Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Teaser

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Forget what you know.
    Community Reveal Event: May 17, 2018
    Global Launch: October 12, 2018
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  • CLundkvist
    CLundkvist 6 hours ago

    another cod where u will get hyped because good marketing and then buy it have fun 2 weeks because pass that there will be missing a ranked ladder, competetive que with a team and to many pc cheaters. Question is is 1-2 weeks fun worth 49.99 euro? maybe it is.

  • Butter Bru
    Butter Bru 7 hours ago

    Take that pass and shove it up your ass

  • cheergunner106 cheergunner106

    When we thought there would be a campaign

  • FuriousDuck999
    FuriousDuck999 3 days ago

    COD BLACK OPS 4 BATTLE ROYALE - 100$ - pick up a gun 2000$ - per bullet 10000$ -change your skin 50000$ - a good cod comes out pls end me

  • iTwisted x
    iTwisted x 4 days ago

    Call of duty Ghost 2 please 😭😭

  • TypicalAntihero 09
    TypicalAntihero 09 4 days ago

    Mason: *the numbers what do they mean?!*

  • No One
    No One 4 days ago +1

    BO1: One of the best Call of duty
    BO2: A classic
    BO3: A Good Game, but not like the others
    BO4: disappointment, disappointment everywhere

  • Ughitskyla
    Ughitskyla 4 days ago


  • Black Lotus
    Black Lotus 4 days ago

    "Forget what you know" about a good Call of Duty game. I was so hyped up by this trailer. E3 happed recantly and they keep finding new ways to disapoint the fans.

  • Isaiah Vasquez
    Isaiah Vasquez 5 days ago +1

    I just hope they remaster BO2 !!

  • Danny
    Danny 5 days ago

    battle royale made by activison hell yea

  • Luciano Valda
    Luciano Valda 5 days ago


  • Andrew Bowers
    Andrew Bowers 5 days ago

    Isn't that the CinemaSins beginning and ending sound effect with the buildup?

  • CSKid
    CSKid 5 days ago

    0:08 the black ops 2 Aftermath map lmao

  • TheShizzleOWizzle
    TheShizzleOWizzle 6 days ago

    Battle royale tho? Really? Really, like.. Actually?

  • the lolbit 660 12
    the lolbit 660 12 6 days ago


  • Zombie die 6
    Zombie die 6 7 days ago

    Remastered buried pls

  • Manoj Varughese
    Manoj Varughese 8 days ago

    please stop making these...

  • Mikhail Prokopenko
    Mikhail Prokopenko 8 days ago

    Interesting black ops 3 which called black ops iv ? And price will be as for the new game? F.... U …. M.....F

  • Don Alejandro de la Vega

    ? how to order for the PC

  • ShadowPlayer
    ShadowPlayer 9 days ago

    This COD is not a COD anymore, this game should be called: Fortnite 2 or PUBG2 cuz of copyright of things in this game.

  • ShadowPlayer
    ShadowPlayer 9 days ago

    Another borring COD from Treyarch and BorringTivision which don't have Campaign and CO-OP mode and they are borred to create MW4 or Ghosts 2.

    • ShadowPlayer
      ShadowPlayer 5 days ago

      Walk away, BO 4 Lover, BO 4 will never be perfect like Wulf 2009 or Ghosts

    • Aidan McGregor
      Aidan McGregor 5 days ago

      you are retarded

  • LaggyStand delier
    LaggyStand delier 10 days ago

    Stop! Stop! ITS ALREADY DEAD

  • Fanatickhan 95
    Fanatickhan 95 11 days ago

    Pinche juego esta mas "muerto" que los fans del necaxa JAJAJ

  • T0xic
    T0xic 12 days ago


  • KissMyTurkeyLeg
    KissMyTurkeyLeg 12 days ago

    They should just change the name to "Call of duty 27: Just let the franchise end already edition".

  • OpTic xX_Γεωργιος Γκολφινοπουλος_Xx


  • Iconic
    Iconic 13 days ago

    This literally is black ops 2 2.0 remastered bro.

