The Game Steph Curry COULDN’T MISS, NBA Record 13 Three Pointers!


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  • PHP
    PHP  Month ago +60

    Another record broken for Steph! Each shot looked impossible but was effortless. Curry the greatest shooter of all time? Thanks for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t!

  • jule montalvo
    jule montalvo Day ago

    Curry is not human

  • Robert Hunter
    Robert Hunter Day ago

    Ray Allen yeah okay Curry better than you at shooting 3-pointers you're just jealous

  • Robert Hunter
    Robert Hunter Day ago

    Ray Allen yeah okay Curry better than you at shooting 3-pointers you're just jealous

  • Robert Hunter
    Robert Hunter Day ago

    yeah Ray Allen yeah okay Ray Allen

  • RPD 6478
    RPD 6478 2 days ago +1

    I love when Warriors fans say that they drafted most of their big important pieces but they didn’t even draft their Finals MVP’s 🤔 Sixers drafted Iguodala and the Thunder (then they were the SuperSonics) drafted Durant

  • ray allen
    ray allen 2 days ago

    Steps just lucky that game

  • KJay
    KJay 3 days ago

    Curry could’ve went off like this damn near every game if KD snake ass ain’t come😒.

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt 3 days ago

    He's a punk, someone needs to rough his ass up in this sissy ass league.

  • GGRC Squad
    GGRC Squad 3 days ago

    Curry missed an and1

  • Justas K.
    Justas K. 3 days ago

    3:54 nice assist by Draymond Green


    Love steph!! As an nba fan i hope to see another player like curry when he's gone or the nba is going to be bored

  • Belen Gonzalez Hesse

    curry enter of zone

  • Maja Mintoft
    Maja Mintoft 5 days ago

    "Never been a shooter like him in the history of the game." A true statement made by one of the commentators. STEPH IS PHENOMENAL and AMAZING!!!! His love of the game, his sheer joy of playing, and his ridiculous 3 Ponters made energizes even more his teammates! In this game, Klay was on fire! KD was just as lethal, and Draymond 's rebounds, passes, defense and screens were second to none in the league! STEPH most likely will be hailed as THE GREATEST SHOOTER OF ALL TIME! The Warriors as the top 3 GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIMES!! Let's enjoy and appreciate the greats while they're still playing in top form and are still in their primes. The Golden State era will not last long, but I hope it lasts for as long as possible--4, maybe 5, more years! :-)

  • Jonas Bueno
    Jonas Bueno 6 days ago

    A fucking god

  • 염스
    염스 6 days ago

    Steph Curry 🏀🏀🏀🏀MVP🏀🏀🏀🏀

  • Nick Blas
    Nick Blas 7 days ago

    Only reason it took him this long to get that record is when he's hitting them like that, the Warriors are up by so much they take him out of the game. Nice job by the Pels keeping it close.

  • Katie French
    Katie French 8 days ago

    Go Stephen Curry

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor 10 days ago

    Curry has figured out the ultra instinct of shooting.

  • Drumaersk piratez
    Drumaersk piratez 12 days ago

    He's the best guard who can make incredible long shot...

  • Akisa Delevu
    Akisa Delevu 13 days ago

    Does curry ever miss

  • Choubano Joseph
    Choubano Joseph 15 days ago

    Did Kobe Bryant did that before somebody answer me

  • Russell Gilbert
    Russell Gilbert 15 days ago

    Folks, that what he DOES!

  • jm cruzada
    jm cruzada 15 days ago

    6:06 wth durant slap curry behind his head hahahah

  • shoushan lam
    shoushan lam 15 days ago

    Unemployment array Soviet sculpture fight mysterious skill compose chaos fat.

  • madzz G
    madzz G 16 days ago +2

    my fav player in the league

  • My Nigga
    My Nigga 16 days ago

    and they still gave the mvp TO THE tallest muther fucker on the court most of the time.. KD what the fuck..

  • Lam P
    Lam P 16 days ago

    He hold the record in 3s made in a regular season and in the NBA finals that niqqa is amazing smfh

  • Darshawn Yazzie
    Darshawn Yazzie 16 days ago


  • juniorlopez510
    juniorlopez510 16 days ago +1


  • Sandra Contreras
    Sandra Contreras 17 days ago

    Best basketball player to ever live, hands down

  • sosaboy sosa
    sosaboy sosa 17 days ago +1

    Steph Curry is the greatest 3 point shooter of all time! He has change the game & it will never be the same!...

