Thor: Ragnarok - SPOILER Talk

  • Published on Nov 4, 2017
  • A lot happened in Thor: Ragnarok. Some raise questions. Here's my Spoiler talk for Thor: Ragnarok!

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  • IYeet dog
    IYeet dog 15 days ago

    You thought it was a tragedy , but you realized it was a comedy

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 16 days ago +1

    I just watched Thor Ragnarok again last night lol I woke up my wife laughing lol I forgot all about Hulk flying off to fight Surtur lol
    "Hulk, STOP, you MORON! Hulk, STOP! Just for once in your life, DON'T smash!"
    "Big MONSTER!" 😂😂😂

  • Dark Night
    Dark Night Month ago

    Jeremy there are more green skinned people in the universe of MCU . Remember the skrulls ?

    • MG3
      MG3 18 days ago

      This movie came out in 2017 captain Marvel came out in 2019 why the fuck would he bring up the skrulls when the latter film wasn't out at that time🤦‍♂️

  • J. José Rivera Torres

    Late to the party. Odin would have been able to stop the hammer. Willy Wanka is from Sakaar. ; P

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee Month ago

    I like the V neck

  • Travis Silcox
    Travis Silcox 2 months ago

    all the humour worked for me, one of the best marvel movies out there

  • Vikas Kumar
    Vikas Kumar 3 months ago

    This film was brilliant!

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 3 months ago

    That The Dark World ending was resolved quickly for good reason

  • Utkarsh Dwivedi
    Utkarsh Dwivedi 4 months ago

    Banner didn't die.. Its just thing of dissociative identity that banner told, that swift switching is not happening any more. One personality isn't letting other personality to come on surface.. This is why when banner jumped from space ship in front of hela's dog, hulk didn't came out instantly. Same thing happened in infinity war. Hulk refused coordination. Both personalities are trying to dominate.

  • Utkarsh Dwivedi
    Utkarsh Dwivedi 4 months ago +1

    Thor knew he's not Odin because surtur told him that Odin is not in asgard

  • lilpinkbunny
    lilpinkbunny 6 months ago

    Who else was excited to see a bit of planet hulk in the big screen??
    Not gonna lie though but korg disappointed me. I understand the movies aren't going to be like the comics but the only similarities that movie korg shared with comic korg is he is a rock monster and his name. Why is he blue??? He wasn't so funny in the comics either. And meik never spoke so that was disappointing. I hope they do a back story for planet hulk

  • Roggi
    Roggi 7 months ago

    Odin is actually worthy so he would be able to stop the hammer.

  • Extreme Encounter
    Extreme Encounter 7 months ago

    How would Banner be dead if only Banner was shown in Avengers and not the hulk?

  • Oscar Clarke
    Oscar Clarke 7 months ago

    *Marvel characters exist*

  • Michelle Jones
    Michelle Jones 7 months ago

    This presentation stinks

  • poopikins
    poopikins 8 months ago

    Just saw this movie. Genuinely a hysterical movie. I was laughing the entire movie. They took a lot of chances and I love it for that. Or was just a fun, goofy time.

  • Fabian Dejesus
    Fabian Dejesus 9 months ago

    He is adowableeee

  • Positivitea
    Positivitea 9 months ago

    I actually loved the comedy of the movie but there are a few things I would change:
    1. Cut out the part where Thor keeps interrupting Surtur while the chain spins but keep the funny banter. It drags on just a tad bit too long.
    2. Warriors Three. Give them more honourable deaths. At least make them all go out like Hogun. Also missed out on the the chance for them to tag team her.
    3. Cut out the part where Korg jokes about Asgard being destroyed. The joke was kinda funny but too predictable. Saw the punch line coming miles away. Also, could have stand to let the emotional destruction of their home settle in. Replacing Korg at the end with a longer conversation between Heimdall and Thor would've done the trick.
    I also think Odin's death could've been more emotional but Thor's reaction was fitting. Even Loki's expression. All of these could've bumped up Thor from a 7/10 to an 8/10 at least.

