Living in the Netherlands vs Living in the USA

  • Published on Apr 17, 2015
  • Living in the Netherlands vs Living in the USA.

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  • D PS
    D PS Month ago

    We are below sea level. Thats why we bring our own bags when shopping.

  • Rob Tro
    Rob Tro Year ago +1

    A recent survey asked 5,000 middle income Europeans the following question. "If you could move to the United States and be guaranteed a good job for life, would you go?" Over 85% said NO! Tells you something, doesn't it?

  • Sc Donster
    Sc Donster Year ago

    We dont tip because our people are paid well and dont need to work for only health insurance.

  • Son Ask
    Son Ask Year ago +1

    I went to the bar and I didn't tips the bartender, next time I went again and they refused to serve me 😊

  • Oily Desert
    Oily Desert Year ago +2

    to me it is an ugly place to visit or to live in ...........europe is collapsing lol

  • banaan appel
    banaan appel Year ago

    You aint much if you aint dutch

  • Salomé
    Salomé 2 years ago +2

    It's so funny to hear the differences between US and The Netherlands! What I really miss when were in the US is that you cannot jump on your bike, and go to the grocery store.. everything takes a lot of time in the US. But the space.. I love it! Big cars, big highways.. really cool 😉 and I think that Americans are really nice and interesting people!

  • Mathijs Kuil
    Mathijs Kuil 2 years ago

    Nice vid, quite accurate. We do tips however, but it's not mandatory, it's more like a custome, mostly between 8-12% of the bill. We just don't add it on the bill itself, so it's more just to add it yourself as a guest.

  • Romy Senne
    Romy Senne 2 years ago

    we do give tips!

  • Tyrone Bouterse
    Tyrone Bouterse 2 years ago +1

    companies settle here for other reasons hahahaha

  • Kassidy Girty-Ruff
    Kassidy Girty-Ruff 2 years ago

    😲😲👞 😲

  • Kjeld
    Kjeld 2 years ago

    There are tips in the netherlands

  • thedude182
    thedude182 2 years ago

    They do tips, but just like everything.... smaller :-P

  • ImMFVincent
    ImMFVincent 2 years ago +3

    Most Dutch people are very racist

  • Adelina grace
    Adelina grace 2 years ago +2

    could you email me and help me in the process of moving to NL?

  • Baihui Ye
    Baihui Ye 2 years ago

    Tips in the Netherlands is voluntary.

  • Doris Hensley
    Doris Hensley 2 years ago

    are there Americans club's in the Netherland , ore addresses were Americans can connect wit Americans . pleas let me know .

  • CookPiggy
    CookPiggy 2 years ago

    i love in america when you go grocery shopping the people that work there put everything in the bags for you

  • Hedva
    Hedva 2 years ago +1

    we do give tips

  • Seb Friesema
    Seb Friesema 2 years ago

    i live in the netherlands !!!!!

  • Isabelle Brust
    Isabelle Brust 2 years ago

    cute 😙

  • ekim andersom
    ekim andersom 2 years ago

    Simply say, everything is better then in America

  • Emma Rosa Koopstra
    Emma Rosa Koopstra 2 years ago

    some of the things you say are wrong😊 (i live in the Netherlands)

  • Mathijs Kuil
    Mathijs Kuil 2 years ago +1

    Well, we do tip ofcourse, mostly between 8-12% of the price of the served dinner, it is however not a mandatory or included in the bill itself, you can decide for yourself

  • Marcel Rombouts
    Marcel Rombouts 2 years ago +20

    As others have said below, the tipping really isn't an attitude thing. In a way the tip is implicitly included in the bill already. As a waiter in the USA you get a different deal financially, leading to a reliance on tips that simpy doesn't exist in the Netherlands.

  • Dynamike
    Dynamike 2 years ago +3

    Wij geven wel fooi, maar hoeveel is aan ons zelf! We do give tips, but unlike in Amerika it's of free choice. I remember being in New York for the first time. I gave a tip on top of the 10% they had already taken themselves! XD That was weird for me! I mean, here you can deny them a tip if the food or service sucked.

