r/EntitledParents | Let Me RUIN OUR FAMILY | ep.94

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Imagine an hour long episode of these people...
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  • The Dragon Master337

    Extreme over reaction? That was mild

  • Edison Vieravargas
    Edison Vieravargas 4 days ago

    Oh Hi Mark

  • Edison Vieravargas
    Edison Vieravargas 4 days ago

    Bro she just violated a commandment, she needs to go to confession

  • Edison Vieravargas
    Edison Vieravargas 4 days ago

    I have no sympathy to the reddit atheist child

  • Sp00py DoesThings
    Sp00py DoesThings 4 days ago

    Omg that one mom is the scariest mom I’ve ever heard of

  • Moon The Mudkip
    Moon The Mudkip 5 days ago

    Holy shit! The mom in the first story is a badass!

  • Ultra Instinct Shagy

    Entitled=Asshole I guess. Æßßhœl3.

  • Sheron Smith
    Sheron Smith 7 days ago

    I would have killed that stupid bitch

  • David Paulino
    David Paulino 9 days ago

    The Mark's are my new group of favorite teenagers

    HDM HDM 9 days ago

    Bunfris your voice was very strange in the vídeo are u ok

  • Midas Silvius
    Midas Silvius 9 days ago

    though it’s true that the last one was a filler like he said, it’s (also like he said) a pretty good one.

  • V is for Vinny and Victory

    6:36 FATALITY

  • King Oliver
    King Oliver 12 days ago

    Lmao, I'm just imagining a kid shove mashed potatoes in his/her mouth... I may have laughed more than I should have when I heard that 😂

  • Phoenix8492
    Phoenix8492 12 days ago

    Last story:
    I am a Mark, and I have the luck of having friends who are avid fans of The Room. So every time they greet me, it’s not with a conventional “hi, how are you.” No.
    It’s “Oh *hi* Mark.” Quoting The Room.

  • Natalie Freitas
    Natalie Freitas 12 days ago

    The first story isn’t about a Christian, it was a hypocrite

  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 14 days ago

    I thought the Seventh Commandment said thou shall not steal?

  • Maddiline Kathryn
    Maddiline Kathryn 16 days ago

    Wait if the SB has a restraining order wouldn’t that mean she has to be a certain distance from them meaning anytime she was in arm distance she violated that meaning she should’ve been in jail?

  • Albert Chandra
    Albert Chandra 16 days ago

    The fight for entitlement

  • Ghost Queen1312
    Ghost Queen1312 17 days ago

    Isn’t SB religious? What happened to thou shalt not steal? Lmao

  • XPS Amiga 95
    XPS Amiga 95 17 days ago

    3:14 the year i was created don't question it please.

  • TheFreddy Show
    TheFreddy Show 18 days ago

    6:44 uhh...no

  • The robloxian Pele
    The robloxian Pele 18 days ago

    i like the religous story because i would have done the same thing to sb

  • LORD L
    LORD L 18 days ago +1

    11:30 BIG CLASS!?

    I mean bloody hell where is this school?
    I want to go there.

  • redbaronace19
    redbaronace19 18 days ago

    I mean it’s ok to be religious just don’t be a religious asshole like entitled parents

  • just_ranma23
    just_ranma23 18 days ago

    I need a recoriding for some of this

  • Loosecat 56
    Loosecat 56 18 days ago

    I doubt the first story's EK will ever have kids. It doesn't sound like she can handle other people period.

    TUNE PD 18 days ago

    I won't take anyone bullying my little brother, I mess with him but he knows I love him so just know prepare for a nuke of commit die to be dropped on you (I'm a black belt and can take down kids bigger than me, I'm short but have the tard strength)

    TUNE PD 18 days ago

    0:34 she's za warudo

  • Cassidy The Human
    Cassidy The Human 19 days ago

    If I remember from Catholic school right, it's against the fucking Bible to force your religion onto others.
    So, if she's Catholic, she just went against her own religion for her religion.

  • Hard Demon
    Hard Demon 19 days ago

    Hats off, that mom is a savage, if my cousin tried stealing my computer, I would get so pissed off, but I wouldn't yell at her, if I was the same age as her brother, I would immediately form a plan.
    Step 1 : Get the computer back on the table.
    Step 2 : Bring EK down.
    Step 3 : Prepare for SB, while I beat the crap outta EK.
    Step 4 : Savage mom save our lives.

