Why Bruisers are bot lane

  • Published on Jun 18, 2018
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    Why bot lane is so wacked
    This is the best meta ever
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  • Warrior1405
    Warrior1405 Month ago

    As a Support main, I enjoy being able to play something that doesn't just have to babysit an adc, it's refreshing.

  • fUzE bOmB
    fUzE bOmB Month ago

    Urgot bot:
    Wins at early game
    Loses the whole game later

  • Tan Siong Loong
    Tan Siong Loong 2 months ago

    Riot really made us youtube rewind the entire meta to season 1 bruh XD

  • master 00
    master 00 2 months ago

    yeah didnt last lng lol

  • WildWatarimono
    WildWatarimono 2 months ago

    Wait.....this makes botlane ungankable for roamers like Talon and Quinn, and pretty much any assassin whoes used to farming bot to hit their powerspike. Its fucked the assassin meta cuz now theres no more "squishies". If Darius is bot, and Vlad has mad sustain, making him a bruiser/off-tank, then picking another bruiser top like AD Sion would fuck midlane. Could you imagine an AD Sion and a fed Darius, with hard CC from a Taric support, sustain from a Soraka or general opening/god like peel from a fiddle support, running it down mid? That basically triples the chances of mid getting ganked cuz no jg in their right mid would gank bot now. Maybe top will get picked off like they always do, but bots not a free kill anymore.......shit.....

  • WildWatarimono
    WildWatarimono 2 months ago

    This may be the meta where really old forgotten champions such as kennen, get pulled out of the basket and dusted off, because riot designed these champs for metas like these, where off-meta picks are the best counter to on-meta champions, and its ingenious because they made it so that while they knew these off-meta champs woukd stay off-meta, they woukd be pulled out again when needed. This is probably the most colourful meta weve seen so far, no more of these wet noodle fights or predictable team comps. Cant wait till somthing like this happens mid, when itll be mid soraka, darius or Garen. Fun fact, I played Garen mid and absolutly shit on a Kled. Good times.

  • Rokuns
    Rokuns 3 months ago

    Nerfs the shit out of crit/ad items while massively increasing price - Riot : "Why no one playing ADC no more!? Why Vlad always picked!?" oh you again forgot to balance the heros and a retard can flatten an amazing team due to pick alone!? Sounds like Riot...oh this char is a super powerhouse early, mid, end game as long as you got a pulse you'll carry your team despite feeding = Fair/balanced!"

  • Chingalling
    Chingalling 3 months ago


  • DKmen
    DKmen 4 months ago

    Karthus adc?

  • SteamierSpring
    SteamierSpring 4 months ago

    1:50 is still true like most adcs getting a big powerspike off of stormrazers such as tristana

  • Skizz
    Skizz 5 months ago

    >durrr bruisers bot
    >vlad as thumbnail ??

  • Fry MadBird
    Fry MadBird 5 months ago

    OKay Mr Huap why you know mention poppy on almost 54% winrate?

    • Fry MadBird
      Fry MadBird 5 months ago

      Awesome informative video thank you

  • KaosDragonLOC
    KaosDragonLOC 5 months ago

    Brand is still a great pick for ADC

  • sharpblades
    sharpblades 6 months ago

    3:29 Gromp M.V.P right there

  • Slyderbreak
    Slyderbreak 7 months ago

    rock, paper, scissors meta is bad meta.

  • bbb
    bbb 7 months ago

    Can I take olaf bot? In a lane bully/peel support kind of thing

  • GlowBox
    GlowBox 7 months ago

    I honestly love the shit out the current meta

  • Enex
    Enex 7 months ago

    I feel bad for meta sheep.

  • Matěj Šťastný
    Matěj Šťastný 7 months ago

    I loved my main, adc but now, im gettin' oneshoted from rengar

  • epic gizmo
    epic gizmo 7 months ago

    worst meta for supports

  • Corum
    Corum 7 months ago

    ADC's were frustrating to play against before, it's the reason why QSS didn't stop Zed mark anymore, ADC's were completely broken in the previous season and we all knew it.
    That being said I'm not sure I like the current season, ADC's have an important role in the game, and I feel like if we lose that consistent ranged damage then we lose a lot of scenarios in which you could close a game after a decisive team fight, because no one on your team can push fast enough.