  • Silver S Vine
    Silver S Vine 2 years ago +1

    Je Nederlands is slecht

  • Remko van den Berg
    Remko van den Berg 2 years ago +5

    i've lived both in Canada ( Toronto ontario) and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands the prices of grocery shopping are much cheaper then in Canada and i think also cheaper the in the USA ... 2Liters milk NL = 0.98 euro canada= 4.50 CAD,.... and how much in USA (1/2 gallon) ..... in 2010 Dr oetker frozen pizza in NL 1.53 ( now 2.39) euro Canada = 6.50 CAD and USA ?? and not to mention the in NL the tax is included and north america is not ( BTW, PST/GST VAT)

  • Sir Foop
    Sir Foop 2 years ago +210

    Always interesting to hear non-Dutchies speak their mind about The Netherlands. Gives me personally a slight sense of pride

  • sknnrs
    sknnrs 2 years ago +561

    We speak english very good in the Netherlands? Make that the cat wise.

    • Gerwinos99
      Gerwinos99 2 years ago +1

      +skinnerS - CSGO ja klopt

    • sknnrs
      sknnrs 2 years ago +3

      Nice! Zweeds en Noors lijken best wel op elkaar, dus als je Zweeds kan, kun je ook Noors en Deens verstaan.

    • Gerwinos99
      Gerwinos99 2 years ago +1

      +skinnerS - CSGO haha ik Zweeds en Duits, maar zweeds nog maar 4 weken ofzo

    • sknnrs
      sknnrs 2 years ago +2

      Dat heb ik dus ook, leer al vanaf een erg jonge leeftijd engels, dus mijn engels is ongeveer net zo goed als mijn nederlands. Nu focus ik me vooral op het leren van Noors en Duits.

    • Gerwinos99
      Gerwinos99 2 years ago +2

      +Santos Astronaut Haha, ik heb wel iets een nederlands accent maar ik leer vanaf m'n 6de al ongeveer Engels. Alles is bij mij zowat in het Engels geschreven, mijn Nederlandse woordenschat is het enige wat groter is dan het Engelse woordenschat bij mij, maar verder ben ik in alle opzichten beter in Engels dan in Nederlands.

  • spicy squire
    spicy squire 2 years ago +4

    I have a friend from the netherlands so I looked up what it is like to live in the netherlands. It is nice to see an LDS video explaining it around here an there!

  • boris van tuijl
    boris van tuijl 2 years ago

    Oke we zijn de beste

  • P Prehn
    P Prehn 2 years ago +3

    Being a born Dutchman, living most of my life in the USA, I think you got a lot of it right on....take the 'space' thing a little closer, as Dutch are forced at times to make crowd contact, if with clothes at least, so now, as an American most of my life, I feel claustrophobic in Holland.

  • Tom Bruggeman
    Tom Bruggeman 2 years ago +301

    first time I heard a positive thing about the OV chipkaart.

  • Jerry Vdm
    Jerry Vdm 2 years ago

    00:50 I share my ceiling and my floor with my neighbours as well, (sorry, "neighbors") .. It's not uncommon, .. I guess it is not uncommon in certain areas in the USA and Canada either, .. I do not know anything about my neighbours/neighbors, .. . I do not even know what they look like, ... don't know their names either, .. and you know what, ... It's fine by me, ... live and let live,.... I appreciate your efforts to understand how things work in a different society than the one you grew up in, .... your approach is very refreshing, ...

  • Amanda Carson
    Amanda Carson 2 years ago

    oh and the Netherlands uses WAYYY less oil than america, they use wind or solar

  • Henrico Montforts
    Henrico Montforts 2 years ago

    The thing you are saying are true. I live in the Netherlands and it's normal for us indeed☺️ Nice vid

  • Dana Whitestein
    Dana Whitestein 2 years ago +8

    Please keep your religious zealots in the US. Thank you...

    • Dana Whitestein
      Dana Whitestein 2 years ago +1

      +MilannBA Die lijers lopen te evangeliseren en zieltjes te winnen in ons land. Hou jij nou maar gewoon je muil dicht of ben jij ook zn gristenhond?