  • Theたくと
    Theたくと 13 days ago


  • - GamingWithKennedy -
    - GamingWithKennedy - 14 days ago

    i didnt get anything

  • Dimitri1213
    Dimitri1213 16 days ago +1

    I don’t wanna annoy anyone but here is my opinion:
    2002-2010 COD>Battlefield
    2011-2017 Battlefield>COD
    2018-present COD> Battlefield

  • Girl Gamer
    Girl Gamer 16 days ago +1

    Watch it in 144p. it will look like it is released

  • Mr_mann425
    Mr_mann425 18 days ago

    Honestly, they should stop with Black Ops. The first one was good. The second was ok. It all slid downhill from there

  • ZedTDP 226
    ZedTDP 226 18 days ago

    The Black ops history of the year
    where it begans starts the first story

  • Mikhail Angela
    Mikhail Angela 19 days ago

    Fallout is where the real action is at, COD players should go back to their kids and wives and stay there nostalagizing

  • Red Pigeon
    Red Pigeon 19 days ago

    At least its better than BF 5 trailer

  • Meteor GT
    Meteor GT 19 days ago

    yea ww2 and Future agian ?

  • little asskicker
    little asskicker 20 days ago

    I can't believe there is no campaign. But instead there is a battle royale mode. Oh woopty f*cking doo! I'm so sick of all this battle royale type of lame kids crap. I play for the story not for online competitive rubbish. They are gonna lose a lot of COD fans for screwing this over. I've been playing COD from the beginning and since BO3 it's just gone to shitville.

  • lasago
    lasago 20 days ago +5


  • Antorus King
    Antorus King 20 days ago +1

    *СПОЙЛЕР* Пих пих, пах пах. Вот весь геймплей, можете не благодорить. *СПОЙЛЕР*

    DUARTE 20 days ago


  • c t
    c t 20 days ago

    we are going back to black ops basics
    That's great

  • Supreme Paddy
    Supreme Paddy 20 days ago

    Bo2 and 3 VIBES !!

  • Nadav Eisen
    Nadav Eisen 20 days ago


  • Why Life
    Why Life 20 days ago

    That's cool that's cool buuuuuut what about campaign

  • aundra lambert
    aundra lambert 21 day ago

    no campaign mode I will not buy it. im out

  • Manuel Borndörfer
    Manuel Borndörfer 21 day ago

    Ich finde es ist echt mega enttäuschend dass man kein nicht mehr an der Wand laufen kann und kein Düsen Schub nicht mehr hart wie Black Ops 3

  • Carol First
    Carol First 21 day ago

    it's just copying off of Rainbow six siege and battlefield. SO unoriginal

  • Caterpillar
    Caterpillar 22 days ago

    Same old copy pasted garbage, with a new name.

  • Amo Papi
    Amo Papi 22 days ago

    Why in the future again😫

  • Hi Phoenix
    Hi Phoenix 22 days ago

    Please create COD MW4

  • fabien inconnu
    fabien inconnu 23 days ago

    No solo bye bye cod

  • ZeekerDog
    ZeekerDog 23 days ago

    they need to stop now

  • eren moroğlu
    eren moroğlu 23 days ago

    Nice game

  • Catalin Bodorin
    Catalin Bodorin 23 days ago

    May 26 :|

  • Benny Liang
    Benny Liang 24 days ago

    Cod games are coming out way too quick

  • Clark Vasquez
    Clark Vasquez 24 days ago

    I see the game is available for pre-order on Blizzard's game client.

  • samiamtheman 73
    samiamtheman 73 24 days ago

    That's not what the Roman numeral for 4 even looks like.

    • Trump
      Trump 22 days ago

      yeah i dont get why it wasnt black ops IV

  • Jediel G
    Jediel G 24 days ago

    "Forget what you know."
    It is hard to forget what I know when the game resembles so much BO3.

  • Lucas Curtner
    Lucas Curtner 24 days ago +1

    Soooo battlefield 5 is gonna destroy this game....

  • NM10
    NM10 24 days ago

    Why don't they explore the various other wars that occurred in other parts of the World. Black Ops 3 destroyed the series and then they release part 4. People liked Battlefield 1 because they explored a new war. But again the same old WW2 again in Battlefield 5!!! And CoD isn't helping either with this BO4!!! Infinite warfare received unnecessary hate, and the story was not too bad. A game with an Axis campaign will be much appreciated!!!

