    What's wrong with that woman?

  • TheRealGrandadNo1
    TheRealGrandadNo1 6 months ago

    He's great, she looks as dumb as she looks!

  • henribg1
    henribg1 6 months ago

    Great Chef!!

  • Dingfelder Smurfalot
    Dingfelder Smurfalot 8 months ago

    My man-crush on Pepin continues uninterrupted.

  • cs512tr
    cs512tr 8 months ago

    i just want to point out, how awesome the lady is here compared to a tv host, here, she listens and appreciates his teachings.

  • John Johns
    John Johns 8 months ago

    Jacques is the Man!

  • Mohsen Naini
    Mohsen Naini 9 months ago +2

    The advice at the end... Thanks JP.

  • HooperWest
    HooperWest 10 months ago

    M. Pepin is the MASTER, Skilled and Gracious, some other Celebrity Chefs should take note.

  • xcalabur18
    xcalabur18 11 months ago +2

    1:50-2:19 is why Jacques is the absolute greatest. He's not a snob or a narcissist. He just wants people to enjoy cooking and acknowledges that even the amateur can learn to be a great cook.

  • Elric De Melniboné

    Pure French genius in action. You're lucky you Americans have been able to see him at work as regularly on TV.

  • Marc Wilson
    Marc Wilson Year ago +6

    I found chef Gabrielle Hamilton's behavior to be so respectful. I've seen too many cooking shows with the host talking over Pepin and it's such a bother. This however, was a great watch.

  • Deckie Deckie
    Deckie Deckie Year ago +2

    Like'm a bit more done myself...

  • Daniel Billingsley
    Daniel Billingsley Year ago +3

    He is just the loveliest man.

  • Can Erkin S.
    Can Erkin S. Year ago +2

    0:56 about to puke haha

  • juan de la cruz
    juan de la cruz Year ago +4

    damn all these chefs today trying to make cooking shows complicated. pepin is keeping it real.

  • ssvoreful
    ssvoreful Year ago +1

    Everybody watching this in Czech and Slovak. EGG KOKOT!

  • Gillenz Fluff
    Gillenz Fluff 2 years ago +2

    Poached egg is that it!

    • WiseGuy
      WiseGuy 6 months ago

      Nonsense. Poaching eggs means to cook them freely floating in hot water. Poached eggs have a completely different taste.

  • Andrew Seiler
    Andrew Seiler 2 years ago +4

    such a legend. makes it all look too easy.

  • Adam Churvis
    Adam Churvis 2 years ago +13

    If you're looking forward to making Oeufs En Cocotte, heed my advice: place a kitchen towel on your counter, center the lid on it, and then fold up the corners over the top and toward the handle. This will prevent condensation from dripping into the ramekins and ruining the dish. Also, you may want to consider simmering a little double cream with a touch of Vegeta (a very popular Croatian vegetable powder you can buy on Amazon) and paprika and then spooning a layer over the eggs before steaming them. I also steam mine a bit longer for a barely set white and a thickened yolk. Delicious with smoked bacon and baguette. I cannot recommend these highly enough.

    • Like A Sambu D
      Like A Sambu D 6 months ago +1

      Adam Churvis loved the dragon ball z pun

  • the Voice in your head
    the Voice in your head 2 years ago +1

    Healthy and delicious! Can't wait to try!

  • Ardent Dfender
    Ardent Dfender 2 years ago +5

    I wish when I was a young man, that I could of learned all my cooking skills from him or someone like him. Jacques Pipin is not only a Culinary Legend and Master, he's also a damn good teacher as well.

  • Nicholas Rappa
    Nicholas Rappa 2 years ago +1

    I love how giddy she gets when she cooks with him

  • Qlicky
    Qlicky 2 years ago +1

    Oh, how I love this man!

  • OSI
    OSI 2 years ago +1

    On est très fière de notre Jacques national!

  • kcin228
    kcin228 2 years ago +3

    No salt or pepper on the egg?