  • Power Respect
    Power Respect 19 days ago

    Legendary shit!

  • Teoman
    Teoman 19 days ago

    fucking hack

  • Courtney Broughton
    Courtney Broughton 19 days ago

    He missed

  • Jeremiah D
    Jeremiah D 20 days ago

    Idk how u compare 90s basketball... was way different than todays...every generation has their greats...i say just enjoy the game

  • Cc Atya
    Cc Atya 21 day ago

    Anyone ever think about who the oracle arena announcer guy that gets to yell “steeeeppphhhhhhhen cuuuurrrryyyyyyyy” after every steph shot. God I want that job

  • akira sendoh
    akira sendoh 21 day ago

    want some

  • BrianSmith1993
    BrianSmith1993 23 days ago

    Greatest shooter EVER, no debating..sorry Ray and Reggie

  • Desadee Allen
    Desadee Allen 23 days ago

    Watching curry shoot is like watching jordan dunk on someone ... curry is that entertaining

    IN MOTION 23 days ago

    Oh my curry!

  • Beddie
    Beddie 24 days ago

    Tears of Joy 😢

  • Samuel Silva
    Samuel Silva 24 days ago +1

    People are so salty. Im not a fan of Steph but without a doubt he is one of the best shooters the nba has ever seen. As I said not a fan of him but respect his talent.

  • Arguing With Stupid People

    Where is LeBron's video of 13 threes?

  • erik anderberg
    erik anderberg 25 days ago

    Bet if RONDO was on that court the Floor General would have tightened up that game not to mention Boogie!!! ;) But great game for Curry.

  • JMB 0305
    JMB 0305 25 days ago

    Top 10-15 players

  • earla 273
    earla 273 26 days ago


  • Brandon T. M
    Brandon T. M 26 days ago

    Best three point shooter ever

  • swingtrade2
    swingtrade2 26 days ago

    Better shooter then Rick Barry?

  • Cgase Zimmermagan
    Cgase Zimmermagan 26 days ago

    Steph can’t miss? Well he missed 4 times dumbass

  • X LAUX
    X LAUX 27 days ago

    10 fps video

  • jerry allover
    jerry allover 27 days ago +3

    I’m a DWade guy but this guy Curry is one of the greatest players ever in the history of the game. Teams fear him

    • pty boxing
      pty boxing 27 days ago +1

      lol. u may be right bro.. dude is sick... Warriors are winning titles as long as that nucleus is intact.. and adding boogie is just not fair..

  • Dan
    Dan 28 days ago

    the only reason curry won't be getting more mvps is cause kd joined gsw or else curry would go down as top 10 all time.

  • Stampy Jrr
    Stampy Jrr 28 days ago +1

    6:41 watch the fat kinda old lady to the right of the ref she’s like slouched down in her chair and as everyone stands and cheers she just follows and says “ow we’re standing now” 😂😂💀💀

  • justinbig10
    justinbig10 29 days ago

    We all hope his ankles will hold up so we can have many more years of entertainment!

  • full arya
    full arya 29 days ago

    amazing steph curry

  • Teaky
    Teaky 29 days ago

    Thumbnail sus af 😭😭😭😭

  • Louie Salvador
    Louie Salvador 29 days ago

    That was the kind of seizure bandwagons had when GSW lost 3-1 back then

  • 廖瑞廷
    廖瑞廷 29 days ago


  • Brian Thiebold
    Brian Thiebold 29 days ago

    It’s so funny when curry barely falls everyone is like OMG OMG OMG GET AN AMBULANCE!!! Basketball is for pussys hockey is a sport for men

  • Jaguar Jooks
    Jaguar Jooks Month ago


  • Tadashi Kodama
    Tadashi Kodama Month ago

    He is the best three point shooter in the NBA history, no doubt.

  • Ecesic
    Ecesic Month ago

    Will yu ever drop a video called the game we’re curry missed everything

  • Isaiah Lopez
    Isaiah Lopez Month ago

    Steff missed a layup

  • Unstoppable Gaming
    Unstoppable Gaming Month ago +1

    First of all I want to see his stats from that game and second we all saw him miss about 3 shots

  • AC Coon
    AC Coon Month ago

    He missed 4 times Andre Roberson shoots better than that (just kidding)

  • Faris Nazhirah
    Faris Nazhirah Month ago

    He missed 4 3's, at least I know he can miss.