  • Amy Stabenow
    Amy Stabenow 20 days ago

    Had an "amy" dilemma at my school which is a Catholic school and very small. 90 kids and at least 6 amys. The joke was to yell amy in a hallway and see how many of us turned to see which amy was called. After one try of that i blanked out due to an older sister who yelled at me all the time. It did suck during finals but wtf.

  • Bloody Simpson Chibi
    Bloody Simpson Chibi 20 days ago

    That first story was SOOO satisfying!

  • Pie Girl
    Pie Girl 20 days ago

    Okay there's friendly religious
    And there's that....
    I am religious and I certainly hope that I am friendly

  • dude bro
    dude bro 20 days ago

    I mean smashing her face on a counter is normal momma bear mode to be honest.

  • GrimmLaw The Charmcaster

    I am SO happy someone FINALLY fought back!!! It's so rare! I'm always like "i'd fuck that bitch up, idgaf if a am a man and her a woman - i'd still beat her ass" and I honestly would(hence my having been expelled from both middle school and high school). I don't take any shit from anyone no matter who they are.

  • ratoim
    ratoim 20 days ago

    Um, WTH is wrong with the first family?!?! They had cold hard proof of assault and battery, verbal abuse, stalking etc. They took out a restraining order against SB. And then let SB into their home?!?! At the risk of blaming the victims, either they are morons or something isn't adding up here!

  • Joel Ramos
    Joel Ramos 21 day ago

    I know it’s violent but still

  • Joel Ramos
    Joel Ramos 21 day ago

    As you read the first post I just imagined myself on top of SB punching her in the face like crazy

  • Farts Noise
    Farts Noise 21 day ago

    Ok so Sb and Ek are "children of god" but what they do is unholly like isnt it a sin to steal, or discourage others? Honestly if i was Op's mom i would kill her when she tried taking the computer right then and there

  • FlyingGrandayy
    FlyingGrandayy 21 day ago

    6:32 that was an underreaction

  • FliperMations
    FliperMations 21 day ago


  • Alice Willoughby
    Alice Willoughby 21 day ago

    (sigh) *HER* and EK didn't leave immediately. *SHE* and EK did. Sorry to be the Grammar Police but this kind of thing just triggers me!
    It's a pity EK's father or someone wasn't able to get the daughter away from that psycho-bitch and bring her up decently.
    9:06 - They would have been smarter to LOCK their rooms for the duration of the party. Also, when they caught the EK stealing and the whole thing exploded, they should have called the police, not just threatened to.

  • Jose Cabrera
    Jose Cabrera 21 day ago

    If students had the same name in my school the would just say the first name and the first letter of the second

  • ScarabD
    ScarabD 22 days ago

    ...How... how does someone claim to follow a religion which literally has 'don't steal s***' as one of the main principles and then STEAL PEOPLES S***?
    Seriously, that woman is massively psychologically messed up, and the worst thing is she's messed up her kid right along with it.

  • Ofek Da'abul
    Ofek Da'abul 22 days ago

    Yikes on the first story

  • TimeLineZz
    TimeLineZz 22 days ago +5

    ( to be countinued music plays) grabs hair and pulls down stairs "to be countinued"

  • boxygamer Yt
    boxygamer Yt 23 days ago

    Well... I love your vids. Like if you’ve been subbed from 40k and love dis dood content COUGH COUGH this COUGH COUGH COUGH is really COUGH COUGH good COUGH COUGH COUGH content COUGH COUGH COUGH. God... I don’t feel that good right now

  • Juniper S
    Juniper S 23 days ago

    Knocking out someone’s teeth, nice violent lesson to teach your kids.

  • Emily Monahan
    Emily Monahan 23 days ago

    That first one was good, but calling religon a poison is kind of offensive tbh

  • Pat Beaudry
    Pat Beaudry 24 days ago

    Wow,it just show what Jesus freaks do to children. For 19 years she spokied a kid. I wober if there is any way to help the entitled kid. Craziness.

  • katie Eaton
    katie Eaton 24 days ago

    that first one sounds like my mum's sister apart from the religion part I refuse to call her an aunt because she is nothing to me. She bullied my mum when she was little and as she got older. She was also jealous of my mum when she got with my dad and told my mum that she ever tried have children they would be born dead. So that hindered them trying but obviously that wasn't true because well. . . I'm writing this. She was also jealous of her own children when one of her daughters became and adult and begun having children my mum's sister would also get herself pregnant out of jealousy. She also made a scene at there fathers funeral. That I can only take my mum's word on because my grand dad sadly passed before I was born so I didn't get a chance to meet him. my mum's also had a son who didn't know what beef was because she only ever feed the poor little guy jam sandwiches.