    • MilannBA
      MilannBA 2 years ago +5

      Heb je ook maar enige aanleiding om zoiets onder dit filmpje te plaatsen? Ga ergens anders interessant lopen doen, irritante kneus

  • Earth+
    Earth+ 2 years ago +50

    This guy is super cute.

  • Karst.W
    Karst.W 2 years ago

    dat stuk over de ruimte is nie waar ik woon in het noorden en daar heeft (bijna) iedereen een zelfstandig huis en dat engels is ook niet echt waar want die engelse accenten van nlers gwn nee

  • Robert Cuminale
    Robert Cuminale 2 years ago

    Nowhere do they serve portion sizes like in the US. That's why we have "doggie bags" to take food home. The restaurants get better discounts if they buy more and so they push more food out.

  • Dead-Living
    Dead-Living 2 years ago +13

    i sadly live in the netherlands i rather die then live here

  • Gregory Greg
    Gregory Greg 2 years ago

    1:50 Is he talking about the OV card? Does he think it's good?

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson 2 years ago

    Over the past few decades we value free speech alot. It doesn't matter what cultural background people have. Reasoning is embeded in most of the people in Holland.

  • jeroen paymans
    jeroen paymans 2 years ago +5

    We give tips in the netherlands

  • ivo215
    ivo215 2 years ago +13

    We do give tips in restaurants (McDonalds is not a restaurant), but tipping works different. A waitres or waiter will get a wage over here, they do not have to survive on tips.

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 2 years ago

    in the hage? Den Haag?

    • Robertロバート
      Robertロバート 2 years ago +2

      Yeah, that's how they call it. And that's what it means in dutch as well. Den = The in old dutch

  • O K.
    O K. 2 years ago +32

    Acualy we do tips, but not in fastfood ish restaurants

    • Piepie pie
      Piepie pie 2 years ago +6

      +Steven Goossens (stiro536) We tip if the service and food is good (not in fastfood). A normal tip in the Netherlands is then 10% of the bill.
      A difference with America is that waiters in the Netherlands have a minimum wage and are not depending of their tips. In my opion a better system, because u get then better service and the waiters are sure they have a descent income ;)

    • Steven Goossens
      Steven Goossens 2 years ago

      Yeah but in the usa you have to pay tips and we can chose to

  • Bea Haasnoot
    Bea Haasnoot 2 years ago +2

    We do tip in the Netherlands. If you eat for 100 euro, you give 10 euro tip.

  • Adriaan Verstoep
    Adriaan Verstoep 2 years ago +10

    Why we give less tips is because that is already in the price and in amerika not

  • cacoca79
    cacoca79 2 years ago

    america does not run itself.
    it is controlled by gangsters from europe who use us as a military power to put bases all over. rome and england are the main culprits

  • Rob Adank
    Rob Adank 3 years ago

    Our small- and friendly guideland can always remain a beautiful source of inspiration for any powerful nation in our sort of desperately seeking global village. As long as we remain focused on human-interest and -values rather than boosting our money, -wealth and -economy.

  • pat glennon
    pat glennon 3 years ago

    I am moving to den haag next year, any one know the pay per hour for construction trades, plasterer[ stukadoor], carpenter?

  • Erik Brouwer
    Erik Brouwer 3 years ago +1

    There is a new rule in the netherlands that shops can't provide free bags because it is a waste

  • lil pipi
    lil pipi 3 years ago +21


    VERTY 3 years ago +1

    Not normal to have such big portions and not healthy.

  • MeatNinja
    MeatNinja 3 years ago

    People do tip, it's not required or expected though.
    On second thought, maybe it's only the tourists who tip... lmao

  • ivorysand
    ivorysand 3 years ago +4

    Big companies come here not because people speak reasonably good English but because the tax regulations are designed to be very nice for them. The EU and other international bodies complain about that a lot.