    • mrawesome669
      mrawesome669 9 months ago

      Positivitea Agree with all of this, I would even remove a bit more. The film had everything, great cast, great story and visuals but it way over does the comedy and it ultimately hurts the film

  • Taco1011
    Taco1011 10 months ago

    I don't know... I loved that Korg joke that happened.

  • Golden Light Pictures
    Golden Light Pictures 10 months ago

    But then Banner is in Infinity war...

  • Elessar Kenobi
    Elessar Kenobi 10 months ago

    the “ive been falling for thirty minutes!” scene was the funniest moment for me😂

  • WilliamWallace Of the US
    WilliamWallace Of the US 10 months ago

    Honestly did anyone really give a shit about Thors Asgardian pals? Of course not that’s why they were killed off the way they were

  • Suzie Ayers
    Suzie Ayers 11 months ago

    Nope, Bruce is not dead, but once he's into Bruce Banner again... the Hulk refuses to come back.

  • Suzie Ayers
    Suzie Ayers 11 months ago

    This movie was a tragic comedy. Yes, that is a thing. It is a story where lots of both funny and tragic stuff happens, but it ends on a happy note.

  • Gregory Manu
    Gregory Manu 11 months ago

    Banner's not dead. He fell from the sky before in Incredible Hulk and obviously didn't die so he's not dead.

  • BP Rokosz
    BP Rokosz 11 months ago +1

    Infinity War's beginning basically ruins this movie.

  • TheGakable
    TheGakable 11 months ago

    With the Bruce Banner dead thing, there's a bit in Avengers 1 where Banner says he shot himself in the head and the Hulk spat it back out. I think if Banner can come back from a bullet to the brain, he can come back from a like 50 meter drop

  • IsaacCarnell KingIV
    IsaacCarnell KingIV 11 months ago

    I didn’t like it but my family did, and I liked watching them enjoy it

  • Mason Licona
    Mason Licona 11 months ago

    If it had been Odin he would have just caught it

  • karl jonson
    karl jonson 11 months ago

    How is Bruce Banner still alive and well?

  • TheRealUcanUwill
    TheRealUcanUwill 11 months ago

    This was a great movie, but I am not sure how I feel about that ending. And I am writing this post Infinity war, so now Asgard is destroyed for real and Thor is totally responsible for this. He is kinda the biggest Asgard villain ever if you think about it. Hela returns, her intend is to bring Asgard back to glory, and ok, she is evil, and I understand people of Asgard wouldn't want to help her cause lets say, but lets see the alternative. Thor shows up, doesn't even try to ask what his people really want, puts everyone on a spaceship, destroys Asgard, which is crazy, and then leads all his people to death. Well now you fucked up son, I rather have Hela, Hela was so powerful she might have even helped out against Thanos by chance.

  • Mrcool179
    Mrcool179 Year ago

    I loved it. Comedy was great.

  • Alex Moscow
    Alex Moscow Year ago

    bit late to the party on this one but gotta say i loved this movie. up there with the best imo, if not the best MCU movie in terms of how much i enjoyed it. if i was to nitpick, the one bit that kinda confused me was if Odin was keeping Hella at bay, why send in the valkaries?

  • Waffles 12415
    Waffles 12415 Year ago

    Thor: the god of oak trees

  • Gabriella Goins
    Gabriella Goins Year ago

    Watching this after infinity war. 'Nuf said.

  • Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette Year ago

    Odin would be able to stop the hammer .... thats why he held Odin infront

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams Year ago

    I'm I the only one mad that they just got rid off Thor`s supporting cast like nothing. Jane, Darcy, Doctor selvik, Lady sif & The Warriors Three, even Odin was just given a few lines and just killed off. And what about that secret end in Thor: The Dark World with Loki posting as Odin having finally taken the thrown. That could have been a hug story but they just wrote it off in a few minutes at the beginning of the film. The tone of this move was nothing like the Thor movies, this was basically Gaurdians of the Galaxy staring Thor
    This move gets a 6/10 for me

  • Dylin Meyers
    Dylin Meyers Year ago

    I hate how they literally destroy everything built up about Thor just to make it a comedy. So many dark things happen in the movie that could have built This character but they use them as platforms for jokes like it doesn't even matter. This shouldn't have been just a dumb comedy this could have been so much more.

