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  • chocolate6560
    chocolate6560 Day ago

    I thought the humor was very awkward and anoying. It told you from the beginning to expect the subversion of possible dramatic moments, and it happened as you were expecting it would - not very engaging. i also fought some of the jokes beeing very inapriate in terms of the story. Like the time when an innocent person sitting in the chair next to Thor got murdered , and Thor reacts like a pampered rich Jock, that just had a bird shit on his new car, complaining not abaut the terror and injustice of the sitiation, but about the "smell".

  • Daniel Annam
    Daniel Annam Day ago

    I t was a pretty cringy movie for me. A lot of the jokes were just unnecessary and actually took away from some of the necessarily sentimental or important parts of the film. It was obviously trying too hard to be a comedy movie.

  • paly sg
    paly sg 3 days ago

    I've never been a thor fan , what kind of god walks around with a hammer ? but this looks good only because of hulk . Hulk smash scenes have carried the avenger movies

  • BlackCurse
    BlackCurse 3 days ago

    Bruce can be alive because in avenger said that he but a bullet thought his mouth but the hulk spit it out ...

  • BlackCurse
    BlackCurse 3 days ago

    Heimdal never sees the dog and soldiers because none of these have a soul . Heimdal sees all souls . I never thought that you will make this fault .... I see in your last videos that you make things more professional but with less heart and geek from your start ...

  • Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar
    Hasan Abdul-Jabbaar 3 days ago

    one of my three My favourite scene in the entire film was just Bruce sitting with Thor after reverting from Hulk. In my opinion it was one of few scenes where the comedy lined up well with the overall tone. I just hate the fact that we missed out on the "Did i kill people?" moment that we should have gotten, like Jeremy pointed out.
    The problem with Jeremy's really interesting breakdown of the "death" of Banner is that Bruce Banner shows up in literally the _first_ trailer for _Infinity War_ leaving all of that interesting subplot by the wayside. This film was such a mixed bag of emotions for me...

  • Mike Overkill
    Mike Overkill 5 days ago

    Bruce Banner jumped out of a helicopter in the Incredible Hulk movie and the hulk climbed out of the crater Bruce made I Harlem. Bruce shot himself and the hulk spit out the bullet. And Banner said if he transformed again he MIGHT not come back.

  • Χάος χαίνω
    Χάος χαίνω 6 days ago

    Brother sister family drama.... Wasted potentials of their powers. Hela simply did that pointy thing like in man of steel... Tentacles... Useless.

  • Χάος χαίνω
    Χάος χαίνω 6 days ago

    Again with MCU movies... Weak villain and comical villain.

  • camden sparks
    camden sparks 7 days ago

    Is anyone here to fight the champion?
    Oh doug is!! Doug DOUG!! Doug!!
    Dougs dead.

  • Savage Dawgs Highlights

    I loved this movie! I still think Civil War holds its spot as my favorite MCU movie right now but the comedy in this was awesome. We’ve seen bits of the comedy potential sprinkled in in several movies so far, it was fun to see it just unleashed for the whole movie. I do love DC movies too even tho some don’t, but they do have some catching up to do with marvel!

  • jack Roberts Guitar
    jack Roberts Guitar 10 days ago

    banner is not dead he is in the infinity war trailer

  • Dylan Murray
    Dylan Murray 13 days ago

    Not even gonna speak of the end credit scene

  • w3pa
    w3pa 15 days ago

    Did you really just reference Soul Reaver?! Damn! Respect level up!!

  • Johnny Calliber
    Johnny Calliber 16 days ago

    Jeremy maybe right about Odin forced to be a douche but Thor is his son, he can see the bravery in his eyes while the hammer comes back to him. Loki on the other hand, you could see the fear, the greed in "Odin" 's eyes. That's just my play

  • Gevoian
    Gevoian 16 days ago

    bruce aint dead cuz hes in the infinity war trailer

  • jodhan79
    jodhan79 18 days ago

    am i the only one who loved this movie more than any other marvel movies out there ?