    DADSMONEY 7 months ago

    Can Marksman still be adc? Yes you play kaisa now ap KAPPA

  • Ocarino
    Ocarino 7 months ago

    I love this new meta but i wish i could still play adcs like twitch and vayne :^(
    I like having to play against vlad and darius bot lane it brings variety but that only works because my characters are so bad i am doing better playing aurelion sol ADC instead >.>
    Edit: i forgot to ad that it is really not fun when vlad comes into lane and takes half your hp at level 2 with QE ( 2 spells you can't really avoid outside of being away from vlad or behind minions )

  • Matthew Moran
    Matthew Moran 7 months ago

    Vladimir is an AP bruiser

  • French Bread
    French Bread 7 months ago

    Ap malphite

  • Snipingeagle47
    Snipingeagle47 7 months ago

    I played ADC Ornn with a Tahm Kench support, It is actually the best bot lane of all time.

  • sessy33
    sessy33 7 months ago

    shouldnt MF be in there too? Or am I the only one who doesn't go crit on MF? I go full arm pen and do very well

  • Tias858
    Tias858 8 months ago

    Funny watching this after double lifts recent video about the meta. So much QQ, but change is good

  • the eidriech
    the eidriech 8 months ago

    I think you need to include Jhin in that list of adcs that dont rely on onhit items. Just a RFC item can do a lot of dmg and peel in lane that counters vlad.
    Also vlads main weakness is grevious wounds so it doesnt make him the best bruiser for bot. If 800 gold to buy executioners edge is all it takes to counter him, you know its not good for vlad.

  • Viktor Weinkauf
    Viktor Weinkauf 8 months ago

    This is the worst shit meta I have ever seen. And I´m playing since S3...

  • Ambi
    Ambi 8 months ago

    In bronze adc still wins

  • Sageman101
    Sageman101 8 months ago

    "Mordekaiser has always been not lane." Umm...what?

  • Jason Drake
    Jason Drake 8 months ago

    Tmw when you finally adjust to the support role from toplane and you have to re learn every damn thing again to have fun

    Feels bad bruv

    And what's all these people saying fortnite is heaven compared to league atm, Fortnite rn is more toxic than League has ever been even outside the game

  • Syed Abbas
    Syed Abbas 8 months ago

    adc quinn can be viable

  • krenny
    krenny 8 months ago +1

    Wait so riot nerfed them for game range, so thats why my games are mostly finished in 11 minute in top.

  • Shape Shifter
    Shape Shifter 8 months ago

    Almost every time I pick a non traditional "adc" people assume I'm gonna troll and they start trolling before giving me a chance......

  • Cool 3
    Cool 3 8 months ago +1

    it's great? Imagine playing all your life champions like jynx, cait, Varus, and now you are just getting stomped by some people who only press a button to poke half of your life. It's not the marksmen are not viable anymore, it's that it makes their lifes miserable, falling behind, getting flamed like shit because they die in lane, and all that crap.

  • 220 AkAloop
    220 AkAloop 8 months ago

    mate....... u dont play adc so dont talk in that way..... when you will face a none adc vs a nomral adc it will feel so unfair to play aginst that hes items are much more cheaper he does more dmg then you and he wins you in your own lane yes u can win that lane sometimes but only if u pick none crit adc talking like that tilts the adc players

  • xXM4v3r1ckXx
    xXM4v3r1ckXx 8 months ago

    What do you mean vlad's weak tho

  • Z AoT
    Z AoT 8 months ago

    Is Ziggs bot lane good again? Or did it never stop being good?

  • Ocean's Blue Waves
    Ocean's Blue Waves 8 months ago

    Vlad is a fucking asshole and so is Swain.

  • Will Bryant
    Will Bryant 8 months ago

    league is garbo play dota

  • OmegaExalted
    OmegaExalted 8 months ago

    I don't play as much Marksman as I used to, even before they rolled out the changes, but I just can't see this being a healthy meta. The whole point of "balance" in this game is to give each champion an equal chance of succeeding, therefore giving people a reason to play them. That was the whole point of the reworks--they took champions that nobody played, and changed them to become "viable" (although the Aatrox rework has so far proven to be the reverse of this). The changes to itemization and Marksman damage made it so nobody wants to play Marksman anymore. There's only a handful of Marksman champions left that can be considered "viable", such as Xayah, Kai'sa, or Lucian. Where's the balance supposed to be?
    Riot's going down a dark road. I don't see things improving after this.