  • Saucy_Bones
    Saucy_Bones Year ago +1

    Thor 3 is one of the worst movies i've seen in a long time.

  • TrIpE _09
    TrIpE _09 Year ago +1

    It should've had balance in comedy and drama like deadpool it was an action comedy but it got serious in important moments. Example when deadpool got his face fucked up he didn't crack a joke he acted how anyone would act which made the scene felt more powerful. Something similar to that should've happen at the end of this movie. At moments it did had a sense of balance like when Odin died it got serious and then went to the funny parts soon after Thor got to the grandmaster's planet. I feel it would've been an even better movie than it already was if it knew when to be funny or serious at moments where it needed to be. All in all still enjoyed the movie.

  • Gavin Reddig
    Gavin Reddig Year ago

    Krog gonna save the day in Avengers 4

  • Alexander Parry
    Alexander Parry Year ago +1

    More like Bore: Ragnarok

  • Alexander Corrente

    I liked this movie...just felt there could have been more meat too it.

  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer Year ago

    Looking back on Ragnarok. The Russo brothers really hit the balance between Thor’s dramatic and comedic side in Infinity War much better than Ragnarok did. And on the matter of Banner coming back after saying he would never be able to
    SPOILER ALERT if your dumbass hasn’t seen Infinity War yet

    Thanos beat the Hulk right out of him. Hulk willfully retreated and didn’t come back for the duration of the film because he was so scared.

  • Cameron White
    Cameron White Year ago

    Does a review with spoilers........doesn't mention Thor loses an eye

  • imicca
    imicca Year ago

    Bruce banner is not dead

  • WeLikeSportz
    WeLikeSportz Year ago

    Couldnt get through this video which is rare for one of Jeremy's. The nitpicky complaints are near cinemasins level of stupid.

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L Year ago

    Oden can stop the hammer

  • Mark Arandjus
    Mark Arandjus Year ago

    Always a good day when Jeremy brings up Legacy of Kain ^^

  • Johnny Calliber
    Johnny Calliber Year ago

    The moment you realize that Thor, the god of thunder gets electrocuted

  • Cynthia Pot
    Cynthia Pot Year ago +2

    It's funny that Matt Damon plays Loki in that play, because he played the fallen angel Loki in Dogma. Irony!

  • Thomas Soergel
    Thomas Soergel Year ago

    Mass Effect should get their own movie soon, around this year or next. Just hope Tali is the LI for Shepard. Tali is BAE

  • KingGoji 85
    KingGoji 85 Year ago

    About Bruce banner, a similar thing happened in Incredible Hulk, which is canon, and he was still there, mind you with a different actir

  • Angela Fink
    Angela Fink Year ago +1

    What we see:
    Loki: oooooh tesaract! Nope no I have to do this sorry.
    What we know:
    Loki: oooooh tesaract! Hmmmm I’ll be back in a sec, gotta go save the world or something, I don’t really care.

  • justin tinge
    justin tinge Year ago

    Taika Waititi stole the movie, direct the movie, make all interview fun. He's just the man.

  • Arian S
    Arian S Year ago

    I think the fact that banner DOESN'T die after falling on the bridge is explained way earlier in the first Avengers movie, when banner says "You can't kill me, I tried. I put a bullet in my mouth, but the other guy spit it out". I think it also makes sense that they share a body, so Hulk's body takes care of itself.

  • RynKen
    RynKen Year ago

    The movie had potential for effectively dramatic moments and they were replaced by okay humor. The great action scenes tipped the scale and made this worth watching for me.

  • Ollie McMillan
    Ollie McMillan Year ago

    I think they played the Willy Wonka music in reference to the strange tunnel scene from that movie with the weird lights and scary visuals. I could tell that was what it paid homage to.