  • Bahaa Monir
    Bahaa Monir 20 days ago

    " Are you Thor the god of hammers?!" Probably one of the best line ever in a Marvel movie.

  • Travis Marshall
    Travis Marshall 20 days ago

    The foundations joke killed at the theater I was at and killed twice. I went opening night and went again a few weeks later. Same reaction each time. xD

  • dwayne trip
    dwayne trip 21 day ago

    The story that Thor told to Valkyrie about the time Loki tried to kill him while they were kids was pretty funny.

    DRGIZMO29 22 days ago

    the movie was fun, but i hate to see bruce banner and thor basically change personalities, for the sake of comedy

  • SH4D0WXR33CONt1
    SH4D0WXR33CONt1 24 days ago +1

    Loki was supposed to die in Thor: The Dark World and they decided to keep him around, so they did reshoots for the Odin disguise scene as a cheap solution. That's why that throw away plot point had to happen.

  • Terrance Autrey
    Terrance Autrey 24 days ago

    Jeremy Jahns The reason why they played the Willy Wonka music is because the actress who played face visual of the umpalumpa's in the last wonka film played by Johnny dep was the actress who was the grand masters servant who kept handing him the evaporation staff...

  • Veloziraptor111
    Veloziraptor111 24 days ago +1

    As for your first point about how Thor shouldn't have been so sure that it was, in fact, Loki, as opposed to Odin with a spell on him or something similar, that fire guy with horns (never caught his name) told him that Odin is not on Asgard, which, I think, made Thor realize that Odin is indeed being impersonated by someone. Granted, it might not have been Loki, but Thor only ever knew one person who can cast an illusion to make himself look like someone else, and that is Loki, so it was a safe assumption. And even if it might have been someone else, he had to be fairly certain it wasn't Odin.

  • Gangster Oreos
    Gangster Oreos 25 days ago

    Hey Jeremy I just rewatched the movie and the reason Thor knew that Odin wasn’t on Asgard and that it was Loki was because Surter told him that when he was chained up

  • Luscalov Vlad
    Luscalov Vlad 25 days ago

    Thor:RAIDEN was a good movie.

  • Minh-Kha Pham
    Minh-Kha Pham 25 days ago

    lol thinks bruce banner is dead but infinity wars trailer confirms he's alive

  • DomzTS
    DomzTS 26 days ago

    Bruce Banner isn't dead. Watch the Infinity War trailer dude.

  • John Ross Dela Pena

    I thought the ship from the post-credit is from the gold people from Guardians of the Galaxy lolol guess I'm wrong

  • Kristien Whitneyjohns
    Kristien Whitneyjohns Month ago +1

    I honestly thought this movie was trash.

  • Damian Billbrough
    Damian Billbrough Month ago

    Well Bruce is in the Avengers trailer, I think that was just his worry, Bruce won't die, it'll be "Bruce and Hulk finally connect and balance out, so they work together rather than fighting against one another for control"

  • JourneyML1
    JourneyML1 Month ago +1

    I love the MCU but have to agree with this. Way too much humor. Really hope IW and A4 don't get dragged down by it, but I trust the Russo's. They delivered with TWS and CW and knew when to be serious (if Taika made CW you know there would be jokes in the final fight).
    Like the Mass Effect reference! Love that series

  • Nikola Berisaj
    Nikola Berisaj Month ago

    You didn't say anything about Beta Ray Bill statue

  • Dikeledi Musi
    Dikeledi Musi Month ago

    I absolutely love the MCU, it is AMAZING... Sadly though, Ragnarok is EASILY the worst installment of the MCU. It's pacing, editing, tone... All just done wrong. The story too, and the emotional moments, also done wrong. The best parts of this "Thor" movie, involved "Dr. Strange" and "Hulk"... After the 2nd/3rd watch, I believe that's when more people will realize it. Anyway, Black Panther, Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp look like they're all going to deliver in a big way. I'm waiting patiently.

