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Top 20 Happiest Countries To Live In The World


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  • Mr Rman
    Mr Rman Day ago

    The happiest counties are those with the highest suicide rate ?

  • Ceedbird
    Ceedbird Day ago

    Actually Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the only countries in Scandinavia Finland and Iceland is not a part of Scandinavia but the north

  • Ceedbird
    Ceedbird Day ago


  • Peter Donders
    Peter Donders Day ago

    I live in north Norway. And quite expensive here...😕

  • skyyzz
    skyyzz 2 days ago


  • Bismah irfan
    Bismah irfan 3 days ago

    I would rather prefer kiling myself.

  • Josh Playz-Brawl Stars

    I’m from county Wexford in Ireland and plz don’t say craic like that again 😫

  • höpönassu
    höpönassu 3 days ago


  • emmi
    emmi 3 days ago

    vittu että hävettää suomalaiset... lopettakaa pelleily ja käyttäytykää ku aikuiset

  • Michael Xu
    Michael Xu 4 days ago

    I REALLY want to move to Australia 🇦🇺

  • SmaLlLikeAbOss _
    SmaLlLikeAbOss _ 4 days ago


    So yeah

  • David The Bamse & Ballerina Lover 2003

    Sweden! That Where I Live!

  • Location Independent Expat Relocate

    It can be quite surprising how one person's idea of an ideal country to live in can be so different to someone else's. The best approach is to figure out exactly what's important to you, and how you picture your future life, and then narrow it down from there. It can be a difficult decision, but it's worth taking the time to give it the thought it requires.

  • The King
    The King 6 days ago

    Yeah Finland

  • Vũ Minh Khôi
    Vũ Minh Khôi 6 days ago

    Germany started to replace Mexico

  • Vũ Minh Khôi
    Vũ Minh Khôi 6 days ago

    But Mexico has maxed at no14 happiest country in the world

  • Learn Arabic with Timmy boktr

    Thos is Canada 🇨🇦

  • Alexander Meyer
    Alexander Meyer 6 days ago

    LOLOLOL thats just funny! :) the four happiest countrie's is Nordic countrie's. The Nordic's is the Happiest!

  • Three heeded Monster

    I am from sweden

  • Ainoz :D
    Ainoz :D 6 days ago

    When you see The first you feel so proud for your country 🇫🇮

  • Camille Agathon
    Camille Agathon 7 days ago

    Its Denmark that have hygge😡

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman 7 days ago +1

    Im from finland but sweden should be at least #5

  • にくまん
    にくまん 8 days ago


  • Kenji87
    Kenji87 9 days ago

    Obviously whoever made this list didn't do their research. There is a reason Denmark is known as "The Happiest Country in the World", just saying.

  • Vali Hauki
    Vali Hauki 9 days ago

    Austria is legit the same lol

  • Savage Kidruben
    Savage Kidruben 10 days ago

    I am a Swedish person

  • tiny whale man person
    tiny whale man person 10 days ago

    kosken makes finnish people happy

  • Vode
    Vode 10 days ago


  • Leah bekk
    Leah bekk 11 days ago


  • Matti peluri2
    Matti peluri2 11 days ago

    I live in finland and finland is happiest country in the world

  • Flowermouse Mouse
    Flowermouse Mouse 11 days ago

    I'm just Happy Ireland is up there...

  • SIMdim 4
    SIMdim 4 12 days ago

    I live in finland!

  • nikliz 71
    nikliz 71 12 days ago +1


  • Daniel Malinen
    Daniel Malinen 12 days ago

    Haha, but so many Finns itself don't believe this.

    • Daniel Malinen
      Daniel Malinen 12 days ago

      Generally, it is hoped that, when enriched, the rich would drop the crumbs down to the bottom, but the rich are wise and do not drop the crumbs. The crumbs means wealth. Finns feel they are heavily taxed. Some want to get tax cuts or even get rid of taxes altogether. Some would not want to support those people who do not have the opportunity to support itself with own work. But disadvantaged or "parasites", as some call them, don't getting along on their own without the support of society and they need them crumbs. All is so messy.