  • Marije Roozekrans
    Marije Roozekrans 3 years ago

    The companies come to The Netherlands because it's cheap :p "belastingparadijs"

  • Chase Manhart
    Chase Manhart 3 years ago

    America is so large and diverse there are plenty of people that live close together and plenty of people that drive bikes this doesn't make sense

    • Amanda Carson
      Amanda Carson 2 years ago +2

      +Hans Zandt depends what you're talking about, Europe is definitely better at keeping the ecosystem clean and have less crime, whereas america has a bigger GDP

    • Hans Zandt
      Hans Zandt 2 years ago

      True. The us is best compared to all of europe. Germany for exaple they drive alot more and serve food in bigger stocks

  • YuGameFreakGuy
    YuGameFreakGuy 3 years ago +14

    Netherland is a small country has very tall poeple c:

  • Viktor Ibarbo
    Viktor Ibarbo 3 years ago +2

    America has just way to big portions

  • Marhathor
    Marhathor 3 years ago

    Go shopping for 3-4 days...
    Go shopping... for 3-4... days...
    On first instance... that seems like you're spending a lot of time in the shop. XD
    Until I understood it was rather shopping for a 3-4-day supply.

  • christoc99
    christoc99 3 years ago +1

    Great facts!
    I think In Peru we used to buy fresh bread but with all the Malls that cuture is slowly disappearing. : (
    tHE Mc Donald's portion most foreigners had experience that..I think

  • catnkaboodle
    catnkaboodle 3 years ago

    For all those who want to compare The Netherlands to the United States.
    The Netherlands is slightly less than twice the size of New Jersey,.... Yes it is that small.

  • djkenny
    djkenny 3 years ago +1

    I would love to live in the Netherlands I eat at home in the USA, so I would do the same most of the time in the Netherlands. Also, I bike to work and the grocery store, with my 21 month old kid as well. When I visited it felt like home in Amsterdam. I need to visit more areas. Particularly the best areas for living car free and cycling. One day we can rent our house out and move there.

    • Lotus Cabrio
      Lotus Cabrio 2 years ago

      +DerpWeasel hahahhahah

    • DerpWeasel
      DerpWeasel 3 years ago

      +Jorn Plantinga ofc but in the south you also have a lot of farmland with mils cows and water

    • Jorn Plantinga
      Jorn Plantinga 3 years ago

      +Dobby OmdatHetKan well, in the south it's way busier than in the north, I believe you know that ;)

    • DerpWeasel
      DerpWeasel 3 years ago +1

      +Jorn Plantinga the landscape you're describing is just default out of the city landscape. Not special to the north

    • Jorn Plantinga
      Jorn Plantinga 3 years ago +1

      +djkenny you've got biking tracks everywhere, and if you're going to the shop you would usually go by bike(not if you want t buy stuff for like 7 days of course). It's not that busy, and no one bikes on the tracks. Also some cities in the North are Leeuwarden, Zwolle, Groningen. You also get some cool landscapes in the North, not big mountains but just farmland with big farms, frisian cows, mills and water :)

  • Manuel Aguilar
    Manuel Aguilar 3 years ago

    Also another different is that America has the most wellknown for having FAT people everywhere. In Holland you dont really see that since here people eat very healthy...

  • Rj
    Rj 3 years ago +1

    Very good compared

  • 朝鮮歌曲,moranbong樂隊寄宿家庭冲浪洞穴之旅


    • Linda Abma
      Linda Abma 3 years ago

      ja we eten hier kleinere portie eten we zijn over het algemeen ook minder dik dan Amerikanen niet dan?

  • Peter JFS
    Peter JFS 3 years ago +3

    good trains!? no, we dont have a good train system. The trains are more often not on time then on time. The rest is prety accurate.

    • Peter JFS
      Peter JFS 3 years ago

      +Chill Monkeyy ja oke, maar zodra er bladeren op het spoor liggen is er vertraging heb ik het idee maar het is niet verschrikkelijk.