    • Kevin Hagler
      Kevin Hagler 2 years ago +2

      You only have seasoned eggs at McDonalds?

    • Tight Pants
      Tight Pants 2 years ago +1

      kcin228 go to Mc Donald's, they have that for you

  • R L
    R L 2 years ago +12

    Merci, Monsieur Pépin!

  • thedr00
    thedr00 2 years ago +13

    That voice, he should read audiobooks!

  • joe whoever
    joe whoever 2 years ago +2

    thats raw ,,sorry

  • nick jaslo
    nick jaslo 2 years ago +1

    the French Jon Voight

  • T Barakat
    T Barakat 3 years ago +10

    I love chef Pepin cooking

  • TheAppleFanBoy123
    TheAppleFanBoy123 3 years ago +1

    What is the 4th ingredient in the first oeuf en cocotte at 0:18 ? It sounds like "maderized good" but that doesn't make sense. Thanks for the help!

  • Hedisaurus
    Hedisaurus 3 years ago +3

    Him and Julia Child are an amazing duo of cooks!!

  • TheNunakun
    TheNunakun 3 years ago +38

    Chef Pepin is a warm inspiration. Absolutely great, yet humble.

  • Deplorable Snowcloud
    Deplorable Snowcloud 3 years ago +96

    I could watch Jacques cook all day long.

  • Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ 3 years ago +46

    Chef Pepin, the greatest ever.

  • A
    A 3 years ago +21


  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 years ago +1

    c'est magnifique.

  • annarboriter
    annarboriter 3 years ago +28

    It's great that Hamilton manages to remain silent as much as she did.

  • Efrain Flores
    Efrain Flores 3 years ago +2

    Don't mess with Jacque...Damn it! (24hr. Reference)

  • Rosy Villa
    Rosy Villa 4 years ago +10

    Rock Star of cooking! Always breaks down everything! Love it!

  • Lou Alcaraz
    Lou Alcaraz 4 years ago +7

    I had never heard of Gabrielle Hamilton until I watched the mind of a chef. She is nothing short of amazing. A remarkable person.

    • Josh Maher
      Josh Maher 3 years ago +2

      +Lou Alcaraz Read her book! I just finished it, and loved every part of it. Blood Bones and Butter

  • lamere2k
    lamere2k 4 years ago +21

    He is nothing short of wonderful !

  • Victoria Coura
    Victoria Coura 4 years ago +1

    loved it! i personally don't eat the yolks, but this dish made me open up a little exception

    • Toya Jackson
      Toya Jackson 6 months ago

      The yoke is were most of the nutrition is and the anti-inflammatory part of the egg.

  • ChicagoTurtle1
    ChicagoTurtle1 4 years ago

    Yay Jacques!!

  • stndrds79
    stndrds79 4 years ago +2

    His yolk was a bit cooked too much and was not as runny as I know he likes it to be

    • Tight Pants
      Tight Pants 2 years ago

      stndrds79 go to Mc Donald's, that's your thinking style

  • Debra's Art & Music Videos

    I am so going to make this. Have to love both of them.

  • chillaxation
    chillaxation 4 years ago +3

    I wish Jacques Pepin is my uncle, and we'll cook together on family gatherings.

  • robin o rhys rhys
    robin o rhys rhys 4 years ago

    He is good. Pepin

  • comtraya101
    comtraya101 4 years ago +7

    pepin is the man! loved watching him every sunday morning

    • comtraya101
      comtraya101 4 years ago +1

      +stndrds79 Actually, Saturday mornings, PBS always has cooking shows, including Pepin's "Heart and Soul". His old series is "Fast Food my way" and that can be found on youtube.

    • stndrds79
      stndrds79 4 years ago +1

      Sunday morning on what show ?? What channel

  • Mister006
    Mister006 4 years ago +11

    I LOVE Jacques!!! He's so COOL! :-) Righteous! Keep improving, make it YOURS! :-)

  • Camila Ribeiro
    Camila Ribeiro 4 years ago +5

    Loved this! Simple yet sophisticated!