    • Daniel Malinen
      Daniel Malinen 12 days ago

      Finland is a class society and last years income differences just have increased, which has led to the differentiation of socio-economic classes, and people of different living standards live in different worlds. Sadly relations between different groups begin to resemble the caste system. What is wrong way. In Finland, however, efforts are being made to facilitate people's movement between different classes. Or so it should go. Except now. Poverty are hereditary and wealth accumulates on the most richest. Everyone is turn against each other and angry.

  • Eleias Mplias
    Eleias Mplias 12 days ago +1

    Has USA in it, says all the bad things about it. LOL

  • Adam Nedergaard
    Adam Nedergaard 12 days ago +1

    Denmark and norway better than Finland
    All better than Finland
    Top 3 countries
    1: Denmark

  • Muumi Beiggo
    Muumi Beiggo 12 days ago

    En ois uskonu😂😂😂
    Ps. Voitettiin ruotti!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arber Rexhepi
    Arber Rexhepi 12 days ago

    Well thank you for telling me that Germany is happy because I am going there next month

  • PokeriBest !
    PokeriBest ! 13 days ago

    Kaikki tuli kattomaa että kuinka onnellinen oma maa on koska thumbnailissa oli suomi😂

  • James Enger
    James Enger 13 days ago

    The reason why the Nordic countries has always been one of the happiest countries in the world is because the government actually takes care of the citizens and etc.

  • Isac Rintamäki
    Isac Rintamäki 13 days ago +2

    i am live in Finland

  • Lorenz Backman
    Lorenz Backman 13 days ago

    Also Finland and sweden are The only countries which getting free food in school i live in Finland and we dont need to bring food from home to school

  • ESC Potato
    ESC Potato 13 days ago +1

    Spain is the most liberal country in the world. I cant see it here...

  • Jesper Wahlgren
    Jesper Wahlgren 13 days ago

    Sweden should be higher trust me!!!

  • Frosty was taken
    Frosty was taken 13 days ago


  • breakfastburito
    breakfastburito 13 days ago


  • Aleksi Hietanen
    Aleksi Hietanen 13 days ago +1

    I am from finland and i dont believe my teacher

  • felix lappalainen
    felix lappalainen 13 days ago

    I live in finland

  • Arpska
    Arpska 13 days ago

    Proud of my country finland!!

  • Arpska
    Arpska 13 days ago

    Suomi mainittu, Torilla tavataan!

  • Carven 01
    Carven 01 13 days ago

    Sweden is the happiest

  • Kaplel
    Kaplel 13 days ago

    Paska skit

  • HeadNut _
    HeadNut _ 13 days ago


  • Bottle Of Fresh Squeezed Ass Juice

    Sweden? Nah, ya probably meant Swedistan, right?

  • Nathan & Sopa
    Nathan & Sopa 14 days ago +2

    So why are there so many Scandinavians in Thailand? Thai people are so happy compared to most Europeans. I've worked in many Thai companies and they're always joking around and nice to one another, whereas the foreigners are so damned miserable. It's their strong family bonds and the extended family models that count, not how much social welfare you're entitled to.

  • Wesley Btunned
    Wesley Btunned 14 days ago

    Country Luxembourg 🇱🇺
    People Luxembourger 🍔

  • Death By Glamour
    Death By Glamour 14 days ago

    im from finland and im sad:(

  • Joe Wack
    Joe Wack 14 days ago

    Norway da best

  • Askisto Wildout
    Askisto Wildout 14 days ago

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataa

  • Chris whippit älskaren


    TAISTO TOIVIO 14 days ago


  • ade 50
    ade 50 15 days ago +1

    Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan perkelee

  • 2mygreeneyes
    2mygreeneyes 15 days ago +2

    I live in Canada and I live in southern Ontario a bit further down than Toronto near the Niagara region. I can say that I don't like travelling into the larger cities like Toronto but where I live has extremely low poverty and crime rates and I almost always feel safe wherever I go. People for the most part are really nice especially to foreigners and it's an overall happy place. The only downside is the lack of large fun events unlike the U.S.A.

