10 Coca-Cola Life Hacks That Will Make You Buy More

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Here's a list of 10 Coca-Cola Life Hacks That Will Make You Buy More. Coke has always been America's favorite soda, these are 10 things you never knew you could do with Coca-Cola products.
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    The 132-year old Coca Cola is undoubtedly the world’s favorite soda. Besides being a party staple, movie-time treat, and a delicious summer thirst quencher, Coca Cola has many alternative uses. Check out our ultimate list of 10 Coca Cola life hacks that will make you buy more.
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    0:21 Use as a fertilizer, composting agent or pesticide in the garden
    1:47 Your trusty new rust remover!
    3:23 An effective bug, bee or jellyfish sting pain reliever
    4:23 Coca Cola - the odor neutralizer!
    5:50 Give a vintage look to your photos and documents
    6:55 Use it as a multi-purpose cleaner
    8:41 Use Coca Cola as a yummy meat marinade
    9:48 Coca Cola deep-fried funnel cake
    11:43 Coca Cola chicken wings
    13:15 Make a lip-smacking BBQ sauce
    - One of the most uncommon uses of Coca Cola is in the garden. It is a very useful fertilizer for many different varieties of trees and flowering plants. The sugars in Coca Cola break down when added to the soil and promote the growth of microorganisms.
    - Coca Cola is not just a tasty drink, a yummy cooking ingredient, an effective gardening aid, and a multi-purpose cleaner; it has many other wonderful uses that most people are completely unaware of.
    - This may sound very improbable to most people, but some of the ingredients in Coca Cola are very helpful in relieving the pain of various types of insect stings. A bug bite or a wasp sting is indeed very painful and while you may not have instant access to an anti-sting lotion, it would be quite easy to get hold of a bottle or can of Coca Cola.
    - While Coca Cola is a very handy cleaning agent, its corresponding odor killing abilities cannot be ignored. Once again, the unique concoction of ingredients in Coca Cola gives it the ability to kill strong smells and odors from clothes, hair, and bodies.
    - Vintage photographs and documents have become trendy home décor items in recent times. A collage of such vintage photographs lends a unique charm to any home, office or work desk. But not everyone is lucky enough to inherit old photographs of their family or friends that they can display in their homes.
    - While drinking Coca Cola straight out of the can or the bottle, or eating dishes made from it are the most obvious things to do with this flavorful soda, there are plenty of other uses for this versatile drink.
    - Coca Cola is a very versatile cooking ingredient, especially in meat preparations. It makes for an excellent beef, chicken or pork marinade. The combination of sugars and citric acid in Coca Cola imparts a sweet, rich, lustrous and slightly tangy flavor to the meat.
    - You may think that using Coca Cola in recipes is an unusual way of consuming it. But believe it or not, Coca Cola has been used in various culinary preparations for a long time. In fairs, markets, carnivals, bazaars and festivals across North America, Coca Cola has featured in creative dishes.
    - Chicken wings are the ultimate game night crowd pleasers, bar favorites and kid-friendly appetizers. Everyone loves a good plate of deep-fried, sticky and sauce-covered chicken wings.
    - One of the most popular dipping sauces in the world is a good quality barbecue sauce. There’s something irresistible about that sweet, spicy and sticky barbecue sauce that just makes you go on reaching out for more!
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  • Robbie Brewer
    Robbie Brewer 24 days ago

    Anything Dr. Pepper related

  • david Hansen
    david Hansen 29 days ago

    i dont belive any one of thoes hacks

  • richard head
    richard head Month ago

    If you pour coke into someone's eye, they leave you alone

  • Yoav Shuall
    Yoav Shuall Month ago

    Is this just a Long ad

  • Bud Lorry
    Bud Lorry Month ago

    I mix my Coke with Bacardi

  • Haru Takami
    Haru Takami Month ago

    Sweet Baby Ray's actually made a "Cola-Q" sauce for a while that was a cola bbq. Sadly it's been discontinued.