  • ann craig
    ann craig 25 days ago

    Thats in 2

  • Kingasasin 177
    Kingasasin 177 25 days ago

    Recycled :P

  • Denzil Smuts
    Denzil Smuts 25 days ago

    COD is a scam

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 25 days ago +4

    better than battlefield 5

  • Mark Shannon
    Mark Shannon 25 days ago

    That was the shittest trailer I've ever seen. It made no sense and told me nothing about the game. 1/10

  • Infinite Pizzas
    Infinite Pizzas 25 days ago

    Next game:
    call of duty: battle royale

  • William Bobson
    William Bobson 25 days ago +1

    At least diversity will make sense in this game

  • WildSamu
    WildSamu 25 days ago

    Stessa minchiata

  • Alex P
    Alex P 25 days ago +1

    R.I.P. Call of Duty

  • ConfederateBall
    ConfederateBall 25 days ago +2

    looks better than battlefield 5

  • Emerald Mario
    Emerald Mario 26 days ago

    I wish you could make this one Rated T so I could buy it. All you have to do is get rid of curse words.

  • Dachi
    Dachi 26 days ago

    Way better than Battlefield 5.

  • Davi
    Davi 26 days ago

    you guys should be ashamed posting some cutscenes from the first one on the video

  • deadmau1 ok
    deadmau1 ok 26 days ago

    Dont buy this, this game is shitty everyone says that and bops3 better than this

  • jesse chimenti
    jesse chimenti 26 days ago

    Okay so you make a game to battle other games for revenue I get that.... But you clearly stated that it won't have a campaign and you won't be continuing the black ops 4 campaign thus far... So my question is this... Why are you making a trailer that literally has glimpses of every campaign within the black ops series... It makes no sense. Just make a new game already enough of this money grubbing bullshit.

  • Black Network
    Black Network 26 days ago


  • PatInternetflat
    PatInternetflat 26 days ago +1

    Came here after battlefield trailer to laugh

  • GeckoN
    GeckoN 26 days ago +3

    Cod Rip

  • Bhad Bhabie France
    Bhad Bhabie France 26 days ago


  • Wormy Worm slayer
    Wormy Worm slayer 26 days ago

    Holy moly macaroni

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 26 days ago +1

    no storyline/campaign mode no thanks

  • AedenMartin Aganon
    AedenMartin Aganon 26 days ago

    Yes cod bo4 is a teaser

  • virus
    virus 26 days ago

    Я вас прошу не подведите.

  • MoeMoney
    MoeMoney 27 days ago +1

    No lie fortnite got nothing on the call of duty series. Sorry but it’s true even tho past years we’re not looking great but they still managed to bring back some new features.

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT 27 days ago

      MoeMoney along side with Blizzard, you know it will be good

  • Eric Paige
    Eric Paige 27 days ago +3

    Get out of the Blizzard launcher.

  • Total Wafflez
    Total Wafflez 27 days ago

    This shouldve been a DLC for BLOPS 3. No campaign not worth $59.99

  • Renatix Silvax
    Renatix Silvax 27 days ago

    Que wea? Wnes sin imaginación, año tras año, que pura mierda y mala a la vez, sinceramente call of duty ya se volvió un negocio más que un producto de calidad, a la mierda el consumidor, nosotros somos mejores productores xd

  • First Name Ever Last Name Greatest

    Every cod game

    • Robo-Knight YT
      Robo-Knight YT 27 days ago

      First Name Ever Last Name Greatest this isn't future

  • Ichi Gaming
    Ichi Gaming 27 days ago

    BF 2k18!!!

  • Robert Gregor
    Robert Gregor 27 days ago

    speed this one up , your games are far too slow

  • Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi
    Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi 27 days ago +1


  • Zenmaster 067
    Zenmaster 067 27 days ago

    The hype is for nothing no campaign not cod

  • Sebastian Silva
    Sebastian Silva 27 days ago +1

    Who’s still playing black ops 1?

  • MiahPlays
    MiahPlays 27 days ago

    Anyone hyped for Blood of the dead ?

  • UnknownYT
    UnknownYT 27 days ago

    I have beta VERSION BEATCH

  • lolfates
    lolfates 27 days ago

    Looks so bad