  • MarsuveezBlack
    MarsuveezBlack 8 months ago

    Holy crap, I didn't know I wasn't the only one that loved season 3!

  • Moderne 10
    Moderne 10 8 months ago

    then where is full ap yi???

  • Austin Ledbetter
    Austin Ledbetter 8 months ago

    Is vayne no longer used?

  • JNeepshow
    JNeepshow 8 months ago

    how much did riot pay you for this? your hype sounds soooo fake

  • FutureSeeker
    FutureSeeker 8 months ago

    The bot lane meta is so fucked, marksman basically going to be extinct. Riot nerfed the damage of all adc and making items like ie, rapid fire, etc more expensive. And fleet footwork got nerf too, riot pls.

  • Root Poison
    Root Poison 8 months ago

    smd fuck bruisers

  • Demitri Schoenwald
    Demitri Schoenwald 8 months ago

    Take a look at that meta! See that Vladimir? Vladimir just walks through that meta! Vladmir don't care!

  • SuperNova999
    SuperNova999 8 months ago

    What about team fight shreader MF (lithality) is shr viable?
    Edit:is braum still a good support then?

  • Darkshock 42 MLG 0
    Darkshock 42 MLG 0 8 months ago

    You lert out miss fortune. She builds mostly lethality. She doesn't need crit. I only started building it when they added random crits to her q but now i won't.

  • Patrick Burridge
    Patrick Burridge 8 months ago

    o.o so what you're saying is.. I should reinstall?

  • Cuntweiser
    Cuntweiser 8 months ago

    "One of the most creative and entertaining meta's" said Dong, as it was mostly true but not completely, as first there was flex, and then there was funnel :,)

  • Jay Eisenhardt
    Jay Eisenhardt 8 months ago

    Just build thornmail on Ashe.

  • 0 0
    0 0 8 months ago

    I had to fight Jhin as Garen top a while ago, after the 'ADC patch'.
    Game's fucking chaotic. People trying all kinds of weird ass shit.

  • Eloi Sherifi
    Eloi Sherifi 8 months ago

    i hate league now not cuz of the meta... no i actually despised bot lane even before
    its just... when you start playing other games u understand that league is a sh*t fest of a game that seems to have been coded by monkeys
    what... 8years and they still haven figure out how to make a cleaner game...
    literally play any other game to the extend you played league and you will see that it will most likely be better... if its worse than you picked a failed game.
    the thing about league was that you could learn and truly put you skills to test... but now the game has become really a rock paper scissor game... more than it has ever been
    i feel like even pro players could lose to some no name gold players at this point just cuz a champion in straight up better than the other

  • Jonathan Cook
    Jonathan Cook 8 months ago

    Every time you say "Guinsoo's" wrong i cringe. It's not "Gwinsoos"

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown 8 months ago

    Unfortunately they nerfed corki mid, someone who already isn’t the strongest mid laner

  • jone The King
    jone The King 8 months ago

    pffffffffffffff darius crush yauso ?
    your dreaming

  • trademark joe
    trademark joe 8 months ago

    thing is if a team has adc and the other doesn't if it goes to long game team with adc will win most likely

  • Andi Nela
    Andi Nela 8 months ago

    U know what fuck you . It's great ? IT is most awful thing ever . Do u even listen to your self we have 3 viabael adc kaisa ezreal lucian . What about others who are used to vayne . Tell them to go fuck your self that's your logic . Funny to see chaos in the bot lane are u retarded wheres the fun in that part . 0 skills . when it is bruzier vs adc . It's simple match up bruziers push the lane so they don't get destroyed by poke . They keep doing that until 6 . And in on 6 they all in adc . Where's the fun their . What is supposed to do a adc main in that pozition . If u have been noticing Imqtpie Tyler 1 Gosu . They are dropping From challanger to diamond gosu is plat now . They role is practiclly destroyed . For those yolo top lanners who never get touched and wait for their babysiter jungler to give them gank is a fun time . Cuz they can do it in evry lane now

  • Airi Irie
    Airi Irie 8 months ago

    There’s no problem with this new meta is casuals. But in solo queue it’s annoying because if you are playing botlane, you and your support are FORCED into certain picks. Let’s face it, if you want to play draven and your teammate picks a Janna support vs a yasuo and Gragas, its not going to be fun.

