Overwatch Mission Archives | King’s Row Uprising

  • Published on Mar 30, 2018
  • King’s Row Uprising has returned! From April 10 through April 30, experience a pivotal moment from Overwatch’s history.
    Journey seven years into the past and join a group of Overwatch agents fighting through the streets of King’s Row to quell an uprising led by Null Sector, a rogue group of omnics. Team up with your friends and play as Tracer, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, or Mercy to defeat the robots and liberate the city. Collect 160 items including legendary skins Cadet Oxton Tracer, Chief Engineer Lindholm Torbjörn, Combat Medic Ziegler Mercy, Blackwatch Genji, Talon Widowmaker, and more.
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Comments • 3 781

  • Zwizard247
    Zwizard247 7 months ago

    WHAT, ANOTHER NEW EVENT,i bet were going to play as Blackwatch, calling it now

  • SharkDa TigerFart
    SharkDa TigerFart 8 months ago

    TOMORROW has to be a new teaser or trailer pls Blizzard I’m dying for the best event!!

    • V1kings
      V1kings 8 months ago

      SharkDa TigerFart yep normally

  • ofek kattav
    ofek kattav 8 months ago

    3 days?!?!

  • Numbskill
    Numbskill Year ago +1

    So every April the archives will give access to previous events, am I correct?

    • ofek kattav
      ofek kattav Year ago

      every April they will give us new PvE game mode which is will be like Uprising an Retribution

  • DevinMadaMada
    DevinMadaMada Year ago +1

    I opened 47 Of the archives loot boxes and didn’t even get any legendary nor any of the skins from the event.

  • Сергей Казанцев

    Milk stone medium ftowxr project appreciate corn water privilege court minor role bite pregnant.

  • Salty Ding
    Salty Ding Year ago


  • xMagic
    xMagic Year ago


  • Jeremy Vinz
    Jeremy Vinz Year ago

    This is the biggest Failure Teaser ever, you shouldn't show back uprising. So Misleading, where you have new content but why you show Uprising again? FOols.

  • Scary Hat
    Scary Hat Year ago

    Hey try to make Reaper's voice sound normal when hes in his origins skins

  • Lucas
    Lucas Year ago

    Anyone now how late it is going to come?

  • Dragon-Soul_912
    Dragon-Soul_912 Year ago

    This event sucked last year and will continue to suck this year. You'll know why when you bump into angry trolls you never met online and just want to BS.

  • Google User
    Google User Year ago


  • KakyoinsCherry
    KakyoinsCherry Year ago

    What time does it start in Australia?

  • Alex Belmont
    Alex Belmont Year ago

    It's time for my Retribution... This event denied me the final two achievements and I aim to take them both.

  • Little Geco
    Little Geco Year ago


  • KeRIIval
    KeRIIval Year ago

    Guys are we gonma be able to play uprising mission on retribution event?

    • Brandon
      Brandon Year ago

      KeRival That’s what I’m wondering.

  • Aditya Bodanapu
    Aditya Bodanapu Year ago

    Oh thanks

  • Zevilar
    Zevilar Year ago

    Time to do this on Legendary, with Retribution.

  • Treemaster 134
    Treemaster 134 Year ago

    im looking forward to this, and the blackwatch thingy

  • Lewis
    Lewis Year ago

    This will be the anniversary of when I first got to play overwatch!

  • 0megasight
    0megasight Year ago

    Please tell me there’s going to be a skin of brigitte as a baby

  • Markus Ng
    Markus Ng Year ago

    What file something

  • DRZ.
    DRZ. Year ago +1

    I think it would be pretty interesting to have maybe a Null Sector hero

  • Ugha Kehk
    Ugha Kehk Year ago


  • ExodusHacks
    ExodusHacks Year ago

    Seen this before

  • Amazon Prime
    Amazon Prime Year ago

    Why do I feel like this was the same trailer from last year?

  • Adriana Hernandez

    I’m sorry but mercy shooting and the noise from the gun is ridiculous 😂

  • _Jay _
    _Jay _ Year ago

    this looks so cool! I can't wait for the event since I just joined overwatch in December

  • X22
    X22 Year ago

    Is it just me or did the animation get slightly worse

  • TeaTimeMFS
    TeaTimeMFS Year ago

    Huh, I forgot about overwatch...
    Been quite the while. Welp.

  • Hilltop Gamer
    Hilltop Gamer Year ago

    I cant wait me and my friends are gonna have so much fun, i even saved 4000 currency, i dont have to worry about saving currency on aniversary event since its on my birthday.

  • Tommy
    Tommy Year ago

    The best event out of them all

    MONTEE MANN Year ago

    Wow blizzard, just reusing the same event.... like that isn't cheap and lazy at all

  • Der Undead Legend

    Overwatch: Mann vs. Machine

  • Steph
    Steph Year ago

    Yeeeaaassssss finally!!

  • Scarlett8542 YT
    Scarlett8542 YT Year ago


  • Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

    At first I thought this is April Fools.

  • Smashkid9
    Smashkid9 Year ago

    Only 20 days long? :(

  • Gamerman X
    Gamerman X Year ago

    Can’t wait! This is my favorite season of Overwatch!

  • bandit _282
    bandit _282 Year ago

    Only 20 days!!!!Whyyyy!!!

  • Ultra Dip
    Ultra Dip Year ago


  • Ted
    Ted Year ago

    reapeting another event?? Where is the new content.

  • allie.
    allie. Year ago

    wow they don't want us seeing ANY skin spoilers

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez Year ago

    So Team fortress 2 mann vs machine

  • Iced Waters
    Iced Waters Year ago

    You guys need to fix match making, the other day I was stacking with 3 of my friends which we are in high platinum and get teammates that are the same rank as us, but when you look on the right on the screen for the enemy team you'll see four diamonds

  • Lord Last
    Lord Last Year ago

    Is the update out ,yet?

  • YoBenAgain
    YoBenAgain Year ago +1

    Wait so there are no new skins in this event?

    • YoBenAgain
      YoBenAgain Year ago

      Bobofett 72 I hope it’s Genji

    • YoBenAgain
      YoBenAgain Year ago

      Bobofett 72 oh which characters will have new skins?

    • YoBenAgain
      YoBenAgain Year ago

      Bobofett 72 I didn’t see any in the video

  • Noni Jodge Kaindoy

    Pls add more skins

  • シTrashySheaシ
    シTrashySheaシ Year ago +1

    Who played the event a year ago?
    Becuase im playing this game scince january 2017

  • Zabuki Mio
    Zabuki Mio Year ago +1

    This seems very close to last years trailer. Or is that just me?

  • Charles cress
    Charles cress Year ago


  • X Arias
    X Arias Year ago

    " London has been attacked "
    And so has mercy been attacked and will be much difficult to res.

  • brok
    brok Year ago

    Why not we see what happened to Junkertown before the destruction of Australia ;)?

  • MegaMagma
    MegaMagma Year ago

    What is a news ?

  • Tejjas Kaul
    Tejjas Kaul Year ago

    That logo means archives guys!

  • Worsts / Surfs
    Worsts / Surfs Year ago

    Everyone gonna have that blackwatch genji skin...;-;

  • The Turrle Bro
    The Turrle Bro Year ago +1

    I'm getting my training in Sombre,Bastion,and Orisa

  • Fluffy FN
    Fluffy FN Year ago

    Jeff are there new skins?

  • John Productions
    John Productions Year ago +1

    Can you do a junkrat and roadhog animated short