  • Luckie 47
    Luckie 47 24 days ago

    Really hate these fake "religious" people. You dont belive inGod. Cool. That's your belief, your no diffrent than I am and I'm no better than you are. Still love you the Same.

  • Classified Mc
    Classified Mc 24 days ago

    With the first story, if they were to try that shit with me, I’d shoot them and tell them they got a room in Hell waiting for them. My dad has multiple guns (I live in southern US, so it’s basically the law to own multiple weapons) and I know how to operate most of them, and can learn on the fly if I have to. I also have a ninja sword (it’s dull, but it still hurts) that was my brother’s that he kinda left for me when me moved out, so I have options.

  • Anthony Monaghan
    Anthony Monaghan 24 days ago

    on that really long post ... this is also the main reason i despise all religion i have rarely met a religious person who does not fit the mentality of SB and EK

  • Glo14Bug
    Glo14Bug 24 days ago

    Goodness. That was a roller coaster.

  • jaiguy
    jaiguy 24 days ago

    Um can I get a giofilms with a side of bumfries

  • Ashy Hess
    Ashy Hess 24 days ago

    That first vid was the best entitled parents ever

  • Ashy Hess
    Ashy Hess 24 days ago +1

    Hey bumfris, I hate your videos, I want you to give me GOOD tips on how to make GOOD vids. If you DONT I will sue you and call the police 😏

  • memes bro
    memes bro 24 days ago +1

    boys are chill mark 😂 just as every time

  • DigDown Deep
    DigDown Deep 25 days ago

    Best entitled parents story ever

  • NightmareMindset
    NightmareMindset 25 days ago

    The boys instantly start making jokes about having the same name, become something like friends right away. The girls instantly start fighting each other over which is the "true" Mary, becoming mortal enemies over something small. Yep, sounds about right.

  • Labiba Hassan
    Labiba Hassan 25 days ago

    I went to a very large and arab, south asian, and east asian majority school so the amount of people with the same names and last names was staggeringly high last there was 200 kids whose last name starts with al-, trying to separate sara's and mohammed's was a daily chore, the last names nguyen, lee, cheung were all very common, names ending in -preet, -vir, and -jot were also very common, and using the word hijaabi to describe someone meant nothing because there was so many. It was funny tho and because of this nobody could be entitled about names like go try and tell 15 sarahs in the 9th grade to change their name it's not gonna work. I have an uncommon name and even then there was another person with the same name. we had abt a little over 2k kids at our school and north american people were a minority (there were white people but most of them were straight from Europe)

  • •alondra_the_trashcan •

    Ew, gross religious people.

  • Kyle Cocciante
    Kyle Cocciante 25 days ago

    Whoever this first entitled bitch is, I want to shoot her in the face....several times.

  • ptszymanski
    ptszymanski 25 days ago

    Key word 10 minuets

  • Kyle Essex
    Kyle Essex 25 days ago +7

    Anyone who thinks that OP's mum went too far definitely doesn't have kids, if anyone said something like that about my boys I wouldn't stop at four teeth.

  • M҉elluminate™
    M҉elluminate™ 25 days ago

    Soooo “Godly” yet unphased by “Thou shalt not steal” themselves.

  • Elzette Donaldson
    Elzette Donaldson 25 days ago

    The first story: my parents are christians and some of the family are not. Yet, when one person has a problem, the whole family come together and try to help. Our whole family are extremely close. Family is family, even if you don't agree.

  • Flower ASMR
    Flower ASMR 25 days ago

    Fuckin religion man, not saying there’s anything wrong with it but shit like this will happen

  • Aliks de Megos
    Aliks de Megos 25 days ago

    You! I like! One subscriber for you!

  • Nuffpooh 42
    Nuffpooh 42 25 days ago

    Over ten minutes you say?
    *Ad revenue intensifies*

  • TheTRexGaming
    TheTRexGaming 25 days ago

    Listen, I'm a Catholic (not devoted and shit, just religious), and *THAT* type of behavior SB had is not ok. God can forgive who ever he wants, but hell this retard isn't getting any from me. Might need to teach her and her daughter that being religious isn't gonna save them.