  • james fry
    james fry Month ago

    the more i learn about cola the less i ever want to drink the stuff

  • Paul Wayne
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  •  Month ago

    I like pepsi more

  • EmojiCat Gacha ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I love Coca Cola 🥤

  • Kai NINJAGO 2019
    Kai NINJAGO 2019 Month ago +1

    i love pepsi than coca cola

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    KDPCuber Month ago

    No confío en esta mierda con coca.

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  • Kimi chan
    Kimi chan Month ago

    Coke is the best.

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson Month ago

    KFC in Australia did a limited-time promo of Cola BBQ Wicked Wings and they were amazing (I wish they would bring it back).

  • WhatRbooks
    WhatRbooks Month ago

    I hear Coca-Cola washes away all my fat too!! :>

  • Artesion
    Artesion Month ago

    "Who uses *COCA COLA* as a life hack?"
    Me: Uhhh... BabbleTop and 5-Minutes Cr...
    *SHUT... IT...*

  • Ridley Rage
    Ridley Rage Month ago

    Im kind of amazed. I might just get a can or a bottle for cleaning purposes!

  •  Month ago

    I'm more of a Sprite guy, so these cool hacks are really awesome. I love to use it on the corrosion that forms around my car battery clamps. 💯

  • Yousef Dwaba
    Yousef Dwaba Month ago

    And other thing What is the spices are you talking about

  • Yousef Dwaba
    Yousef Dwaba Month ago +1

    Mom: why there is 5 big bottles of Coca-Cola in the fridge
    Me: for cleaning the house .
    To be continued…

  • Yousef Dwaba
    Yousef Dwaba Month ago

    Put I drink Pepsi why I watch this

    Plz I don’t want comment wars

  • Øtaku šeñpâi
    Øtaku šeñpâi Month ago

    Soooooo can i still drink it?

  • Neeko Slay
    Neeko Slay Month ago

    Eh I Like Sprite More!

  • Number Two
    Number Two Month ago +4

    BabbleTop: Coca Cola is great for...
    Me: I just drink it...

  • Frank Drebbin
    Frank Drebbin Month ago

    *BULL FLOOKY!!!*
    *Gardening:* Most of the effects mentioned rely on the sugar in Coke. Wouldn't it be less expensive to buy a sack of sugar instead? And if these effects are so great, why don't any garden experts mention using sugar around the garden?
    *Rust, etc:* Where did you get these ideas? If there were enough Phosphoric Acid in soda to dissolve rust it would be very bad for your stomach and bones. Combined with Carbonic Acid from the carbonation, Coke has a pH of 2.52, fairly strong, and enough to loosen light rust. But compared to products that are meant to remove rust? Pretty weak.

    • Number Two
      Number Two Month ago

      Mud is actually good for removing rust. It's a lot cheaper than Coca Cola as well.

  • Freestyle Gaming!
    Freestyle Gaming! Month ago

    That means coke is bad for us

    • Number Two
      Number Two Month ago

      It's definitely not a healthy beverage.

  • Freestyle Gaming!
    Freestyle Gaming! Month ago +1

    This makes you think if coke can clean everything

  • Infinite Guitars or gaming

    Who is drinking coke while whaching?

  • anybug
    anybug Month ago

    you can also drink it

  • Mr HBKPCNBob
    Mr HBKPCNBob Month ago +12

    Anything that can remove rust or be used as a cleaner shouldn't be safe to pour down your throat.

    • Margo Johnson
      Margo Johnson Month ago

      We consume vinegar, water, and lemon juice...

    • Jada Brown
      Jada Brown Month ago

      💯💯💯 so TRUE!!!!

    I-YELL- A-LOT Month ago


  • Lindsay Jackson
    Lindsay Jackson Month ago +1

    What doesn't it do???? And they said to use cola in your cooking recipes like 5 times in this video, which i already knew in the first place. I found soda particularly useful when I wanted to prank someone I didn't really care for. I poured a 2 liter all over his precious car one night, and the next day it was covered with a nice thick layer of stickyness. So I also have many uses for it, but I prefer root beer myself

  • tyree Jackson
    tyree Jackson Month ago

    that i dont use coca cola is bad use for another then drink like as chemical nah i cant mess with it

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

    My Costco only had Pepsi.......