    • Peter JFS
      Peter JFS 3 years ago

      +BlueUncia oke, dat heb ik nog nooit mee.gemaakt.bij de NS:)

    • BlueUncia
      BlueUncia 3 years ago +1

      +Pjof S Er valt een hoop op te merken over de NS, maar ik heb een keer vast gezeten in een Italiaanse trein.
      We stonden urenlang stil in the middle of nowhere, er werd ons niets gezegd, en op een gegeven moment vielen de airco en alle lichten uit (het was a snikhete dag). Omdat ze door hadden dat we bezig waren gaar te koken hebben ze de trein na een tijdje in een tunnel laten rollen. Nou ja, schaduw is leuk en zo, maar het was daar ook gitzwart, want tja, nog steeds geen lichten. Lekker claustrofobisch, en ondertussen begonnen mensen ook nog eens knap honger te krijgen.
      En laten we het maar niet hebben over de wachtrij voor de wc.
      Op een gegeven moment hebben ze ons overgeladen naar een andere trein (we wisten nog steeds niet wat er aan de hand was), en uiteindelijk werden we dan toch in Rome afgezet. En geld terug krijgen, ho maar!
      Dus ja. Ik sta ook niet graag een een veel te kort, veel te vol NS-treintje tijdens de spits, maar ik heb gezien dat het nog véél erger kan!

    • Chill Monkeyy
      Chill Monkeyy 3 years ago

      +Pjof S Maar besef je wel dat de spoor en het trein verkeerd ingewikkelder is dan in Amerika? Dat is ook redenen dat de Nederlandse treinen niet altijd op tijd zijn, ook het weer speelt een grote rol

    • Peter JFS
      Peter JFS 3 years ago

      +Coen volgends 93% in 2014 en in 2015 maar 91% en nu ineens 95%? ik betwijfel het.

  • Ashish Bhoite
    Ashish Bhoite 3 years ago

    pls live in syria because syria is best country🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Wyf
    Wyf 3 years ago

    Im Dutch Yeah :D

  • Marloes van den Bosch
    Marloes van den Bosch 3 years ago +106

    I am from the Netherlands and i really don't understand why they should get tips. I mean sure, everyone would like to get tips but they just do their job. Would you pay you're dentist extra? Or a cashier in the super market? Why are restaurants different? I just don't understand it..

      ZOHEB KHAN 2 years ago +3

      I agree with you! Mam
      I'm from India, here also this is very bad habit people have, in India I think they do to Show off their wealth

    • Oost West
      Oost West 2 years ago +8

      I even share my bed with my neighbours wife.

    • Vinnieball Diseraad
      Vinnieball Diseraad 2 years ago

      +Saskia den Dulk dan werd je vies hard opgelicht

    • The one
      The one 2 years ago

      Fair enough, but tips here aren't strange. My dad for example is always very generous in giving tips. Last year we went to Turkey in a big resort, someone helped us with our bags, and he gave him 25 euro's. Equal to -> 2-3 weeks of work.

    • SineEros
      SineEros 2 years ago +2

      +Marloes van den Bosch I am from austria and it is pretty common to give tips here, I mean often it's not that much but at least a few cents to a couple of euros. I personally ONLY tip when the waiter was doing extraordinary service but that might just be a thing that only I or a minority of people in my country do.

  • Jona Van Der Made
    Jona Van Der Made 3 years ago

    I am netherlands
    ik ben nederlands

  • V K
    V K 3 years ago +142

    The buying bags is an environmental thing.

    • aerodaan
      aerodaan 2 years ago +2

      +Philippe Verhoosel misschien voor u, maar over het algemeen zijn Nederlands nogal zuinig (handelsverleden). Ik heb zonnepanelen op het dak, niet noodzakelijk voor het milieu hoor.

    • Philippe Verhoosel
      Philippe Verhoosel 2 years ago +15

      +aerodaan no that is'nt true it is environmental

    • aerodaan
      aerodaan 2 years ago +2

      No, it's a money saving thing. Typical Dutch

    • Paul de Groot
      Paul de Groot 3 years ago +2


  • Chris Zuidenberg
    Chris Zuidenberg 3 years ago +19

    in other words: life in The netherlands is much more better than in The states...hehehe Fox news channel!

  • Robbin
    Robbin 3 years ago +1

    I'm from the Netherlands and did a road trip for a month (went to Utah aswel) :). and I gotta say:American people are really friendly and social! they are always in for a little chat I really miss that in the Netherlands. by the way,can I ask you what you did in the Netherlands?

