BIG Planes Taking Off From JFK Airport New York MD-11, A380, A340, B777, A330

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Seen here are big planes taking off from JFK airprt New York. Including the A330 from Tame that will stop services to JFK in a couple of weeks. And seen also are the JAL B77W Sky Eco livery and the wonderfull Hawaiian A330-243 .⇊ For more info & Aircraft shortcuts⇊
    ✈Plane shortcuts✈
    00:00 A340-642___________South African
    01:32 MD-11F_____________FedEx
    02:07 A350-941___________Qatar Airways
    02:59 B777-31B/ER________China Southern
    04:31 A330-243____________Tame
    06:30 A380-861____________Emirates
    07:44 B777-FFT____________Air China Cargo
    08:28 B777-346/ER________JAL (Sky Eco livery)
    10:19 A330-243____________Hawaiian
    Video's taken at: New York JFK (John F. Kennedy)
    Video's taken on: December 2018
    Camera: Sony HX-400V
    Tripod: None Used
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  • Liv & al
    Liv & al Month ago

    Wow those planes I can see sometimes in Philadelphia but not all the time but I never seen them land in Philadelphia or take off in Philadelphia but I never seen those planes in a long time in real life only and videos so those planes are cool

    ART CORE Month ago

    Every since the late 90's, to me 777 is the best looking aircraft. Add to that the sound of GE90's.

  • MrAitraining
    MrAitraining 6 months ago

    That Qatar Airways plane is real cool looking. Beautiful

  • NYC planespotter
    NYC planespotter 8 months ago

    the South African A340 is a sight to behold!

  • tim camer
    tim camer 10 months ago

    This is indeed Laguardia not JFK .

    • tim camer
      tim camer 10 months ago

      Ok ! I was confused because the runway seem very close to Manhattan.

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD  10 months ago

      Euhhh.. No this is JFK int Airport New York, look at the iconic control tower.

  • Ekyasa Mahardika
    Ekyasa Mahardika 10 months ago

    Maybe you could stabilize the video while editing? Anyway it's a great video! Liked.

  • Simon pYUL
    Simon pYUL 11 months ago

    Amazing, beautiful video! 😄👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • jai hind
    jai hind 11 months ago

    Please look for Kenya airways

  • Fénix
    Fénix 11 months ago +2

    This reminds me of a scene from "Home Alone 2", where Kevin asks a customer service agent: "what is the city that is out there?", and the agent responds: "New York, Sir" 😊

    MR. SALVATORE J PLUCHINO 11 months ago


  • *Tonché* *Tonché*
    *Tonché* *Tonché* 11 months ago

    Love love flying....
    I know the people living in those apartments ha e their televisions turned all the way up ✨🤭✨

  • Tony Wong
    Tony Wong 11 months ago

    Most beautiful airbus - A340-600

  • amind yussif
    amind yussif 11 months ago

    Fedex plane is good

  • Micah Watts
    Micah Watts 11 months ago

    Amazing Hawaiian Airbus. Best design

  • Tim
    Tim 11 months ago

    Nice video.

  • ChrisVideo Vlogs
    ChrisVideo Vlogs 11 months ago

    Sub to sub❤️

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  • Rabia Mohammed
    Rabia Mohammed 11 months ago

    I'd love to go to all the destinations. Thanks for sharing. Fantastic video.

  • Hannes P
    Hannes P 11 months ago +3

    FedEx standing by the ‘Express’ in their name

  • toddie4usa1
    toddie4usa1 11 months ago

    That ain't JFK that looks like LGA

    • Marc Eversley
      Marc Eversley 11 months ago

      Yes that is JFK there are no very large planes like that taking off or landing at LGA sorry

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD  11 months ago

      toddie4usa1 What?... This is certainly JFK. Air Serbia doens’t fly to LGA for example.

  • Skippy Junior
    Skippy Junior 11 months ago

    Thank you sir!!! Nice camera, nice camera shooting...and beutiful heavies taking off!

  • C S
    C S 11 months ago

    If you've seen FED EX depart most airports, you wouldn't be surprised. They gain altitude quickly...almost the illusion of vertical on alot of their departures.

  • miromiroza
    miromiroza Year ago

    Very nice video :-) I am your subskriber from slovakia :-)

  • Stanley Lutchman-Balgobin

    777. Beautiful and sleek. Did anyone notice, every shot JetBlu made an appearance.

    • ojosverdesPR
      ojosverdesPR Year ago +1

      Stanley John like the Fiji girl 😂😂😂

  • TR aviation
    TR aviation Year ago

    Awesome video! Was fun!!

  • Agricio Lima
    Agricio Lima Year ago

    sonhei estar em new york quando eu tinha uns 15 anos e so realizei o senho em 2018

    YANKYVICTOR HQ Year ago +1

    Excellent job! Well done...