  • Bobbit Worm
    Bobbit Worm 8 months ago

    This meta is so fucking good!

  • Shawn Barton
    Shawn Barton 8 months ago

    The reason that this meta is pure trash is because of 20 minute games. The average game time is as low as ever and that makes every strat an early game strat. My complaint about the game is that towers are dying too fast and early. And that Infinity edge is a clunky item that gives 60% or 120% crit.

  • Daniel Ramlochan
    Daniel Ramlochan 8 months ago

    I'm an adc main. Think about us

  • Matts G. Santillan Violetta


  • MrDynasty7
    MrDynasty7 8 months ago

    leagues trying to be like dota 2. it will never be dota 2.

  • Ender _467
    Ender _467 8 months ago

    This is why tyler cries

  • LtLampshade
    LtLampshade 8 months ago

    Because they're Stronger overall.
    I just saved you 10 minutes. You're welcome.

  • rwest1833_MGTOW
    rwest1833_MGTOW 8 months ago

    Guess I'm one of the few who literally just asked Riot to permanently delete my account...game is nothing but troll now....was a good 6 year run!!! Peace!! Time to find a new MOBA

  • Kyoshiro Tasya
    Kyoshiro Tasya 8 months ago

    Didn't Mordekaiser not belong anywhere originally though? He was one of those champions that just tried to fit in any role but was found to be a top laner a bit later on, but before hand, he was almost always taken bot.

  • Mur
    Mur 8 months ago

    back to S1, good days

  • The Phantasma
    The Phantasma 8 months ago

    3 viable crit adcs, "this meta is great" wtf.

  • Shoun Yu
    Shoun Yu 8 months ago

    Underrated youtuber, this guy is a 100x better at coaching/teaching than that joke of a coach LS(Little Shit).

  • Rens Schuurkes
    Rens Schuurkes 8 months ago

    what about lehtality miss fortune? why do people forget she's also hella strong

  • Karuari
    Karuari 8 months ago

    Playing support in this meta is a shitshow. Much preferred the standard marksman botlanes.

  • xSwiftx4
    xSwiftx4 8 months ago

    I smell bullshit to this entire video...

  • cmonn makeittwerk
    cmonn makeittwerk 8 months ago

    Dude this is not a fun patch at all. Iam maining adc for over 4 years maining all of them. Finally got to diamond thanks to my huge winrate with Vayne now she is not viable at all, especally in higher elo.. every single game i go against brand / vegair bot lane and iam preety much useless since i only main adc or supp. I can't fight a midlaner main in my elo as mid champion so adc is my best bet..i feel i throw 4 years out window. Also i was doing preety well got to diamond 3 in no time but then 8.13 arriaved. FU rito.

  • iEch0
    iEch0 8 months ago

    This is enough to make me want to play league against after quitting in early 2017 lmao.

  • bart peters
    bart peters 8 months ago

    what is a bruiser?

  • BulkyNigg
    BulkyNigg 8 months ago


  • Xurreal
    Xurreal 8 months ago

    No more comments?

  • Hubert Kowalewski
    Hubert Kowalewski 8 months ago

    Just pick kennen and get it over with

  • ben yaseen
    ben yaseen 8 months ago

    you happy now people? vlads getting nerfed :/

  • DanSeniorXD
    DanSeniorXD 8 months ago

    Jhin early game is also strong, and it's a equal match against a Draven.

  • TaintedBrownjuice
    TaintedBrownjuice 8 months ago

    The issue is that the bot lane has ALWAYS been a Rock Paper Scissors meta between champions. Cait beats Vayne who beats Lucian who beats Cait. Draven beats Sivir who beats Varus who beats Draven.
    Just NOW, Riot’s changes have taken a chunk of ADC champions out of the game with their changes. That isn’t fun or interesting for an ADC player who doesn’t want to one-trick the same broken champion for the free win. The game is literally made less fun in order to boost certain champions win rates. I genuinely cannot see the fun in a game where you either pick the same champion and have an easy ride or you don’t, and you have lost before it starts. That isn’t a good game. In every other game, that is poor design.