    • Carsten Chantry
      Carsten Chantry 2 years ago

      just saw this comment. way late, but ya. I lived there for 2 years doing volunteer work for my church. now I just like to visit for fun and to see friends. was just there a bit ago actually

  • TripleSixGamer | Twitch

    Whut, we give the waiter a tip....

  • Ricmaniac
    Ricmaniac 3 years ago

    They don't do tips in restaurant? ;p ... I think I could buy a car if I got back all my tips I gave trough my life =p (i'm dutch)

    • Onno Krabshuis
      Onno Krabshuis 3 years ago

      +Peter Timmer
      Schijnbaar vind u het nodig om gelijk een oordeel te vellen en een "vingertje" op te steken en iemand een sticker op te plakken. Gelukkig ben ik niet zo'n iemand als u voor ogen heeft. Ook ik ben iemand die gewoon een "tip" geeft en meestal niet zo'n zuinige ook. Ik heb alleen maar willen aangeven dat, in tegen stelling tot bv USA, "tip" verdisconteerd zit in het Nederlandse salaris van horecapersoneel. Ik weet uit ervaring dat Nederlands horecapersoneel het zeer op prijs stelt als hu effort gewaardeerd word, maar ook dat zij niet zo reageren als Amerikaans horecapersoneel doet als men geen "tip" ontvangt. Ik hoop dat u in de toekomst dus niet gelijk iemand kwalificeert als gierig als u niet eens op de hoogte bent wat voor een persoon u voor u heeft.

    • Peter Timmer
      Peter Timmer 3 years ago

      +Onno Krabshuis I'm dutch and i always give a tip of about 10 percent.. which is the norm for most dutch people.. except for you and some other greedy dutch people i guess...

    • Onno Krabshuis
      Onno Krabshuis 3 years ago

      +Ricmaniac We don't do tips because its calculated in the final bill. And the personell working in the restaurants are well payed

  • Drone videos with Daan
    Drone videos with Daan 3 years ago +1

    oh yes we DO do tips

    • Drone videos with Daan
      Drone videos with Daan 3 years ago

      well, you dont see it really like: oh he does a tip, its more like you you need to pay 50 and you give 55 like that

  • G G
    G G 3 years ago +2

    He's handsome.

  • Jeroen severins
    Jeroen severins 3 years ago +13

    we do tip in restaurants ;) but they aren't gigantic :P

  • SuperDonantonio
    SuperDonantonio 3 years ago

    actually we do give tips in restaurants but the difference here is you gotta earn your tip as in america they expect you to tip if im correct

  • Sja’iera
    Sja’iera 3 years ago

    Wow your dutch is so great for an american! I would def understand you 😂

  • Archangel Tyrael
    Archangel Tyrael 3 years ago +1

    Actually we do tips here.

  • GothicRootje
    GothicRootje 3 years ago

    wait usa does not have a OV chipcard?
    Good to know :p

  • Frank Lukas
    Frank Lukas 3 years ago

    i want guns !!

  • Merlijn Knijff
    Merlijn Knijff 3 years ago

    Mooi Gesproken, Beautiful Speaking,

  • Sabine's Book Nook
    Sabine's Book Nook 3 years ago

    How long have you lived in The Netherlands and do you speak the language a bit? I'm from Holland and I'd love to live in the USA for a little while. I do defenitely think that I'll miss traveling by bike, because it's so easy + you get a little workout hahaha.

  • Dutchman 2
    Dutchman 2 3 years ago

    And that sir, was very accurate spoken about how my country works!

  • Rasmus Sullivan
    Rasmus Sullivan 3 years ago +66

    I want to move to the Netherlands but my parents won't move me there. I'm only 14. I cannot wait until I am 18.