  • mohamed rafi
    mohamed rafi Year ago +2

    Emirates is the best

  • Gio S6
    Gio S6 Year ago

    I don't know which one is longer, the b777-300 or the a340-600

    • Tony Wong
      Tony Wong 11 months ago +1

      Before the new 747-8 came out 340-600 was the longest commercial aircraft

    • Daniel Novosad
      Daniel Novosad Year ago +1

      Gio S6 A340-600 is about 5 feet longer. 247 to 242

  • Lioness Es
    Lioness Es Year ago +16

    Fed Ex does not mess around. That plane must've been running a little late.

    • Fénix
      Fénix 11 months ago

      Lioness Es Thank you for responding. It occurred to me to write "passengers" as human beings, cargo is things. Obviously pilots are human beings as well, but they can cope with the harsh movements of a take-off like that

    • Lioness Es
      Lioness Es 11 months ago

      @Fénix True but wouldn't heavy cargo weigh as much as a plane filled with passengers if not more so? And it's a nickname but thanks! : )

    • Fénix
      Fénix 11 months ago +1

      Lioness Es I think they can take off that quick because they don't transport passengers. By the way, I don't know if that's your real name, but it is nice

    • B S Lincoln
      B S Lincoln Year ago +1

      Vr in about 20s!

    • Gio S6
      Gio S6 Year ago +1

      Haha chile ok! That MD-11 did not play around getting off the runway!

  • Ramon Martinez
    Ramon Martinez Year ago

    Great worlk like always mate! Congrats!

  • Max Power
    Max Power Year ago +12

    I think the boss called the pilots of that FedEx plane and told them to step on it, you guy’s are running late.

    • Gio S6
      Gio S6 Year ago

      Hell yea hahaha

  • Yen LopAm
    Yen LopAm Year ago

    Which runway was used?

  • rm brooklyn
    rm brooklyn Year ago +1

    Wish you would have included the Norwegian 787 at the end...

  • Victor Ch
    Victor Ch Year ago +3

    Spectacular the TAME plane, the only one with the Ecuadorian flag

  • Anderson Rodriguez

    What a beast of plane that 777 is those engines are powerful af

  • GabRavon
    GabRavon Year ago +6

    The triple 7, what a mighty beats!!!

  • Willis Cunningham
    Willis Cunningham Year ago +30

    Wow!!!... That Fed-Ex MD-11 didn't waste no time rocketing out of JFK✈️

    • Fénix
      Fénix 11 months ago +2

      Willis Cunningham I think they are allowed to take off that quick because they don't transport passengers, or otherwise...

    • C S
      C S 11 months ago +2

      That's pretty standard for FED EX when they depart any airport. Especially early morning IAH. Almost vertical when they leave lol

    • Uraraka Star69
      Uraraka Star69 Year ago +2

      Willis Cunningham, pilot: Quick we gotta get the hell outa jfk, I got a wife to see 😂, I'm surprised they stopped using the md-11 as a commercial airline

  • Thomas brunkle
    Thomas brunkle Year ago +3

    The QATAR one is beautiful

  • mylosairplanefan
    mylosairplanefan Year ago +1

    Mooie video Sander, prachtig met die skyline op de achtergrond!

  • MM Aviation
    MM Aviation Year ago +5

    Nice, the views at NYC are amazing

  • xc5647321 xc5647321

    PilotSanderHD--- you have great stuff!

  • Rob MIAMI
    Rob MIAMI Year ago +6

    Great to see some JFK action.
    Nice perspectives of mid town as well....citicorp and AT&T bldgs!!

  • fei Liu
    fei Liu Year ago

    good video!

  • jorgen1990
    jorgen1990 Year ago +15

    Is it me or that is a sick AOA from the FedEx MD-11?

  • Sam I am
    Sam I am Year ago +1

    A-340 is such a slug..

    • EpicThe112
      EpicThe112 11 months ago

      It is actually and for a 16-hour flight flight New York to Johannesburg and formerly New York to Hong Kong it needs a huge fuel load

  • Aiden Pilot
    Aiden Pilot Year ago +12


  • C 70015
    C 70015 Year ago

    Excellent video mate ;)

  • Jeffrey Werner
    Jeffrey Werner Year ago +1

    @pilotsanderhd, how far away were you while shooting the video, great quality.

    • PilotSanderHD
      PilotSanderHD  Year ago +1

      A long way haha, luckely I have 50x optical zoom :P

  • Jeffrey Werner
    Jeffrey Werner Year ago +25

    That 340-6 is such a massive plane, gorgeous as well.

  • Willamis Bezerra
    Willamis Bezerra Year ago

    Nice Video

  • Todd Dembsky
    Todd Dembsky Year ago +1

    Thank you !!!This is greatly appreciated. ✈✈✈🛫🛫

  • Paris Saint-Germain Arifcan FIFA 16

    Hi what up and I'love you and Nice you vidéo Good job

  • DutchPlaneSpotter
    DutchPlaneSpotter Year ago +3

    nice man!

  • Jean
    Jean Year ago +8

    Amazing, you in New York, beautifull vidéo 👍