  • ikato kiyazaki
    ikato kiyazaki Month ago

    I hate the warriors but he got robbed of finals mvp

  • DONALD1951
    DONALD1951 Month ago

    One of the best ever. Best shooter ever. Would like him if he respected our country and showed respect to his President. Black unemployment lowest ever but he decides to go low.

  • *tσtαllчαвє*
    *tσtαllчαвє* Month ago

    Remember watching this live.. Was goin' wild

  • Muscle Tokki
    Muscle Tokki Month ago +2

    So good to be alive witnessing his greatness.

  • James Mayer
    James Mayer Month ago

    Michael who??? Stephen Curry is the greatest scorer of all time!!!!

  • TiggaGotBARs Walk wimme

    Best player in the world

  • David Echols
    David Echols Month ago

    Steph that guy!!!😁😎

  • Cash Lock
    Cash Lock Month ago

    Curry did miss one

  • Iron wolf
    Iron wolf Month ago

    4:39 anyone else see that coach he started celebrating after he made it but stopped.

  • PrisonCipher
    PrisonCipher Month ago

    Best shooter of all time - Destroyed Ray Allen, Nuff said.
    Best top 10 player of tall time, his handles are better than Kyrie's, and he finishes. Nothing really to discuss.

  • Gerad Vindicating
    Gerad Vindicating Month ago

    A god

  • Gerad Vindicating
    Gerad Vindicating Month ago

    A god

  • Torian Richardson
    Torian Richardson Month ago

    @6:17 that Jerry Curl tho

  • Trickee
    Trickee Month ago

    Guy at 6:44 looking for a double high-five

  • Jalen Roman
    Jalen Roman Month ago +1

    It says in the video that he was 13/17 so u can’t say the game curry couldn’t miss a three 😂

  • GB TheMusicMaster
    GB TheMusicMaster Month ago

    Trae young going to rip Steph curry and his records apart.

    • MisterMehl
      MisterMehl 25 days ago

      no way trae young is trash he hasnt the killer instinct...the only thing he does is shooting from stupid positions...

  • kingslove1
    kingslove1 Month ago

    curry is a bad man. his 3's just kills your spirit

  • Shakira Thompson
    Shakira Thompson Month ago

    1:41 i didn’t know goal was a term used in basketball when they got a point lol

  • Ansh Bhatnagar
    Ansh Bhatnagar Month ago

    People always like to look at the bad things that a player did. Curry did blow a 3-1 lead but he also killed the thunder 3-1 lead

  • Ansh Bhatnagar
    Ansh Bhatnagar Month ago

    People always like to look at the bad things that a player did. Curry did blow a 3-1 lead but he also killed the thunder 3-1 lead

  • 696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge

    did NO just spend 1 to with GS with 0

  • Swaggy P
    Swaggy P Month ago

    Russell Westbrook had 100% percent shooting in a game

  • K Cla
    K Cla Month ago +1

    Curry is a mutation! Its not normal to do what he did! I remember watching Michael Jordan in middle school thinking ... When will I see another Michael. Curry has that same "it factor." He's just special in his own way.

  • Jeffery Riklon
    Jeffery Riklon Month ago

    Wow! #30

  • TheVacinator
    TheVacinator Month ago

    Why did I think this happened like 3-4 years ago

  • Go Redskins
    Go Redskins Month ago

    5:56 he got posses

  • J Alvarez
    J Alvarez Month ago

    Nba logo should be stephen curry. Even if he isn't the best player ever there's no denying that he revolutionized the game

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez Month ago

    I wonder what's Stephen Curry's points in all and I'm pretty sure he could break any record

  • ServinItUp -
    ServinItUp - Month ago

    I'm glad i'm alive today to witness such greatness.

  • Madden Master123
    Madden Master123 Month ago

    Super laggy

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen Month ago

    Lets not ignore that, arguably the best team in history, just aquired Demarcus Cousins...

  • Livingfor J
    Livingfor J Month ago

    What kind of trash thumbnail is that😂😂

  • Cynile
    Cynile Month ago

    I much rather see steph without KD, dude is a leader the warriors are not champions without him. Remove KD steph still got the jewelry.