    • WhupTheeDoo
      WhupTheeDoo 2 years ago

      +Xander Meijer thats right yeah

    • Xenon n
      Xenon n 2 years ago +6

      the gaming banana we are one of the best english speaking country that doesnt have english as one of its oficial languages if im right

    • Marty
      Marty 2 years ago +2

      you're welcome here;)

    • WhupTheeDoo
      WhupTheeDoo 2 years ago

      i would try to learn some dutch if i were u then its quite hard but many people can speak english around 70-80% will be able to the basic stuff and a little more

    • Amanda Carson
      Amanda Carson 2 years ago

      +triggered well actually, the leaders of the Europeans countries get together and vote if they want the law... its not a continental dictatorship

    MICHAEL DAVIS 3 years ago +49

    I love the Netherlands and it's people!!

    • Ahadun Ahad
      Ahadun Ahad 2 years ago

      +MICHAEL DAVIS welcome bro

      MICHAEL DAVIS 2 years ago +2

      Thanks Aad Landsheer!

    • Ahadun Ahad
      Ahadun Ahad 2 years ago

      +MICHAEL DAVIS we love you to bro.

    • Medemblikker
      Medemblikker 3 years ago

      +Chill Monkeyy Daar heb jij dan niet veel van meegekregen.

    • Chill Monkeyy
      Chill Monkeyy 3 years ago

      +Medemblikker nee man, debiel, mijn oma is kei lief

  • J.V.R.
    J.V.R. 3 years ago

    I met a group of Americans here in Leiden a few weeks ago. And they loved the fact there were so many cyclists here. A friend of one them mentioned that Holland has the best asses because we Dutch love to cycle so much. :))

  • AugustanFinn
    AugustanFinn 3 years ago +361

    I love you Netherlands!
    Love from America.

    • Lotus Cabrio
      Lotus Cabrio 2 years ago +2


    • gwnwendy
      gwnwendy 2 years ago +2

      +Cindy Klappé ikeh oowk xd

    • Friso Breemans
      Friso Breemans 2 years ago

      +Cindy Klappé ikke wel

    • Gaming Kingz
      Gaming Kingz 2 years ago

      +Lola Rolefes i'm Nederland. Als ik Nederlands ging spreken verstonden jullie me niet lol

    • OfficialSoledad
      OfficialSoledad 2 years ago +2

      Netherlands love you too!!!!

  • Zenith
    Zenith 3 years ago +1

    As an American. The reason I've gathered for our "huge" food is that we want the meal to suffice for at least 8 hours.
    The thing is, not many American's (especially American women)eat everything we're given upfront. We keep the rest as leftovers.
    And it's no secret that we LOVE leftovers.

  • chahid1992
    chahid1992 3 years ago +1

    Space yea offcourse its the biggest diffrence but elso food the Dutch are kind a soft when it comes to kitchen not ment to be rude but we make everything out of a package with instruction at the back see maggi or Knorr. you don´t have that in the states either they just cook things. And a cool thing in Holland brick houses we got enough clay in the states its way to expensive for most houses.

  • 100 Seconds of
    100 Seconds of 3 years ago +4

    Thinking of visiting Netherlands? Trust me Groningen is absolutely beautiful! Video link shows a taste of it :)

  • Jort Van Der Naalt
    Jort Van Der Naalt 3 years ago

    annother thing we have a better health care

    MICHAEL DAVIS 3 years ago +8

    I like the idea of bikes but do they ride them in the winter and if they do how do they stand riding a bike in the cold?

    • groot !
      groot ! 3 years ago +1

      we adapt

    • AwoudeX
      AwoudeX 3 years ago


      We're doing ok because of having natural gas as a resource and almost all houses are hooked up to that resource and using it for cooking and heating. It's quite doable.

      MICHAEL DAVIS 3 years ago

      +AwoudeX It sounds like it's damp there. Do most of you have good Heating and is it hard to pay for (Expensive)?

      MICHAEL DAVIS 3 years ago

      +Bette B. How awesome!

      MICHAEL DAVIS 3 years ago

      +Renate Keurntjes How many miles?

  • Demi Dawn
    Demi Dawn 3 years ago +2

    I really like this video! It must be so weird to move from the US to the Netherlands! I lived in the US for a semester (made a video about it, if you want to check it out, it's on my channel) but I really enjoyed it there so much. I feel like it must be more confusing for Americans to move to the Netherlands than the other way around.