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard 25 days ago

    If someone is trying to steal from me and I invited them to my home to meet up with family ; and I find out that they just came there to steal stuff from me with their accomplice, when I lose my cool at them I'm not just going to yell at them I'm going to be hitting them as hard as I can while yelling at them.

  • William Pinkard
    William Pinkard 25 days ago

    If I was the OP in the first story as soon as EK pushed me and started bullying me the first time she did it I would've punched her dead in the face as hard as I could since I'm just a little kid in the situation.

  • Mahogany Mouse
    Mahogany Mouse 25 days ago

    It's so lovely to hear you reading stories no matter the content. You have a lovely voice that conveys your fantastic character. Keep up the good work!

  • Saiben s.
    Saiben s. 25 days ago +1

    Some of you might think that the last story was a filler. And I'm here to tell you the truth. Yeah it was I needed more than one story. Join my discord

  • Xwolf 777
    Xwolf 777 25 days ago

    In my science class we have 3 Joe's myself included 2 Masons and 2 Seth's

  • Lindsay the Awesome
    Lindsay the Awesome 25 days ago

    My class does not have to worry about two people having the same name because out teacher calls us by our last name. My teacher literally asked one of my friends what her name was in the third quarter.

  • AmiMizuno2
    AmiMizuno2 26 days ago

    A real person of faith wouldn't be cruel.

  • Heaten Barr
    Heaten Barr 26 days ago

    Nice filler

  • Writer's Block
    Writer's Block 26 days ago +1

    These stories are getting faker every day...
    What I find concerning is the idiots who write these think their sloppy teenage fiction is believable.

  • Dwarfofdayear
    Dwarfofdayear 26 days ago

    I have had the feeling of just wanting to puch SB if I ever saw her.

  • Yama VonKarma
    Yama VonKarma 26 days ago +1

    Lot of religion hate in this sub. There needs to be harder moderation to get some of these people back to r/atheism

  • Zane Dotson
    Zane Dotson 26 days ago

    10:08 ah family

  • Alira Maxwell
    Alira Maxwell 26 days ago

    Can there be links to the Reddit posts in the description?
    Trying to find the first post on reddit.

  • Samren Reddy
    Samren Reddy 26 days ago

    People like SB give Christians a bad name

  • Hyrule Legend
    Hyrule Legend 26 days ago

    I feel like that whenever a lawsuit is ever threatened or even presented as an option, they opt out because it would actually provide evidence of existence for these stories

  • Nutelasaur *
    Nutelasaur * 26 days ago

    I've never had a true family reunion with both my parents' sides together, but from stories like these, I'm not sure I want to...

  • Black Templar
    Black Templar 26 days ago

    This is why the Emperor told us to focus on science and the protection of mankind

  • StyledTortoise
    StyledTortoise 26 days ago

    in my opinion thatkid should be in a offanige

  • StyledTortoise
    StyledTortoise 26 days ago

    thank god her teeth knock out

  • koechiaki777
    koechiaki777 26 days ago

    I bet when people shove the belief in God down other people's throats it makes God sad. :< that is not de wey.
    P.S. SB sounds absolutely mental.

  • Inkyboy75 YT
    Inkyboy75 YT 26 days ago

    Sb and ek: exist

    Guys relatives: those brats are up to something

  • LOL 39
    LOL 39 26 days ago

    "some primary school kids"
    *post literally says high school at the beginning*

  • Haefen Zebra
    Haefen Zebra 26 days ago

    SB got what she deserved. She wanted to see bulling, OP's mom showed her bullying.

  • NinjaGamerUSA
    NinjaGamerUSA 26 days ago

    I don't know what "religion" this entitled aunt followed, but based on her behavior she sure as heck isn't a good Christian.
    Teach people about God: Okay
    Swear and scream and encourage your kid to bully people over their beliefs: Most certainly *NOT* okay.

  • D. Freeman
    D. Freeman 26 days ago

    I have doubts the first one is real. If the mother of OP really did knock out four of the teeth of the entitled aunt, she probably would have sued. Also if the aunt was distant from all of the rest of the family, I doubt she would still be invited to any family gatherings

  • A Moody Aries On Her Soapbox

    I hope one of the Marys turned around and told the mother that if changing your name is so easy and you could pick out an awesome name then perhaps her daughter should do it instead.

  • ThatGentlemanOverThere

    People like SB are who give real Christians bad names.

  • wEt SpOnGe
    wEt SpOnGe 26 days ago +1

    *When a Family Reunion turns into a Royal Rumble*