  • aQuestionableQuestion

    well i'm only 4 months late...better late than never. I liked this movie, defo think it's easily the best Thor movie of the 3 and i like the fact they decided to change the tone of the film and make it more of a comedy

  • Pusher Love Man
    Pusher Love Man Year ago

    If you're wondering how Thor was able to tell that wasn't Odin: Surtur literally told him that Odin was no longer on the throne. He didn't tell him Loki was on there instead, but that's enough information for Thor to see a play glorifying Loki and go, "Wait a minute..."

  • Roberto Gonzalez
    Roberto Gonzalez Year ago

    Korg is the man!

  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias Year ago

    If it was the real Odin he would have being able to stop the hammer since the Mjolnir obbeys to both Thor and Odin.

  • Yoshi Dinono
    Yoshi Dinono Year ago

    Thumbs up simply for mentioning the story from Legacy of Kain.

  • Joey Flacko
    Joey Flacko Year ago

    I’m not gonna lie I think it’s refreshing I was starting to getting so hard to watch these super serious hero movies you know like Thor the dark world was just too damn serious and boring

  • Joey Flacko
    Joey Flacko Year ago

    Alright your kinda nit picking with this one lol

  • IfyouBelieve
    IfyouBelieve Year ago

    I feel like the humor fit perfectly with Loki. Every funny scene he had it helped make him seem even more like a real brother a real troll. It was great but gotta be honest some scenes when Thor tries to be funny it just doesn't feel genuinely funny ... some hit and misses

    QUEENDOM Year ago +1

    Why is every movie copying guardians atmosphere with the jokes and the distractions lol

  • MexiCanadian 08
    MexiCanadian 08 Year ago

    Honestly, way better than Black Panther, give this movie a 9 out of 10.

  • chocolate6560
    chocolate6560 Year ago

    I thought the humor was very awkward and anoying. It told you from the beginning to expect the subversion of possible dramatic moments, and it happened as you were expecting it would - not very engaging. i also fought some of the jokes beeing very inapriate in terms of the story. Like the time when an innocent person sitting in the chair next to Thor got murdered , and Thor reacts like a pampered rich Jock, that just had a bird shit on his new car, complaining not abaut the terror and injustice of the sitiation, but about the "smell".

  • daniel
    daniel Year ago

    I t was a pretty cringy movie for me. A lot of the jokes were just unnecessary and actually took away from some of the necessarily sentimental or important parts of the film. It was obviously trying too hard to be a comedy movie.

  • pal y
    pal y Year ago

    I've never been a thor fan , what kind of god walks around with a hammer ? but this looks good only because of hulk . Hulk smash scenes have carried the avenger movies

  • Κωστας Μαυροματης

    Bruce can be alive because in avenger said that he but a bullet thought his mouth but the hulk spit it out ...

  • Κωστας Μαυροματης

    Heimdal never sees the dog and soldiers because none of these have a soul . Heimdal sees all souls . I never thought that you will make this fault .... I see in your last videos that you make things more professional but with less heart and geek from your start ...

  • Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar

    one of my three My favourite scene in the entire film was just Bruce sitting with Thor after reverting from Hulk. In my opinion it was one of few scenes where the comedy lined up well with the overall tone. I just hate the fact that we missed out on the "Did i kill people?" moment that we should have gotten, like Jeremy pointed out.
    The problem with Jeremy's really interesting breakdown of the "death" of Banner is that Bruce Banner shows up in literally the _first_ trailer for _Infinity War_ leaving all of that interesting subplot by the wayside. This film was such a mixed bag of emotions for me...

  • Mike Overkill
    Mike Overkill Year ago

    Bruce Banner jumped out of a helicopter in the Incredible Hulk movie and the hulk climbed out of the crater Bruce made I Harlem. Bruce shot himself and the hulk spit out the bullet. And Banner said if he transformed again he MIGHT not come back.

  • Χάος χαίνω

    Brother sister family drama.... Wasted potentials of their powers. Hela simply did that pointy thing like in man of steel... Tentacles... Useless.

  • Χάος χαίνω
    Χάος χαίνω Year ago +1

    Again with MCU movies... Weak villain and comical villain.

  • camden sparks
    camden sparks Year ago

    Is anyone here to fight the champion?
    Oh doug is!! Doug DOUG!! Doug!!
    Dougs dead.