  • MinyBeats VA
    MinyBeats VA Month ago

    Oh...oh my actually might be right about the fact that Bruce Banner is 100% dead D: and they made it a comedic moment lmbo...

  • Hernán Ruiz
    Hernán Ruiz Month ago

    Just saw the movie and this probably came out, but I don't think Banner is dead. Remember in the Norton film (which is canon), he tryed to commit suicide and didn't work. If anything is the Hulk taking over, not Banner dying

  • 張文煜
    張文煜 Month ago

    tbh the green mascot could easily be shrek, soooo

  • Ezra Daßer
    Ezra Daßer Month ago

    Korg running into a vanishing Loki ghost with his peaceful Kiwi voice was the thing I laughed the most about on this movie !

  • Irritable Jon Syndrome

    Wait how is Bruce Banner dead? He's on the ship at the very end flying away isn't he? Either way if the Hulk comes back one more time and he dies or whatever it makes sense because Infinity Wars coming up and a lot of these guys aren't going to survive this phase. So he's definitely one of the ones we're going to go and I think they're setting it up for that

  • Omega Styles
    Omega Styles Month ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok was awesome dude. Not every movie needs to be a freaking Oscar bait

  • Darrell Beam
    Darrell Beam Month ago

    The reason Thor knew Loki was taking Odin's place is because he got a hint from Surtur (the big fires guy). Go back and watch the beginning and you'll see it

  • paranidherc
    paranidherc Month ago +1

    Could we like...not have black valkyries?

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Month ago

    Banner's not dead because we see him in the Infinity War trailer..
    Just saying

  • Geek Wood Science
    Geek Wood Science Month ago

    Odin had more power over the hammer than Thor remember the first movie

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie Liu Month ago

    Funny cuz the only time i zoned out of the movie world is when Hulk just Banner'ed and Thor was trying everything to calm him down... not sure why i felt that because it's kinda an important plot point...

  • Marwan_Elshemy
    Marwan_Elshemy Month ago +2


  • Oreo Kush
    Oreo Kush Month ago

    Did this ass not watch the infinity war trailer? Lolol. “The tesseract is floating in space”

  • Oreo Kush
    Oreo Kush Month ago

    Great funny movie. One too many jokes. Good work marvel. More Valkari flashblacks please that was fantastic...

  • Ser Babs
    Ser Babs Month ago

    Yeahhhh Now it’s a party!!

  • 1Flyingfist
    1Flyingfist Month ago

    The film was "Meeeeediocrrrrre" 😐
    Nice review though 👍

  • Jeannie Garcia
    Jeannie Garcia Month ago +1

    OK let's get one thing straight Bruce Banner has tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head and he said that in the first avengers movie and he said that the Haulk spit out the bullet so I do not believe he is dead

  • John Le
    John Le Month ago

    I saw an article that explained that Banner most likely isn't dead because in the movie you hear him whimpering/make a moan and also in the 1st Avengers movie when Banner said he tried to shoot himself but the Hulk "spit it out" and so the Hulk becomes like a defense mechanism for Banner. Also he's in the Infinity War trailer and it doesn't look like it's flashbacks and was also on set for Avengers 4

  • HeroInaHalfPint
    HeroInaHalfPint Month ago

    Thor does that to Odin on Asgard in the beginning (knowing he's not Odin) is cause Surtur tells him so when's he chained up. He tells him, "Odin isn't in Asgard."