    • Buboy Asilo
      Buboy Asilo 8 months ago

      ardent censer meh-ta 😕 i hate that. i love this meta now. i can do some experimental picks like swain alistar and we're destroying bot lane.

  • Oppai God
    Oppai God 8 months ago

    When adc are so useless the mmeta kicks them out of the game #adclivesmatter

  • 135123
    135123 8 months ago

    Crit ADCs in now just "not that strong", they are completely useless, you pick them, you farm, game ends before you can even try to be useful. Every single game is one-sided stomp without chances. Fuck this game, and everything it stands for. 6 years down the fuckin drain. Maybe its is fun to watch, this clown fiesta, but its certainly, definitely not fun to play.

  • k680B
    k680B 8 months ago

    i just love how people who couldn't outplay adcs in previous meta or never touched botlane overall are saying "new meta is great"
    no, it isn't, it absolutely denies need for an ranged ad champion in a match, which means death to few fun/skill requiring champions such as vayne, to let champions like vladimir go botlane. A FUCKING VLADIMIR! a champion that only sustains and uses w on lane, and then hes fed and tanky out of nowhere in mid to lategame, cause he was only farming and building ap and hp.
    let's reverse the situation, let's say that in one patch bruisers and tanks started to be totally owned by any other champions, and now support/assassin top is only option to play that lane, would you keep saying "changes are good, no matter what the changes are"? some maybe would keep saying that, but 95% of them or so would be the players that are not playing toplane in ranked, they like changes, cause they are not the ones that needs to adapt to it.
    its like if gravity starting out of nowhere doing totally oposite and now you need to keep yourself on earth because the earth itself is pushing you out
    i'm ex-adc/mid main, now i'm trying to switch to jungle/top because of all these bullshit meta changes affecting not only botlane, but also midlane, my secondary role.
    if riot won't notice their mistake and revert/fix changes they've made in next patch, botlane will be just toplane with support, and even trough everybody saying bruiser meta is over we will get only more bruisers in every match
    hopefully everybody will notice where it is going before we get to 5offtanks vs 5offtanks meta

  • Mllr hr
    Mllr hr 8 months ago +1

    The thing is, bruisers are the only op shit, nothing else compares to bruisers and that shit to me and others is boring as fuck.

  • K
    K 8 months ago

    Darius and pyke botlane

  • QuantumModulator
    QuantumModulator 8 months ago

    I feel bad for ADC's players who don't play those three mentioned. I mean, there is a reason they are called AD Carries right? Why nerf them all into the ground. I don't see the logic Riot.

  • Werti
    Werti 8 months ago

    I highly prefer the way it is currently, because it's way more entertaining to watch.

  • George Nicolson
    George Nicolson 8 months ago

    Supports getting too strong, let's nerf all adcs!

  • Shadu
    Shadu 8 months ago

    R.I.P. Draven

  • Olbohn
    Olbohn 8 months ago

    This is pretty stupid. You just gutted a population of players who play solely ranged ad carries to bring other champions into the lane. Sure its cool to see new things, but still, these ADC mains now have to learn how to play top lane. How is that fun or fair?

    • Radu Pricopie
      Radu Pricopie 8 months ago

      It is fair because any other class has to do that sometimes. ADCs didn't have to until now. Also all ADCs do is spamming autos and this doesn't need skill at all. ADC mains are just triggered that they are no longer needed in 100% of the matches and that are for once balanced.

  • Idotzoar66
    Idotzoar66 8 months ago

    Thank you for the in-depth, informative video about this whole new meta. I really struggled to find any meaning behind all those new botlane picks but your rock-paper-scissors analogy(?) perfectly clarified it for me. Keep up the good work Dong

  • HighLanderPony
    HighLanderPony 8 months ago

    Yay, lets ruin a whole branch of items and create a clown fiesta meta where if you were playing a certain kind of champ you've now become irrelevant.
    Rito horse hockey.

  • Tyson Gerrell
    Tyson Gerrell 8 months ago

    You concur with this new meta because you are a democrat