  • Savage Dawgs Highlights

    I loved this movie! I still think Civil War holds its spot as my favorite MCU movie right now but the comedy in this was awesome. We’ve seen bits of the comedy potential sprinkled in in several movies so far, it was fun to see it just unleashed for the whole movie. I do love DC movies too even tho some don’t, but they do have some catching up to do with marvel!

  • jack Roberts Guitar

    banner is not dead he is in the infinity war trailer

  • Dylan Murray
    Dylan Murray Year ago

    Not even gonna speak of the end credit scene

  • w3pa
    w3pa Year ago

    Did you really just reference Soul Reaver?! Damn! Respect level up!!

  • Johnny Calliber
    Johnny Calliber Year ago

    Jeremy maybe right about Odin forced to be a douche but Thor is his son, he can see the bravery in his eyes while the hammer comes back to him. Loki on the other hand, you could see the fear, the greed in "Odin" 's eyes. That's just my play

  • Gevoian
    Gevoian Year ago

    bruce aint dead cuz hes in the infinity war trailer

  • jodhan79
    jodhan79 Year ago

    am i the only one who loved this movie more than any other marvel movies out there ?

  • Bahaa Monir
    Bahaa Monir Year ago

    " Are you Thor the god of hammers?!" Probably one of the best line ever in a Marvel movie.

  • Travis Marshall
    Travis Marshall Year ago

    The foundations joke killed at the theater I was at and killed twice. I went opening night and went again a few weeks later. Same reaction each time. xD

  • dwayne trip
    dwayne trip Year ago

    The story that Thor told to Valkyrie about the time Loki tried to kill him while they were kids was pretty funny.

    DRGIZMO29 Year ago

    the movie was fun, but i hate to see bruce banner and thor basically change personalities, for the sake of comedy

  • FreelanceXD
    FreelanceXD Year ago +1

    Loki was supposed to die in Thor: The Dark World and they decided to keep him around, so they did reshoots for the Odin disguise scene as a cheap solution. That's why that throw away plot point had to happen.

  • Jacob Millgate
    Jacob Millgate Year ago

    Jeremy Jahns The reason why they played the Willy Wonka music is because the actress who played face visual of the umpalumpa's in the last wonka film played by Johnny dep was the actress who was the grand masters servant who kept handing him the evaporation staff...

  • Veloziraptor111
    Veloziraptor111 Year ago +1

    As for your first point about how Thor shouldn't have been so sure that it was, in fact, Loki, as opposed to Odin with a spell on him or something similar, that fire guy with horns (never caught his name) told him that Odin is not on Asgard, which, I think, made Thor realize that Odin is indeed being impersonated by someone. Granted, it might not have been Loki, but Thor only ever knew one person who can cast an illusion to make himself look like someone else, and that is Loki, so it was a safe assumption. And even if it might have been someone else, he had to be fairly certain it wasn't Odin.

  • Gangster Oreos
    Gangster Oreos Year ago

    Hey Jeremy I just rewatched the movie and the reason Thor knew that Odin wasn’t on Asgard and that it was Loki was because Surter told him that when he was chained up

  • Luscalov Vlad
    Luscalov Vlad Year ago

    Thor:RAIDEN was a good movie.

  • Michael Pham
    Michael Pham Year ago

    lol thinks bruce banner is dead but infinity wars trailer confirms he's alive

  • DomzTS
    DomzTS Year ago

    Bruce Banner isn't dead. Watch the Infinity War trailer dude.

  • John Ross Dela Pena

    I thought the ship from the post-credit is from the gold people from Guardians of the Galaxy lolol guess I'm wrong

  • Kristien Whitneyjohns

    I honestly thought this movie was trash.

  • Damian Billbrough

    Well Bruce is in the Avengers trailer, I think that was just his worry, Bruce won't die, it'll be "Bruce and Hulk finally connect and balance out, so they work together rather than fighting against one another for control"

  • Nikola Berishaj
    Nikola Berishaj Year ago

    You didn't say anything about Beta Ray Bill statue