  • LunaOfTheDarkestNight

    I love how Thor went into the Avatar state

  • azertz99
    azertz99 Month ago


  • Shaahin Rajabi
    Shaahin Rajabi Month ago +1

    Shit movie

  • Kirinin Kiri
    Kirinin Kiri Month ago +1

    tbh i didn't really liek thor, too much comedy, ragnorak in the comics WAS THIS EPIC but i guess not in the movies. Also the thing about thor almost killing loki. If it was really Odin then Odin would have been fine. He is literally a god of gods. Thor's hammer wouldn't do much to hurt him especially since he wasn't really trying. If Odin wanted he'd have just slapped the hammer away or removed thor's control over it

  • TheBigKing0
    TheBigKing0 Month ago

    I 100% agree about the Korg thing. Great character but his last line with the planet exploding was just out of place and so obvious, saw the punch line coming from a mile away

  • Julio Librado
    Julio Librado Month ago

    "This a comedy movie, it isn't like other MCU movies" ....what?? Lol

  • Vigazzle Jayjizzle
    Vigazzle Jayjizzle Month ago

    It’s a fun movie but it’s way to meta, like it just makes fun of itself

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica Month ago

    This movie is amazing people who don't like it are like those who don't like Blade Runner 2049 either don't get the movie or are just bothered by the pace

  • PopularNobody
    PopularNobody Month ago

    If you think Bruce banner is dead I have a bridge to sell you

  • Daniel Rogneson
    Daniel Rogneson Month ago

    Loved Ragnarok, probably my favorite Marvel movie together with Guardians vol 1 & 2. 😁

  • mhmMHMmhm
    mhmMHMmhm Month ago

    i think the point is if it was odin he would have caught the hammer.

  • Fidel Guevara
    Fidel Guevara Month ago

    it was good but wayyyy too many jokes. MCU could use a dark movie.

  • Hector Arredondo
    Hector Arredondo Month ago

    i feel that asgard being destroyed was taken to lightly korg saying that asgard can be rebuild if the foundation is intact i knew that it was also going to be destroyed but the joke was to light for a home that just got destroyed korg was still funny especially the funny hammer conversation with thor
    it was still funny when banner fell to the bridge without hulking out totally pratical

  • Franco Yauri
    Franco Yauri Month ago

    Just watched it. Very funny and a great movie overall! Way better than The Dark World

  • Kaaxe
    Kaaxe Month ago

    I am so happy there was no fucking uneccesary love thing going on as there always is

  • Kaaxe
    Kaaxe Month ago

    Hela seemed 100% like her title was "queen of blades"

  • Sage 23
    Sage 23 Month ago

    Sheesh relax it’s a movie my man you like mother but rip this movie to shit

  • Captain Deadpool
    Captain Deadpool Month ago +1

    Odin could wield mjolnir that's why thor was gonna threatening Loki with the whole hammer thing.

  • Nora N
    Nora N Month ago

    Well I guess Banner is alive and didn't permanently become Hulk cause you see him in the infinity war trailer

  • 许云龙
    许云龙 Month ago +1

    Thor : Ragnarok is a wanna-be-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy movie that doesn't work.

  • Biohazard1999
    Biohazard1999 Month ago

    So Mjölnir was Dumbo's magic feather.

  • Jefferson Diaz
    Jefferson Diaz Month ago

    Sorry but wow your nit picking everything ur are hard person to please

  • Roger Gregory
    Roger Gregory Month ago +1

    Actually, Surtur told Thor that Odin was no longer on Asgard. The play was funny, and Odin(Loki)’s reaction to Thor’s arrival was priceless.

  • PixelGod97
    PixelGod97 Month ago

    *watches the trailer*
    The better actually play Immigrant Song in the movie
    *me when it ended the SECOND time*
    jfjkkc of dkckgdlhwoycoydgmxjlslybzso6xulclhdou

  • kornilios js
    kornilios js Month ago

    In the avengers Bruce banner said that he has shot himself and the hulk spit the bullet out so I don't think he is dead

  • iulix max
    iulix max Month ago

    is nat what i expected it to match color and bad comedy !!! 5/10 score!!!

  • Felix Albrecht
    Felix Albrecht Month ago

    Loved the music. Reminded me very much of Flash Gordon times. So much synthi.