  • 2mygreeneyes
    2mygreeneyes 15 days ago +1

    When over 600 homicides isnt bad. Yeesh

  • Cookie QUACKY
    Cookie QUACKY 15 days ago +1

    Obviously Britain isn’t a safe country in some cases but just keep reading and I’ll explain. Britain has had few wars for quite a while the only war we’ve had recently was WW2 but that was triggered by natzis(not Germans they good unless there former natzis lol) we have a lot of power and haven’t been invaded for years Anglia Saxons were some of the most recent, we have a lot of allies including pretty much all the EU and The Commonwealth and other countries such as America. We have free education through Primary and High School it slips for College and University but it’s a temporary home so what do you expect. There are no School Shootings because nobody is aloud guns unless they are part of the army or have been given it. That’s all I want to say and a thank you for anyone who read this far. If you feel like checking me out that would be appreciated but if you don’t have time I really don’t mind. I play a variety of PS4 games

  • Linwall Gaming
    Linwall Gaming 15 days ago

    I live in sweden

  • Nados Over
    Nados Over 15 days ago

    Finnish is happiest country,beacause sad people kill theme selfs...soo there are only happy people XD

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake 15 days ago

    Not true!!!!!!! I find Africa a way happier place than any of these especially The Gambia

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 15 days ago

    Weres sweden?

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 15 days ago

    Finnish is just the best!

  • prapkapTV
    prapkapTV 15 days ago

    Hej hej bra video! Hi hi great video!

  • TFS_N1kkeb
    TFS_N1kkeb 15 days ago


  • Naynex
    Naynex 15 days ago

    Finland is first because the sad people move to Sweden

  • Leo Svanbom
    Leo Svanbom 15 days ago

    I am swedish

  • Outo
    Outo 15 days ago

    Finland Satan!

  • ihminen 444
    ihminen 444 15 days ago +2

    730 swedish people put dislike because finland was first

  • Craig 2.0
    Craig 2.0 15 days ago

    Lik hvis du er Norsk🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  • Delta Helloitsbmw
    Delta Helloitsbmw 15 days ago


  • Malte Meo
    Malte Meo 15 days ago


  • Umbereq
    Umbereq 15 days ago


  • prohacker 1983
    prohacker 1983 15 days ago

    Mina ossa vahan suomi

  • prohacker 1983
    prohacker 1983 15 days ago

    I live in. Finland

  • Albin Magnusson
    Albin Magnusson 16 days ago

    Goooo Sweden

  • Jolly_MB
    Jolly_MB 16 days ago

    I live in Finland 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

  • Robl0x P1ayer BenjaminRealPharrel

    I'm Singapore

  • Linus Åkerback
    Linus Åkerback 16 days ago


  • ahmad ahmed
    ahmad ahmed 16 days ago

    You forgot 🇱🇧🇱🇧❤️❤️❤️

  • Hasse
    Hasse 16 days ago

    I live in finland

  • Vurik
    Vurik 16 days ago +1

    Finland is best yay🖒

  • lil Hellbergh
    lil Hellbergh 17 days ago

    im from swedan

  • Oliver Lehtinen
    Oliver Lehtinen 17 days ago

    Woohoo i'm from Finland!

  • All in one with Yashraj

    No India....

  • Joana Melo
    Joana Melo 17 days ago

    I live in Portugal, isn't a bad country but I really want to emigrat to an other country with better life conditions

  • noob GAMER
    noob GAMER 17 days ago

    I live on Finland

  • Nug U
    Nug U 17 days ago

    I would never go to the UAE or Saudi Arabia! I'm ashamed to even share my planet with those barbarians!

    • Nug U
      Nug U 17 days ago

      Oh and add Israel to the list!

  • Susanna Alexandra
    Susanna Alexandra 17 days ago

    Suomi perkele🔥🔥

  • Sky Linman
    Sky Linman 17 days ago

    We are happy in the north Europe, like this comment who is from Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark

  • Endingjaguar
    Endingjaguar 17 days ago +2

    I'm Brazilian and I love the country. I don't live their I moved to the US when I was 5 years old and sort of became American. But in Rio de Janeiro people are very friendly and will do anything to help you. and yes it is true that there is a lot of crime and stuff like that but if you pay attention to what you do it is an amazing country. P.S i visited a couple months ago that's how i know all this

  • Extra Appelsiini
    Extra Appelsiini 17 days ago

    Suomi mainittu. Torille siis. Mä tuon juomat.