  • Baritone Saxophone
    Baritone Saxophone Month ago

    What about diet Coke?

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  • rania sawan
    rania sawan Month ago

    A bit of the world 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Monty Python the Flying Circus

    Nope non of this crap wanted me to by more crappy full sugar soft drink

  •  Month ago

    Pepsi is better

  • Freedom2Fight
    Freedom2Fight Month ago +5

    Pesticide? Wouldn't it attract more pests?

  • Joseph glendinning
    Joseph glendinning Month ago

    Coca Cola not just a drink lol

  • Kisa
    Kisa Month ago +6

    After watching this, I'm wondering how safe it is for us to drink

    • Mike Browning
      Mike Browning Month ago

      Probably because your body evolved to deal with stomach acid.

  • Bret Pardon Judah
    Bret Pardon Judah Month ago +1

    😲If it's breaking down rust imagine what it's doing to your. Insides organs!

    • T.H.
      T.H. Month ago

      Getting all the rust out, duh

    • Bret Pardon Judah
      Bret Pardon Judah Month ago

      fucker who pings however , I'm not drinking it.

    • fucker who pings
      fucker who pings Month ago +1

      Our insides aren't made of the same elements as metal. I understand your point but it's completely wrong.
      Salt doesn't explode in water just because it contain sodium

  • taco cat
    taco cat Month ago

    Isn't this video a reupload
    Love your channel babbletop

    • Breezy
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      I was just thinking that.

  • Lukaaa Smiljkic
    Lukaaa Smiljkic Month ago +1

    I havent drink coke for over 3 year's because it is bad for your levee

  • whats your worth
    whats your worth Month ago +1

    I don dring coka but I damn sure gone use all des idea

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    It's beautiful!!

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    CityinFlames Month ago +12

    Lol multi purpose cleaner
    "Kyle why is your entire apartment... sticky."

  • TheEpicDiamondMiner
    TheEpicDiamondMiner Month ago +3

    4:23 Wait, aren't bees attracted to sweet smelling things? So if you got stung by a bee, won't more bees come cause of the sweet smell of Coca-Cola?

  • Jewelpet Fanatic Aru
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    *patiently waits for the first video on Goutez*

    • BabbleTop
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      Saturday, June 1st, 2019 at 9am Eastern Time

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  • G0ddess Kelly
    G0ddess Kelly Month ago +1

    Watching the video while I have one in my hand lol.
    My friends all tell me I'm a cock addict!

  • G0ddess Kelly
    G0ddess Kelly Month ago +3

    SOOOO glad you re-uploaded this! I was so disappointed when it wasn't watchable the other day 😭.
    Love you, BabbleTop ❤️❤️❤️

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    Hold on hold on hold on. Shouldn't we be more concerned lol

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      It's so great I seen the video 5 times this is the best video I have watched today

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      thank you!!!!!

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    I bet one is using it as a detergent or some sh*t.

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    Soda Vs BabbleTop who Would Win🤔

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    I just got to see the whole video and it was worth the wait! I don't know people could use coca-cola for *a lot* of different things! Good job 👍

  • Lalo Villa
    Lalo Villa Month ago +3

    this is a strange commercial

  • Kim Composerson
    Kim Composerson Month ago +1

    Yeeepp it's better to use that stuff for cleaning rather than drink it. I have to try using it on meat, they say it's really tasty.

  • Ashia Morgan
    Ashia Morgan Month ago +2

    That's some clever tips and tricks to use different things with coke besides drinking it i think i'll try these wonderful tips thanks

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    Uh yeah a brush of coca-cola will stain it ive tried this life-hack before. Anyways nice video

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      Pepsi used to be my favorite soda, but it's too sweet for me now. I love coke!

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