  • VanDraxel
    VanDraxel Month ago

    what bothered me a lot was Skurge in the end - how the f**k did he get his M16 rifles - some deus ex machina shit right there
    and another thing the whole logistics of the end fight - Hella against Thor ana Valkyrie - how did the zombee asgardian soldiers passed by the ongoing battle and get to the spaceship

  • sir313jonsson
    sir313jonsson Month ago

    i did not korg, he was so out of place inevery scene he was present

  • walter white
    walter white Month ago

    If they had removed all the feminism it would've been great.

  • Shakeeb Anjum
    Shakeeb Anjum Month ago

    Then maybe HULK will die in Infinity War !

  • Norbert Faller
    Norbert Faller Month ago

    Lets nitpick the nitpicking video! Odin can lift Thor's hammer, so, if it was Odin, he'd just catch it and ask his son WTF?

  • Limited Edition
    Limited Edition 2 months ago

    I honestly haven’t laughed so hard during a superhero movie than when I watched this.

  • Zain Qamar
    Zain Qamar 2 months ago

    If it was actually odin he'd be able to stop the hammer himself which is why Thor could do what he did to loki with such confidence

  • xviolet953
    xviolet953 2 months ago

    I felt like the movie had fewer serious moments than Guardians of the Galaxy. At least Guardians allowed the audience to feel some emotion after the death of a character.
    I mostly wanted the main battle to remain serious but they added in at least 5 comedic parts that felt out of place as Asgard and its citizens were on the verge of destruction. There were so many parts where I started to feel for the characters only to have a joke appear.
    9/10 as a comedy
    7/10 as a comic-book movie

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 2 months ago

    I had a better idea for an episode of Gaia Rangers GPD than the story for Thor Ragnarok.
    there's a mixture of mass effect andromeda, but in reverse. a new enemy showed up from a different galaxy and when Starla's planet was attacked, Starla goes missing and then this new ranger teams shows up to offer help to the GPD rangers and the Operation Wasp Rangers.

  • Daimon Clarke
    Daimon Clarke 2 months ago

    The god of lightning must have been pissed when he saw the third act of this film.

  • Daimon Clarke
    Daimon Clarke 2 months ago

    Loki is the god of mischief. So, he’s just be having a good time as Odin. To be honest, he hasn’t been that evil since murdering 80 people in Avengers.

  • Urayoan Ruiz
    Urayoan Ruiz 2 months ago

    Infinity war and Black Panther and Deadpool 2 look dark

  • Ahmed Saleh
    Ahmed Saleh 2 months ago

    Remember banner said that he once shot himself in the mouth and the other guy spat it out.

  • Elroy Foster
    Elroy Foster 2 months ago

    A question: was the soul stone in Thor Ragnarok. I can't recall now and I'm trying to remember where all the stones are before infinity war. Was it not in the movie? Can we expect to see it in Black Panther? Or did I just miss it in Ragnarok

  • Cosmo KnightJumper
    Cosmo KnightJumper 2 months ago +1

    I liked the final Korg joke. But I see your point.

  • Da Cashman
    Da Cashman 2 months ago

    This was way more negative than your non-spoiler review. Maybe you should record these in opposite order.

  • Speed Demon 36
    Speed Demon 36 2 months ago

    Banner's alive

  • Joe Dorer
    Joe Dorer 2 months ago

    soo Bruce can't die little late to the convo but Banner literally can’t off himself because the Hulk won’t let him. As much as Hulk dislikes himself as Banner, and vice versa, the Hulk knows he can’t exist without Banner.

  • Cartoon Network/Disney XD Superheroes

    To answer that plot hole about how Thor knew it was Loki, Surtr said at the beginning that Odin wasn’t even there. So who would that be if it wasn’t Odin, but Loki?

  • Corinna Cougar
    Corinna Cougar 2 months ago +1

    I did not like it. Though it was not completely terrible, I do think it was the biggest disappointment in the MCU.